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The House that Evil Built -- Part 8



October 14, 2013
by Little Bobby Motch

First off I would like to Thank Mr. Jeff Rense and Mrs. Devvy Kidd for providing links to my earlier efforts at Their web sites. Next I want to Thank my webmaster, Mr. Jay Reichard for designing the web site. I've softened my language and added to the columns since they first appeared online.

Readers, in my mind Chief Sitting Bull was the Finest Example of a Man born in this Once Promising Country and that is why a photo of Him is on the home page. To most Americans Chief Sitting Bull is an obscure figure, to me He Epitomized Greatness. Those who have studied His life are well aware of His Leadership abilities and while we may not agree, I define Leadership in this manner: Never ask a man to do something you won't do, because if you do, he will darn sure loose his respect for you.

Today at my request Jay replaced one picture of Sitting Bull with a quote from a True Leader:I wish to be remembered that I was the last man of my tribe to surrender my rifle.” Chief Sitting Bull

My Favorite Sitting Bull quote: "If you have one honest man in Washington, send him here and I will talk to him." Chief Sitting Bull’s statement made over 130 years ago (circa 1880 while in Canada) fits our day and age to a T. In 1880 there were a handful of honorable men in Washington. Fact: I would be lying if I typed honorable before the first name of a member of congress today.  

My Favorite Modern Day AMERICAN is Mrs. Devvy Kidd. Citizens, I have more Respect for Miss Devvy than any man in this country. I've been reading Devvy’s Columns for almost seven years and it didn't take me long to figure out the movie Braveheart moved Devvy’s soul. The Wallace Institute, founded in California, Devvy’s residence at the time - proves my point.

Since 50 million or more Americans have watched Braveheart let's visit the movie before the Battle at Stirling. Wallace speaking to the English negotiator Cheltham, modern day lord John bilderberg steering committee member, chatham, trilateral Kerr, “I have an offer for you. Here are Scotland's terms. Lower your flags and march straight back to England, stopping at every home you pass by to beg forgiveness for 100 years of theft, rape and murder. Do that and your men shall live. Do it not and every one of you shall die today. I'm not finished! Before we let you leave, your commander must cross that field, present himself before this army, put his head between his legs, and kiss his own arse.” While Cheltham rides back towards the English lines one of the Scottish “nobles” says to Wallace, “I’d say that was rather less cordial than he was used to.” When Cheltham/Kerr delivers Wallace’s terms to - let's call him prince bilderberg, chatham house sup-porter, pilgrims society Charles yells: Insolent bastard! I want this Wallace’s heart on a plate. Question: While watching Braveheart at a theater how many got up and left after those two verbal exchanges? I’ll wager no one, so please don't develop a case of self-righteousness while reading this. For that I Thank You.

Facts: the “harold pratt house”, the council on foreign relation's den in New York City is a lair of diverse skin colored rats. London's chatham house is a lair for diverse skin colored hyenas. Brass tacks the bilderbergs are a diverse pack of money grubbing whores and the trilaterals are a diverse pack of wolves in sheep's clothing. The only race of mankind not represented inside those packs is the Red race, specifically the First Americans; the most downtrodden race in AMERICA.

No doubt prince bilderberg, chatham supporter, pilgrim Charles considers me an “Insolent bastard!”, and while it may be a coincidence a few minutes ago each link I clicked including the one at Wikipedia to visit the chatham house's web site wouldn't work. 

Please give some thought as to why the main stream press here never mentions the bilderbergs during a news cast? You decide why the ultra-wealthy are allowed to meet in hush-up secrecy with members of the dept. of corruption and the head of the nsa? And let no one lose sight of in Part 4 there are letters written by a damn skull & bones senator and a department of corruption lawyer denying the bilderberg pack's existence. Margaret pratt house board member Warner, since you're the “Senior Correspondent PBS NewsHour” Show those Letters to your Viewers because the Public funds pbs! Fareed bilderberg, trilateral, pratt board member, scroll & key Zakaria – since you go by the handle “Host, CNN’S Fareed Zakaria GPS”, instead of keeping secrets Show those damning Letters to your Viewers!

Sisters and Brothers on a related subject Mr. Charlie Skelton’s Bilderberg sinister with a smile is a must read for Those with Curious Natures.

