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Mrs. Sibel Edmonds and The Jersey Moms



From the back cover of Classified Woman: “Sibel Edmonds would not let the intimidating FBI shut her mouth, and as a result, suffered grievous consequences, but she has persevered and we are better off for her sacrifices.”  Paul Newman

“SIBEL EDMONDS is the editor of Boiling Frogs Post and founder-director of the National Security Whistleblowers Coalition. She is the recipient of the 2006 PEN/Newman’s Own First Amendment Award. Ms. Edmonds worked as a language specialist for the FBI where she reported serious acts of security breaches and cover-ups---for which she was retaliated against and ultimately fired. Court proceedings were blocked by assertion of the States Secrets Privilege, and the U.S. Congress has been gagged and prevented from taking up or even discussing her case through retroactive classification issued by the Department of Justice. Ms Edmonds has a MA in public policy from George Mason University and a BA in criminal justice and psychology from George Washington University.”

Chapter 14
9/11 Commission

Beginning on page 231, Miss Sibel: "In May 2003, during the height of the publicity and intense media coverage of the formation of the 9/11 Commission to investigate all the facts and issues related to the terrorists’ attack, I decided to contact the commission and offer my report. I prepared a short letter to introduce myself with my request that I be interviewed. I sent the letter to the commission’s two offices in DC, and after many follow-ups, I was finally able to speak with the person in charge of scheduling witnesses to be interviewed.

   After confirming that they had received my fax and letter, the woman told me that due to limited time, they would not be able to schedule an interview session for me.

   I asked whether she wanted the names of special agents and language specialists who could provide them with extremely important information. She declined my offer and hung up without waiting for my response. I shrugged and gave up trying, I had become numb to our government’s indifference. I was already drowning in my own battle, and considering the colossal failure of the congressional Joint intelligence Inquiry to investigate, address and get to the bottom of 9/11, I decided to not bother pursuing the so-called commission.

   The summer of 2003 went by fast, I had already given up on the Justice Department’s Inspector General’s report; they had gone a year beyond the promised delivery date and didn’t seem likely to release anything anytime soon. I had lost my FOIA case due to the government’s secrecy tactics, which included classifying even the lists of items in their possession. Of more that 1,500 pages of documents on my case, the judge ordered the government to release about 200 pages, which consisted of several copies of my attorney’s letters to them and their written responses, several copies of each article printed in the media dealing with my case, and numerous copies of public letters sent by congressional members to the FBI and Justice Department.

   As far as my primary court case went, with Walton as the presiding judge, I couldn’t see a single reason for optimism. In addition, I no longer had an attorney and I was on my own.

   Meanwhile, I called and e-mailed any organization I could find that dealt with whistleblowers and First Amendment cases, those who claimed to be fighting excessive secrecy and executive branch abuses of power. I needed their support and expertise, yet in spite of the fact that my case embodied all these civil liberties, not a single organization lifted a finger to contact me, call me back, or offer any assistance. (While it was a hard blow and a tough pill to swallow at the time, this experience helped me a great deal a few years later, when I formed my own coalition, network and organization to deal with and help government whistleblowers.)

   My relationship with my family had ceased to exist. For their own protection and security we had to cease all contacts until … well, no one could even begin to predict. Every minute of every day I felt the pang, void, and longing. There was a hole in me.

   Matthew as well lost two of his closest friends after the “60Minutes” piece aired, one of whom he’d known for fifty years. Mostly, we had been deserted by everyone we knew. We had to borrow to meet the payment schedule for my legal fees and were under terrific financial pressure. Up to this point, we seemed to have lost every battle; it felt as though every viable channel pursued had stalled, and that every door we’d knocked on, from congress to the courts, had been slammed in our face.

   During our 2003 Thanksgiving dinner, with only two of us at the table, I had only one thing to be thankful for; my husband had stood by me and taken every blow delivered with such vengeance by our so-called Justice Department, our premier “law enforcement” agency and most injudicious judiciary.”  

Ladies, Sibel’s paragraph defines America's rotten to its core, secret society run - u.s. government; head-quartered in d.c., the district of corruption.

   “One Sunday afternoon in December, a week or so before Christmas in 2003, I received from an acquaintance an e-mail with a link to an article. The sender thought it would be of interest. She was right.

   The article was a very thorough piece written by New York Observer reporter Gail Sheehy on the relentless time and energy spent by the four 9/11 widows in New Jersey to pressure Congress and the 9/11 Commission to do what they should have been doing from the start; get out the facts and truth on the 9/11 attacks and our failures leading up to them, bring about accountability for those responsible (whether through criminal acts, intent or incompetence); and bring about real reform rather than the cosmetic fixes put in place since 9/11.

   The story was effective and touching on many levels. Here were four housewives---young mothers, grieving widows---who had chosen to do something about injustice and fight against the powerful in Washington, instead of burying themselves in their grief and outrage.

   According to the story, these women had taken on some powerful senators and congressmen. They opposed and successfully replaced as chairman of the 9/11 Commission the infamous Henry Kissinger. They were urging people with information to come forward and disclose it to the commissioners; the list went on. How impressive. I respected their courage, persistence and resolve; I applauded their style. I utterly agreed with their assessment of what had happened, what had to be known, and what needed to happen next. Above all, their story made me reconsider my previous decision not to pursue the 9/11 Commission after my brief, frustrating interaction with it.

   I sat by the fire and reread the article several times. It made me feel more determined than ever to press n with my case. I wondered if they knew about the commissioners’ response and attitude toward people with relevant information. I wondered what their reaction would be to the cases and issues I had encountered in the bureau that dealt with 9/11.

   I would contact them directly and find out. I brought the phone to the kitchen table and dialed 411. I started with the group’s leader, Kristen Breitweiser. The operator explained it was an unlisted number. I asked her to try a second name, Mindy Kleinberg, New Jersey. Yes, she had the number, I quickly wrote it down, hung up, and dialed again. I didn’t know where to start or how to introduce myself, Mindy picked up the phone on the third ring.

   I told her my name and apologized for calling her on a Sunday. Then I went on autopilot and gave her a summary of my experience with the 9/11 Commission, the type of information involved, and my back-ground.

   She sounded truly appalled by what the 9/11 Commissioner had said to me. She almost screamed, “These bastards! They promised us, they gave us their word, that they would not turn away a single source, witness or document. I cannot believe this!” To my relief she was appreciative and extremely knowledgeable on various intelligence issues, cases and incidents related to the FBI and 9/11.

   “I need to contact the other three, Kristen, Lorie and Patty, right away,” she told me, “Will you be available later this afternoon? I would like to arrange for a conference call and have them ask you questions and hear what those bastards have done. Would that be okay?” Yes, surely. We exchanged our contact information and she said she would be in touch.

   Two hours later, I had a conference call with Kristen, Lorie and Mindy. Mindy asked me to repeat to the others what I had told her earlier. They reacted in the same way; they found it inexcusable. “What you told us is in line with other calls and reports we’ve received from various former and current intelligence and law enforcement employees,” Lorie said. “We’ve had plenty of people from the CIA, FBI, FAA---you name it---contacting us and basically telling us of similar experiences with the commission.”

   Kristen, the leader, got straight to the point. ‘We need to bring public attention to this. Of course, that’s assuming we’ll get the goddamn main media’s attention; so far they’ve been disastrous. Before that, we need to gather all those who have gone through an experience similar to Sibel’s and drag them with us to the commissioners’ office---and let them refuse to interview them if they dare!”

   They wanted to know more about the details. Most of those I could not discuss, due to classification. They asked for names of other witnesses related to my case; I preferred not to discuss them over the phone, especially after Sarshar had confirmed that mine was tapped.

   Kristen suggested we meet right away.

   We decided on the following Friday at two at the Hyatt Hotel in downtown Baltimore.

   That evening I faxed them the letters and e-mail I had sent to the 9/11 Commission as well as dates of the follow-up calls to their offices. I told Matthew about the conversation and our plans to meet. He thought it was a very good idea. I began to feel re-energized. I was glad I had made the decision to contact the Jersey Moms. I knew I couldn’t have done that id I were still represented by attorneys.

   In this instance, I had to use my own judgment and common sense; to make the decision based on what I knew directly and perceived to be the case with the other party and just go with it. This is how I had lived my life before. From the day I began working for the bureau until a few months earlier, when abandoned by my attorneys, I had lived and acted according to restrictions and nonsensical rules and regulations imposed by the FBI, the Inspector General, Congress, my attorneys … there seemed to be more and more of them, shutting me down. As of this day, after talking to the Jersey Moms, I began a new stage in my battle---not just my own but in other’s too that soon I would end up joining. This was a beginning, another stage; in some ways, another tuning point.

   That Friday I arrived at the hotel early. Around fifteen minutes past the appointed hour, I noticed to women walking toward me: Mindy and Kristen. While each was rather different, both had certain features in common; deep and very dark wells under their eyes and facial lines that screamed exhaustion. That made three of us. The hollows under my eyes seemed to have become permanent. I liked these women right away; I sensed a kinship in our fighting a no-win war; Davids against Goliath.

   We hugged each other and sat. I spoke for almost an hour, telling them all I could. They listened almost without blinking, took in everything I said, and stopped me to ask detailed questions.

   Afterwards we talked about other potential witnesses who had either been turned away or were too afraid to have even contacted the commission. They asked me if I would be willing to join the fight to bring these cases to light. I told them, “Absolutely.”

   They asked whether I could get Sarshar to go to the commissioners, I would. They thought I had a better chance of getting in touch with former law enforcement and intelligence people, other whistle-blowers. I agreed. We had about six months before the commissioners’ so-called investigation came to an end. We need to get as many people to come forward as possible. That was our plan.”

   After New Year’s I contacted Sarshar. I had not heard from him since the previous January, when he had called to say that he had reported the case to the DOJ-IG in writing and had not heard back. He had been given the option of voluntary early retirement. He was thinking about it. His wife was not supportive of his taking a stand. She wanted him to walk away. Thinking of my mother---as well as most everybody else I knew just how he felt.

   I told him briefly about my meeting with the Jersey Moms. I asked him to contact the 9/11 Commission and ask to be interviewed. He knew a great deal.

   He laughed, “Sibel, I contacted them last June. I wrote to them. They said they didn’t need any more information, and that they had more than enough witnesses and documents to make the case and issue a report.”

   “What! Did you keep the letter, log the calls?”

   “But of course; I worked for the bureau for over ten years, my friend.”

   I asked him to meet with me and the Jersey Moms---to let them know. He explained that he had been threatened and harassed to keep his mouth shut. He didn’t want any more problems from the FBI.

   I called the Jersey Moms and told them what I had just learned, talking with Sarshar.

   “We need to get him right away!” Kristen screamed. “In fact, we need to have a reporter with us and have him go on record. Damn it, I want to go and puke all over these people---the commissioners’ investigators.

   “Slow down,’ I cautioned, “he’s afraid. He’s a timid man with no support from his wife. He has taken a lot of shit in the past two years from the FBI. You go tell him the word reporter and he’ll move out of the state. Let me approach him and convince him slowly, okay?”

   They agreed, but they also emphasized urgency. I asked them to give me a week.

   I called Sarshar and left several messages. More than a week later, he called me back. (He didn’t have the heart to say to say no so he was avoiding my calls instead.)

   After an hour of persuasion, he agreed to meet with them. I asked when would be the earliest he could meet with us. He said the following Sunday, January 18.

   “Okay, you got it, Sunday it is.”

   The moms would arrange for baby-sitters and get to DC for a late lunch on Sunday. They also called their friend, a female reporter who lived in New York City (whom I had met), and asked her to be present at the meeting. The reporter had to arrange travel plans and catch the redeye to DC, but said she wouldn’t miss it for anything. I would pick her up from Reagan National Airport, near my house.

   That Saturday we ended up getting three inches of snow that turned to sleet, and by Sunday morning, a severe advisory was issued. The roads, even parts of the beltway, were covered with thick layers of ice.

   Mindy’s call woke me up at seven. She said the meeting had to be canceled and rescheduled. I asked her to hold while I checked my e-mails and voice mails. Sure enough, the reporter had left LA and would be in DC at eleven that morning.

   I told Mindy, “Listen it took me hours to persuade Sarshar; he can change his mind tomorrow. This woman reporter is on her way here. We have to have this meeting today.”

   She argued there was no way they could drive that far and if I didn’t believe her, just go out and look for myself.

   I had an idea. Putting her on hold, I went up to the bedroom and asked Matthew, “Can you be so kind to drive Sarshar and me to New Jersey?”

   He looked at me as though I had two heads, “You’re kidding me! Have you seen the conditions out there!”

   “Matthew, I’m begging you … What if it’s only to Wilmington? That’s only two hours away … Please?”

   He sighed, “Okay, we’ll go out there and try. If it’s too bad we’ll turn around and come back home. OK?”

   I told Mindy about the plan. “Listen, get your ass down to Wilmington, it’s only an hour and a half from where you girls live. You have a four-wheel drive, let’s to this.”

   After two hours of back and forth calls between the girls and me and Sarshar, we were finally set to give this meeting a shot. Matthew and I drove forty-five minutes from where we live to pick up Sarshar. Everything was ice. We drove 25 miles per hour on a major highway; the beltway was almost deserted. We pulled up in front of Sarshar’s house and before I could even get out of the car, he appeared and got in. then we had to turn around and drive to Reagan Airport, where Matthew double parked in front while I ran inside to find the reporter who had landed only minutes before.”

I skipped the reporter’s suitcase didn’t make the flight - problem. Sibel: “With that resolved we walked outside and waited for Matthew to reappear. Knowing her excellent but aggressive reporting style, I warned her. “Listen, go easy on Sarshar, understood/ He’s very nervous and unsure, don’t freak him out; take it easy.” She nodded.

   Two hours later, as we were approaching Baltimore, the reporter tried to get Sarshar to talk by asking him some general questions. After a few minutes, Sarshar eased up and started to answer. The reporter made her next move; unwisely, she pulled out her tape recorder. “Can I record this conversation?” Sarshar vehemently shook his head no and retreated into his shell. For the remaining couple of hours we rode in silence.

   When we pulled up in front of the Holiday Inn in Wilmington, I spotted Kristen, Mindy and Patty out front smoking. We parked and went inside. For the next three hours we sat around a large table in the hotel’s dining room and talked. The reporter did not attempt to push the tape recorder again. The girls fired off hundreds of questions and took detailed notes, about the Iranian informant in particular, but also on many other issues and cases. I could tell Sarshar liked them and was comfortable.

   In the end, the Jersey Moms told me they were going to contact the 9/11 Commission and set up a meeting regarding the turning away of witnesses. They asked me to participate. They also wanted to set up times for me and Sarshar to be interviewed. Considering Sarshar’s justifiable apprehensions, I suggested we set up a meeting with Senator Grassley’s staff---all of us---to demand that they issue some sort of immunity for those witnesses and whistleblowers reluctant to testify before the Congress and the commission.

   This was just the beginning.”

Buying a Copy of Mrs. Sibel Edmond’s Classified Woman around two weeks ago (late January) was a Good Choice on my part. Sibel takes readers behind the scenes into the inner workings of the lying, denying, witholding fbi, Our worthless congress, the damn dept. of corruption as a whole, and the bilderberg, pratt, trilateral led 9/11 commission; all while a son of a bones whore, a bones bastard himself---and former pratt director Dick alfalfa, owl, trilateral Cheney occupied the oval/offal pile office.

Miss Sibel is about to provide a look into the injustice dept. when bones toy, bilderberg, alfalfa diner Clinton was in the offal office, but before She does please track down senator Grassley’s masonic roots. After that, ask Yourself why Our dishonest congress did not immediately-automatically offer immunity to Whistleblowers?!

Let’s return to Sibel: “After the first Washington Post article on my case, a year and a half earlier, I had spent weeks fruitlessly trying to find contact information for the second FBI whistleblower cited in that article, John M. Cole, FBI Counterintelligence Operations Specialist in charge of Pakistan and Afghanistan. My (then) attorneys introduced me to Emmanuel (Manny) Johnson, a former veteran agent with the FBI counterterrorism division. After blowing the whistle and suffering cruel retaliation, Manny had resigned from his job at the FBI, set up his own private investigation firm, and once in awhile performed investigations services for my attorneys. All he was able to find out was that Cole had resigned and left the city after tremendous pressure and attacks by the bureau following the Post article. He would let me know if he ever came across other agents from the FBI Washington Field Office familiar with my case. For over a year I did not hear from him.

   One early afternoon near the end of January, I received a call from Manny. He wanted to arrange a meeting between me and a veteran counterintelligence special agent, recently retired from the FBI’s Washington field office, who had firsthand information related to my case. I asked him for this agent’s name and held my breath.

   “Special Agent Gilbert Graham.”

   “You mean the Gil Graham, in charge of the FBI’s Counterintelligence unit on Turkey?!” The very same. “Do you know how important he is to my case? My God, one copy of every piece I translated related to DC operations was sent to him! He knows a lot!”

   Manny laughed, “Of course; why do you think I’m calling you? I’ve known Graham for years. He contacted me a few weeks after the CBS piece aired and told me about his connections. It took me this long to persuade him to meet with you directly. He’s under retaliation himself…”

   I asked him to set up the meeting ASAP. We agreed on a coffeehouse in Alexandria, I got there ten minutes early. At the counter, I felt a hand on my shoulder, and there was Manny with his usual wide, sincere smile. African American, of medium height, his eyes always appeared to sparkle with unexplained joy. With his domelike belly and shaved head, he reminded me of Buddha.

   Behind him stood a strikingly handsome African American man with pronounced cheekbones, over six feet two, muscular build and broad shoulders, dressed impeccably in a pressed suit and a crisp shirt, Graham and I had never met face to face. He was impressive to behold.

