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The House that Evil Built -- Part 11



November 17th, 2013
by Little Bobby Motch

I’ve spent many hours this week tracking the history of the bank of international settlements. The best sources I know of are Mr. Charles Higham’s Trading with the Enemy: THE NAZI-AMERICAN MONEY PLOT 1933 - 1946 published in 1983 and Mr. Adam Lebor’s TOWER OF BASEL published earlier this year. Both can be previewed at Amazon. At Mr. Tony Gosling’s website scroll down the page to Chapter 1 – A Bank For All Reasons which is from Charles’ Trading With the Enemy… Next are excerpts.

Charles: “On a bright May morning in 1944, while young Americans were dying on the Italian beachheads, Thomas Harrington McKittrick, American president of the Nazi-controlled Bank for International Settlements in Basel, Switzerland, arrived at his office to preside over a fourth annual meeting in time of war. This polished American gentleman sat down with his German, Japanese, Italian, British, and American executive staff to discuss such important matters as the $378 million in gold that had been sent to the Bank by the Nazi government after Pearl Harbor for use by its leaders after the war. Gold that had been looted from the national banks of Austria, Holland, Belgium, and Czechoslovakia, or melted down from the Reichsbank holding of the teeth fillings, spectacle frames, cigarette cases and lighters, and wedding rings of the murdered Jews.

The Bank for International Settlements was a joint creation in 1930 of the world's central banks, including the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. Its existence was inspired by Hjalmar Horace Greeley Schacht, Nazi Minister of Economics and president of the Reichsbank, part of whose early upbringing was in Brooklyn, and who had powerful Wall Street connections. He was seconded by the all important banker Emil Puhl, who continued under the regime of Schacht's successor, Dr. Walther Funk.

Sensing Adolf Hitler's lust for war and conquest, Schacht, even before Hitler rose to power in the Reichstag, pushed for an institution that would retain channels of communication and collusion between the world's financial leaders even in the event of an international conflict. It was written into the Bank's charter, concurred in by the respective governments, that the BIS should be immune from seizure, closure or censure, whether or not its owners were at war. These owners included the Morgan-affiliated First National Bank of New York (among whose directors were Harold S. Vanderbilt and Wendell Willkie), the Bank of England, the Reichsbank, the Bank of Italy, the Bank of France, and other central banks. Established under the Morgan banker Owen D. Young's so-called Young Plan, the BIS's ostensible purpose was to provide the Allies with reparations to be paid by Germany for World War I. The Bank soon turned out to be the instrument of an opposite function. It was to be a money funnel for American and British funds to flow into Hitler's coffers and to help Hitler build up his machine.

The BIS was completely under Hitler's control by the outbreak of World War II. Among the directors under Thomas H. McKittrick were Hermann Shmitz, head of the colossal Nazi industrial trust I.G. Farben, Baron Kurt von Schroder, head of the J.H. Stein Bank of Cologne and a leading officer and financier of the Gestapo; Dr. Walther Funk of the Reichsbank, and, of course, Emil Puhl. These last two figures were Hitler's personal appointees to the board.

On February 5, 1942, almost two months after Pearl Harbor, the Reichsbank and the German and Italian governments approved the orders that permitted Thomas H. McKittrick to remain in charge of the BIS until the end of the war. One document of authorization included the significant statement, "McKittrick's opinions are safely known to us." McKittrick gratefully arranged a loan of several million Swiss gold francs to the Nazi government of Poland and the collaborative government of Hungary. Most of the board's members travelled freely across frontiers throughout the war for meetings in Paris, Berlin, Rome or (though this was denied) Basel. Hjalmar Schacht spent much of the war in Geneva and Basel pulling strings behind the scenes. However, Hitler correctly suspected him of intriguing for the overthrow of the present regime in favor of The Fraternity imprisoned him late in the war. From Pearl Harbor on, the BIS remained listed in Rand McNally's directory as a] Correspondent Bank for the Federal Reserve Bank in Washington.

The BIS's first president was the smooth old Rockefeller banker, Gates W. McGarrah, formerly of the Chase National Bank and the Federal Reserve Bank, who retired in 1933. His successor was the forty-three-year-old Leon Fraser, a colorful former newspaper reporter on the muckraking New York World, a street-corner soapbox orator, straw-hat company director, and performer in drag in stage comedies. Fraser had little or no background in finance or economics, but he had numerous contacts in high business circles and a passionate dedication to the world of money that acknowledged no loyalties or frontiers. In the first two years of Hitler's assumption of power, Fraser was influential in financing the Nazis through the BIS. When he took over the position of president of the First National Bank at its Manhattan headquarters in 1935, he continued to exercise a subtle influence over the BIS's activities that continued until the 1940s.” End quote.

Some McGarrah and Fraser history not mentioned by Charles, both were members of the pilgrims society and Leon Fraser was a director on the council on foreign relation’s board from 1936-45.

Folks a handful of big wigs in Washington wanted to close or in some cases end America’s involvement in the bank of international settlements and as to be expected that was met with resistance. Another paragraph:

“Dean cfr, pilgrim Acheson, representing the State Department in the American delegation, was firmly in Winthrop cfr, pilgrim Aldrich's camp as a former Standard Oil lawyer, smoothly using delaying tactics as the master of compromise he was. The minutes of the meetings between Morgenthau, Edward E. Brown, Acheson, and other members of the delegation on July 18-19, 1944, at the Mount Washington Hotel at Bretton Woods show Acheson arguing for retention of the BIS until after the war. He used the spurious argument that if McKittrick resigned and the Bank was declared illegal by the United States government, all of the gold holdings in it owned by American shareholders would go direct to Berlin, via a Nazi president. Acheson must surely have known that the gold was already deposited for the Axis via the BIS partner, the Swiss National Bank, which shared the same chairman. Acheson also argued that the Bank would help restore Germany post-war. That at least was true.” Readers in January 1949, Harry master mason Truman named Dean scroll & key, “Covington & Burling”, cfr/pratt rat Acheson his new sec. of state.