Will bilderberg in 1997 Hutton editor for The Observer (a large British paper) wrote in piece on Sunday, Feb. 1, 1998: “Along with the Trilateral Commission and the Bilderberg Conference, this is one of the key meetings of the year. No policy is made here; it is all talk, some of it banal and platitudinous. But the consensus established is the backdrop against which policy is made worldwide.”

The power wielded by bilderbergs was confirmed by bilderberg in 1994 and 1995 “Willy” Claes during a June 2010 radio interview. In `94 Willy was Belgium's minister for foreign affairs. In `95 he was nato's secretary general. Next are two paragraphs: “The participants are then obviously considered to use this report in setting their policies in the environments in which they affect,” stated Claes, according to the translated text.” Another: “A Dutch-speaking reader sent us the article and confirms that the translation is accurate. This represents a solid confirmation of what we already knew through witnessing Bilderberg’s leaked agenda later play out in the real world time after time – that the elitist organization does verbally set global policy in a completely undemocratic and illegal manner.”

Please read the entire piece. Ladies and Gentlemen it is ludicrous to believe Europe's royalty along with heads of governments, banks, manufacturing, media, think/stink tanks (like brookings) and military meet once a year in secret to chew the fat.

What did David founding bilderberg, founding trilateral, former cfr chairman Rockefeller sr. tell Mr. Tony Goslings during a break at bilderberg 2003?We do things in various settings, congress, etc."

Let's revisit bilderberg 2002 (May 30-June 2) where Donald owl Rumsfeld announced America was going to attack Iraq in 2003. Mark Raciot – national chair for the rocke-pub party; Terry McAuliffe – national chair for the rocke-dem party; Stuart Eizenstat – Covington & Burling, the pratt house sponsoring law firm writing Eric weasel Holder’s pay checks; Alan Greenspan – chairman federal reserve; Kay Hutchison – rocke-pub senator; John LaFalce – rocke-dem house of rats member; Charles James – assistant attorney general and Viet Dinh – assistant attorney general. Please look over the list for Yourself and note all the banksters, members of various parliaments, media, heads of stink tanks and Carla current pratt house co-chair Hills in attendance. And now please add those names to David maggot Rockefeller senior's statement in 2003: “We do things in various settings, congress, etc.” Yes they most certainly do,  it was October 2002 when the crooked congress voted for war in Iraq.

How I see things there is one former bilderberg we can respect, Mr. Andreas von Buelow (Bülow). Andreas has broken ranks with liars Kean, Hamilton, Zelikow, Kerry and Hagel in regards to SEPTEMBER 11, 2001. Please visit and read the entire piece. Andreas: "Planning the attacks was a master deed, in technical and organizational terms. To hijack four big airliners within a few minutes and fly them into targets within a single hour and doing so on complicated flight routes! That is unthinkable, without backing from the secret apparatuses of state and industry." During that interview Andreas also discusses the first World Trade Center bombing in 1993 where once again the official report is a damn lie.

Another paragraph on different topics hidden from the Public, Andreas: “We found, for example, a clue in Rostock, where Schalck organized his weapons depot. Well, then we happened upon an affiliation of Schalck in Panama, and then we happened upon Manuel Noriega, who was for many years President, drug dealer, and money launderer, all in one, right? And this Noriega was also on the payroll of the CIA, for $200,000 a year. These were things that really made me curious.”

From Wikipedia: Andreas von Bülow (born 17 July 1937 in Dresden) is a German SPD politician and writer. A former government minister, he has authored books about intelligence agencies, including In the Name of the State. CIA, BND and the criminal machinations of secret services. (German: Im Namen des Staates. CIA, BND und die kriminellen Machenschaften der Geheimdienste.) and The CIA and September 11 (Die CIA und der 11. September). He holds a doctorate degree in Jurisprudence.

When the bilderbergs met in 1978 Andrea's name on the official list of invitees is between Zbigniew pratt rat, trilateral Brzezinski and lord chatham hyena, pilgrim Carrington. That year the “Honorary Secretary General for the United States” was Bill skull & bones, pratt rat Bundy. Ann ivy league Coulter, is it in you to do a segment on how the cia came to be via Robert skull & bones, pratt rat Lovett’s lovett committee?

The bilderberg’s chairman in `78 was lord/baron Alec hyena Douglas-Home, the U.K.’s prime minister in 1964. Three more Americans at bilderberg that year - George media bobble head Will, future pratt house chair Peter billionaire, in bed with bones Peterson and Lynn pratt rat Williams who became the president of the United Steelworkers Union. AMERICANS it's a Fact union leaders have been insiders at bilderberg and trilateral conclaves from the time those money grubbing packs were whelped.