   Once seated, I started telling Graham about my case. He raised his palm to stop me. He said he already knew everything there was, at least most of it. It was his turn to tell me about his case, what he had blown the whistle on, and the connection to my case and what I knew (cryptically, of course).

   According to Graham, back in 1997 he and other agents involved in counterintelligence operations (in which I too had become involved) notified HQ about Turkish targets targeting certain elected officials. Through various bribery and blackmail operations, they had hooked these officials and were able to obtain classified information and, in some cases, favorable contracts and votes for them. At least four well-known elected officials were involved in this scheme.

   The illegal activities did not end there, State Department bureaucrats and Pentagon officials were also hooked. The targets were provided with highly sensitive classified documents and information. Considering the targets’ direct involvement in nuclear black market illegal arms sales and money laundering activities, this case, in Graham’s assessment, had to be transferred from Counterintelligence (geared only to monitor, not investigate) to criminal and Counterterrorism operations. The agents also believed that they had enough proof, evidence and direct information to the get the Department of Justice to launch a criminal investigation of the U.S. persons involved, and perhaps even appoint a special counsel-prosecutor to the case.

   Graham continued, “This was during the Clinton administration. The justice Department, under Janet Reno, finally agreed to appoint counsel and move forward with our recommendations. There were some disagreements as to whether to pursue elected officials or appointed ones; they had finally settled on elected officials.” A point to consider: Reno knew going after Clinton’s appointees, his inner circle of bilderberg & pratt friends and trilateral associates would not be acceptable to the powers that be. “But then we were hit by the scandals involving Clinton’s dick, so there it went, down the tubes; the whole thing was put on hold and set aside while the entire country dealt with who gave whom a blow job!”

   I interrupted him. “You mean permanently?”

   He shook his head. “No, for a while. Then it seemed to get back on track a little, but then came the elections. With the Clinton administration gone and the new administration in the process of taking over, we didn’t hear anything back from the Justice Department. When we did, well, that outraged every single one of us, and led me to put my foot down. The Bush administration, AG Ashcroft, turned off the switch on the special prosecutor deal. Then, they chopped the operation into several pieces, with one of them going to Chicago. Finally, toward the end of 2001, they decided to close the criminal investigation angle. They shut down the DC operations and gave Chicago until January or February to get rid of the case and close it for good.”

   “So, what was there excuse with you?” I asked, “What happened to your report?”

   “Basically, same thing that happened to you. They first asked me to shut up and stop pursuing this. Then, of course, the retaliation began. After a while I couldn’t take it anymore; they pushed me to the point where I requested and filed for early retirement. Once that was done, I filed a case in the DC federal court, pro se; the only way I could bring out the case, and the most viable channel was the EEO [Equal Employment Opportunity Commission]. Now they are going after my filings, a lot of it classified with a black marker. Considering what they did you,” he added, “and how afraid they are, I expect they’ll invoke state secrets in my case too; once they get with away with yours, they’ll try it with my case. I believe your case is their ‘experiment’ case; if successful, they’ll use it right and left.”

   I wanted to know if he would be willing to testify in court as my witness---if he would consider visiting the Senate with me and providing them with this explosive information. With twenty-two years under his belt, impeccable reputation and firsthand knowledge of what truly was involved in my case, I needed him on my side, prepared and ready to testify.

   He sighed, “Sibel, that’s the most important reason I wanted to meet with you. Forget about pushing this via congress, IG and the courts. They’ll eat you alive. There is no friggin’ way they’ll let even the tiniest part of this criminal conspiracy see the light of day. Do you understand? How can you even trust Congress? If they have shit on Grassley, Leahy, or whoever you think supports you, then they’ll use it against them. Man, I tell you, they have lots of shit on a lot of people. For instance,” he continued, “take your Judge Walton: How do you think they got him assigned to your case? Do you know what I did in the early nineties for the bureau? I ran background checks on federal judges. If we came up with shit---skeletons in their closets---the Justice Department kept it in their pantry to be used against them in the future or get them to do what they want in certain cases---cases like yours, like mine.”

   I asked him again if he would be willing to talk with the appropriate people involved in my case.

   “Look, I initially contacted the IG. They didn’t want to hear about this case; no response from them.”

   “You mean even after they started on my case, they didn’t ask you to go there and provide them with information on my issues?”


   I asked him one more time.

   He sighed, “Sibel, do you realize how dangerous this is? Do you realize how much danger you’re in? Have you heard about the veteran CIA operative who came across a load of shit, similar to ours and decided to get some congressional attention to it?”


   “He disappeared for a while, and finally his body was pulled out of the river here in DC; his hands were tied behind his back. They ruled it as ‘suicide.’ Do you want to meet the same fate? Even more than our filthy government, you should be afraid of what the involved criminals---the targets of CI operations---are capable of doing to you or your family. Those are some nasty people, worse than the Italian Mafioso; they happen to be very well connected, on top of that. With the immunity they have from our government, they’ll take you out if you were to press on.”

   I told him that I thought the chances of them “taking me out” would be far greater before the information was made public; afterwards, it wouldn’t do them any good. This was all the more reasons to push and get this information out into the public.

   Toward the end of our meeting, I was finally able to get a conditional consent from Graham. “Sibel, I will not volunteer any information. I won’t walk into the corrupt Congress and hand them information: however, if you get them to subpoena me, or even formally request me to go there and answer their questions, I’ll do it, I promise.”

   I couldn’t ask for more. I would notify the DOJ-IG. I would let the Senate know. I would bring it up with the 9/11 Commission. I would urge them all to subpoena Gilbert Graham.

   Before we parted, I asked him one more question. “Have you contacted the Nine Eleven Commission?”

   He was thinking of doing that. Through sources, he had put the word out to the commission of his availability and desire to testify.

   I would let the Jersey Moms know, and follow up.

   Graham’s parting words where my life and my family’s life were in serious danger: I had to watch out; and that the chances of our successfully bringing this out were slim to none.

   Driving back home, I saw that my hands were shaking again, uncontrollably.”

Up until now most of US haven’t read where a former fbi agent actually told the Truth about AMERICA’S  denying, lying, withholding crooked to the point of darn near beyond belief - federal government. Gil Graham, I'm positive you understand why I brought to Light the katzenbach memo very early in The House That Evil Built series.

Former fbi agents John Cole and Gil Graham, every attendant of the National Security WhistleBlowers Conferences should know all about the bureau protecting the secret societies. Gil and John, I have a working knowledge into bones, bilderbergs and trilaterals etc., and I am more than disappointed to have never heard or read where an fbi agent mentioned the packs that be. Anthony Shaffer and Russ Tice the same applies to former dia agents. Fellows since the four of you, when combined, have beacou’ years in “intelligence gathering operations”, then why isn’t Mrs. Sibel Edmonds up to speed on the wolf packs?

Ladies and Gentlemen, Sistera and Brothers, like Miss Devvy, Miss Sibel Has Proven Herself, Sibel’s a Bold, Determined, Admirable Woman and I Whole Heartedly Believe if She was aware of the skulls, the cfr, bohemian grove, alfalfas, pilgrims and so on, Sibel would have brought them to LIGHT in Her Tell It Like It Is Book, Classified Woman.

Mrs. Edmonds, I don’t believe You or Matthew are aware Diane bobble head Sawyer is a certified member of the council on foreign relations and has been for years. Matthew and Sible, today is February 10, and as I type her name is between Mark Sawoski and Charles J. Scarborough.

As far as I know Mark Sawoski is a professor at Roger Williams University in Rhode Island, therefore it’s a Given he hasn’t mentioned bones founded the crooked american historical association or that the conniving U.S. government played a leading role enslaving Russians while building the U.S.S.R. from the ground up.

Is Charles J. Scarborough the former rocke-pub house of rat’s member from Florida, who is currently a bobble head, Morning Joe for msnbc? Odds are better than 6 to 5 he is. Once again it’s a Given that Scarborough did not mention to his Constituents the welcome to the new world order classes he took at haahvard, or the symposiums he attended inside the cfr/pratt rat’s office in the district of corruption.

Sibel, on the current list of pratt rats Marc Grossman is between Gene Grossman and Paul C. Grove. Folks, Grossman was the U.S. ambassador to Turkey in 94-97 (Clinton) and he’s currently Obama’s “special envoy” to Afghanistan and Pakistan. His predecessor as “special envoy” was Richard bilderberg, pratt rat, trilateral wolf Holbrooke. Readers ask Susan national security advisor, pratt, trilateral Rice Cameron will she vouch for Holbrooke’s pratt house membership

Richard pratt rat, alfalfa club Parsons since you are a trustee for the rockefeller maggot foundation, to help the show the pratt house’s bi-partisanship - under George skull, owl Bush jr., Grossman was his “undersecretary of state for political affairs” from 2001 until March 2005 when the senate confirmed that title to R. Nicholas pratt rat, trilateral wolf, rocke-maggot brothers fund Burns.

A side note: according to the Washington Post a handful of the 2014 alfalfa club dinners were Virginia’s governor Terry bilderberg McAuliffe, Stephen pratt, supreme sludge Breyer, Sandra pilgrims society O’Conner, senator Thomas Kaine, senator Kelly Ayotte and senator Dianne alfalfa president Feinstein. Let’s read one Post paragraph: “But good luck getting in. The membership process is “very secretive and murky,” joked Parvin. “The anointed just appear.” Well, not quite: Alfalfa tries to keep membership to about 200; openings only occur when members die. There are no formal letters of recommendation, said Pearson, the longtime club secretary, but prospective members are quietly approached after they’ve been proposed and approved by the “powers that be” (some of the older members). Lobbying for admission is frowned upon. The club tries to recruit an equal number of Democrats and Republicans, although the corporate types skew slightly conservative. Oh, and no meanies allowed. “For the most, they have to have good personalities,” Pearson said.” Hmm - an equal number of rocke-dems and rocke-pubs.

Ann Beeson, Miss Sibel’s Classified Woman is perhaps the Best Book available for an education into the scale of corruption found in and around the capital. Ann since George bilderberg whore, pratt rat, trilateral wolf Soros founded and funds the open society institute/foundations, I can’t say you moved up after leaving the JESUS hating - bones had a hand in founding - aclu.

Let’s return to Mrs. Edmonds: “Soon after the ice storm meeting of January 18, the Jersey Moms began a flurry of calls to the commissioner’s offices. I started to push the Senate Judiciary Committee about guaranteeing immunity for current government employees who were willing to testify before the 9/11 Commission. Congress people and the commission kicked it back and forth. Who would provide immunity for witnesses? Each claimed it was the other’s responsibility.

   I attended one meeting with the commissioners’ investigators and chief of staff initiated by the Jersey Moms. After much browbeating, they finally pledged that not a single witness would be turned away. That time we emerged victorious. The Jersey Moms had threatened to go to the press.

   On Wednesday, February 11, 2004, I appeared at the commissioners’ office for my interview. Two of their investigators greeted me and asked me to follow them into the Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility. I tensed at the prospect of another claustrophobic, airless interrogation, but I was not about to give these so-called independent investigators another excuse to avoid knowing by refusing to go in, so I followed them.

   One of them pulled out a digital recorder and we began. I gave them a detailed account of the blueprints case; the Iranian informant; “visas for money”; the link between certain actors in the nuclear market and terrorist-related entities, money laundering and illegal arm sales by certain front organizations from countries considered our “allies”; and the forged signatures and tampering with documents related to detainees rounded up in New York and New Jersey by counterterrorism field agents.

   I briefly told them about the involvement of certain elected and appointed officials—U.S. persons---with the target organizations, and named these individuals. When I mentioned one of those officials (an elected representative at the highest level), one investigator’s face turned crimson and the other began to cough spasmodically. They seemed startled. I gave the name and number of the case files and their location. I provided them with the names of relevant witnesses and direct knowledge of these cases. I concluded my testimony with what I had told the IG and Congress; I asked them to subpoena these specific documents, audios and witnesses to verify everything I had provided.

   The entire session took over two hours. I was exhausted and apprehensive that they had not asked a single question, not even one. What kind of interview was that?”

AMERICA, why didn’t they ask Sibel even one question? It should be Obvious, from start to finish it was a cover-up commission just like the warren commission and the congresses’ house select committee on assassinations.

After finishing Chapter 14 we’ll look into Mrs. Sibel Edmonds brief career as an Above Board, Honest fbi translator and also some cover-up artists including judge, Reggie sludge Walton.

James ‘liberation theology’ Cone, what the hell is the difference between Hamilton, Kean, Walton and Zelikow? Answer - only the color of those four bastard's skins.

   “Sarshar’s interview was scheduled for the next day. The entire session lasted about two hours, during which he provided detailed accounts of two very important cases. He had given them the relevant documents and the names and contact information for all pertinent witnesses, including the Iranian informant.

   I was surprised that he had given out the name and address of the informant. Sarshar told me he had contacted the informant and told him about the 9/11 family members and the scheduled commission interview. The informant supported Sarshar’s decision and was willing to provide all the explosive information, including taped phone conversations and documents, but only if subpoenaed. The bureau had taken the informant off its payroll---just as they had gotten rid of Sarshar and threatened the agents involved with retaliation if they didn’t keep their mouths shut.

   The next day, Friday, the girls and I took Sarshar to the Senate Judiciary Committee staff. They too thought the recent development regarding the Iranian informant was explosive. I agreed. We decided to drag Sarshar to the Senate and have him go on record one more time, with a separate entity, with that information.

   We sat with the staff and spent the first fifteen minutes emphasizing the importance of Sarshar’s information, urging them to provide him and other similar witnesses with immunity. They needed protection. Afterwards we left Sarshar to provide the staff with his account, to go to the SCIF [Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility] if necessary. Before leaving, Kristen turned around and let them have it, “You f--- this up and I’ll make sure the entire media goes after your ass, you understand? We have been fighting for the truth and accountability for our husband’s deaths. We are tired of this bullshit attitude, we are tired of you guys in Congress not doing what you were elected to do. I’ll come after you, I promise.”

   One of Grassley’s staff turned red and blustered, “We won’t have this attitude in here! You have no right to threaten us.”

   Halfway out and without even turning, Kristen shot back, “That was a warning, not a threat. You f--- up and you’ll see what a threat really is.” With that she slammed the door. We both knew the futility of pushing Congress to do the right thing, to do what it is supposed to be doing. We’d been there, tried that.”

To the holier than thous - instead of even thinking about picking up a rock and throwing it at Miss Kristen because of Her language, instead put Your Thinking Cap on; after which Kristen’s understandable Frustration with this land's Citizen stabbing government should be Crystal Clear.

   “During the three month period between March and June 2004, I attended along, along with 9/11 family members, almost every single 9/11 Commission public hearing in Washington.

   During one of those hearings, on March 24, just a day or two after then National Security Advisor Condoleezza Rice had issued a public statement saying the administration had received no specific threat or warning prior to the September 11 attacks, I had hooked up with the girls and a few other 9/11 family members for a quick coffee during a break. They were seething over pratt rat Rice’s remarks.

  After the break we headed back to the hearing room at the Senate Dirksen building, took our seats, and waited for another infuriating round of dodgeball, otherwise known as Questions and Answers.

   During the second break, I followed the girls outside where we had to pass through a gauntlet of reporters stationed there to intercept commissioners and high-level government officials.

   Kristen and Lorie stopped to chat with a few, so I continued on, until I heard Kristen’s voice yelling, “Okay guys! In addition to these officials, you need to hear from others, those who actually worked on the front lines. Here is one person you need to talk to, all of you: Sibel Edmonds.”

   I froze. What was she doing? Kristen and Lorie came over; one held my briefcase while the other pushed me in front of more than twenty reporters, all with lights and cameras. I had no notes, no prepared statements and hadn’t given a thought what to say in a situation like this.

   Someone yelled out a question; I somehow answered it, briefly; then another. I went to automatic mode and blindly (I couldn’t see in the glare of the lights) began to answer questions for nearly ten minutes straight. Reporters closed around me. I managed to break away and almost ran outside, where I stopped by Kyle, a 9/11 family members’ supporter and activist with the 9/11 truth movement community. He had a cameraman with him and begged me to answer a few questions on camera. That session continued for another ten minutes. From the corner of my eye I saw Kristen; I caught up with her and gave her an earful for throwing me to the wolves so entirely unprepared.

   Kristen listened quietly with a mischievous smile. “You did good, Sibel. It’s about time for you to get in touch with the public. Today was the beginning.” She was right. I had only one channel left that had not been thoroughly pursued: the court of public opinion.

   The following morning, all had changed. I was in several major U.S. papers and others in the U.K. The episode kicked off a media frenzy that lasted almost two months. In the weeks to come I was interviewed by at least twenty radio shows, almost all of them independent and alternative, which are much less biased.

   My favorite, Amy Goodman’s “Democracy Now,” with national syndication, did the first and by far best and most comprehensive interview during this period. I was nervous, as usual in those days. The cameraman yelled “go” and we were on. Goodman had done her homework and within the first two minutes I began to relax.

   After taking a short break she welcomed another guest who was joining us, Mr. Dan Ellsberg. This completely threw me. I had read about Ellsberg’s case when I lived in Turkey and greatly admired his courage and integrity, what he had stood up for, against all odds. He knew my struggle perhaps better than anyone. For me to be there with him, on the same show and receiving his compliments, was a rare honor. Ellsberg well knew the FBI and U.S. Department of Justice, what they could do to people who got in their way. He knew what it felt like to have his entire family threatened with prison or worse, to live day to day looking over your shoulder, never knowing might what happen next. He knew tha American government.