More Everyone Should Know Information from Trading with the Enemy… is here. Six paragraphs from the Preface: “From the outset I realized that in researching the subject I would have to carve through an ice cream mountain of public relations. I searched in vain through books about the corporations and their histories to find any reference to questionable activities in World War II. It was clear that the authors of those volumes, granted the cooperation of the businesses concerned, predictably backed off from disclosing anything that would be revealing. To this day the bulk of Americans do not suspect The Fraternity. The government smothered everything, during and even (inexcusably) after the war. What would have happened if millions of American and British people, struggling with coupons and lines at the gas stations, had learned that in 1942 Standard Oil of New Jersey managers shipped the enemy's fuel through neutral Switzerland and that the enemy was shipping Allied fuel? Suppose the public had discovered that the Chase Bank in Nazi-occupied Paris after Pearl Harbor was doing millions of dollars' worth of business with the enemy with the full knowledge of the head office in Manhattan?

Or that Ford trucks were being built for the German occupation troops in France with authorization from Dearborn, Michigan? Or that Colonel Sosthenes Behn, the head of the international American telephone conglomerate ITT, flew from New York to Madrid to Berne during the war to help improve Hitler's communications systems and improve the robot bombs that devastated London? Or that ITT built the Focke-Wulfs that dropped bombs on British and American troops? Or that crucial ball bearings were shipped to Nazi-associated customers in Latin America with the collusion of the vice-chairman of the U.S. War Production Board in partnership with Göring's cousin in Philadelphia when American forces were desperately short of them?

Or that such arrangements were known about in Washington and either sanctioned or deliberately ignored?” Let the record show Walter Teagle, a member of Cornell’s quill & dagger society called his share of shots for the Rocke family’s Standard Oil. He was president or chairman of Standard Oil from 1917-1942.

“It thus came as a severe shock to learn that several of the greatest American corporate leaders were in league with Nazi corporations before and after Pearl Harbor, including I.G. Farben, the colossal Nazi industrial trust that created Auschwitz. Those leaders interlocked through an association I have dubbed The Fraternity. Each of these business leaders was entangled with the others through interlocking directorates or financial sources. All were represented internationally by the National City Bank or by the Chase National Bank and by the Nazi attorneys Gerhardt Westrick and Dr. Heinrich Albert. All had connections to that crucial Nazi economist, Emil Puhl, of Hitler's Reichsbank and the Bank for International Settlements.

As for Roosevelt, the Sphinx still keeps his secrets. That supreme politician held all of the forces of collusion and betrayal in balance, publicly praising those executives whom he knew to be questionable. Before Pearl Harbor, he allowed such egregious executives as James D. Mooney of General Motors and William Rhodes Davis of the Davis Oil Company to enjoy pleasant tête-à-têtes with Hitler and Göring, while maintaining a careful record of what they were doing. During the war, J. Edgar Hoover, Adolf A. Berle, Henry Morgenthau, and Harold Ickes kept the President fully advised of all internal and external transgressions. With great skill, he never let the executives concerned know that he was on to them. By using the corporate leaders for his own war purposes as dollar-a-year men, keeping an eye on them and allowing them to indulge, under license or not, in their international tradings, he at once made winning the war a certainty and kept the public from knowing what it should not know.

Because of the secrecy with which the matter has been blanketed, researching it presented me with a nightmare that preceded the greater nightmare of discovery. I embarked upon a voyage that resembled nothing so much as a descent into poisoned waters in a diving bell.” End quote.

Let’s briefly change subjects and look at “operation keelhaul”, a nightmare for over 4 Million Russians - men, Women and Children. During the Yalta Conference, Feb. 1945, Stalin demanded the return of Those Millions who had escaped the butcher’s grasp during WW II. What did the master masons Churchill and Roosevelt decide? They said sure why not, and Those Millions were rounded up by British and American troops and turned over to the Soviet army and in most cases were shot on the spot. I learned about “operation keelhaul” while reading page 101 in Mr. Des Griffin’s Fourth Reich of the Rich.

Charles: “I began with the conveniently multinational Bank for International Settlements in Basel, Switzerland. The activities of this anomalous institution in wartime are contained in Treasury Secretary Henry Morgenthau's official diaries at the Roosevelt Memorial Library at Hyde Park, New York. Other details are contained in reports by the estimable Lauchlin Currie, of Roosevelt's White House Economics Staff, whom I interviewed at length by telephone at his home in Bogotá, Colombia, to which city he had been banished, his citizenship stripped from him in 1956 for exposing American-Nazi connections. Another source lay in reports by the late Orvis Schmidt of Treasury Foreign Funds Control. German records were a useful source: Emil Puhl, vice-president and real power of the Reichsbank, a most crucial figure in The Fraternity's dealings, had sent reports to his nominal superior, Dr. Walther Funk, from Switzerland to Berlin late in the war.

The most elusive files were those on Ford in Occupied France. I could find no reference to them in the Treasury documentary listings. I knew that a Treasury team had investigated the company. I wondered if any member of the team could be alive. Something jolted my memory. I remembered that a book entitled The Devil's Chemists had appeared after World War II, written by Josiah DuBois, an attorney who had been part of the Treasury team at Nuremberg. The book was a harrowing account of the trial of the executives of I.G. Farben, the Nazi industrial trust, that showed Farben's links to Wall Street.