When the trilateral wolves held their first international meeting in Tokyo, Japan in 1973 the president of the United Steelworkers of America, T.W. Abel was there. Likewise Leonard Woodcock, president of the United Autoworkers Union. Please click the link and read the banking, congressional, media, manufacturing and stink tank wolves’ names with future president Jimmy owl Carter’s and future lice-vice president Walter pratt rat Mondale’s.

By 1978 union heads Sol Chaikin – International Garment workers Union; Lane Kirkland – secretary-treasurer AFL-CIO and Martin Ward – president United Association of Journeymen and Apprentices of the Plumbing and Pipe Fitting Industry of America and Canada were trilateral wolves with senators John mason Glenn, William Roth, John Culver, Allan Cranston and then governor of Illinois, future 9/11 commission member, James lying lawyer Thompson.

Blacks, you have your share of bilderbergs and trilaterals, however the First Americans don't!! In 1985 LA mayor Tom Bradley; former transportation secretary under Gerald bilderberg Ford - Bill pratt rat, alfalfa Coleman jr.; Atlanta mayor Andrew pratt rat, alfalfa Young and former house of rats member Barbara Jordan were trialterals. Residents of Oklahoma should know then house of rats member James Jones is on that list. Five more putrid hearted American wolves in 1985 are Winston bones, owl, pratt rat Lord, at the time the pratt house’s president; house of rats member Jim ivy club, pratt rat Leach; senator Jay maggot Rockefeller and Albert Shanker – then president of the American Federation of Teachers, whom Bill bilderberg, pratt rat, trilateral Clinton awarded a presidential medal of freedom. Two names on the wolves’ `85 “Former Members in Public Service” list are then federal reserve bankster chairman Paul bilderberg, pratt, pilgrim Volcker and lice-vice president George skull, former pratt director, owl, alfalfa, alibi Bush senior. (More about the rarely mentioned alibi club later.)

The list of 1995 trilateral wolves includes then pratt rat president Leslie Gelb, senator Bill pratt rat, alfalfa Cohen; senator Dianne bilderberg, pratt rat Feinstein; Charles house of rats Rangel; Baltimore mayor Kurt owl, pratt rat Schmoke; then ceo of the United Negro College Fund, Bill former house of rats member Gray; then house of rats member, future 9/11 commission co-chairman - Lee bilderberg in 1997, pratt rat Hamilton and then chairman of skull & bones founded Morgan pratt house sponsor Stanley, Richard Fisher. (Harold Stanley was bones class of 1908. His partner Henry owl Morgan was J.P. pilgrims society Morgan junior's son.)

For AMERICANS Who have wondered who was responsible for shipping Their jobs overseas and south of the Rio Grande, look no farther than bilderbergs, owls, pratt rats, the ivy league's secret societies and trilateral wolves. Skeptics can contact a house of rats member; she's one of senator Joe pratt rat Lieberman’s elihu society mates, Sheila nafta supporter Jackson Lee. 

A deceased member of Yale's elihu was a co-founder the law firm Debevoise & Plimpton, Eli Whitney Debevoise. And please remember after Holder was sworn in Michael Mukasey went to the elihu founded law firm. Since pratt house sponsors change from time to time, I copied the list from the pratt’s web site on July 7th 2009. On that day the corporate sponsor above Covington & Burling was Control Risk Groups; the sponsor below C & B was Debevoise & Plimpton. So who protects the powers that be? Answer the department of corruption and its CITIZEN stabbing agencies.

Another trilateral in 1995 was one of the sorriest ever whelped - Robert world bank bankster, bilderberg, pratt rat McNamara. Ask Obama’s current national security director Susan former trilateral commission steering committee Rice did McNamara ever sit on that same committee? Since Susan pratt house rat Rice normally lies, know that he did. Readers, Rice's father was also a pratt rat, a professor at ivy league Cornell and a former governor on the federal reserve bankster board. Fact: in new world order circles Susan rhodes scholar Rice Cameron is what's known as a legacy.