   After I got home I found my answering machine blinking. It was a message from Goodman’s producer: Ellsberg had asked him to pass on his phone number to me. I wrote it down and called him. We spent the next three hours talking. At one point he even asked if he could put me on speakerphone so that his wife, Patricia, could join us? Of course!

   Apart from my husband, Matthew, this was truly the first time since my dark journey began that anyone spent this much time in an effort to give me courage, to shore me up. For too long my confidence had been at an all-time low; here was someone who would understand the pain I had experienced and the dilemma I faced; who wholeheartedly supported my decision to fight rather than quit. Those three precious hours with Dan and Patricia helped to fill that hole---that void---left by the friendships and family ties I had lost; it provided me with the surrogate warmth of my father, his love. He and Patricia would soon become close in a way I can only describe as family. Ellsberg was not only my champion but someone who showed up to stand by my side. Matthew and I are fortunate indeed; this rare, lucky friendship is one of the best things to come from the worst nightmare time of my life.” End quote.

Sibel in 2009 while writing a section of These Truths Will Set You Free, I wrote extensively about Daniel’s trial under the espionage act by pratt rat, owl, alfalfa Nixon - after Mr. Ellsberg and Mr. Anthony Russo brought the pentagon papers to Light.  

Daniel it does my heart good after checking the current pratt roster to see that you are no longer a pratt rat. Dan it is up to you to tell Sibel how long you played on both sides of the new world order fence. 

Miss Sibel under the subheading December 6 – 18, 2013 in Part 13 I mentioned the pentagon papers, please read 5 paragraphs from that section: “James fbi director Comey, why don’t you howl a lawyer’s opinion about why the rocke-foundation and rocke-brothers fund haven’t “stepped up to the plate” and anted up the money to build models of one of the Twin Towers and #7? James since nist investigator Shyam Sunder says burning office furnishings (wood and fabric) caused #7 to collapse; no doubt nist and other alphabet soup agencies like batf, cia, dia, fema, fbi and nsa etc. are salivating over the chance to prove it. Citizens according to Sunder: “It did not collapse from explosives or from fuel oil fires.” James as to his: It did not collapse from explosives why the hell does the dept. of corruption permit such a sham because the nist report states: NIST did not test for the presence of explosive residue.

Citizens if the dept. of corruption’s agencies were worth as much as three dead flies, I wouldn’t be in Grove, Oklahoma typing Everyone should know information. Eric pop goes the weasel Holder, feel free to place my prior sentence into your pipe so you can huff and puff for as long as necessary.

At Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth’s homepage, videos are available on the left hand side of the page. Please scroll down to the 15 minute Documentary hosted by Mr. Ed Anser. There Readers can watch Sunder spew nist’s bullshit in the first four minutes.

At the 13 minute mark, former senator Mike Gravel (Alaska) says: “Look at the evidence; in fact I’ll say this very categorically, any reasonable person who looks at the evidence that’s been brought forward has got to come away with the feeling that something has to be done. A real investigation has to be put forward.”

Coming from Mike, those words mean something as senator Gravel read part of the “pentagon papers” into the senate record in June 1971. While doing so Mike said: “It is my Constitutional obligation to protect the security of the people by fostering the free flow of information absolutely essential to their democratic decision-making." AMERICA, Mike’s “the free flow of information” is the Key. Also know two bilderberg senators, Bill rocke-dem Fulbright (Clinton’s mentor, Fulbright was a bilderberg in 1957 and in 1964 with warren commission scum bags Ford and McCloy and Covington & Burling poster boy - Dean pratt rat, pilgrims society Acheson.) and Charles rocke-pub Mathias had previously refused to bring the information Public, as had senator George pratt rat McGovern. My task is to provide “the free flow of information” Our rotten to its core government spends 24 hours a day covering up."

Sibel, former senator Charles Mathias was a member of the bilderberg’s steering committee for years. Matthew, Winston bones, trilateral former ambassador to China, former pratt house president Lord - used to sit on the bilderberg's steering committee as well.

In the photo’s section inside Classified Woman there’s a photograph of Russ Tice, John Cole, Anthony Shaffer and Miss Sibel taken at “the first ever national security whistleblowers conference and retreat in Chincoteague, Virginia”. (I believe that was in 2004.)

Russ let’s visit a June 20, 2013 The Blaze post under the headline: Bush-Era NSA Whistleblower Makes Most Explosive Allegations Yet About Extent of Gov’t Surveillance — and You Won’t Believe Who He Says They Spied On - Jason Howerton: “Russ Tice, a former intelligence analyst and Bush-era NSA whistleblower, claimed Wednesday that the intelligence community has ordered surveillance on a wide range of groups and individuals, including high-ranking military officials, lawmakers and diplomats.

He also made another stunning allegation. He says the NSA had ordered wiretaps on phones connected to then-Senate candidate Barack Obama back in 2004.

“They went after–and I know this because I had my hands literally on the paperwork for these sort of things–they went after high-ranking military officers; they went after members of Congress, both Senate and the House, especially on the intelligence committees and on the armed services committees and some of the–and judicial,” Tice told Peter B. Collins on Boiling Frog Post News.

He went on: “But they went after other ones, too. They went after lawyers and law firms. All kinds of–heaps of lawyers and law firms. They went after judges. One of the judges is now sitting on the Supreme Court that I had his wiretap information in my hand. Two are former FISA court judges. They went after State Department officials. They went after people in the executive service that were part of the White House–their own people.”

Then Tice dropped the bombshell about Obama.

“Here’s the big one,” he said. “[T]his was in summer of 2004, one of the papers that I held in my hand was to wiretap a bunch of numbers associated with a 40-something-year-old wannabe senator for Illinois. You wouldn’t happen to know where that guy lives right now would you? It’s a big white house in Washington, D.C. That’s who they went after, and that’s the president of the United States now.”

FBI whistleblower Sibel Edmonds and Tice agreed that such wide-ranging surveillance of officials could provide the intelligence agencies with unthinkable power to blackmail their opponents.” End quote. There’s more but we get the gist.

So far in this section Gilbert Graham, Russ Tice and Miss Sibel have discussed investigations, wire taps and blackmail, therefore isn’t it Obvious blackmail is an integral part of how the game within a game is played?

In Russ Tice’s bio at Wikipedia besides his working for nsa, Russ has also been with the office of naval intelligence (oni) and the defense intelligence agency, dia. Russ it appears you, John Cole and Anthony Shaffer have to know the bilderberg pack exists. Folks if I know the head of nsa flys or drives to bilderberg conclaves, they should as well. And that is the major problem I have with those in the “intelligence community” who write books or makes speeches because they are holding back critical information from those who buy their books or pay to hear them speak. (The last link provides details into how Mrs. Edmonds, Behrooz Sashar and John Cole were treated by the powers that be.)

Mrs. Edmonds let’s read info about the wolf packs from another source. Last year Mrs. Kidd mailed Her Copy of General (Retired) Russell S. Bowen’s THE IMMACULATE DECEPTION: The Bush Crime Family Exposed (published in 1991) to Grove, Oklahoma. From About The Author: “At the age 17, he became an aviation cadet after passing the examination in Sacramento, California. Still only a teenager, he spent the war years lying P-38s, dueling German planes in Italy as a “Top Gun” fighter pilot. He was a highly decorated pilot with the famous 82nd Fighter Group which demonstrated their fearlessness, dedication and supreme skill by flying combat aircraft under murderous conditions.

   Following a meeting with the pope at the Vatican in 1945, Bowen, at 19, was offered the chance to join the secret team of OSS directed by General William “Wild Bill” Donovan. Bowen became an undercover agent, involved in a variety of secret missions.

   Bowen was assigned in 1959 to visit Asuncion, Paraguay, to familiarize himself the traffic routes of drugs coming into the U.S. through Cuba. His information on routes passed on to U.S. Customs was described as “the most important piece of information” they had received.

   In his military career and as a strict Catholic, Bowen had been trained to follow orders from his superiors without exception. Forty-seven as a mole and member of William Donovan’s secret team “Super Spies,” he received orders and reported directly to William Casey, William Pawley, and his brother in the Dominican Republic, John Knight. … That same deference to authority led Bowen to carry out an operation that cost him six and a half years in a federal prison in Springfield, MO. Bowen, an undercover agent in a cocaine smuggling scheme that he was trying to expose, took the fall after diverting a drug load to Sylvania, Georgia rather than following orders which required him to deliver it to Homestead, Florida.”

Homestead Air Force Base is south of Miami and the above is another example of America's secret society run government up to its nostrils importing cocaine. Michael pratt rat Hayden, since you were the cia’s director at the time, when a jet with cia roots crashed in Mexico in 2007 carrying 3 ½ tons of cocaine, would you like to announce the jet’s destination in the States?

General Bowen has done his time, on the other hand, I don’t know of a cia director or a bones scum bag spending one night in jail.

From Chapter 1 – In the Name of the Father, beginning on page 2: “While Democratic candidate Michael pratt rat Dukakis spent most the campaign trying to dodge the liberal label, George former pratt house director Bush and the Republican National Committee have carefully rejected any discussion of the “N-word” through three national campaigns. This is not at all surprising, in light of the fact that Bush’s closest friend and confidante is Texas mystery man William Stamps pilgrims society Farish III, inheritor of the Auschwitz death camp fortune.

   When he was elected vice president in 1980, Bush designated Farish to manage all his personal wealth in a “blind trust.” As one of the richest men in Texas, Farish keeps his own business affairs secret. Bush knows that he can rely on Farish to keep secrets about his own family money, since Farish’s family fortune was made in the same Nazi enterprise with George trilateral Bush’s father. 

   Farish’s grandfather, W.S. quill & dagger Farish, pleaded “no contest” in 1942 to charges of criminal conspiracy with the Nazis. As president and chief executive of Standard Oil of New Jersey, Farish was the controller of the global cartel between Standard Oil and the German I.G. Farben concern.

   The joint enterprise had opened the Auschwitz slave labor camp on June 14, 1940, to produce artificial rubber and gasoline from coal. Jews and political opponents supplied by Hitler as slaves were worked to death or murdered.” End quote.

One paragraph from an Associated Press Oct. 7, 1984 wire: “The Queen was greeted in the rain at Blue Grass Airport by Gov. Martha Layne Collins, Mayor Scotty Baesler and Sarah and William S. Farish 3rd, at whose farm the Queen is staying.”

England’s queen pilgrims Elizabeth was back in Lexington, Kentucky in 1986 and 1989; on both occasions she stayed with her pilgrims pal, Farish. In 2007, the chatham hyena’s “Patron” was back in Kentucky and a guest at the Farish’s Lane’s End Farm for The Race of races, The Kentucky Derby, run on the First Saturday in May at Churchill Downs in Louisville.

If Readers will scroll down this link, there’s info about George skull, former pratt director, trilateral Bush sr. and George skull, owl jr. staying at the Farish’s. At this link I read William’s son Bill used to be George owl senior’s “personal aide”; more proof into how close the secret society intertwined families are.

Sisters and Brothers, General Russell Bowen’s Book is an informative read, and one of the few books providing details about the Bush’s skull & bones/skull and dung roots. Russell mentions Prescott Bush’s skull membership on page 5. There’s so much more I'd like to share from The Immaculate Deception: Bush Crime Family Exposed, but I have a better idea. Gentlemen if finances permit please buy a Copy and read it Yourself. My Good Friend Miss Tynsy Foster has ordered General Bowen’s Book for me and after it arrives I’ll mail it to skull junior’s presidential library in Dallas. (2943 SMU Boulevard Dallas, TX 75205)

One paragraph from the library’s website: “The architectural signature of the Library and Museum is Freedom Hall. At a height of 67 feet, the Hall encases a one-of-a-kind, 360-degree, high definition video wall that orients visitors to the exhibit and depicts a montage of the 44 United States' Presidents.”

George in the center of “freedom hall” place a glass case with General Bowen’s THE IMMACULATE DECEPTION: Bush Crime Family Exposed. On ten sheets of paper type the Book’s first ten pages. Place five over the Book and five below. Sisters, Chapter 1 begins with “War is just a racket.” There Russell was quoting Major General Smedley Butler, a former Commandant of the United States Marine Corps. General Butler published WAR IS A RACKET in 1935.

George to the left of the Book place a sheet of paper with three quotes from The Immaculate Deception, from page 27: “Actually however, Congress was being manipulated. This is how the war machine operates. Behind the seeming concern for national security are the busy men with bulging briefcases hurrying from the Pentagon over to Capitol Hill, the tight-mouthed men hurrying from CIA headquarters over to the Pentagon; it is eventually a game. It is an operation designed to produce for the warfare sector and its military hardware supporters billions of dollars annually and unlimited power in the affairs of the nation.

   Since the end of World War II, the United States has spent a thousand billion dollars --- one trillion --- furnished by the American people, who have been colonized by these men and their hunger for power. Could the CIA kill a President to keep such an operation going? Kings have been beheaded for infinitely less.” Mr. Jim Garrison, A Heritage of Stone (1970)

From page 95: “Well George, I go looking for prisoners, but I spend all my time discovering the government has been moving drugs around the world and is involved in illegal arms deals…I can’t get the prisoners because of of the corruption among our own covert people.” Texas billionaire H. Ross Perot to then Vice President Bush in 1987.

From page 119: “National security has become a synonym for cover-up. Reagan didn’t know, Bush denied, Casey died, Poindexter lied, Ollie was tried, and Noriega fried, all while patriots for profit made millions for the Iran-Contra, Panama, and the Gulf War. It’s time to stop the ‘Bushlip!’” Lt. Col. James “Bo” Gritz.

Currently at president George skull junor’s library and museum there are four photos on the homepage, the caption under one: “President George W. Bush and Prime Minister Tony Blair shaking hands at the NATO Summit in Istanbul, Turkey, June 28, 2004.”

In the last half of Part 4 there is detailed information pertaining to the downing street memo (July 2002), the result of bilderberg Blair's visit with skull jr. in Texas in April 2002 and its follow-up the now infamous bush-blair/blair-bush memo from their meeting inside the offal pile office on January 31, 2003.

Brothers just like skull, owl Bush jr. – bilderberg, chatham hyena Blair can’t get enough of the new world order. Everyone’s proof –  the fall after Blair left 10 Downing St. in 2007, he was teaching a class on faith and globalization at Yale Schools of Divinity and Management as a Howland distinguished fellow during the 2008–09 academic year. AMERICA, Blair’s faith is just like junior’s faith, it’s a faith centered on two concepts; the first is outright lies and the second relies on gullibility. In their minds - if we the wolves keep saying it, through gullibility America’s, England’s and the Globe's Well Intended will believe it.

Who replaced Blair as prime minister, that was Gordon bilderberg, chatham hyena Brown. Ladies, his bilderberg roots go all the way back to 1991, where he watched Bill pratt, trilateral Clinton be anointed by David Rocke-maggot senior to be America’s next crooked president. Was a bones scum bag in the room? Yes indeed rocke-pub senator (Rhode Island) John bilderberg, pratt, trilateral Chafee. Skeptics can ask a former Virginia rocke-dem governor, Douglas mason Wilder.

Is Gordon hyena Brown infatuated with the new world order? Next are the hyena’s words printed by The Herald some six months before taking up residence at 10 Downing St. “We can help to build things and shape this new world order in a way that is good for Britain and British values," he said.”

Let’s open The Immaculate Deception to page 5 and after Gen. Bowen has made it known Prescott Bush was a member of the skulls. Russell: “The munitions trade also served to elevate Prescott Bush and his father Samuel P. Bush, into the lower ranks of the Eastern Establishment, through their association with Remington Arms Company. In accordance with directives from the National City Bank in 1914 aimed at reorganizing the domestic arms industry, Percy bones, pilgrims society, later cfr member Rockefeller took control of the Remington Arms Company, appointing as his chief executive Samuel F. Pryor.

   Samuel Bush was appointed chief of the Ordnance, Small Arms and Ammunition Section of the War Industries Board in the spring of 1918, several months after the official U.S. entry into the war in Europe. Wall Street speculator Bernard member of the original cfr Baruch, who had close personal and business ties to E.H. Harriman, was in overall charge of the War Industries Board. …” Let no one forget in 1929, Baruch along with Winston chatham hyena, master mason, pilgrims society Churchill played leading roles in crashing the U.S. stock market. Who provided Churchill with office space in NYC? None other than Percy bones, cfr, pilgrim Rockefeller.

Russell: “During this period, Averell bones, pilgrim, founding cfr member, later cfr director 1950-1955 Harriman, was still smarting over Theodore Roosevelt’s excoriation of his father for “cynicism and deep-seated corruption,” and his denunciation as an “undesirable citizen,” created a financial and informational network to take his place in the pantheon of international power brokers. Harriman’s choice to establish this network was a Missouri stockbroker and wheeler-dealer named George Herbert “Bert” Walker, after whom our president is named.”

Readers please visit a list of bones scum bags to see for Yourselves all the descendants of George Herbert Walker on the bones society’s rolls. Miss April Gallop, You should know which secret society orchestrated the appeals judges/sludges who threw out Your case with their bones, brookings institute and american enterprise institute - bilderberg attending roots.

Former first lady Barbara bones whore Bush, if you can spell honor or integrity - buy a Copy of Sir Antony Sutton's America's Seceret Establishment... (the bones pack you married into) and place Sir Sutton's all of US should read Book to the right of Mr. Bowen's in the glass display case in the center of "freedom hall".

George responsible for 9/11, skull jr. stuff that in your pipe and huff & puff on it awhile. George, Everyone who visits your library/museum should be up to speed about the Bush involvement in Iran-Contra, drug trafficking, the bank of crooks and criminals (bcci), your damned father being in Dallas the day President Kennedy was assassinated, operation zapata and a host of other topics covered by General Bowen.