I reread the book's pages, looking for a clue. In it DuBois mentioned that he came from Camden, New Jersey. I decided to call information in the Camden area because I had a theory that, embittered by his experience in Germany and Washington, DeBois might have returned to live there after the war. It was only a hunch, but it paid off. In fact, it turned out that DuBois had gone back to his family law firm in Camden. I wrote to him, asking if he had records of the Ford matter. I figured that these might have been so important that he would have been given personal custody of them; that Secretary Morgenthau might not even have risked leaving them at Treasury.

DuBois replied that he believed he still had the documents, including the letters of Edsel Ford to his managers in Nazi-occupied France after Pearl Harbor, authorizing improvements in automobile and truck supplies to the Germans. After several weeks, DuBois wrote to say that he had searched his attic to no avail. The documents were missing. However, he would keep looking.” End quote.

To summarize the next paragraphs, the damning documents were found; copies were made and sent to Charles. More specifics are available at the links in this section. In The House That Evil Built series We have read about the Ford family in The Greatest $tory NEVER Told…, looked into their secret society memberships and their bilder-berg attendance. Ford Motors has also been a pratt house corporate sponsor.

Here is another web address with excerpts from Trading with the Enemy…

The BBC made a documentary in 1998 called Banking With Hilter. Watching it reveals many things including bis bankster McKittrick set up shop after WW II as a lice-vice president at Chase Bank, a Rockefeller controlled bank. Which bank did Germany’s Emil bis bankster Puhl list on his visa application as his sponsor for a trip to America in 1954? Answer, the Rockefeller’s Chase Bank.

As to the goal of the bank of international settlement and international banksters in general, Professor Carroll Quigley’s Tragedy and Hope, published in 1966 capsulizes it very well:

"The Power of financial capitalism had another far-reaching plan, nothing less than to create a world system of financial control in private hands able to dominate the political system of each country and the economy of the world as a whole.This system was to be controlled in a feudalistic fashion by the central banks of the world acting in concert, by secret agreements arrived at in frequent meetings and conferences. The apex of the system was to be the Bank for International Settlements in Basel, Switzerland, a private bank owned and controlled by the world's central banks, which were themselves private corporations.

Each central bank sought to dominate its government by its ability to control treasury loans, to manipulate foreign exchanges, to influence the level of economic activity in the country, and to influence co-operative politicians by subsequent rewards in the business world."

More from Carroll:

"During the past two centuries when the peoples of the world were gradually winning their political freedom from the dynastic monarchies, the major banking families of Europe and America were actually reversing the trend by setting up new dynasties of political control through the formation of international financial combines. These banking dynasties had learned that all governments must have sources of revenue from which to borrow in times of emergency. They had also learned that by providing such funds from their own private resources, they could make both kings and democratic leaders tremendously subservient to their will."

For many years Carroll was a cfr/pratt member but he didn’t agree with all the “ways and means” used by the black-hearts to achieve their goals. Mr. Quigley’s Anglo-American Establishment: From Rhodes to Cliveden, published after his death discusses the hyenas who whelped the chatham house and so much more.

From Wikipedia: “In his book The Anglo-American Establishment: From Rhodes to Cliveden, Quigley purports to trace the history of a secret society founded in 1891 by Cecil Rhodes and Alfred Milner. Quigley notes that "The organization was so modified and so expanded by Milner after the eclipse of Stead in 1899, and especially after the death of Rhodes in 1902, that it took on quite a different organization and character, although it continued to pursue the same goals."

I hope more of US understand why I call the Rothschilds rats and the Rockefellers maggots. During the last 100 years those two families have been responsible for more death and destruction then any two families I know of. Is there an inner-circle overseeing everything? There may be and Evelyn multiple time bilderberg Rothschild would damn sure be one to ask. My research has centered on skull & bones and the bilderbergs while keeping in mind the power weilded by the money grubbing whore of all banks, the bank of international settlements.

Ruling the World of Money by Edward Jay Epstein - 1983 Harper’s Magazine:

"TEN TIMES A YEAR - once a month except in August and October - a small group of well dressed men arrives in Basel, Switzerland. Carrying overnight bags and attaché cases, they discreetly check into the Euler Hotel, across from the railroad station. They have come to this sleepy city from places as disparate as Tokyo, London, and Washington, D.C., for the regular meeting of the most exclusive, secretive, and powerful supranational club in the world.

Each of the dozen or so visiting members has his own office at the club, with secure telephone lines to his home country. The members are fully serviced by a permanent staff of about 300, including chauffeurs, chefs, guards, messengers, translators, stenographers, secretaries, and researchers. Also at their disposal are a brilliant research unit and an ultramodern computer, as well as a secluded country club with tennis courts and a swimming pool, a few kilometers outside of Basel.

The membership of this club is restricted to a handful of powerful men who determine daily the interest rate, the availability of credit, and the money supply of the banks in their own countries. They include the governors of the U.S. Federal Reserve, the Bank of England, the Bank of Japan, the Swiss National Bank, and the German Bundesbank. The club controls a bank with a $40 billion kitty in cash, government securities, and gold that constitutes about one tenth of the world's available foreign exchange. The profits earned just from renting out its hoard of gold (second only to that of Fort Knox in value) are more than sufficient to pay for the expenses of the entire organization. And the unabashed purpose of its elite monthly meetings is to coordinate and, if possible, to control all monetary activities in the industrialized world. The place where this club meets in Basel is a unique financial institution called the Bank for International Settlements - or more simply, and appropriately, the BIS (pronounced "biz" in German).” Ladies and Gentlemen, I believe the Question for our day and age centers on how much gold is at Ft. Knox 30 years later?