As to McNamara, the first time I know he was a damn bilderberg was in 1968; his title at the time - world bank president. Eight of his fellow bilderbergs that year were trilateral commssion co-founders David Rockefeller and Zbigniew Brzezinski; baron Edmond Rothschild; the receiver of the katzenbach memo, Bill Moyers; John "Jack" skull & bones, pratt Heinz, Henry book & snake, "Ford Motors" Ford II, former sec. of the treasury Douglas pratt Dillon and former "counsel" to queen Elizabeth, Dick chatham Taverne.

Those who've read Sir Antony Sutton’s Trilaterals Over America are aware of the role bilderberg, bankster, pratt, trilateral McNamara along with the crooked congress played in developing the AIDS virus. Please download the Book and read it. Should Folks choose to, Fort Detrick, the home of the anthrax spores used in the “anthrax letters” circa October 2001, played a leading, developing role. Personally I believe the “cold war” ended because Russia had started to take that hidden information Global.

Sir Antony Sutton’s Trilaterals Over America went to the printers in 1995. Let's begin on page 75 under the heading: “THE WAR ON AIDS

According to Dr. Robert Gallo and other establishment AIDS researchers, this deadly disease with the capability to wipe out the world originated with a little green monkey in Africa who bit a native with disastrous results. Believe it or not, establishment scientists either push this absurd, unproven argument or dismiss origins as irrelevant. There is another argument, backed by hard evidence and reflected in five books by respected medical doctors. Briefly, this argument is that AIDS is a man-made disease developed by the U.S. Army as part of a biological warfare program, funded by Congress and released by elitist fanatics to eliminate specific segments of the world's population. Horrific as genocide by global fanatics may appear, there is more evidence for this interpretation than for the little green monkey theory.

Even more horrendous, this argument takes us right to Trilateralist Robert S. McNamara, former Secretary of State and Chairman of the World Bank. It was McNamara who approved funding for development of an artificial AIDS virus later funded by Congress.

Here's the story based on the research of these five doctors, which we supplemented with our own research for documentary evidence.

We previously published our assessment in THE PHOENIX LETTER edited by this author in November 1992 and December 1993. We reprint the following from the December 1993 issue. Further documentation may be found in the November 1992 issue.

Fort Detrich Biological Programs In The '60s

Fort Detrich in Maryland is the U.S. biological warfare base. Originally called U.S. Army Biological Laboratories it is now labeled U.S. Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases (USAMRIID).

The Army maintains a Special Operations Division (SOD) on the Fort Detrich base with a formal operating agreement with CIA (memorandum signed in May 1952).

Both CIA and Army have covered their tracks well but some original documents survive to outline a horrific story. In the early '60s U.S. Army SOD personnel used specially designed suitcases to spray unsuspecting American civilians with bacillus subtilis at the Greyhound Bus Terminals in Washington, Chicago and San Francisco.

Later tests were repeated with smallpox agents, grown in large quantities and converted to a lethal powder for spraying. Senate investigation in 1975 revealed close cooperation between SOD and CIA:

"CIA association with Fort Detrich involved the Special Operations Division (SOD) of that facility. This division was responsible for developing special applications for biological warfare agents and toxins. Its principal customer was the U.S. Army. Its concern was with the development of both suitable agents and delivery mechanisms for use in paramilitary situations. Both standard biological warfare agents and biologically derived toxins were investigated by the division."

The Senate Committee found the CIA had covered its tracks to conceal this unconstitutional activity from the American public. The Senate Committee stated, "Although some CIA originated documents have been found in the project files it is clear that only a very limited documentation of activities took place."

An extract from a U.S. Army report details why smallpox was selected as the "agent of choice." Its "attractive" features are listed as:

1. Smallpox is highly infectious with close contact It spreads readily from an infected person to susceptible individuals.

2. A long incubation period of relatively constant duration permits the operatives responsible to leave the country before the first case is diagnosed.

3. The duration of illness for those who recover is relatively long.

Although the Federal Government claims that the 1972 treaty banning biological weapons stopped further use of Fort Detrich we know that the U.S. Army applied for $1.4 million appropriation to EXPAND germ warfare testing ability in the early 1980s. Senator James Sasser objected and it is unlikely that the appropriation went through. It could have been handled on the "black budget."

The Originator of AIDS

In July 1969 Dr. MacArthur, Director of the U.S. Army Advanced Research Project Agency (ARPA) appeared before Congress (the Appropriations Committee of the House) and stated: "within a period of 5-10 years it would be possible to produce a synthetic biological agent, an agent that does not naturally exist and for which no natural immunity could have been acquired.