Ladies if finances permit please buy a Copy of Miss Sibel’s Classified Woman - The SIBEL EDMONDS Story: A Memoir, as Chapter 14 exposes just a smidgen of the cover-up by the wolves that be. I’ll type more bits and pieces while keeping much in reserve because it would sure be fitting if Jeff bilderberg Bezos’ Amazon was Flooded with Orders!

Mrs. Edmonds began working as a part time translator at the fbi’s request shortly after September 11, 2001. Let’s reopen Classified Woman to page 142, Sibel: “On Friday, March 22, I started my work at ten in the morning. I spent the day working mainly on Chicago files. Of the counterintelligence cases I’d worked on, this was by far the most intriguing and the most explosive elements: well-known Chicago political figures---including certain Illinois representatives in Congress---who were directly involved Turkish operatives, some of whom were among Interpol’s most wanted fugitives. I had placed most of my focus on files dating from mid-1996 to January 2002, as well as ongoing DC counterintelligence---part of which I was still going through, auditing those that had been reviewed by Dickerson. Since no one specifically asked me to stop going over those documents, I chose to press on---assuming I was still under the same order.

   I went through and documented each thoroughly. On this day too I spent a couple of hours going over Dickerson’s cover-up. In the middle of which I hit a new mother lode. Five or six pieces of additional audio communications---all stamped as not pertinent by Dickerson---contained information so volatile that I had to bite the bullet and report it to Saccher’s unit. The information included specific U.S. persons, facilities and payments, all involving U.S. nuclear secrets being passed to foreign entities who then offered them to the highest bidder. In one case, the highest bidder who purchased one of these illegally obtained, highly classified information sets happened to be a non-state group with highly likely ties to Middle Eastern terrorist groups. The players involved high-profile Pentagon and State Department figures, congressional staff, academic and think-tank-based individuals. The penetration went as deep as top nuclear labs, U.S. Air Force nuclear weapons labs and research facilities, and the RAND Corporation.  

   I translated those specific five communications verbatim and made four sets of copies, placing each in a large yellow envelope. I took one to Saccher’s unit. He was still away, so I placed it on his desk and marked it EXTREMELY URGENT in big black letters. I took the second set upstairs, to security officer SA Tilton’s office and dropped it in her slot. I came back to the Language unit and filed the third set in the unit’s shared file cabinet. I didn’t want to take any chances; I didn’t want these documents to disappear, be destroyed or who knows what else, under the circumstances.

   Even today, all these years later, I still don’t know what made me do what I did so urgently on that day; it was though a voice inside were telling me, this is your last chance.

   At four o’clock that same Friday, March 22, 2002, I turned off my computer, locked my file drawers and went to grab my coat. As I was putting it on, I heard Stephanie right behind me.

   “Sibel, Tom Frields wants to see you before you leave. It’s urgent.”

   I turned around, “Now what? What’s this about?”

   ‘You’ll find out soon. Please come and sit in my office. I’ll go to Frields’ office and let him know that you are ready.”

   I followed her to her office and took a seat. She left, leaving the door half open.

   I looked at my watch; it was already 4:05, I knew Matthew’s car was out in front. Well aware of security rules with respect to parked vehicles near FBI buildings, I decided to call Matthew and let him know of the delay, I reached over to the desk phone and dialed Matthew’s cell. I told him I had been summoned and it would be another five or ten minutes before I could leave.

   As soon as I hung up, I noticed Feghali standing outside Stephanie’s office, staring at me. He tapped on his watch with great show, “In less than ten minutes,’ he crowed, “you are going to be fired, you whore. You are finished here.’ Then he turned and walked away.

   I sat stunned, digesting the insult. Then I redialed Matthew. “this is going to take more than five minutes. I believe I’m about to be fired.” Then I quickly hung up.

   Stephanie returned and asked me to follow her to Frields’ office. Waiting there were Frields and a stubby, shabby-looking agent named George Stuckenbroker, from personnel security.

   Stuckenbroker pointed to a seat on the leather sofa, where I had been threatened with arrest only a month earlier.” Ladies and Gentlemen please Think about this, the damn fbi fires Those who actually do Their job, and know I’ve typed just a smidgen of what a Bold and Determined Woman Exposed. To cut to the chase the fbi should be called the feral bunch of idiots agency.

Coulter, Hughley, Limbaugh and Mayer, since none of you are half as bright as you fantasize, feral means wild. To every past and present member of the fbi – only idiots, fools like yourselves believe in magic bullets, and only pathological liars like yourselves perpetuate the warren commission’s bullshit as spewed by Arlen lawyer Specter, Gerald bilderberg, house of rats Ford, John bilderberg, pilgrims society, pratt house chairman McCloy, senator John skull & bones, pratt Sherman; former pratt president, Allen fired cia director Dulles and Earl master mason, bohemian grove owl, alfalfa club Warren.

Mrs Edmonds: “Sibel," he began, “I would like you to hand over ID badge, entrance key and any other FBI properties you have.”

   I swallowed hard. So Feghali was right. I told myself to stay calm, though my heart was racing. I reached for my bag, hoping they wouldn’t see me trembling. I pulled out my ID badge, keys, and a pen and notepad.

   “I assume I’m fired. May I ask why and based on what?”

   Frields broke in. “No, you may not ask why. You don’t have the right to know why. We are under no obligation to provide you with any reason. We are the FBI.”

   His face was ruby red; he sounded angry and out of breath. Now I felt cool in comparison.

   Stuckenbroker put his hand up. “Come on Frields, you can do better than that … Give her some reasons; any reasons.”

   Frields nodded, “Okay, do you want to know why we’re firing you? Here is why: because of the way you walk—like a snob; because of the way you dress---like a stuffy snob; because of the way you talk and because of the way … just the way you are," he chuffed. “That’s why.”

   “Okay,” I responded, doing my best imitation of calm. “If I’m hearing you right, you’re firing me because …” I then listed such despicable attributes as respectful work attire, proper etiquette, professionalism, good posture … Correct? In fact I would like to note this, write this down now, since to date I have not been provided with anything in writing from you.”

   I took up the pen and started writing. Frields screamed to the other man, “You see what I’m talking about?” He yelled back at me, “No! You have no right to take notes! You have no right to ask questions! In fact, you have zero rights; this is the FBI, who the f--- do you think you are here?”

   “No sir,” I responded, “you are wrong. I do have rights. I have my rights under the Constitution as a citizen of this country. I have my rights under this country’s labor laws. I have me rights under the FBI’s own rules and regulations, at least the written ones---“

   Stuckenbroker stood up, interrupting me, “This conversation is over. We’ll escort you out, Sibel. By the way, the FBI is not firing you; we are firing you. You are not fired from the FBI, you are fired by the FBI Washington Field Office.”

   Waiting outside the door was a uniformed security guard. Here I was a petite five-foot-three female being escorted out by three burly FBI guys, one of them security, as though I were a criminal. I prayed my knees wouldn’t buckle. I did my best to walk out of there straight. To keep my chin up.

   Once in the elevator, Frields laid it out straight. “I want to make sure you understand,” he snarled, (Sibel, that’s what wolves do.) “that everything about today, your case, your employment with the bureau---I mean everything---is considered highly classified; top secret. You are not allowed to talk to anyone about any of these. Do you understand? You may think you have a right to an attorney. I have the right to tell you that you don’t. You cannot even speak to an attorney, unless that attorney is cleared and approved by us. Do you understand?” By this point we had reached the exit.

   Frields pulled open the heavy double door. “I’m warning you, Sibel. We’ll be watching you. We’ll be listening to your calls. If you even attempt to discuss this case, these issues, with anyone---this includes attorneys and Congress---the next time I’ll see you will be in jail.”

   I couldn’t take it anymore. “Frields,” I told him, inches from his face, “it may be in jail, but I won’t be the one behind the bars. Now do you understand this?”

   I turned and walked out, taking quick long strides. The cold and bitter wind hit me like a knife. I was shaking. I couldn’t see Matthew’s car anywhere so I kept on down the block, my face half frozen, numb---and damp. It was wet. I was crying.

   “So it’s over,” Matthew told me in the car. “You did all the right things and took all the appropriate steps to resolve this internally. …it’s time to take this elsewhere: Inspector General’s Office, Ashcroft and the Congress. By the way, while I was waiting for you I called Dan Stone from the Senate Intelligence Committee. I told him about you getting fired. They’re going to set up a time place to interview you---“

   “Drive to headquarters,” I cut him off. “I’m going to OPR, to see John Roberts, right now.”

Beginning on page 147, Sibel: “I liked this man. I knew he was trustworthy and had integrity. In less than a year, he too would be harassed, threatened and fired; SA Roberts would join the infamous FBI whistleblowers club.

   “By the way,” he said, walking me out, “you may consider this good news. This morning I took it upon myself to go directly to the polygraph office and ask for your polygraph file and results: you passed with zero glitches. It was as conclusive and clean as polygraph test results ever get. I’m sure they were very pissed; they wanted to use the polygraph result to fire you. You took that reason away. With your computer one hundred percent clean, with all the commendation letters and positive job evaluations you had gathered, with all your allegations and reports documented and witnessed, and with passing the polygraph test with no glitches, they ran out of legitimate reasons to fire you. Your future lawyer will have a great case, a slam dunk case.”

   Walking out of there, I started thinking: How are you going to justify firing me? Roberts was right; I had done nothing wrong. What could they use as a legitimate reason?

   Two weeks later, my questions were answered. According to the termination letter, the FBI had decided to terminate my contract “solely for the convenience of the government.” So that was it. The government didn’t need any reasons. I was an inconvenience.” End quote. Folks, welcome to the fbi, Robert sorry as it gets Mueller, John son of a bitch Ashcroft and the dept. of injustice in general.

Chapter 13
The Judge Game

Beginning on page 221, Miss Sibel: "For the first four months after Attorney General elmo society Ashcroft invoked the (then) ultra-rare State Secrets Privilege to block my case from moving forward in the courts---in effect, gagging me and my reports---activity in my court case consisted of the government requesting delays in filing its response and IG postponing release of its report.

   During the first week in November 2002 I called my attorney to inquire about the status of the IG report. After contacting the Senate offices that same day, Colapinto called to let me know that the IG [inspector general] had extended the release date to early January. According to the Senate staff, the IG had been unsuccessful in obtaining witnesses who had to be interviewed---in other words more foot-dragging. Was this a coordinated attempt by the DOJ and the IG office? …

   Colapinto shared my concerns, yet our hands were tied, he said. We had to sit and wait. One positive note, he assured me: our case was in the hands of a reputable judge, Judge James Robertson. Once the case got to the discovery stage and hearings, he promised, we would be vindicated.

   That only cause of optimism, our one good fortune in having a just judge, would be taken away in less than three months. The government that had gone to such lengths had more in store for me; and as my attorneys and I waited for justice to take its course, unseen actors were plotting their next move.

   On February, 2003, about six months after we had filed our primary case with the district court and less than four months after the attorney general had invoked the State Secrets Privilege, the court notified us that my case was now assigned to Judge Reggie Walton---a recent appointee of President George W. skull Bush. No reason was cited by the court for this unforeseen and highly suspicious move.

   Very briefly, from what Colapinto had been able to find out, judge Walton had assumed his position as a U.S. Judge for the District of Columbia in October 2001 after being nominated to the position by Bush and confirmed by the Senate. Between 1989 and 1991, he had served as Poppy skull Bush’s associate director of the Office of National Drug Control Policy in the White House. Walton had been a Bush-team insider for years. He had risen quickly in the Washington legal establishment, earning an appointment from former president owl Reagan to a District of Columbia superior court judgeship. He was later taken under the wing of the self-styled man of virtue William “pnac pack-let’s attack Iraq” Bennett, serving as a top gun in the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy during Bennett’s tenure there.” Now that Folks are aware of a sliver of u.s. government agency cocaine and heroin trafficking, how can the office of national drug control policy be credible?

   “Based on this scrap, I could smell conspiracy and predict with near certainty an upcoming disaster for us in this man’s court. The bureau’s retaliation against my report and arcane state secrets ploy had occurred on this administration’s watch, more likely than not with their knowledge and approval. Walton was their pick, he was their man.

   I was concerned about Walton’s previous position in the office of the drug czar. I knew of illegal narcotics activities that involved obtaining, moving and distributing opium-derived products from the East---mainly to Western Europe and the Unites States by joint Turkish and Albanian organized crime, with full cooperation of certain arms of NATO and with full knowledge of the State Department and certain individuals in the Pentagon. I was also aware of the intentional cover-up by the  U.S. government, or at least certain components, that included not only protecting the players from becoming targets of real investigations by U.S. law enforcement agencies (including the DEA) but in some cases supplementing their operations. After all, the proceeds from these illegal activities went a long way in enabling Turkey and some Central Asian countries to procure U.S. made weapons and material, …

   In 2003, we were not aware of half of the red flags alerting us to Reggie Walton. In the years ahead, other deeply troubling facts about him would come to light.

   All federal judges are required under ethics rules to file what are known as financial disclosures reports. The disclosure statement filed by Walton, obtained in 2005 by a conservative watchdog group, judicial Watch, was completely redacted, every line of it. The entire document was blacked out.

   Judge Walton was one of a very few---in fact, less than a handful---of federal judges who had redacted every single word from his financial disclosure statement . What was hiding in his fiscal closet? …Did he have financial shares in any of the more than one hundred foreign front companies engaged in narcotics, money laundering and illegal arms sales (and, thus, the necessary bribing and blackmailing of elected and appointed U.S. government officials)? Did Walton serve on the board of any of the many nonprofit and lobbying front organizations that were movers and shakers within these shadowy, illegal networks?”  End quote.

Mrs. Sibel Edmonds, because of Your Courage and Strength, many have a much better understanding of how the game within a game is played.

From Chapter 12, beginning on page 207, Miss Sibel: “My segment on “60 Minutes” was due to air on October 27, 2002, a Sunday. That morning I went out to buy a blank tape, and by the time I returned there was a message from Colapinto asking me to call him at home. Hmm, I wondered. Have they canceled the segment?

He answered the phone with, “You won’t believe these FBI clowns, they are f---ing out of their mind!”

   “Now what?” I asked wearily.

   “Last night, knowing it was Saturday, knowing that it was evening, they faxed us this ridiculous letter saying that they had found out about “60 Minutes” and that you had no right to appear on that show and make comments not approved or reviewed by them! Can you believe these jerks? Basically, at the eleventh hour they are asking you to back out; they’re threatening you with criminal prosecution---as if your attorneys were born yesterday!”

   “Well can they come and arrest me? Can they prosecute me criminally? I didn’t divulge anything classified!”

   “They’re stupid enough to try. They won’t get anywhere with it. This is another intimidation tactic by them; just the usual.”

   “What will I do if they show up to arrest me?”

   “… Write down Steve’s home phone number and you have mine. Anything happens you call us; do not answer any questions without us present. Understood?” He gave me Steve’s phone number and we hung up.

   That night, as Matthew and I watched the segment, I was holding a page with a list of numbers to call and persons to contact in case they came knocking on my door. I had also instructed Matthew to call my attorneys, Kolesnik, “60 Minutes” investigators and all the major newspapers in the country. I thought, This must be how people under Fascist regimes feel, not only for one night, but for years, for their entire lives.

   The knock didn’t come that night. Nor did it come the following morning. Yet all my tension, fear and violent emotions would stay with me---not as intimidation, a deterrent, but rather as a catalyst to fight back, to resist, and to pursue what our country had cherished for centuries: the freedom to speak out.”

Sibel, a couple of years ago I read Ed Bradley (conducted Sibel’s 60 Minutes interview) was a council on foreign relations member/pratt house rat, and yesterday Feb. 17th I did some tracking to find out. On the list of 1992 rats there’s an Edward R. Bradley. On this list of 2001 rats, I read the name “Edward R. Bradley” again. Was Edward Rudolph Bradley a pratt when he interviewed Sibel in 2002? I don’t know, however Diane Sawyer would.

Matthew and Sibel, here is the pratt house’s 2005-2006 annual report, and for those unaware Ed took the journey in Nov. 2006. Ed’s name isn’t on the cfr’s 2005-2006 annual report, however need to know info pertaining to the cfr’s prior officers and directors is. Looking over that report taught me Diane Sawyer was a pratt board of director’s member from “1998-99”.

Richard Gregory, since I know Your thoughts on Andrew alfalfa, former house of rats member, former u.n. ambassador, trilateral Young, that wolf sat on the pratt’s board from “2000-2005”.

To the men in America who spend their free time talking about and watching sports, the father of Monday Night Football, Roone pratt rat Arledge was a pratt house board member from “1998-2002”. Brothers, he was president of abc sports from 1968 until 1986 and abc news from 1977 until 1998.

Men it is all a game within a game, and in time some of you will figure out sports have been hyped for the last 100 years by the press to keep your Focus and Attention away from THINKING Important Issues Through on your own.

Subscribers to the Dallas Morning News might like to know “columnist” Lee trilateral wolf Cullum was one of the lice covered pratt rat board members from “1996-2006”. Skeptics should ask John trilateral, former cia director Deutch, as that lying, conniving bilderberg was a pratt rat director from “1999-2004”.

Next are twenty of the pratt house sponsors listed in the rat’s report - ABC News, American Express, Citigroup, Bank of America, Lehman Brothers, GlaxoSmithKline, JP Morgan Chase, Halliburton-KBR, Eli Lilly, IBM, Lockheed Martin, Bristol-Myers, Boeing, Ford, De Beers, Merck, Roth/ratschild North America, pop goes the weasel Holder’s pals at Covington & Burling and the American Red Cross.

Red Nations, the latter is more proof into how close the country of Chief Sitting Bull’s and Marse Robert Lee’s birth is---into sliding into the new world order’s abyss.