“Even though an isolationist Congress officially refused to allow the U.S. Federal Reserve to participate in the BIS, or to accept shares in it (which were instead held in trust by the First National City Bank), the chairman of the Fed quietly slipped over to Basel for important meetings. World monetary policy was evidently too important to leave to national politicians. During World War II, when the nations, if not their central banks, were belligerents, the BIS continued operating in Basel, though the monthly meetings were temporarily suspended. In 1944, following Czech accusations that the BIS was laundering gold that the Nazis had stolen from occupied Europe, the American government backed a resolution at the Bretton Woods Conference calling for the liquidation of the BIS. The naive idea was that the settlement and monetary-clearing functions it provided could be taken over by the new International Monetary Fund. What could not be replaced, however, was what existed behind the mask of an international clearing house: a supranational organization for setting and implementing global monetary strategy, which could not be accomplished by a democratic, United Nations-like international agency. The central bankers, not about to let their club be taken from them, quietly snuffed out the American resolution.” End quote.

Today First National City Bank is crooked Citi, a chatham & pratt house corporate sponsor; a bank which has laundered ka-zillions in drug trade “pounds & dollars”. First National City was also the first bank to receive a payment from the New York branch of the federal reserve; that information was brought to Light by Mr. Pat Riot in The Greatest $tory NEVER Told: Winston Churchill and the Stock Market Crash of 1929. Joe race baiter Biden, who was calling many of the shots inside the New York fed at the time? Pierre skull & bones Jay.

While I appreciate Edward’s article, he pays the u.n. an undeserved compliment. Edward if the united nations was worth so much as a wooden nickel the first resolution passed would have been a weapons ban, “No guns or munitions, no armaments of any kind will be sold or transported across borders.” Instead the members of the u.n.’s security council lead the planet in manufacturing & shipping weapons of war.

One purpose of this series is to provide details into the treasonous, Citizen stabbing actions committed by Our rotten to its core government. And while I admit much of the information is a bitter pill to swallow, it is Time for all of US to start dealing with - We have been lied to every step of the way. The Two Most Obvious cases of government and secret society instigated lies are the crooked as a snake warren commission and 9/11 commission reports. After accepting that, it should be relatively easy to accept the government’s version of Mr. Robert Kennedy’s death, Dr. Martin King’s death, Pine Ridge, Korean Airlines Flight 007 the planned demise of Congressman Larry McDonald, Ruby Ridge, Waco, Oklahoma City and TWA Flight 800 etc. are more lies! (Louis fbi liar for hire, cover-up artist Freeh, I have watched the FLIR tape taken at Waco.)

I haven’t watched the latest JFK movie, but in an email received on Sunday, Nov. 10, I learned the katzenbach memo has finally been shown to the Public on a cable network. In Mrs. Devvy Kidd’s words: “They showed a copy of it blown up on the screen and discussed how important it was to get credible people to sell the fairy tale. You could have knocked me over with a feather.”

After reading the katzenbach memo it’s a no-brainer why Our government and media suppressed it. And that goes hand in hand with the wire services refusing to print Antony Sutton’s presentation on August 15, 1972 to members of congress; the Revelations the U.S. government was arming the U.S.S.R. behind the scenes.

Sir Antony Sutton concludes His Tell Like It Like It Is Presentation with:

“Why should they (Moscow) stop supplying Hanoi? The more they stoke up the war the more they get from the United States.

One final thought. Why has the war in Vietnam continued for four long years under this Administration? With 15,000 killed under the Nixon Administration?

We can stop the Soviets and their friends in Hanoi anytime we want to. Without using a single gun or anything more dangerous than a piece of paper or a telephone call.

We have Soviet technical dependence as an instrument of World Peace. The most humane weapon that can be conceived.

We have always had that option. We have never used it.” End quote.

AMERICA, I hope more of US understand the mindset of the crooked beyond belief military industrial-congressional complex.

In 1973 Antony published National Suicide: Military Aid to the Soviet Union, and because He had the stones to do so, Antony was tossed from the hoover institution. The hoover institution was founded and initially funded by former president Herbert owl Hoover. Antony was told by hoover director Glenn Campbell, “You will not survive.” Info about how He learned about the existence of the bones pack can be read at the link.

Sir Sutton: “I knew nothing of S&B until I received a letter in the early 80's asking if I would like to look at a genuine membership list. For no real reason I said yes. It was agreed to send the package by Federal Express and I could keep it for 24 hours, it had to be returned to the safe. It was a "black bag" job by a family member disgusted with their activities. For the benefit of any S&B members who may read and doubt the statement; the membership list is in two volumes, black leather bound. Living members and deceased members in separate volumes. Very handsome books. I spent all night in Kinko's, Santa Cruz, copied the entire volumes and returned within the 24 hour period. I have never released any copies or identified the source. I figured each copy could be coded and enable S&B to trace the leak. How did I feel? I felt then (as I do now) that these "prominent" men are really immature juveniles at heart. The horrible reality is that these little boys have been dominant in their influence in world affairs. No wonder we have wars and violence. Skull and Bones is the symbol of terrorist violence, pirates, the SS Deaths Head Division in WW Two, labels on poison bottles and so on. I kept the stack of xerox sheets for quite a while before I looked at them--when I did look--a picture jumped out, THIS was a significant part of the so called establishment. No wonder the world has problems!”

AMERICA is it a coincidence former senator John bones Kerry, as sec. of state, has negotiated for an extension of the U.S. troop occupation in Afghanistan? No more of a coincidence then as senator, pratt rat Kerry’s committee recommended the troops being withdrawn from Iraq should be deployed in Afghanistan. Citizens ask Kerry why his daughter Vanessa is a pratt rat?

Who sent Antony those two volumes, Mrs. Charlotte Thompson Iserbyt; years ago Miss Charlotte worked for the state department. Her father, Clifton Samuel Thompson was bones class of 1924; likewise his father was bones, class of 1891. Antony received those books because He had Proven to be a Stand Up Man!!! And why authors who have mentioned the bones pack in their books, but not one word of His Meticulous Research – the U.S. government with the council on foreign relations and the bones society leading the way - built Russia and next China from the ground up – is indeed a Mystery to me.