This synthetic agent is AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency syndrome virus or HIV-1). ARPA requested $10 million to develop AIDS, 10 years before the virus was identified in the field.

Dr. MacArthur added, "It is a highly controversial issue and there are many who believe such research should not be undertaken lest it lead to another method of massive killing of large populations."

From 1961 to 1968 while this artificial biological agent was under discussion in the Pentagon, Trilateral Robert McNamara was Secretary of Defense. Clark Clifford (of BCCI notoriety) took over as Secretary in 1969. (Emphasis added.)

On October 2, 1970, just 15 months after Dr. MacArthur requested an appropriation for AIDS development, Robert McNamara, now World Bank President, made a speech to international bankers in which he identified population growth as "the gravest issue that the world faces over the years ahead."

In his speech to the bankers, McNamara argued that population growth was leading to instability, that a 10 billion world population would not be "controllable." Said McNamara, "It is not a world that any of us would want to live in. Is such a world inevitable? It is not sure but there are two possible ways by which a world of 10 billion people can be averted. Either the current birth rates must come down more quickly or the current death rates must go up. There is no other way."

In brief, Robert McNamara was in the final decision making role for development of AIDS at the very time he was contemplating the idea that "world death rates must go up." This is more than coincidence.

Our conclusion is that Trilateralist Robert McNamara knowingly encouraged development of AIDS as a means to reduce the world's population. It is difficult to arrive at any other conclusion.

Soviet Union Charges Pentagon With AIDS Development

This information became known to the Soviets and in October 1985 the Soviet Union mounted a worldwide propaganda campaign, AIDS had been manufactured at Fort Detrich, Maryland by the Pentagon. The initial information was planted in a Soviet-backed newspaper in India and then surfaced in more than 30 media sources worldwide. The report was backed by an East German report by Professor Jacob Segal of Humbolt University, East Berlin. Segal argued that the AIDS virus is "the product of an abortive experiment carried out at a laboratory to develop biological warfare means."

This Soviet propaganda campaign was discounted in the West (this editor included). It was beyond the realm of rationality that the U.S. would develop a killer agent such as AIDS. Professor Segal appears to hold the view that it was "accidental," i.e. an "abortive experiment."

This position we also held for a while, until the McNamara speech of October 1970 surfaced.

In any event, in the late 80's the U.S. State Department ran a rebuttal campaign to the Soviet charges. However, State was unaware that the Congress had published Dr. MacArthur's requests and statements so the rebuttal fell flat on its face. The State Department, for example, claims the U.S. Army had never used Fort Detrich as a biological warfare base. This is just not true. Further, State apparently had no knowledge of the McNamara contemplation of raising death rates by design.


1. CIA-U.S. Army undertook field tests with bacillus subtilis and smallpox against American civilians.

2. There is no question that the Army received funds from Congress for AIDS development and this was probably undertaken at Fort Detrich.

The AIDS release could have been accidental but we discount this for several reasons. Initial cases came from Africa and Haiti, not the United States. Second, Robert McNamara had simultaneously called for increase in world death rates. This suggests a deliberate policy of controlled release of the AIDS virus.

3. The Soviets obtained the information and used it for a propaganda campaign. The State Department rebuttal was ineffective because State had no idea how much information had already been made public.

Extract from House of Representatives Department of Defense Appropriations for 1970 Hearings Part 5, 1969

129 - Tuesday, July 1, 1969


 There are two things about the biological agent field I would like to mention. One is the possibility of technological surprise. Molecular biology is a field that is advancing very rapidly and eminent biologists believe that within a period of 5 to 10 years it would be possible to produce a synthetic biological agent, an agent that does not naturally exist and for which no natural immunity could have been acquired.

MR. SIKES. Are we doing any work in that field?

DR. MACARTHUR. We are not.

MR. SIKES. Why not? Lack of money or lack of interest?

DR. MACARTHUR. Certainly not lack of interest.

MR. SIKES. Would you provide for our records information on what would be required, what the advantages of such a program would be, the time and the cost involved?

DR. MACARTHUR. We will be very happy to. (The information follows:)

“The dramatic progress being made in the field of molecular biology led us to investigate the relevance of this field of science to biological warfare. A small group of experts considered this matter and provided the following observations:

1. All biological agents up to the present time are representatives of naturally occurring disease, and are thus known by scientists throughout the world. They are easily available to qualified scientists for research, either for offensive or defensive purposes.