Sibel, another pratt house sponsor named in the rat’s 2005-2006 annual report is the Turkish Industrialists’ and Businessmen’s Association.

Matthew, at cbs Ed Bradley was surrounded by council on foreign relations rats just like himself, and former cbs evening news anchor Dan Rather knows it. Sibel when Walter bohemian grove oil Cronkite retired Rather took his place as the network’s anchor and Bradley replaced Rather on 60 Minutes. All of this can be confirmed by Katie pratt rat Couric, who left her $15 million a year job at cbs in 2011 to go to abc. I’ve read the contract she signed with abc was for $40 million, however I don’t know the length of the contract. It’s a Fact network bobble head dolls are well paid while they lie to and deceive their Viewers.

Sisters since Miss Sibel mentioned think tanks and rand, let’s connect more dots. On the current list of cfr rats Dan Rather is right above Ely Ratner and Ratner is a senior fellow with the center for a new american security. Three of that think/stink tank’s board members are former senator Joe alfalfa, elihu, pratt Lieberman, Richard cia drug smuggler, pratt, trilateral Armitage and Karen pratt, trilateral executive committee member House. Brothers please scroll down the last link to see for Yourselves.

The center's director emeritus is former sec. of state (Clinton) Madeline bilderberg whore, current pratt house board member, trilateral wolf Albright.

Four of the center's advisors are Paula pratt, pnac, trilateral, world affairs councils Dobriansky, Stephen bilderberg, former goldman sachs chairman, current pratt house director, quill & dagger Friedman, Leo aspen strategy group, brookings institute, pratt rat Mackay jr. (who is black) and Anja pratt rat Manuel. From her center for a new american security bio: “Anja Manuel is a Partner with former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and former National Security Adviser Stephen Hadley at The RiceHadley Group LLC, a strategic consulting firm.”

Stephen pratt rat Hadley is another member of ivy league Cornell’s quill & dagger secret society and Condoleezza Rice is an alfalfa, bilderberg, pratt, trilateral, plus she’s also former player inside rand. Doubters should ask Donald alfalfa, bilderberg, owl Rumsfeld, or former cia & fbi director - William alfalfa, owl, pratt, trilateral wolf homeland security advisory council, judge/sludge Webster. Webster is the deceased dirt bag lawyer (and one of president Lyndon wolf Johnson’s friends) Bethuel pilgrims society Webster your kin?

To connect another dot between the anglo-american establishment, CBS News is between the High Commission of Canada and CDC Group plc on the chatham house of hyena’s list of corporate sponsors. (The hyenas have changed their website, the list of corporate sponsors is only available in their anual report. Scroll down to page 45.)

To every federal level badge wearer past and present, it’s elementary for me to connect dot after dot between the wolf packs. In theory you are supposed to be the hot shot investigators, so why is up to me to do your job?!

AMERICA, Mr. Alan W. Boch’s Ambush at Ruby Ridge: How Government Agents Set Randy Weaver Up and Took His Family Down sums up atf, the fbi and the u.s. marshals to a T. Let’s read one paragraph: “Perhaps it was inevitable that the longest federal trial in Idaho history would be followed by the longest jury deliberation in such a trial–a 20-da ymarathon that had news people joking about whether the jury planned to put in for retirement benefits. The eight-week trial of Randy Weaver and Kevin Harris grew out of such a bizarre set of circumstances that it’s not surprising it took a while for the jurors to sort things out. It probably also took them a while to come to grips with the idea that government agencies could so blatantly engage in entrapment, lying, cover-ups, and the killing of innocent people. As one alternate juror, excused before deliberations were completed, put it: "I felt like a little kid that finds out there is no Santa Claus."

More from Ambush at Ruby Ridge is available here and here.

What took place in August 1992 is now becoming the norm all across America, however 20 plus years later it’s not just federal badge wearers, as state and local badge wearers are committing the same crimes.

I Admire and Respect Mrs. Sibel Edmonds, but I can’t type the same about the male members of the National Security Whistleblowers Coalition, as they appear to be trying to protect themselves instead of the Taxpayers who were saddled with their salaries and their retirement benefits.

Two paragraphs from Wikipedia: “The National Security Whistleblowers Coalition (NSWBC), founded in 2004 by former FBI [translator Sibel Edmonds1] in league with over 50 former and current United States government officials from more than a dozen agencies, is an independent, nonpartisan alliance of whistleblowers who have come forward to address weaknesses of US security agencies.

NSWBC is made up of current and former employees of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA), the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), the Department of Energy (DOE), the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), the Federal Reserve, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) (including the Transportation Security Administration (TSA)), the National Security Agency (NSA), the Department of State, and others. The organization has collectively testified before Congressional committees in the U.S. House of Representatives and Senate to demand that Congress act to end government retaliation against those who expose corruption, misdeeds and errors in the realm of U.S. national security."

Which state department whistleblower has owned up to the FACT every single list of bilderbergs or trilaterals has present or former state department bastards/bitches on it?! Which dia whistleblower has admitted the “cold war” was a damn game played between DC, London and Moscow?! Which fbi whistleblower has admitted the obvious bilderberg and pratt parallels between the warren and 9/11 commissions?! Has a federal reserve whistleblower leaked the list of the receivers of the hundreds of billions in interest payments on America’s so-called national debt? And where is the nsa whistleblower who has connected the blatantly obvious dots between the chatham & pratt houses, and their precursor the pilgrims society? Has a "whistleblower" ever mentioned the skull & bones pack?! How about scroll & key, book & snake, wolf's head, quill & dagger, ivy club (Lauren Bush, Bill Ford, Jim Leach and Saudi Arabia's foreign minister, prince Faisal) or elihu? Bottom line - you were cover-up artists while badge wearers and you are cover-up artists now.

Readers please reflect on the character of the secret service agents who’ve been to bohemian grove with former presidents Reagan, cfr Carter and cfr Nixon. How about the agents who escorted presidents Clinton and skull sr. to the harold pratt house in New York city for a black tie dinner and speech? How many secret service agents escorted presidential candidates - senators Clinton and Obama to the Marriott in Chantilly, Virginia for bilderberg 2008? How many agents made up sec. of state Clinton’s detail every time Hillary went to the pratt’s office in DC to make a speech? How many agents accompanied then lice-president Cheney to the pratt house?

Agent McLaughlin how many agents heard that trilateral wolf howl: It’s good to be back at the council on foreign relations…I’ve been a member for a long time and was actually a director for some period of time. I never mentioned that when I was campaigning for re-election back home in Wyoming.

Young man, did the agents in Cheney's detail burst out laughing like his pratt rat listeners? Next how many agents make up first lady Obama’s detail when she visits Chicago’s council rats where she's a board member? Bill Cosby, like it or not - It Is Time for Every AMERICAN to Put His or Her Thinking Cap On.

Agent McLaughlin before I break down bits and pieces of our face to face conversation on Thanksgiving - November 22, 2006 inside the city of Carthage, Missouri’s jail, and our telephone conversation in early July 2007, I would very much appreciate Readers opening this pdf file posted by the Voltaire organization. The file contains the information presented inside the Cannon House Office Building on July 22nd 2005, a year after the bilderberg and trilateral led 9/11 commission released their lies and deception.

Former congresswoman Cynthia McKinney, while I Thank You for hosting the event, when the smoke clears you are as guilty as every other rat who has taken Haahvard’s welcome to the new world order classes along with the doctrine received while inside the pratt house's office in the district of corruption from your Constituents.

Beginning on page 255 under the heading FBI & 9/11 as published on June 20, 2005 by, Mrs. Sibel Edmonds: “Over four years ago, more than four months prior to the September 11 terrorist attacks, in April 2001, a long-term FBI informant/asset who had been providing the bureau with information since 1990, provided two FBI agents and a translator with specific information regarding a terrorist attack being planned by Osama Bin Laden. This asset/informant was previously a high-level intelligence officer in Iran in charge of intelligence from Afghanistan. Through his contacts in Afghanistan he received information that: 1) Osama Bin Laden was planning a major terrorist attack in the United States targeting4-5 major cities, 2) the attack was going to involve airplanes, 3) some of the individuals in charge of carrying out the attack were already in place in the United States, 4) the attack was going to be carried out soon, in a few months. The agents who received this information reported it to their superior, Special Agent in Charge of Counterterrorism, Thomas Frields, at the FBI Washington Field Office, by filing “302” forms and the translator, Mr. Behrooz Sarshar, translated and documented this information.

No action was taken by the Special Agent in Charge, Thomas Frields, and after 9/11 the agents and translator were told to ‘keep quite’ on this issue.” (Agent McLaughlin, even D. L. Hughley and Bill Mayer ought to be bright enough to follow this.) “The translator who was present during the session with the FBI informant, Mr. Behrooz Sarshar, reported this incident to Director Mueller in writing, and later to the Department of Justice Inspector General.

The press reported this incident, and in fact the report in the Chicago Tribune on July 21, 2004 stated that FBI officials had confirmed this information was received in April 2001, and further. The Chicago Tribune quoted an aide to Director Mueller that he (Mueller) was surprised that the Commission never raised this particular issue with him during the hearing.

Mr. Sarshar reported this issue to the 9/11 Commission on February 12, 2004, and provided them with specific dates, location, witness names, and the contact information for that particular Iranian asset and the two special agents who received the information. I provided the 9/11 Commission with a detailed and specific account of this issue, the names of other witnesses, and documents I had seen. Mr. Sarshar also provided the Department of Justice Inspector General with specific information regarding this case.

For almost four years after September 11, officials refused to admit to having specific information regarding the terrorist’s plans to attack the United States. The Phoenix Memo, received months prior to the 9/11 attacks, specifically warned FBI HG of pilot training and their possible link to terrorist activities against the United States. Four months prior to the terrorist attacks the Iranian asset provided the FBI with specific information regarding ‘the use of airplanes’, ‘major U.S. cities as targets’, and ‘Osama Bin Laden issuing the order.' Coleen Rowley likewise reported that specific information had been provided to FBI HQ. All this information went to the same place: FBI Headquarters in Washington, DC, and the FBI Washington field Office in Washington, DC.

In October 2001, approximately one month after the September 11 attack, an agent from (city name omitted) field office, re-sent a certain document to the FBI Washington Field Office, so that it could be re-translated. This Special Agent, in light of the 9/11 terrorist attacks, rightfully believed that, considering his target of investigation (the suspect under surveillance), and the issues involved, the original translation may have missed certain information that could prove to be valuable in the investigation of the terrorist activities.

After this document was received by the FBI Washington Field Office and retranslated verbatim, the field agent’s hunch appeared to be correct. The new translation revealed certain information regarding blueprints, pictures, and building material for skyscrapers being sent overseas (country name omitted).

It also revealed certain illegal activities in obtaining visas from certain embassies in the Middle East, through network contacts and bribery. However, after the retranslation was completed and the new significant information was revealed, the unit supervisor in charge of certain Middle Eastern languages, Mike Feghali, decided NOT to send the re-translated information to the Special Agent who had requested it. Instead, this supervisor decided to send this agent a note stating that the translation was reviewed and that the original translation was accurate. This supervisor, Mike Feghali, stated that sending the accurate translation would hurt the original translator and would cause problems for the FBI language department. The FBI agent requesting the retranslation never received the accurate translation of that document. I provided this information to the 9/11 Commission on February 13, 2004, and to the Department of justice Inspector General in May 2002.

The latest buzz topic regarding intelligence is the problem of sharing information, intelligence, within intelligence agencies and between intelligence agencies. … This was the case prior to 9/11, and remains in effect after 9/11. If Counterintelligence receives information that certain money laundering, illegal arms sales, and illegal drug activities, directly linked to terrorist activities; and if that information involves certain nations, certain semi-legit organizations, and ties to certain lucrative or political relations in this country, then, that information is not shared … regardless of the possible severe consequences. In certain cases frustrated FBI agents cited ‘direct pressure by the State Department,’ and in other cases ‘sensitive diplomatic relations’  is cited. …” There’s more but we all get the gist.

Beginning on page 10 Mrs. Lorie Van Auken speaks Her Mind and Lorie sums up the commission’s report as an insult to Her Intelligence!!! Lorie in These Truths Will Set You Free, I typed much of Your from The Heart Presentation and I ask Everyone who reads this to read for Themselves how Miss Lorie Destroys the 9/11 lie & omit commission’s report. 


Reality, every AMERICAN owes The Jerseys Moms and Mrs. Sibel Edmonds a Sincere - Ladies, Thank You for Your Efforts.

Agent McLaughlin, roughly 6 and half years have passed since out last conversation, July 2007. Son, I don’t know if you are still with the secret service’s office in Springfield, MO or not. But I do know one of the last things you said while inside Carthage’s jail was: Mr. Motch, I can see you are an educated man. Reply: No son, all I have is high school degree. And soon you turned to sergeant Martin and spoke: He is to be released. Meaning me.

Young man it would please me if nsa or the secret service sends you a copy of this so you can read for yourself the magnitude of the corruption in America’s capital. Son, Miss Kristen, Miss Lorie and Miss Sibel make that Crystal Clear.

Miss Kristen, the first thing I asked agent McLaughlin while inside Carthage’s jail was, “Do you have a tape recorder?” because I wanted every word of our conversation on record. He said he didn’t have one. Kristen, my first thoughts were to not speak with him but after thinking things over for a few seconds and knowing I’d done nothing wrong, I chose to speak with him. Jersey Moms, it wasn’t long before I learned he too had spent time In Tanzania as a youngster so we spoke a little Swahili together.

I didn’t tell him all that had happened to me in Mena, Arkansas the evening of Nov. 9th 2006, (being beaten almost to death by nightsticks to the head) but I did tell him enough for him to write “Mena” down on his notepad. Lorie, I asked could he look into that night down in Mena by way of “back channels”. In other words do some detective work on his own, nothing elaborate just a phone call or two, and he told me he would. Lorie when I never heard back from him it worried me because I felt I had put him in harm’s way.

Sibel, I was actually glad when he called me (I believe it was July 2nd) to discuss what I had mailed or fedexed to the offal pile office, TBN, some TBN rolodex members including Pat ‘CBN’ Robertson and to a Friend of mine who lives on Long Island, NY. Sibel in my friend’s packet (he was a sergeant on a swat team at the time and I’m sure still is) I included a copy of JFK. Matthew, I wanted an expert rifleman to see for himself the Zapruder Film which clearly shows President Kennedy’s head snapping back and to the left because of the impact from the bullet which was fired from John’s Front and to His Right.

I asked Agent McLaughlin, who I think of as good guy, if he had watched JFK? Because the Zapruder Film makes it idiot proof the brain shot President Kennedy received was not fired from the book depository. I also wanted him to see for himself some of what the warren commission would have Clear Thinkers believe. Young man there is No Way a bullet hovers in mid-air for 1.6 seconds and for its grand finale makes a U-turn.

AMERICA every badge wearer, whether federal, state or local, and members of this country’s military - Damn Well Knows That!!! And badge wearers and military members who’ve received any kind of sapper/blow things up training Know Damn Well the 9/11 commission’s report is nothing but bones scum, bilderberg whore, bohemian grove, pratt rat, trilateral wolf and alfalfa club inspired bullshit!!!

Red Nations earlier this month I emailed a Christian Gentlemen living in Zimbabwe; part of my email: Do you remember back in Dec. of 1998 when I faxed page after page to Gweru? If I'm not mistaken, your reply was: "This is amazing, Robert. What inspired you to write this?" Something along those lines.

For the last 7 plus years I've been tracking and expanding on what I wrote in late 1998.

Some of what I've been writing this year, which is posted here might not be appreciated by the powers that be in Zim. However if you are ever out of the country, buy a packet of paper and print The House That Evil Built series under Features at the homepage above.

In some ways our lives are connected and I Whole Heartedly Believe that. There's more I would like to say along those lines but perhaps now is not the time.

Mr. Conolly’s reply: Thank you for your email and what a pleasure for me to note (from your writing) that you are sounding pretty much back to normal!

I totally agree that in some ways our lives are connected, and in a lot of ways it is wonderful for me to hear you say that. I believe we think and act in very similar ways and have similar principles.

I remember well the pages you faxed to me in 1998 - as you say where does time go! That was nearly 16 years ago! When the land invasions were taking place in 2002 and we lost all our ranches in the Matopos, Wendy and I took all our possessions that counted, family photos etc. and Robert's faxes to a secure place. Most still remain secure and your faxes will still be there!

Thank you for sending those "4 thoughts" - how very true of you Robert and how special.

I do not believe a man can leave any greater legacy than "standing up for what us right”! To be honest nothing else really counts. There is right and there is wrong, fair and unfair, courage and cowardice, honour and deceit.

I have a motto in my life written by the great explorer Dr. David Livingstone “I will go anywhere provided it be forward. If there are men who will not come because the roads are not paved, I do not want them. I want men who will go where there are no roads at all."

My battle in Africa is a continuous one against those living in major cities across the globe. Most have spent very little time on this continent. (It is now 120 years since my grandfather arrived) They do not even begin to understand its people, their cultures, its wildlife and environment. Our wildlife continues to be decimated at an alarming rate (lions down from 300,000 25 years ago to as low as 20,000) yet they continue to put the EXACT same policies they were suggesting 50 years ago to save the Rhino / they failed then, they are failing now and will continue to fail! And I remember the headlines well of the 60's. Estimates are there could be no free roaming lions in Africa in 10 years from now.

What White Dove is saying is so, so true and could just as easily be written about the people of Africa.

Robert, thank you for sharing. I am very grateful.

Take care my good friend and keep well.


Red Nations, please judge me by the Quality of my Good Friends like Andrew, Sister White Dove and Mrs. Devvy Kidd.