Sir Antony Cyril Sutton’s America’s Secret Establishment: An introduction in The Order of Skull & Bones is a must Read for Those with an inclination to study the planned demise of AMERICA. Our enslavement in president George skull, pratt, trilateral, owl, alibi, alfalfa Bush senior’s favorite phrase – a new world order.

Antony regarded America’s Secret Establishment…His Magnus Opus. Myself, I agree with Sir Sutton 100%. Please read the last two-thirds of His Introduction for the 2002 Edition:

“Right and Left - A Control Device - For Hegelians, the State is almighty, and seen as "the march of God on earth."

"Indeed, a State religion. Progress in the Hegelian State is through contrived conflict: the clash of opposites makes for progress. If you can control the opposites, you dominate the nature of the outcome.

We trace the extraordinary Skull and Bones influence in a major Hegelian conflict: Nazism vs. Communism. Skull and Bones members were in the dominant decision-making positions - Bush, Harriman, Stimson, Lovett, and so on - all Bonesmen, and instrumental in guiding the conflict through use of "right" and "left." They financed and encouraged the growths of both philosophies and controlled the outcome to a significant extent. This was aided by the "reductionist" division in science, the opposite of historical "wholeness." By dividing science and learning into narrower and narrower segments, it became easier to control the whole through the parts.

In education, the Dewey system was initiated and promoted by Skull and Bones members. Dewey was an ardent statist, and a believer in the Hegelian idea that the child exists to be trained to serve the State. This requires suppression of individualist tendencies and a careful spoon-feeding of approved knowledge.

This "dumbing down" of American education is not easily apparent unless you have studied in both foreign and domestic U.S. universities - then the contrast becomes crystal clear. This dumbing down is now receiving attention. Two excellent books are The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America, by Charlotte Thomson Iserbyt (Conscience Press, Ravenna, Ohio 2001), and The Dumbing Down of America, by John Taylor Gotta. Both books trace this process to the impact of education, and both give remarkable detail of the process. We go further, in that we trace the import of the system to three Yalies members of Skull & Bones.

For Iserbyt, in The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America, the American education system begins with Rockefeller and Gates. But in fact, this statist system is a reflection of the Hegelian ideas brought to the United States by the Skull and Bones "troika" of Gilman, White and Dwight, and then financed by Rockefeller.

People Control

Today in California, one can see in real time the use of controlled conflict to achieve a desired outcome. The debate over the energy crisis is carefully contained to a debate over price caps and price control. Republicans want no caps and no controls. Most Democrats want price controls through caps.

But look at what is NOT discussed anywhere. The entire spectrum of almost free energy, based on a decade of research is carefully kept out of the discussion. Isn't this highly relevant to an energy crisis?

In fact, the existence of free energy systems just down the road is the reason for the controlled debate. Mills Blacklight Power now has its patents and some utilities have already bought in. Bearden's MEG energy from space, is under discussion. Working models exist. The maligned cold fusion has hundreds of successful experiments, but so far as we know, cannot be repeated with sufficient assurance. Other systems have come into the view of government agencies, and then disappear from sight.

A knowing public would ask, “Why are these not included in the discussion?" - Simple. Because the utilities know they are for real, and only a few years down the road. The problem for utilities is not the price of energy today, but how to dump their fixed assets (hydro plants, transmission lines, etc.) onto the public. These "valuable" assets will have zero value down the road, because all new systems are stand-alone units which don't need fixed plant and transmission lines. If the public is aware of the dilemma of the utilities, the ability to dump assets onto the State is heavily reduced.

The Republican-Democrat debate over "caps" is a diversion. The relevant question carefully avoided is, how long will it take to get these new systems into production?

Another example is Monsanto Corporation development of genetic engineering and predator seed, a barely-concealed effort for world domination of agriculture.

President George Bush, Jr., a Bonesman, appoints a Monsanto vice president, Dr. Virginia Weldon, as Director of Food and Drug Administration, which has the power to block labeling of genetically-engineered foods, and pass on other corporate control efforts.

Just before this, in New Technology, we had the 1989 dramatic announcement of "cold fusion." When this announcement was made public, President George Bush (also a Bonesman) called establishment scientist the late physicist Seagrum into his office and gave instructions.

We don't know what was said, but we know what happened. Cold fusion, a valid process for free energy, as was subsequently revealed, was slandered and harassed by the establishment, no doubt fearful of what free energy would do to the oil industry.

What is to be Done?

If the voting public was even vaguely aware of this rampant and concealed scenario, it could, and possibly would force change. However, this is not a likely possibility. Most people are "go-along" types, with limited personal objectives and a high threshold for official misdeeds.

What has taken over a century to establish cannot be changed in a few years. The initial question is education. To eliminate the Hegelian system that stifles individual initiative and trains children to become mindless zombies, serving the State.

We need a lot less propaganda for "education" and a more individual creative search for learning. Instead of more money for education, we need to allocate a lot less. The existing system of education is little more than a conditioning mechanism. It has little to do with education in the true sense, and a lot to do with control of the individual.

It is more likely that time, rather than the voting booth, will erode the secret power of this Yale group, Nothing this outrageous can survive forever.

Antony Sutton”

While it may hurt some feelings there is no difference between Your rocke-this, rocke-that congress critter; house of rats members and senate skanks. For years the congress’s fledglings have taken Haahvard’s welcome to the new world order classes and the cfr’s office in DC hosts a “series of initiatives that include:

*  Briefings for new members of Congress;

*  A monthly briefing on foreign policy issues for chiefs of staff;

*  Friday roundtable discussions with senior foreign policy staff.”