2. Within the next 5 to 10 years, it would probably be possible to make a new infective microorganism which could differ in certain important aspects from any known disease-causing organisms. Most important of these is that it might be refractory to the immunological and therapeutic processes upon which we depend to maintain our relative freedom from infectious disease.

3. A research program to explore the feasibility of this could be completed in approximately 6 years at a total cost of $10 million.

4. It would be very difficult to establish such a program. Molecular biology is a relatively new science. There are not many highly competent scientists in the field. Almost all are in university laboratories, and they are generally adequately supported from sources other than DOD. However, it was considered possible to initiate an adequate program through the National Academy of Sciences – National Research Council (NAS-NRC).

The matter was discussed with the NAS-NRC, and tentative plans were made to initiate the program. However, decreasing funds in CB (Chemical and Biological Warfare), growing criticism of the CB program, and our reluctance to involve the NAS-NRC in such a controversial endeavor have led us to postpone it for the past 2 years.

It is a highly controversial issue and there are many who believe such research should not be undertaken lest it lead to yet another method of massive killing of large populations. On the other hand, without the sure scientific knowledge that such a weapon is possible, and an understanding of the ways it could be done, there is little that can be done to devise defensive measures. Should an enemy develop it there is little doubt that this is an important area of potential military technological inferiority in which there is no adequate research program.” End quote.

Ladies and Gentlemen please don't shake Your heads in disbelief. The same powers assassinated President Kennedy because John was withdrawing “advisors” from Vietnam. The Best Source into the rest of that story in here. Mr. David Ratcliffe’s 1989 Interview with L. Fletcher Prouty Colonel USAF (Retired). All I can do is provide links, it is up to You to read them.

In Part 2 there's a link to, at that site is a 10 minute video every American should watch. I’ll pick it up with Lt. Gen. Victor Krulak’s reply letter to Colonel Prouty.

Krulak: “Mine has been a lively existence too. I had much to do with Vietnam from `64 to `68, and was loudly disenchanted with what went on and how. I recorded it as part of my book First to Fight that came out a few months ago.

I've also spent ten years in the newspaper business (a most useful education) and no write a syndicated weekly column. I wrote another book, Organization for National Security that resulted in my testifying before a Senate committee.

As to your chronicle concerning the JFK assassination period, I remember you going to Antarctica. I was in the Pentagon at the time of the tragedy but have no recollection where Lansdale was.

The picture, -- the two policemen are carrying shotguns, not rifles. Their caps are different (one a white chinstrap, one black). One has a Dallas police shoulder patch, one does not and their caps differ from that of another officer in photo 4. Reasonable conclusion – they are either reservists or phony's. And, as you know, city cops don't have anything to do with Sheriff’s offices.

As to no. 1. That is indeed a picture of Ed Lansdale. The haircut, the stoop, the twisted left hand, the large class ring. It's Lansdale. What in the world was he doing there? Has anyone ever asked him? And who was the photographer? Why did he take the pictures? What did he do with them?

I have examined my own records and find no clue that would help. Suffice to say, it is a fascinating proposition.

I am returning your pictures.

Best regards always.


Krulak’s signature”

The letter is dated “15 March 1985”. The photos were taken at Dealey Plaza on November 22, 1963. Then gen. Ed cia operative Lansdale had been one of Allen bilderberg, cia director, pratt house director, warren commission, alibi club Dulles’ most trusted right hands since 1954. Folks what would have been the Audience's reaction to that letter in Oliver Stone's JFK?!

Colonel Prouty was in the military for 23 years and the last 9 years in the pentagon (1955-1963) and during his years in the pentagon he worked for and with Victor Krulak and Ed Lansdale. Many more details are provided in the video.

Who did President John Fitzgerald Kennedy direct to help Him break up the cia after “Bay of Pigs”? The chairman of the joint chiefs of staff - Lyman bilderberg in 1963, pratt rat Lemnitzer!!! Was John's demise one of the topics at bilderberg 1963 held in Cannes, France, March 29-31? That's Your call to make.

John was killed in Dallas, Dallas’ mayor at the time was Earle Cabell the brother of gen. Charles Cabell the cia’s deputy director in 1961. Both Cabell and Dulles resigned (were fired) after Bay of Pigs. How was Earle Cabell rewarded for his role in the cover-up? He was given a seat in the house of rats.