Sisters, Miss Devvy really likes this website, Antelope Park and so will You. The proprietors of Antelope Park are Mr. Andrew and Miss Wendy Conolly.

Agent McLaughlin, Andrew surprised me in that He kept that page after page fax to Gweru those many years ago. Evidently what I wrote got Andrew’s attention. Young man, what I faxed Andrew was mailed to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue and Yes Indeed - it got the wolves’ attention.

After not hearing from bilderberg, pratt, trilateral wolf Clinton, in early January 1999 I added to the letter and mailed it to the pentagon, as I was tired of the non-stop lies howled by the military industrial-congressional complex.

Young man that letter did not go over well with wolves. How do I know? In January `99, and shortly after calling a Friend of mine, a police officer in Alabama, there was a clicking sound and Mr. Norman Stapp remarked: Robert, they are tapping your phone.

Agent McLaughlin some ten years ago Mr. Stapp was named the city of Irondale, Alabama’s (a suburb of Birmingham) Police Chief and it shouldn’t take the secret service more than five minutes to verify that. He was Irondale’s Chief of Police for around 18 months. And I believe the last time I spoke with Norman was in January 2009 and I’m positive nsa has the date, time and a copy of our conversation.

Son, I didn’t discuss any of the above on Thanksgiving Day 2006, however things have changed, and now is the time for You to know why the powers that be tried to take me out in Mena. Son the wolves didn’t like one bit that I spent hundreds of thousands of dollars placing full page ads filled with Historical Truths in newspapers all across the lower 48 States. At the time I didn’t know why those historical truths had been suppressed and kept from the Public, but now I do, as the bones society founded the american historical association in 1884. Son, Andrew D. “bones class of 1853” White was the association’s first president and that ivy league founded association received a congressional charter in 1889. Please verify it here or here.

Ladies and Gentlemen, the congress has been against You the People for well over 100 years. Sisters and Brothers the beginning of skull Bush senior’s favorite phrase “a new world order” didn’t start last week, it goes back to Germany and 1776 the very same year Sir Thomas Jefferson wrote the DECLARATION of INDEPENDENCE.

Before I placed those ads I had asked Paul TBN Crouch to host AMERICA BE THOU LOOSED and mailed a check to TBN for I believe it was $400,000 to pay for the conference. Instead of hosting the conference Paul chose to try and keep the money, so I contacted Jay Sekulow and let him know if the check wasn’t returned in one week there would be consequences. To Jay’s and Paul’s credit TBN returned the funds.

RED NATIONS in 1999 it hadn’t dawned on me yet THE GREAT SPIRIT And HOLY SPIRIT Are ONE And THE SAME. Shortly after the money was returned I sat down at my desk and wrote Paul along with many members of TBN’s rolodex a blistering letter in which I cussed them for their cowardice.

Mrs. Edmonds, I don’t speak in “Tongues”, one of the Spiritual Gifts mentioned in the BIBLE, however Brother Stapp does. I was living in Rapidan, Virginia at the time and I read the letter over the phone to my Brother in CHRIST. Norman took my harsh words to Paul and his associates to CREATOR in prayer, and began speaking in Tongues.

I was told through Norman: Apologize to no man. You are The Patriot! 

Devvy, Jersey Moms and Sibel, after what I experienced in 2006, I know that phone conversation was passed along to certain members of the wolves that be. 

Red Nations, I did not write Sister White Dove’s words, “You are a man who will stand up for what he believes or what is right. Creator says you are a very special person, you're one of a kind, none other like you.” And neither did I say, “Apologize to no man. You are The Patriot!”

Sisters and Brothers, I can’t tell You how difficult those words are to type. All I’m is just a man, nothing more, but at the same time I would like the Plains Tribes to Know - I have staked my “dog rope” deep into Oklahoma for all of US - every American.

Agent McLaughlin the wolves were really pissed off when I made an absolute fool out of a federal pile of judge/sludge in The Daily Progress (Charlottesville, Virginia’s newspaper) in 1999 after he tried to intimidate me with his bullshit version of history. Nor did the wolves appreciate the phone calls (and letters) I received from the paper’s Readers thanking me for what I had done---Publicly making a fool of him.

AMERICA it’s a Given the wolf packs were the opposite of pleased when I tried to announce in October 1999 by way of the Washington Times, the american bilderberg steering committee had planned a meeting inside the library of congress on November 4th and 5th. Who was invited? For starters members of congress like senator John alfalfa club, pratt rat McCain and then lice-vice president, former senator Al trilateral wolf Gore.

I didn’t write anything else for seven years, until early November 2006 after I had l learned bits and pieces about the skull pack from the writings of Sir Antony Sutton.

Sibel after I penned a one page letter to skull jr. on November 5th on a computer hooked up to the internet - it was decided to take me out. When that failed, they changed tactics and chose to portray me as the bad guy. There’s more I’d like to write along those lines but I won’t here as that subject is covered in These Truths Will Set You Free - other than typing it took the wolves 13 days to cover their tracks. I was nearly killed; blows to my hard head on the 9th in the Mena area and on November 21, six units from Carthage Missouri’s pd were dispatched to arrest me. George skull, owl in 1995, alfalfa club Bush jr. how many phone calls were made before Allied Insurance changed their report to line up with Mena pd’s nothing but lies report?

Agent McLaughlin scrolling down the link in the prior paragraph shows a picture of skull sr. and jr. at bohemian grove’s lakeside podium. At the time skull jr. was Texas’ governor and things haven’t gotten any better for Texans as governor Rick Perry was a bilderberg in 2007. Young man believe it or not News 8 in Austin actually reported his trip to Turkey which was paid for (his plane ticket) by Perry’s political action committee.

Mrs. Edmonds another in Turkey with governor Perry was Marc Grossman, Grossman’s bilderberg title - “Vice-Chairman, The Cohen Group” as in former house of rats member, former senator, former sec. of defense (Clinton cabinet) - Bill pratt rat, trilateral wolf, alfalfa club Cohen. Sibel when the alfalfas dined in 2011, three of Cohen’s pals at table 2 were senators Collins (Maine), Hagel (Nebraska) and McCaskill (Missouri). Brothers, Sibel knows rocke-pub Hagel is currently fellow bilderberg Barack rocke-dem Obama’s sec. of defense. 

Sibel to help show how many foundations are actually wolves in sheep’s clothing, the other lice-vice chairman of the cohen group is none other than gen. Joseph owl, pratt rat, trilateral wolf Ralston, and I’m 95% sure his cohen group bio used to say Ralston was a ditchley foundation board member.

Sisters the current lice-vice chair for the American division of ditchley (whelped in England) is pratt house director Jami cia Miscik. From her pratt board bio: “Jami Miscik is president and vice chairman of Kissinger Associates, Inc., a New York-based strategic international consulting firm that assesses and navigates emerging market geopolitical and macroeconomic risks for its clients. Prior to joining Kissinger Associates in 2009, Ms. Miscik served as the global head of sovereign risk at Lehman Brothers. She also serves as a senior advisor to Barclays Capital. Ms. Miscik serves on the board of EMC Corporation and she is a member of the President's Intelligence Advisory Board. She also serves on the boards of In-Q-Tel and the American Ditchley Foundation."

Sibel, Miscik used to be George pratt, trilateral wolf Tenet’s “executive assistant” when he was the cia’s deputy director and that along with her pals at ditchley like Strobe bilderberg, pratt, rhodes scholar, brookings president Talbott; R. Nicholas pratt, rocke-maggot foundation, trilateral Burns and British bilderbergs and chatham hyenas like Will media Hutton and Andrew media, owl Knight; those players, along with Miscik’s friends and her Kissinger associates show me all I need to know about ditchley and Jami---before I track in In-Q-Tel’s direction, which I hope Readers will do own their own. 

From ditchley’s U.K. website: "The Foundation had been established for ‘study and education in matters of common concern to the British and American peoples’...” Jersey Moms, that’s another example of the anglo-american establishment.  

At this webpage are excerpts from Professor Carroll Quigley’s The Anglo-American Establishment: From Rhodes to Cliveden, a Book which dissects the chatham house/the royal institute of international affairs. Roughly 5/8s of the way down the page are firms from the 1929 list of hyena corporate sponsors; they include Miscik’s friends at Barclays. A handful more: Ford Motors, Lazard, Bank of England, Baring Brothers, Reuters & Rothschild and Sons.

Red Nations, back in 1999, I wasn’t aware of Mrs. Devvy Kidd and next are paragraphs penned by Miss Devvy in June of that year. Sisters, Devvy is Smarter, Stronger and Tougher than most and She gets Right To The Point when She asks men, “What is it you are protecting? The continued destruction of our natural born rights? Our guns are the last thing between us and them and anyone who doubts that lives in a state of blind stupidity. We know that all these gun laws are unconstitutional, yet it will continue until the shadow government finally reaches the point where they have orchestrated a situation in this country where full confiscation will take place. Without our guns, we will be toast. Deep in your heart, you know this.

Their ability to buy politicians and special interest groups comes from money. Their ability to enslave us, keep us working two and three jobs just to make ends meet, their ability to instill fear in US through all these draconian federal junk laws - it all comes from money. The continuation of this assault on our freedom will mushroom unchecked because it is being protected by your fear.

How about this continued hoax called "fair and equal elections?" The continued dumbing down of our children in the government's cesspool system called schools? The continued destruction of our national security and espionage at the highest levels of this government - in exchange for what? Higher returns on mutual funds? The continued killing of Americans by this government, i.e. Ruby Ridge, Waco, OKC - with no one held accountable because it is being protected by your fear.

What is it you are protecting with your fear? That weekend on the fishing boat? The environmental wackos carrying out the agenda of the one-worlders who are destroying every precious tenet this nation was built upon and our God-given right to private property ownership? The television night after night, filled with mindless drivel? This Saturday on the golf course? Do you know or understand that once this "one world government" is fully in place and functional, these pursuits of yours will be dictated by a Gestapo-style "international" police force that will even regulate your thought process? Is this what you're protecting with your fear?

What is it you are protecting with your fear? The pursuit of life, liberty and happiness? Where, I ask you? When you are so afraid of your own government that you cower at the mere thought of, not even taking up arms, but following the law and standing up to a corrupt body of lawbreakers? Just what is this so-called "pursuit of life, liberty and happiness"? I used to know before I found out the truth about this agenda of the one-worlders and people like Bill & Hill Clinton, the Rockefeller's, the Rothschild's, the CFR and the corrupt 50 state legislatures full of politicians whose political ideology is Fascism/Socialism.

You say you are protecting everything you've ever worked for? Yes, I understand this. From a security/monetary standpoint, John and I have a lot to lose. You say you are protecting the roof over your head, your car, your savings account. Yes, I understand this. But, you understand this: Anyone who thinks 1929 was some sort of financial anomaly and it can't happen again, hasn't done their homework. The "crash" in 1929 was very carefully orchestrated and it was done to set the stage for implementing "The New Deal"- America's first gigantic step towards Nazism. This fiat money system, fed from the sweat off your back, is nothing more than a house of cards waiting for a good puff of wind to come along. We can never be free until we are free of this destructive IRS/FED mechanism. Period.” End quote.

Men, Devvy is RIGHT and let no American forget three leading players in the stock market crash of 1929 were Bernard Baruch, Winston Churchill & Percy Rockefeller and those wolves can be linked to the council on foreign relations, chatham house, master masons, the pilgrims society and then there’s Percy Rocke-maggot's membership in skull & bones.

I typed lots of paragraphs from Mr. Pat Riott’s The Greatest $tory NEVER Told: Winston Churchill and the Stock Market Crash of 1929 in Parts 5, 6 and 7.

Agent McLaughlin, let’s take a closer look at Miss Devvy’s How about this continued hoax called "fair and equal elections?" by way of photographs taken at the owl’s bohemian grove. As far as I know Alex Jones has never revealed who mailed him The Annuls of the Bohemian Club - Volume VII. The years covered in volume 7 are 1987-1996. Some of the owls whose pictures Alex posted - Newt Kingrich, Walter Cronkite, Richard Nixon, Art Linkletter, former German chancellor Helmut Schmidt, Jimmy Carter, Jack Kemp and one of George skull Bush sr. and jr. taken in 1995. The year is important. 

The photo of Bush sr. and jr. was taken while they were standing behind the owl’s lakeside podium where speeches are made and skull sr. asked his audience, What can you do to help my son be the 43rd president? I may not have quoted him perfectly but we get the gist of his question.

At the time Bill bilderberg, pratt, trilateral Clinton was in the offal office and slick Willy was the 42nd president and “re-elected” president in 1996. Folks the rocke-pub 1996 presidential ticket with former senator Bob mason, alfalfa diner Dole (Ask Bob’s wife former senator Elizabeth Dole when she joined the alfalfa club?) and former house of rats member Jack mason, owl, pratt, alfalfa Kemp---they knew Bob had as much chance of becoming the 43rd president as a snowball has a chance in hell.

Please visit the mason link in Bob war monger Dole’s name in the prior paragraph because much of it is educational. Are all masons bad guys? No they are not. The masons can be divided into groups, the illuminati followers, i.e. bad guys like Bob Dole. And then there's Sir Patrick Henry a mason who fought tooth and nail to Give Americans a Bill of Rights! Ask senator "Waco cover-up" Schumer about masons like himself, Jesse pratt Jackson, Dole and Jack owl Kemp who was in skull senior’s cabinet, sec. of housing. Kemp was replaced in bilderberg Clinton’s cabinet by Henry pratt, trilateral Cisneros.

Bottom line - the putrid hearts are riding each horse in every race they feel is important and if truth serum were injected into founding bilderberg, founding trilateral wolf David pilgrims society Rockefeller sr., I’m positive he’ll howl that bilderberg Clinton and trilateral Gore were going to serve two terms in the offal pile office. Mrs Edmonds, skull sr. knew that when he introduced W. to the owls in 1995.

Ask former american enterprise institute wolf Alan Keys, who ran against Obama in 2004 for a seat in the senate, why did Jeane bilderberg, pratt house director 1985-1994, trilateral Kirkpatrick go to Chicago and campaign for him? Alan tracking in your direction in 2009 was very disappointing.

James Cone before taking you to the deep end of the pool as it relates to SEPTEMBER 11, 2011, your race baiting pals including former shadow senator Jesse master mason Jackson sr. have kept lists like this one, the pratt house’s annual reports away from the Well Meaning in AMERICA’S Black Community.

Scrolling down the link above will eventually take Readers to the pratt’s “International Advisory Board” for July 1, 2005 – June 30, 2006. Cone, Those who track bilderberg whores will notice baroness Shirley house of lords Williams on the list of `05-`06 pratt international advisors. Five more are Mexico’s Ernesto yale’s globalization center Zedillo, Russia’s Mikhail alfa bank Fridman, China’s Yuan director, institute for international relations Ming, Nigeria’s former foreign minister Baba Gana Kingibe and Zambia’s Mark C. political advisor to the president Chona. Cone deal with ever race of mankind except the First Americans, Red Americans are involved in the screw the People - one world government/new world order.

Arabs there are Saudis and Kuwaitis along with Pakistanis and Indians. Muslims please track down more bilderbergs & trilaterals on that list besides Ahmed E. bilderberg Bishara and Indonesia’s Jusuf trilateral Wanandi. Visiting the Feb. 2014 list of trilaterals is time well spent as Wanandi is now one of the wolves’ two “Asia Pacific Deputy Chairman”.

Cone it’s no secret I have no use for race baiters who claim to be all knowing, servants of God when Truth be Told – without a detailed map you and Al mason Sharpton would be hard pressed to find your own backsides much less “liberate” anyone. James while I feel disdain for wanna be reverends; it is liars for hire like Meigs whom I hate. Christians now would be a good time to read Chapter 3 in the Book of Ecclesiastes.

Meigs, to start breaking down your spin on September 11, 2001 let's read excerpts from Debra Saunders July 10, 2011 piece in the San Francisco Chronicle, Debra: "Weaving Spiders Come Not Here" is the motto of San Francisco's Bohemian Club. The motto is supposed to represent the club's edict against doing business during its annual Bohemian Grove retreat, which commences Thursday on 2,700 acres 75 miles north of the city. As club spokesman and member Sam Singer explained, "It's a group of gentlemen who are really genuinely interested in arts, theater, jazz and rock 'n' roll." The retreat gives members a chance to "get away from work. It's forbidden to talk about or solicit business at the club or grove."

The "weaving spiders" motto also provides cover for a club that discriminates against women.

Thus, in the Bay Area, good liberals and civil libertarians who would not dream of joining a club that refuses to admit blacks or Jews, raise their glasses in a club that discriminates against women.

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi's husband, Paul, is a member.” Three of Paul’s buddies at the ‘stowaway’ campground are David Rockefeller sr. & junior and Joseph trilateral Ralston.

Vaughn Walker, the former federal judge who overturned California's same-sex marriage law, is a member. MSNBC anchor Chris Matthewsis a member.”

Vaughn owl Walker what are your thoughts on Richard owl Nixon’s comment: “But it's not just the ratty part of town. The upper class in San Francisco is that way. The Bohemian Grove, which I attend from time to time . . . It is the most faggy goddamned thing you could ever imagine with that San Francisco crowd. I can't shake hands with anybody from San Francisco."

Back to Debra: “Grateful Dead drummer Mickey Hart is a member. Ditto band member Bob Weir.

There are more big names on the right, starting with former President George H.W. Bush, former Gov. Pete Wilson and former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger.” Jersey Moms, rotten to his core Kissinger is a member of the ‘mandalay’ campground with Colin bilderberg Powell, Riley trilateral Bechtel and Nicholas bilderberg Brady.