It’s all a game within a game. Left versus Right or flip-flop it, Conservative versus Liberal. Both sides play the  game while We The People watch AMERICA sink farther and farther into an abyss. And as The Patriet, Miss Devvy Pointed Out in Her Nov. 1st 2013 Column – after Endless Congressional Hearings = No Accountability everything remains the same.

The same business as usual, one lie after another with an occasional member being booted out when they deviate from the congress’s yellow brick road. The prescribed path set in place by the powers that be. An example is here, congressman Brad Sherman during the house debate of the bankster bailout act, Brad: “…many of us were told in private conversations, that if we voted against this bill – on Monday, then the sky would fall, the market would drop two or three thousand points the first day, another couple of thousand the second. And a few members were even told that there would be martial law in America if we voted no.” Brad knew he was in big trouble so he had his staff issue a statement: “…I also want to stress that I have no reason to think that any of the leaders in congress who were involved in negotiating with the Bush administration regarding the bailout bill ever mentioned the possibility of martial law – again, that was just an example of extreme and deliberately hyperbolic comments being passed around by members not directly involved in the negotiations.” End quote. If Brad had the stones to stand by his statement, he would have been defeated in the next election, and after looking at his voting record that would have been a good thing.

How many Americans have read or listened to the exchange between Mr. Pat Campbell of 1170 KFAQ radio and senator James “Jim” Inhofe where Jim said the threat came from one of Hillary’s and Barack's fellow bilderberg whores in 2008 – Henry pratt rat, sec. of the treasury, alfalfa club Paulson? When the alfalfas dined in 2011, three of his table 9 partners were former senator Sam bilderberg Nunn, mayor Michael pratt rat Bloomberg and Walter bilderberg, aspen institute ceo Issacson.

Speaking of senator Hillary Clinton, senator Barack Obama and the bilderberg pack – please watch this five minute video, cnn footage of Obama’s press secretary Robert Gibbs on a jet bound for Chicago, dancing a two-step around reporters question’s, who is he (Obama) going to meet with in private? The press had been suckered onto a jet, meanwhile Barack (and Hillary) slipped off to Chantilly to attend bilderberg 2008. The footage is available in Mr. Alex Jones’ The Obama Deception as well.

Since We have already read about the bank of international settlements that should make the behind the scenes actions of banksters, who are discussed at length in Alex’s Well Done Documentary - easier to understand. Next are three excerpts from The Obama Deception:

1. Barack bilderberg Obama inside the senate hyping the bankster bailout: The democrats and republicans who have opposed, I say step up to the plate. Let’s do what is right for the country at this time, because the time to act is now. To prevent the opportunity of a crisis turning into a catastrophe.”

2. Barack during a speech at a gathering of wealthy wolves, “Contrary to the rumors you’ve heard, I was not born in a manger. I was actually born on Krypton and sent here to save planet Earth.”  

3. Jim pratt rat Lehrer having a discussion on pbs with Alan bilderberg whore, owl, pratt rat Greenspan about the fed. Lehrer asks: What is the proper relationship, what should be the proper relationship between the chairman of the fed and the president of the United States? Greenspan’s reply: “Well first of all the federal reserve is an independent agency, that means basically that, ah there is no other agency of government which can overrule actions that we take. So long as that is in place and there is no evidence that the administration or congress or anybody else that is requesting that we do things other then what we do think is the appropriate thing, then what relationships are – don’t frankly matter."

The most powerful bankster institutions are bis, the fed and the bank of england. Recently at the bis website I read a report stating: “The latest BIS statistics on OTC derivatives markets combine the results of the semiannual survey of derivatives dealers in 13 jurisdictions and the Triennial Central Bank Survey of dealers in an additional 34 jurisdictions. They show that notional amounts outstanding totaled $693 trillion at end-June 2013. Of this total, $668 trillion was reported by dealers that participate in the semiannual survey and $25 trillion by dealers that participate only in the Triennial Survey. The latest data on CDS markets include a regional breakdown of foreign counter-parties for the first time.”

What is a primary source of cash fueling the derivatives market? Could it be laundering drug money? Ladies and Gentlemen it is ludicrous to believe cartels like sinola which makes billions a year are keeping their profits in mattresses. The best source I’ve read discussing laundering drug money is DOPE, INC. Britain’s Opium War Against the World by the Editors of the Executive Intelligence Review.

And please don’t forget the bones pack was whelped in America by the Russell family, a family immersed in the China opium trade. Now connect the dots, as the skulls whelped the cia via Robert bones, pratt Lovett’s lovett committee.

Excerpts from Lt. Col. James “Bo” Gritz’s Statements made to the House Foreign Affairs Committee inside the Rayburn Building on Tuesday June 30th 1987, Col. Gritz: “NINE HUNDRED TONS OF HEROIN & OPIUM WILL ENTER THE FREE WORLD FROM SOUTHEAST ASIA'S "GOLDEN TRIANGLE" THIS YEAR.

The reason is because U.S. taxpayer dollars and American equipment have been used to construct a new road that will allow narcotics to pour out of General Khun Sa's Shan Territories rather than trickle out by horse and mule as has been the case until the beginning of this year.

Last year 600 tons of Opiates trafficked from this area. Press reports included as part of this statement argue that it is logistically impossible to increase the output to 900 tons. The new road capable of easily handling 10-ton truck convoys signal not only the capability, but the reality. The disappointing fact is that this new artery was constructed by the Thai Government using money, manpower, time and materials furnished by our drug suppression funds.

Moreover, there are serious implications that elements within the U.S. Government are Khun Sa's biggest customers. The facts are that for 15 years U.S. taxpayers through legislative bodies like this committee and executive agencies such as have testified here today, have dumped hundreds of millions of dollars into drug suppression programs within Thailand and Burma which have done nothing but nourish the flow of narcotics from Asia into the United States. The proof is statistically clear. Fifteen years ago the flow of Opiates was 60 tons; this year it will approach or exceed 900 tons. The reasons, while multi-faceted, boil down to one word, "money."