As to the three men being escorted through Dealey Plaza by two fake members of Dallas’ police department, cia agents, those five came from behind the picket fence on the grassy knoll. The shot that killed John was fired from behind the picket fence on the grassy knoll. Please go online and watch Mr. Abraham Zapruder’s 16 mm film footage taken at Dealey Plaza. After which You decide why the conniving u.s. government suppressed that footage until 1975?

Mr. Oliver Stone included the footage in JFK. When I watched JFK in 1991, I knew the warren commission was nothing but a lie from start to finish. In 1999, I had a conversation with my late Mother who hadn't seen JFK or Mr. Zapruder’s footage. After explaining to Mom what the warren commission wanted the Public to believe – Arlen Specter’s magic bullet theory. Mom asked me, “How deep does this go?” Meaning the corruption in DC. I didn't have all the answers then but I have most of the answers now. On the national level it starts with the order of skull & bones; on the international level track the bilderberg group and the bank of international settlements located in Basel, Switzerland.

In these posts the names of the bilderbergs, pratt rats, master masons and the member of bones who were entrusted to lie to the People via the warren commission's report. So far in this Folks have read the names of two trilaterals placed on the 9/11 cover-up commissionco-chair Lee Hamilton and James Thompson.

In the House That Evil Built – Part 1, Mrs. Kidd provided a link to the trilateral commission's membership as of February 2013. There 9/11 commission member Jamie pratt rat Gorelick’s name is right below Austan bones, bilderberg, alfalfa club diner in 2011 Goolsbee’s.

Reading the "Triennium Participants” after the Pacific members of the trilateral commission's wolves is important. Next are some of them: André Azoulay - Adviser to H.M. King Mohammed VI Rabat; Morris Chang - Chairman, Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, Ltd., Taipei; Omar Davies - Member of the Jamaican Parliament and Minister of Transport, Works & Housing in the Jamaican Government; Jacob A. Frenkel - Chairman, JPMorgan Chase International, New York, NY; Chairman and CEO, Group of Thirty (G30); former Vice Chairman, American International Group, Inc. (AIG); former Governor, Bank of Israel; H.R.H. Prince El Hassan bin Talal - President, The Club of Rome; Moderator of the World Conference on Religion and Peace; Chairman, Arab Thought Forum, Amman; Ricardo Hausman - Professor of the Practice of Economic Development, Center for International Development, John F. Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University, Cambridge, MA; former Chief Economist, Inter-American Development Bank; former Venezuelan Minister of Planning and Member of the Board of the Central Bank of Venezuela and the Russian Sergei Karaganov - Dean, School of World Economics and International Affairs, State University–Higher School of Economics; Chairman, Presidium of the Council on Foreign and Defense Policy; Chairman, Editorial Board, “Russia in Global Affairs,” Moscow.

Reading the bilderberg’s and trilateral commission's membership is time well spent. 

I'm going to close with a letter to help show the Rockefeller’s role in AMERICA'S demise.

January 2, 1957

Mr. Dean Rusk
The Rockefeller Foundation
49 west 49th Street
New York 20, N. Y.

Dear Dean:  I am very flattered to be asked to join the meeting of the Bilderberg Group in February at St. Simons Island, Georgia, and I am delighted to accept. I shall be able to pay my own travel expenses, and I look forward to hearing from you just when the meetings will begin and end, so that I may arrange my movements accordingly. I have only the most uncertain notion as to where St. Simons Island is.

Sincerely yours,

McGeorge Bundy

1957 was the first year the bilderberg pack met on AMERICA'S shores and let the record show McGeorge's father, Harvey Bundy was also skull & bones.

In Part 9, I'm going to Challenge the Rockefellers, George W. skull, owl Bush, Dick trilateral, owl Cheney, Colin bilderberg, owl Powell, George trilateral Tenet, Joe pratt rat Lieberman, John bones Kerry and Barack bilderberg Obama to settle any questions AMERICANS may have relating to the implosions of the South Tower, North Tower and Building 7 on SEPTEMBER 11, 2001.

Between now and then please reflect on a statement made by federal reserve bankster chairman Ben bilderberg in 2008 Bernanke as it relates to the government shutdown. Bernanke: “The U.S. government has a technology called a printing press, that allows it to produce as many dollars as it wishes at essentially no cost.”