“Business titans have long bankrolled the retreats. A roster of 2010 members released by - the club does not release its membership list - includes a couple of Rockefellers and the ubiquitous Koch brothers. Hence conspiracy theories about sinister deals cut amid the redwoods.

Google Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt is a member. William R. Hearst III, trustee of the Hearst Corp., which writes my paycheck, is a member. I have friends who are members.

John McCain has addressed the group. Ditto Francis Ford Coppola.

Like good Democrats, Presidents Obama and Bill Clinton have avoided Bohemia.

The male-only bastion's discriminatory polices hurt women trying to compete in business and politics - and everyone in politics knows it.” End quote. There’s more but I copied enough. Miss Devvy, it appears Saunders would like to be player, or she is clueless when it comes to The Big Picture.

Saunders, Eric multiple time bilderberg, google-zeitgeist Schmidt’s middle name is Emerson and Eric Clausen Schmidt is the name on the 2010 list of owls, a list I paid to download at earlier this week.

Sibel, she mentioned Vaughn Walker (retired from the bench in 2011) is a member and that’s true. On the list of owls for 2008, judge/sludge Vaughn Walker’s name is in between Robert Walker and David P. Walsh. Matthew that can be confirmed by contacting R. James rhodes scholar Woolsey who rhodes scholar Clinton chose as his first cia director and pratt rat Woolsey was succeeded by John bilderberg, pratt, trilateral Deutch. 

Devvy, judge/sludge Walker is a member of the owl’s nest campground as was Ronald Reagan and it was Reagan who submitted Vaughn’s name to the senate. From his bio at Wikipedia: “Walker was originally nominated to the bench by President Ronald Reagan in 1987. However, this nomination stalled in the Senate Judiciary Committee because of controversy over his representation of the United States Olympic Committee in a lawsuit that prohibited the use of the title "Gay Olympics” Two dozen House Democrats, led by Rep. Nancy Pelosi of San Francisco, opposed his nomination because of his perceived insensitivity to gays and the poor.”

In 1989 George alfalfa sr. resubmitted Walker to the senate and that time he was approved, and according to his Wikipedia bio - in April 2011, Walker told reporters he is gay. In 2008 Californians said No to gay marriage in a State wide vote and now we know why sludge Walker ruled the People’s Votes as unconstitutional.

Three of Walker’s pals at owl’s nest are Popular Mechanics’ publisher William R. Hearst III; Clinton advisor David bilderberg, trilateral Gergen and Robert Fisher. Walker is that Robert J. Fisher whose father, Donald G. Fisher founded The Gap and used to camp with George skull, trilateral sr.; Donald bilderberg, alfalfa Rumsfeld and Kurt rhodes scholar, trilateral, wolf's head Schmoke at the grove’s "hill billies" campground?

James liar for hire Meigs, let’s read your words as published by Popular Mechanics about 9/11 on Feb. 4, 2005: “Reasonable people are entitled to wish that our government had been better prepared and more alert. But those who peddle fantasies that this country encouraged, permitted or actually carried out the attacks are libeling the truth—and disgracing the memories of the thousands who died that day.”

Underneath that is this: "Everyone is entitled to his own opinion," the great Sen. Daniel Patrick Moynihan of New York was fond of saying. "He is not entitled to his own facts." Meigs, I don’t know how many years senator Daniel P. Moynihan was a damn pratt rat, but I do know his name shows up every year on the rat’s 1987 - 1992 rosters.

Checking the rat’s roster under M, I don’t see James' name, however there’s an Montgomery C. Meigs and I’m positive that's the same Meigs who used to be both president and ceo for Business Executives for National Security which was founded by one of his fellow pratt rats, Stanley Weiss. From Stanley’s bens’ bio: “A former fellow at Harvard's Center for International Affairs, Mr. Weiss is the recipient of an honorary Doctor of Humane Letters from Point Park College in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He currently serves on the Board of Directors for Premier Chemicals and is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations, the American Ditchley Foundation, the International Institute for Strategic Studies, and the Royal Institute in the UK. Mr. Weiss has served on the Board of Directors of Harman International Industries; the Board of Visitors of Georgetown University School of Foreign Service; and the Advisory Boards of RAND's Center for Middle East Public Policy and the International Crisis Group.” 

Jersey Moms, Weiss has attended at least three bilderberg it’s a secret conclaves. In 1995 he was often huddled up with Peter abc Jennings, David advisor to presidents Gergen, Emma Rothschild, Goldman Sachs’ chairman Jon Corzine, British owl Andrew media Knight, Ireland’s attorney general Dermot Gleeson, project for a new american century (pnac) co-founder William Kristol, New York Times journalist Thomas Friedman and former house of rats speaker, future North American trilateral commission chairman, Tom pratt house rat Foley; Lorraine naacp Miller’s deceased pal.

From her naacp bio: “Lorraine C. Miller is the Interim President and CEO of the NAACP. She was appointed to this position in October 2013 at the NAACP Board of Directors meeting.

From 2007 through 2011, Miller was the 35th Clerk to the U.S. House of Representatives – the first African-American and third woman to serve in the position. As Clerk, she managed the daily operations of the U.S. House, overseeing nine departments and 270 people.

Prior to her role as Clerk, Miller served as Senior Adviser and Director of Intergovernmental Relations to then-House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. In addition to working for Rep. Pelosi, Miller has worked for several other Members of Congress, including Rep. Jim Wright, Rep. Tom Foley, and Rep. John Lewis.

Miller has also worked in the executive branch, serving in the Clinton administration as Deputy Assistant for the House of Representatives in the White House Office of Legislative Affairs. Additionally, she served as Bureau Chief for Consumer Information at the Federal Communications Commission after four years as the Director of Government Relations for the Federal Trade Commission.” End quote. James Cone, is it in you to admit Lorraine, the naacp and John house of rats Lewis are all players in AMERICA’S demise; in the same manner as the Bushes, Clintons, Kerrys, Jacksons, Obamas, Powells and Rockefellers?

Weiss was also at bilderberg 1996 hosted by Canada's prime minister Jean Chretien. More heads of state in attendance were Finland's president Martti Ahtisaari and Austria's chancellor Franz Vranitzky. Those names can be confirmed by Vernon Jordan, Henry kissinger, David Rocke-maggot sr., George if it's wrong he's involved Soros, Spain's queen Sophia and then senator Sam mason Nunn. I'll leave it to it pratt house rat Nunn to confirm or deny whether Bill bones, National Reveiw Buckley and Winston bones, state department Lord were there.   

In 1997 Weiss met in secret with first lady Hillary (who replaced Moynihan in the senate) and Colin owl, current pratt house director Powell; Lee house of rats, future 9/11 commission co-chair, pratt Hamilton; Lesley cbs, pratt Stahl; Sharon pbs Rockefeller; Vernon lawyer, alfalfa club Jordan; Henry son of a bitch Kissinger; Paul pilgrims society Volcker; federal reserve bankster William pratt McDonough; former deputy secretary of state - John C. chatham house & pratt house Whitehead; Clinton’s national security advisor Sandy pratt Berger,;Wall Street Journal editor Robert Bartley; George abc Stephanopoulos; Brookings Institute president Michael Armacost and the one of Europe’s most conniving money grubbers - the Netherlands’ queen Beatrix.

Miss Kristen, those names can be confirmed by former senator George Mitchell (Maine), as he used to sit on the bilderberg’s steering committee. Ladies, he also sat on the pratt’s board from 1995-2005. Tom nbc Brokaw, since you were named to the rat’s board in `05, did you replace Mitchell?

From the New York Times Nov. 9, 2002 edition under the heading Fire Department Tape Reveals No Awareness of Immanent Doom by Kevin Flynn and Jim Dwyer: “The voices, captured on a tape of Fire Department radio transmissions, betray no fear. The words are matter-of-fact.

Two hose lines are needed, Chief Orio Palmer says from an upper floor of the badly damaged south tower at the World Trade Center. Just two hose lines to attack two isolated pockets of fire. "We should be able to knock it down with two lines," he tells the firefighters of Ladder Company 15 who were following him up the stairs of the doomed tower.

Lt. Joseph G. Leavey is heard responding: "Orio, we're on 78, but we're in the B stairway. Trapped in here. We got to put some fire out to get to you."

Ladder 15 had finally found the fire after an arduous climb to the 78th floor, according to the tape. They were in the B stairwell. On the other side of the fire were hundreds of people, blocked from fleeing by smoke and flame on the stairs. Chief Palmer was facing similar fires in the A stairwell, across the floor.

"We're gonna knock down some fire here in the B Stair," Lieutenant Leavey is heard telling one of his firefighters. "We'll meet up with you. You get over to the A Stair and help out Chief Palmer."

The time was 9:56 a.m. The firefighters had just arrived at a place where, 54 minutes earlier, many people had been waiting for elevators when the second plane came crashing through the building. Now Chief Palmer and Ladder 15 were surrounded by the wounded whom they hoped to evacuate.

Like the cockpit voice recorder from a downed jetliner, this tape, discovered in an adjacent building several weeks after Sept. 11, is providing a glimpse into unseen corners of the tragedy and the resolute advance of firefighters as they encountered the largest catastrophe of their lives.

The 78-minute tape, which was found in a room at 5 World Trade Center where radio transmissions were monitored, is the only known audiotape of firefighters at the scene. In recent months, officials of the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, which maintained the recording system, have allowed fire officials and family members to listen to it. It was not publicly released, however, until this week. The release came after federal prosecutors, responding to a court motion by The New York Times, said that making it public would not interfere with the prosecution of terrorists.

Officials from the Port Authority and the Fire Department are still debating what the tape tells them about the breakdowns in radio communication that day. There are several long stretches of silence on the tape. Transmissions from only a few of the companies that operated in the south tower are recorded. A few additional snippets of conversation can be heard from firefighters in the north tower, where radios using the same frequency were also monitored.

But sections of the tape provide vivid images of the firefighters: the breathless voice of Chief Palmer, a marathon runner, after dashing up dozens of flights; the assurances from firefighters to him that they are coming on his heels; the effort to create a medical staging area for the wounded on the 40th floor.

At several points in the tape, fire commanders can be heard speaking with urgency. A commander alerts a colleague that he needs more companies to handle what he is facing in the south tower. The chiefs discuss the need to get more elevators into service, to carry firefighters up and to transport the injured back down. But nowhere on the tape is there any indication that firefighters had the slightest indication that the tower had become unstable or that it could fall.

"Chief, I'm going to stop on 44," Stephen Belson, an aide to Chief Palmer, tells him at 9:25 as he ascends. "Take your time," the chief responds.

A half-hour later, the tape reveals, firefighters from Ladder 15 had loaded 10 injured people into an elevator and begun a descent to the lobby. Down below, fire commanders were waiting, hoping to use that elevator, the only working one in the building, to ferry additional firefighters back up to the heavily damaged floors. But suddenly the elevator stopped, according to the tape.

"You're going to have to get a different elevator," a firefighter from Ladder 15 says over the radio.

"We're chopping through the wall to get out."

A few seconds later, at 9:58 a.m., Chief Palmer tries to raise someone from the ladder company. "Battalion 7 to Ladder 15," he calls.

But the tape remains silent.” End quote.

It’s a shame the writers did not mention the B-25 bomber that crashed into the Empire State Building in 1945. From the link: “At 9:40 am on Saturday, July 28, 1945, a B-25 Mitchell bomber, piloted in thick fog by Lieutenant Colonel William Franklin Smith, Jr.,[33] crashed into the north side of the Empire State Building, between the 79th and 80th floors, where the offices of the National Catholic Welfare Council were located. One engine shot through the side opposite the impact and flew as far as the next block, where it landed on the roof of a nearby building, starting a fire that destroyed a penthouse. The other engine and part of the landing gear plummeted down an elevator shaft. The resulting fire was extinguished in 40 minutes. Fourteen people were killed in the accident.[34][35] Elevator operator Betty Lou Oliver survived a plunge of 75 stories inside an elevator, which still stands as the Guinness World Record for the longest survived elevator fall recorded.[36] Despite the damage and loss of life, the building was open for business on many floors on the following Monday. The crash helped spur the passage of the long-pending Federal Tort Claims Act of 1946, as well as the insertion of retroactive provisions into the law, allowing people to sue the government for the accident.[37]”

Kevin and Jim, while I don’t know, perhaps Chief Palmer’s grandfather was at the scene and helped put out the fire. Kevin, you can search the internet for weeks on end but you won’t find another concrete and steel building that has collapsed because of fire. Jim the Firefighters at the scene knew that and each had been inside a burning concrete and steel structure beforehand.

Now let’s read from the Washington Post’s Bill Miller on May 1, 2002 under the heading Skyscraper Protection Might Not Be Feasible, Federal Engineers Say: “WASHINGTON -- The twin towers of the World Trade Center sustained enormous structural damage after two hijacked jets crashed into the 110-story buildings Sept. 11, and the steel eventually buckled under the tremendous heat generated by fires caused by spreading jet fuel, a federal team of engineers has concluded in a report to be released today.

Saying it was "remarkable" that the towers remained standing as long as they did, the engineers warned that it "may not be technically feasible" or cost-effective to design structural safeguards to protect other skyscrapers from toppling in similar attacks.

"Resources should be directed primarily to aviation and other security measures rather than to hardening buildings against airplane impact," stated the report by the Federal Emergency Management Agency and American Society of Civil Engineers.

Although the report found that the World Trade Center met building standards, it urged a national study to examine broader issues such as the quality of fireproofing materials, placement of emergency-exit stairwells, evacuation procedures and firefighter response. New standards might be needed to evaluate fire resistance along with changes in building codes, the report said. Specialists also should look for feasible design changes to limit or stop collapses that have begun, it said.

The towers, designed in the 1960s, were unique because they were built to withstand the impact of the largest jet at the time, a Boeing 707. But the design plan did not take into account the consequences of jet fuel and a massive fire, engineers said.

"There's no smoking gun where we could say there was a terrible design feature here," said Jonathan Barnett, a professor of fire-protection engineering who helped write the report. "We went into this to study the buildings and how they performed and what lessons could be learned to make the world a safer place." End quote. 

Folks, I’m sure the report says “withstand the impact of four 707s” and of course the Engineers who wrote the report took into account the jet fuel onboard. Also when the South Tower was struck, photographs were taken at impact, and they clearly show a jet fuel ignited fireball outside the Tower not in it!

Bill when the South Tower was imploded there was hardly any fire inside the building as noted by Firefighters inside the building and that is why that Tower was dropped first! Even though it was the second Tower hit. Now read a rare time when a bilderberg told the Truth; Peter Jennings moments after the South Tower was destroyed: “If you wish to bring ah - anybody who ever watched a building being demolished on purpose knows that if you're going to do this you have to get at the - at the under infrastructure of a building and bring it down.”

AMERICA please go here and read what Firefighters and Others at the scene saw for Themselves. Battalion Chief Brian Dixon: “I was watching the fire, watching the people jump and hearing a noise and looking up and seeing -- it actually looked -- the lowest floor of fire in the south tower actually looked like someone had planted explosives around it because the whole bottom I could see -- I could see two sides of it and the other side -- it just looked like that floor blew out. I looked up and you could actually see everything blew out on the one floor. I thought, geez, this looks like an explosion up there, it blew out. Then I guess in some sense of time we looked at it and realized, no, actually it just collapsed. That's what blew out the windows, not that there was an explosion there but that windows blew out. The realization hit that it's going to fall down, the top's coming off. I was still thinking -- there was never a thought that this whole thing is coming down. I thought that that blew out and stuff is starting to fly down. The top is going to topple off there.” Ladies and Gentlemen, we all know “the top did not topple off”, instead the entire building was imploded via explosives.

Assistant Commissioner Stephen Gregory: “We both for whatever reason -- again, I don't know how valid this is with everything that was going on at that particular point in time, but for some reason I thought that when I looked in the direction of the Trade Center before it came down, before No. 2 came down, that I saw low-level flashes. In my conversation with Lieutenant Evangelista, never mentioning this to him, he questioned me and asked me if I saw low-level flashes in front of the building, and I agreed with him because I thought -- at that time I didn't know what it was. I mean, it could have been as a result of the building collapsing, things exploding, but I saw a flash flash flash and then it looked like the building came down. It was at the lower level of the building. You know like when they demolish a building, how when they blow up a building, when it falls down? That's what I thought I saw.

He said did you see anything by the building? And I said what do you mean by see anything? He said did you see flashes? I said, yes, well, I thought it was just me. He said no, I saw them too.

I know about the explosion on the upper floors. This was like at eye level. I didn't have to go like this. Because I was looking this way. I'm not going to say it was on the first floor or the second floor, but somewhere in that area I saw to me what appeared to be flashes.”

Paramedic Daniel Rivera: “Then that's when -- I kept on walking close to the south tower, and that's when that building collapsed.

It was a frigging noise. At first I thought it was -- do you ever see professional demolition where they set the charges on certain floors and then you hear "Pop, pop, pop, pop, pop"? That's exactly what -- because I thought it was that. When I heard that frigging noise, that's when I saw the building coming down.”

Firefighter Rick Banaciski: "We were there I don't know, maybe 10, 15 minutes and then I just remember there was just an explosion. It seemed like on television they blow up these buildings. It seemed like it was going all the way around like a belt, all these explosions.”

Firefighter Ed Cachia: “It actually gave at a lower floor, not the floor where the plane hit, because we originally had thought there was like an internal detonation explosives because it went in succession, boom, boom, boom, boom, and then the tower came down. With that everybody was just stunned for a second or two, looking at the tower coming down.”

Chief Frank Caruthers: “And while I was still in that immediate area, the south tower, 2 World Trade Center, there was what appeared to be at first an explosion. It appeared at the very top, simultaneously from all four sides, materials shot out horizontally. And then there seemed to be a momentary delay before you could see the beginning of the collapse.”