After a meeting with General Khun Sa and others, I am convinced that a secret combination exists today within the U.S. Government that was officially germinated during the Nixon-Vietnam years and has, through illicit drug profits, propagated itself today into a self-serving righteous monster of global proportions. I believe Ed Wilson was a member of this combination and that his activities represent only one of many tentacles. I believe the Contra-Iran situation is merely another visible lesion that has emerged from this extra governmental organism.

I say "would be righteous" because those within this secret combination I believe honestly think they are serving America by offering an established model of sabotage, subversion, and assassination to areas threatened by communism. They are in existence because normal government process is too cumbersome, time consuming and often times impotent. These persons who are intelligent and well seeded in our governmental structure think they are smarter than our elected officials and can expedite accomplishment of national objectives. They have funded their efforts through drug trafficking because of a 1960s mindset that anyone who would use opiates is animalistic and the U.S.A. doesn't really care about them. They began their drug dealing in Southeast Asia as a means to fund the secret war in Laos and Cambodia that Congress was officially unaware of. Besides my personal experiences, all of these conclusions are spelled out in the book, The Politics of Heroin in Southeast Asia.

I have been told for years that U.S. POWs would never be allowed to return because they were directly related to illegal drug trafficking by U.S. officials. Until May of 1987, I thought this absurd. Now, after eight years in the POW-Southeast Asian arena, I clearly can see what was hidden except to those more sensitive to power politics than myself. … When POWs are returned the first demand by the American people will be to examine those within the government responsible for their return. America will want to know why these individuals failed in their official capacities; why the burden fell on the private sector, and what took so long if the POW issue is truly "Top National Priority" as designated by President Reagan. Upon investigation it will be revealed that responsible officials were more interested in actuating their secret society than accounting for our POW and MIA.

The fact is that all of the Heroin and Opiates could be shut off at the Golden Triangle if America's responsible elected and appointed officials would do their job. General Khun Sa is recognized as the drug kingpin and controls the Golden Triangle with a well-disciplined army of 40,000 Shan soldiers. He has stated to me before three other American witnesses on videotape that he greatly desires to stop the drug trafficking, but we won't let him. He has promised that if we will give him any economic alternative, he will not just stem, but stop the flow of narcotics through his areas of control. He has said for example that for one-tenth the money we now give the Burmese for drug suppression turned into economic aid and crop substitution, he will use his force to enforce what we cannot and have not. In addition, Khun Sa has stipulated that the Burmese must be stopped from using the 12 Bell Helicopters and fixed wing aircraft given them by the U.S. to spray the Shan State people, animals, food and water with Agent Orange and herbicides. All that I have presented thus far is backed up by written and recorded documents made available to the Committee.

It has been reported to me by committee personnel that Khun Sa has made these offers before. They say the CIA has expressed doubt and mistrust that Khun Sa will carry out his part of the bargain. I and three other Americans have met with Khun Sa. We believe him to be sincere. Certainly in view of the dismal failure of the CIA and DEA to slow, stop or even deter the flood of drugs from the Golden Triangle, it seems that a change in dynamics is in order. Especially since Khun Sa has directly implicated persons within the CIA as some of his best customers. The videotapes show testimony of a frustrated medical doctor who, under orders from Khun Sa, did everything from offer radio links to Khun Sa's headquarters to present a horse that might be used to alert DEA of drug movements. The low level agents supported these initiatives, but in every case they were rejected at DEA headquarter levels.

I have strived at the invitation of the Executive Branch for eight years to convince political skeptics that American POWs are alive in the hands of Communist forces in Laos and Vietnam. I abhor drugs and dopes that are users, yet in the past two weeks I've been told by committee staff and others that "federal sources" and a Los Angeles State Department employee have said that I am "a drug trafficker," and I will be in prison before July 4th. I know this level of federal employee would never make such slanderous statements unless encouraged by higher-ups. While following the classic model of "deny-defame-divert," it is disappointing that law enforcement agencies would reveal such lowlife practices as directly as they have, and then avoid comment when confronted.

I have tried in every way to cooperate with the committee and its membership. I've furnished videotapes, only to be informed that the chairman has blocked their distribution. I've supplied the Suchesk letter to Vice President Bush, and requested a written transcript of the file from which Khun Sa's secretary read from. I received a letter in the mail last week. It was from Khun Sa. The stapled and sealed envelope had been opened. Inside, the pamphlet, which had also been stapled shut, had been opened and the contents removed. I had asked Khun Sa to translate his record; sign it himself with two additional witnesses. I was assured this document was part of the opened package. I have requested my contacts furnish me with a FAX of their copy. It serves to supplement in writing the verbal and video accounts.

I'm disillusioned that this committee, which represents the interest of 240 million Americans in controlling illegal drug trafficking, would take such a negative and skeptical position on such a critical issue as Khun Sa's proposal and my deliverance of the information he gave us. I've been told that I must "sell my case" to you. Facts are, I am a citizen who has been twice to see a warlord who is recognized as the world's most powerful Heroin kingpin. This person has shown statistically that our 15-year old drug suppression program is, at best, "dumb" by anyone's standards. At best we have millions of U.S. tax dollars being mishandled; one recipient has made use of U.S. assets to build a major road, and secures that road from outside infiltration; 900 tons of opiates entering the free world; rampant corruption of allied officials. At worst, in addition to the best case, we have officials within the USG who won't, as Khun Sa says, let him get out of the drug business, because they are his biggest buyers.” End quote.

Which country currently grows the most poppies and exports the most heroin? Afghanistan via nato member Turkey with everything under the all-seeing eyes of the British & American governments, the anglo-american establishment.

Since that information came from Trilaterals Over America, fourteen black-hearted/putrid hearted American trilateral wolves in 2005 include Bill Clinton, Franklin Raines, George Bush sr., Lynne Cheney, Winston Lord, Charles Rangel, Dianne Feinstein, Jim Leach, Marc Morial, Paul Volcker, Richard Gephardt, William cia, fbi Webster, Michael “Citibank” Klein and Henry Kissinger. The first wolf trotted out by the powers that be to chair the 9/11 Cover-Up commission.

From pages 88 and 89 in Trilaterals…, Antony: “In November 1993 the CBS-TV program 60 Minutes produced dramatic evidence that our analysis is right on. DEA officials, including former DEA Chief Judge Bonner charged the CIA with importing one ton of pure cocaine in a single transaction from Venezuela. This was sold on American streets.

This same CIA operation created the drug trafficking network in Haiti with "intelligence network" used as a cover and operating under General Cedras. One thousand pounds of the 1990 Venezuelan shipment was seized at the Miami Airport. DEA and Customs investigators were ordered to back off because the cocaine was imported with the approval of the United States Government.

Moreover, Department of Justice knew about the shipment and did nothing. Senator alfalfa club, pratt Boren (Skull & Bones) knew about the shipment and did nothing. A Senator who represents the people of the United States closed his eyes.

Only a few officials at DEA did their job! Culminating in the 1993 CBS program.

(No U.S. newspaper printed this information until New York Times 11/20/93. Phoenix Letter picked up some facts years ago, including information not on the CBS program, through the Caracas, Venezuela newspaper El Universal)

The point is this, if one has knowledge of a drug shipment going to the United States, then legally one is required to report the facts. That means every one of these knowledgeable officials in CIA, Justice and State,  plus Senator Boren, are guilty of trafficking.

The street dealers who sold this one ton of pure cocaine were no doubt routinely picked up and sentenced. The officials should also go to jail. After all, if a $20 street sale earns a prison sentence then so should importing one ton of pure cocaine.

What has happened? You guessed it! Nothing.

The White House is protecting everyone, which, given Trilateralist Clinton's involvement in Mena, Arkansas cocaine trafficking, should not surprise us. Senator Boren is protected by fellow Senators. We don't hear any calls for investigation of the Boren role.

The ranking CIA official, Mark McFarlin, resigned. No charges filed. The assistant CIA official in charge of the shipment was "disciplined," no charges filed. All State and Justice officials have been protected.

What's the law? Here it is, as outlined by a Senior DEA official: "If you are part of a drug shipment, and you have knowledge that it is going to the United States, you are culpable."

"Culpable?" Yes, culpable of drug trafficking.

So where is Attorney [general] Janet alfalfa diner Reno? Do we have a Constitution or have we become just another Banana State petty dictatorship? One rule for the peasants and another for the privileged?” End quote.

Now let’s move to 1996 and a 3 Part Series in the San Jose Mercury News written by the late Mr. Gary Webb titled Dark Alliance: The Cia, the Contras, and the Crack Cocaine Explosion. Gary’s series dealt with cia backed Nicaraguans smuggling cocaine into the U.S. in the 1980s. How does Bill bilderberg, pratt, trilateral Clinton handle the situation? Slick Willy sends then cia director John bilderberg in `02, pratt, trilateral Deutch to meet with Concerned Citizens at Locke High School in LA. One Citizen at Locke was Mr. Michael Ruppert who Stood Up and told Deutch point blank: “I am a former Los Angeles police narcotics Detective, I worked South Central Los Angeles and I can tell you director Deutch, EMPATICALLY And Without EQUIVOCATION that the agency has dealt drugs in this country for a long time.” Mike named three cia drug smuggling operations – amadeus, pegasus and watchtower. Mike knew what He was talking about, as a Detective; Mike went to the fbi for help and received none. I have no respect for the fbi or cia, seven years of tracking has shown me who they are.

Mr. Webb came under fire from the Washington Post, LA Times and New York Times etc. which makes sense as each is a den site for a pack of rats. The world affairs councils have nine dens in California including LA but not San Jose. Sonoma County, the home of the owl’s bohemian grove, has a pack of world affairs rats.

From Gary’s bio at Wikipedia: “If we had met five years ago, you wouldn't have found a more staunch defender of the newspaper industry than me ... I was winning awards, getting raises, lecturing college classes, appearing on TV shows, and judging journalism contests. So how could I possibly agree with people like Noam Chomsky and Ben Bagdikian, who were claiming the system didn't work, that it was steered by powerful special interests and corporations, and existed to protect the power elite? And then I wrote some stories that made me realize how sadly misplaced my bliss had been. The reason I'd enjoyed such smooth sailing for so long hadn't been, as I'd assumed, because I was careful and diligent and good at my job ... The truth was that, in all those years, I hadn't written anything important enough to suppress.” What happened to Gary, He was hung out to dry by the San Jose paper.

Noam Chomsky, are you still standing pat with the 9/11 commission’s bullshit?

AMERICA how many of US remember Peter Jennings’ comments moments after the South Tower was imploded on SEPTEMBER 11, 2001? Jennings: “If you wish to bring ah - anybody who ever watched a building being demolished on purpose knows that if you're going to do this you have to get at the - at the under infrastructure of a building and bring it down.” Chomsky, you just read a rare example of a bilderberg whore telling the Truth.

Dan Rather after Building 7 was imploded: “Amazing, incredible, pick your word. For the third time today, it’s reminiscent of those pictures we’ve all seen too much on television before, where a building was deliberately destroyed by well-placed dynamite to knock it down.” Noam, you just read a rare example of a pratt rat telling the Truth.

--- Continued in Part 12 ----