Liars for hire - James Meigs, fema and nist - steel columns from the North and South Tower weighing many tons were blasted out horizontally in some cases up to two hundred yards and that all by itself Defies a gravity driven collapse as spun by the wolves that be. Meigs after watching this 5 Minute Video of the North Tower's implosion, Readers will know you, fema and nist have zero credibility.

To further the cover-up the powers that be chose to keep Those Observations under wraps, and the Men and Women at the scene, Their Oral Histories were suppressed by the federal court system and New York's city hall until a year after the 9/11 commission spewed their lies. Sibel the first time I read any of the Oral Histories was at Miss Devvy's website (I think it was 2008) and I was shocked those statements were ever released.

From former attorney general Michael fecal faced Mukasey’s bio at Debevoise & Plimpton where he’s a partner: “Michael B. Mukasey recently served as Attorney General of the United States, the nation’s chief law enforcement officer. As Attorney General from November 2007 to January 2009, he oversaw the U.S. Department of Justice and advised on critical issues of domestic and international law. Judge Mukasey joined Debevoise as a partner in the litigation practice in New York in February 2009, focusing his practice primarily on internal investigations, independent board reviews and corporate governance.

From 1988 to 2006, Judge Mukasey served as a district judge in the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York, becoming Chief Judge in 2000.” So it appears judge/sludge Mukasey was one of those hiding the Oral Histories until 2005. And I know for a Fact in 2009 D & P was a pratt house sponsor.

Checking the rat’s 2005-2006 annual report shows the law firm D & P as a pratt sponsor and three firms above D & P is Covington & Burling where the current attorney general, pop goes the weasel Holder was a partner.

In 2001 when then deputy attorney general, acting attorney general Holder went to C & B,  Larry Thompson moved into Holder’s former office.

Two paragraphs from a Sept. 25, 2003 brookings institute press release: “Larry Thompson, who served as deputy attorney general for the past two years, is joining the Brookings Institution on Wednesday, October 1, as a senior fellow in the Economic Studies and Governance Studies programs.

"I am delighted that Larry is joining us," said Strobe bilderberg, pratt, rhodes scholar, trilateral Talbott, president of the Brookings Institution. "He has done exceptional work in both the private and public sectors, and his talents and expertise will benefit Brookings in countless ways."

Sisters and Brothers rare is a list of bilderbergs or trilaterals that doesn’t have american enterprise institute, brookings and hudson institute representatives on it.

From Larry Thompson’s bio at pratt sponsor PepsiCo: “Larry Thompson is executive vice president, Government Affairs, general counsel and corporate secretary of PepsiCo. … Larry assumed this role in July 2012 and is responsible for the company’s worldwide legal function, and government affairs and public policy organizations. …

Larry previously served as PepsiCo’s senior vice president of Government Affairs, general counsel and secretary from 2004 to 2011. …

Earlier in his career, Larry served as a senior fellow with The Brookings Institution in Washington, D.C. His government career includes serving in the U.S. Department of Justice as deputy attorney general and leading the Department's National Security Coordination Council. …” End quote.

PepsiCo’s ceo and president is Indra Nooyi and the first time I know she was invited to a bilderberg conclave was `04, the year former dep. attorney general Thompson started receiving pratt sponsor PepsiCo paychecks.

When the alfalfas dined in 2011 Nooyi and Thompson sat at table 12 with former New Mexico governor, Clinton cabinet member (sec. of energy) Bill bilderberg Richardson and senator Sheldon Whitehouse (Rhode Island). Also sitting at table 12 was Susan "Wasington Bureau Chief USA Today" Page. Jersey Moms ask her why usa today has Never printed a list of bilderberg attendants?

Larry Thompson was replaced as dep. attorney general by James Comey and when Comey left the department of corruption he went to pratt and chatham house sponsor Lockheed, then to pratt sponsor Bridgewater Assoc., and on to a chatham sponsor’s board, HSBC, the world’s #1 drug money washing machine bank. From there bilderberg Obama nominated Comey to replace Robert pathological liar Mueller as the director of the fbi and let no American forget the slime known as the u.s. senate confirmed his nomination.

Readers it gets worse in that Comey was replaced as dep. attorney general by Robert skull & bones, rhodes scholar McCallum - one of W’s skull mates, class of 1968.

Now let’s back up and look at who Eric fecal faced Holder succeeded as dep. attorney general, Jamie pratt house rat Gorelick, who was chosen for the 9/11 cover-up commission and that black-hearted bitch is a current trilateral commission member. Her trilateral bio: “Partner, WilmerHale, Washington; former Deputy Attorney General; former General Counsel, Department of Defense”

How many more dots have to be connected before Americans will accept the justice department is a cesspool? And how many of US are ready to admit We are lied to each and every day by bones scum, bilderberg whores, pratt rats and trilateral wolves?

I'll close this section with a request, Please don't be offended by my tell it like it is language.

Mrs. Sibel Edmonds, I Thank You for Your Courage and Your Integrity. I can’t type the same about any of the former fbi, cia, dia agents (Anthony Shaffer included) or ex state department members who joined the National Security Whistleblowers Coalition.

John Cole and Gilbert Graham, why it is highly trained at tax Payer expense investigators lack the balls to even mention bones, bilderbergs, trilaterals and the council on foreign relations etc.? Fellows, I believe Sibel would have discussed one or more of those packs in Her Book if She was aware of them.

Sisters and Brothers, ask Yourselves why 100 or more fbi agents from the agency’s DC field office have never banded together to become a force to be reckoned with and then done the Right Thing - Expose the wolves that be?

Comey, I hope AMERICA’S Well Meaning will put that question into Their pipes and smoke on it awhile.

It’s not like the pratt house has kept their membership a secret, they are right there in plain view! The problem is federal agents cannot spell honor, integrity, justice, fidelity or bravery Next are names from the pratt rat’s 2005-2006 annual report - Thomas H. Kean, Lee H. Hamilton, Philip D. Zelikow, Jamie Gorelick, Bob Kerrey, John F. Lehman, then vice president Richard B. trilateral, owl Cheney, William Jefferson bilderberg, trilateral Clinton, Jonathan S. bones Bush (one of skull senior’s brothers), the current federal reserve chair-bitch Janet Louise Yellen, Franklin D. bilderberg Raines, senator John bones Kerry, Robert S. let’s develop aids McNamara, Walter F. bilderberg Mondale, James Earl trilateral, owl Carter, Stephen G. supreme sludge Breyer, Ruth Bader supreme sludge Ginsberg, senator John maggot D. trilateral Rockefeller IV; former president Gerald R. alfalfa, bilderberg, master mason, owl, warren commission member Ford; senator Dianne bilderberg Feinstein; William T. lifetime trilateral wolf Coleman Jr.; Christine Todd bilderberg Whitman; Winston bones, trilateral Lord; Jesse L. master mason Jackson Sr.; Jane house of rats Harmon; senator John military commissions act, defense authorization act Warner; George bilderberg, trilateral Soros; Zbigniew bilderberg, trilateral Brzezinski, Condoleezza bilderberg in 2008 Rice; David L. bones Boren; Virginia governor Mark R. bilderberg in 2005 Warner; Susan E. trilateral Rice; senator Christopher house select committee on assassinations member, bilderberg Dodd; Kurt trilateral, wolf’s head, owl Schmoke; Fareed bilderberg, scroll & key Zakaria; William H. cia, fbi, owl Webster; senator Chuck bilderberg Hagel; R. James cia, owl Woolsey; Andrew trilateral Young; former attorney general Dick player Thornburgh; senator Joseph I. alfalfa Lieberman; Stuart E. bilderberg in 2002, covington & burling partner ( Eizenstat; Richard B. chief of staff on 9/11, owl Myers; Colin L. bilderberg, owl, alfalfa Powell, John D. trilateral Negroponte and George J. trilateral Tenet.

The last three sat together inside the united nations on Feb. 5th 2003 when then secretary of state Powell flat out LIED about Saddam Hussein’s supposed weapons of mass destruction.

Coleen Rowley, John Cole and Gilbert Graham, where is that bastard today? Powell’s a damn pratt house director. On March 5, 2014 the name above his - Ruth Porat, who is bones founded, chatham and pratt house sponsor Morgan-Stanley’s chief financial officer. The name below his - Fred skull & bones Smith who received funding from the drug running cia (which was whelped by bones) to found pratt house sponsor Fedex.

Things to consider - it’s not like bones didn’t know China was going to be made into a “super power”, including manufacturing; hell the skulls orchestrated much of it. Next how many envelopes are Fedexed to and fro America and China on a weekly basis? And please do a little tracking in The Carlyle Group’s direction, and after noticing the bin Ladens (Osama’s family), bilderbergs, pratts, trilaterals and hyenas like John pilgrims Major involved, I’ll go out on a limb by typing even Hughley and Bill Maher should be able to figure out why George skull, owl, trilateral, alfalfa sr. was Carlyle’s “senior advisor” for their Pacific division. And to give them another hint - they should spend some time on the tracks of Mack pratt, trilateral McLarty, a former "chief of staff" for slick Willy bilderberg, pratt, trilateral Clinton.

Rush Limbaugh, to show how rocke-dems and rocke-pubs play together behind the scenes, is it possible for you or Ann Coulter to back track McLarty from Carlyle to Henry pilgrims Kissinger and 1999, the year those two opened Kissinger McLarty Associates?

Ladies and Gentlemen, ask past and present fbi agents, why is it the overwhelming majority of you lack the integrity to admit connecting the dots/names in the last five paragraphs reveals a major portion of the power structure operating behind the scenes?

Federal agents, respect doesn’t come with a badge or a title. Respect has to Earned. Now stuff that life-lesson into your pipes and smoke on it awhile, as it is Blatantly Obvious the fbi along with all the rest of the tax Payer funded federal agencies protect wolf packs instead of The PEOPLE and CONSTITUTION.

Sisters and Brothers, it’s GIVEN Ashcroft, Mueller, Holder and Comey know the bilderberg whores met just a hop, skip and jump away from the district of corruption inside the Marriott Hotel in Chantilly, VA in 2002, 2008 and 2012. Ann Coulter, D.L. Hughley, Rush Limbaugh and Bill Mayer only network bobble heads and journalists like Thomas bilderberg in `95 Friedman would try to convince Readers otherwise.

James fbi director Comey, the most recent number at Mr. Richard Gage’s website - 2,163 Architects and Engineers have aligned with Architects & Engineers for 9/11 TRUTH. From the heading FAQ: Who was Responsible for the Controlled Demolitions of the WTC Skyscrapers? Written by AE9/11Truth Staff and posted this year on March 4th. “Arguably, no question surrounding 9/11 arouses more intense interest than this one. An investigation of 9/11 will certainly not be complete until we know who perpetrated the crimes and until they are brought to justice.

Crime scene investigators know that,

“Physical evidence cannot be wrong; it cannot perjure itself; it cannot be wholly absent. Only its interpretation can err.” (Paul Kirk, Crime Investigation)

Gathering and studying the physical evidence, then, is the crucial first step. The fact that the crime scene was disturbed and that evidence was hastily removed and destroyed has created challenges for investigators. Fortunately, evidence such as eyewitness accounts of explosions, the discovery of nano-thermite in the debris, and photographic evidence of molten steel in the rubble, revealed the effects of controlled demolitions and disproved the official story that three WTC high-rises were brought down by office fires and jet plane crashes.

So who committed the crimes of 9/11? Does the evidence still point to al Qaeda as claimed in the official story? If not, then who would have had the means, motive, opportunity, and the capability to perpetrate the crime? Who would have access to high tech nanothermite? Who would have had access through security to plant the incendiaries and/or explosives? Who would have the capability to cover up the crime via destruction of evidence and the creation of falsified building reports? Who would have the capability to censor almost all of the corporate mainstream media to keep the truth from coming out? These are the questions that free-thinking journalists and criminal investigators should be asking and reporting on….. but are not.

Many in the 9/11 truth movement are convinced that 9/11 was a false flag operation, a manufactured event devised by a group within the U.S. government, with the goal of turning popular opinion against Muslims, who were to be held responsible for the destruction. The ultimate goal, many believe, was to enlist popular support for wars in Muslim countries, to enact legislation such as the Patriot Act and executive orders such as the National Defense Authorization Act in order to curtail civil liberties, and vastly increase the Defense budget. This group maintains that the events of 9/11 could only have been perpetrated by factions within the U.S. government and industry. They make arguments based on motive, access, and means to carry out the crime. Some study the written and oral history of U.S. covert operations and point to suspects within the U.S. government and business community who have had connections to covert operations over the past several decades. They look for a web of associations between and among these powerful elites. They may attempt to construct plausible scenarios to explain how the crime could have taken place and how it was carried out without detection or interference from our international and domestic security agencies.

Others believe it is highly unlikely that members of the U.S. government would have, or could have, been behind the killing of almost 3,000 innocent people, mostly U.S. citizens. They find it hard to believe that there are Americans who would do such things, and even if there were, how their actions could have escaped detection, since events of this complexity would have required a significant number of collaborators, any of whom might have spoken out or confessed. Noam Chomsky is among those holding this view.

AE911Truth does not research or speculate on these issues. We do not have a political agenda. Our mission is to educate professionals, the public, and those in media and government about the evidence – and to support the pursuit of justice. We do anticipate that any search for truth would ultimately uncover who planned and who carried out the crime committed against an entire country that day. A real investigation would be empowered to obtain sworn testimony and the release of evidence; it would offer immunity in exchange for such testimony; it would examine all of the evidence and use the scientific method in pursuit of truth.

In the meantime, AE911 Truth concentrates on challenging the official story with scientific forensic evidence, eyewitness testimony, and video documentation. It offers in-depth reports and the opinion of its experts concerning the pursuit of justice. AE911 Truth also pursues legal action against agencies such as NIST in order to hold them accountable and to create momentum toward a real investigation of 9/11.” End quote.

I want to Thank A & E’s Writers for using the word “crime” to describe the u.s. government’s actions on 9/11. To keep everything real - We the People are governed by secret society intertwined, murdering criminals.

Noam why is it ivy league graduates (in his case Penn) stand behind the 9/11 lies and omissions report? Noam do you feel a sense of obligation or is it a lack of common sense? Noam give US your take on why ivy league grads also believe in magic bullets; a bullet can hover in mid-air for 1.6 seconds and make a U-turn?

Personally, I think Chomsky has a difficult time separating cartoons and comic strips from Reality - exactly like warren commission members John bilderberg, pilgrims society, pratt house chairman McCloy; senator John bones, pratt house rat Sherman and their buddy, a stinking piece of supreme court sludge - Earl alfalfa, master mason, bohemian grove owl Warren.

Noam do your listeners a favor, spend at least at 12 hours studying a list of skull and dung pack members. After which read Sir Antony Sutton’s America's Secret Establishment: An Introduction to the Order of Skull & Bones and His The Best Enemy Money Can Buy and then share the vital information contained.

Chomsky, I’ll leave it up to you to figure out on your own why the three heads of the 9/11 commission - Kean, Hamilton and Zelikow are bilderbergs, pratt rats and/or trilateral wolves.

AMERICA, You cannot look to congress, the department of corruption or the courts for Justice as Mrs. Sibel Edmonds Book Proves. Folks please read again a section of Miss Sibel’s and former fbi agent Gilbert Graham’s conversation: “He sighed, “Sibel, that’s the most important reason I wanted to meet with you. Forget about pushing this via congress, IG and the courts. They’ll eat you alive. There is no friggin’ way they’ll let even the tiniest part of this criminal conspiracy see the light of day. Do you understand? How can you even trust Congress? If they have shit on Grassley, Leahy, or whoever you think supports you, then they’ll use it against them. Man, I tell you, they have lots of shit on a lot of people. For instance,” he continued, “take your Judge Walton: How do you think they got him assigned to your case? Do you know what I did in the early nineties for the bureau? I ran background checks on federal judges. If we came up with shit---skeletons in their closets---the Justice Department kept it in their pantry to be used against them in the future or get them to do what they want in certain cases---cases like yours, like mine.”

Which federal agency led the way Covering Up 9/11? The fbi, the very same agency which directed the Cover-Up of President Kennedy’s assassination.  Who made that recommendation? The then deputy attorney general Nicholas pratt rat Katzenbach. Chomsky, Everyone’s Proof is the katzenbach memo.

Fact it doesn’t matter whether the dep. attorney general is white like Nicholas bastard Katzenbach and 9/11 commission member Jamie pratt Gorelick or black like Eric fecal faced Holder and pratt house sponsor Pepsico’s Larry alfalfa diner Thompson.

Let’s look at SEPTEMBER 11, 2001 via another ivy league grad (Princeton), judge Andrew Napolitano, the former host of Freedom Watch on fox, a network who’s primary owner is Rupert bilderberg whore in 1988, pratt rat Murdock. Three more huddled up with Murdock were Lorraine naacp Miller's deceased rocke-dem pal Tom house of rats Foley, senator Nancy rocke-pub Kassebum and then general manager of the conniving bank of intertnational settlements, Alexandre Lamfalussy.

Here are four minutes of judge Andrew Napolitano on Freedom Watch as recorded in November 2010. Napolitano: One of the world's leading investigative reporters and my dear friend and fox colleague Geraldo Rivera, one of the most respected journalists in America made a stunning revelation days ago about his views of the events on 9/11 - is this healthy scepticism, or has he gone too far? The man himself is here to explain it all, the one, the only Heraldo Rivera. Geraldo welcome to Freedom Watch. I want to play a little tape of what you played on your show last weekend. I want you to watch what you watched and then were going to play a tape of what you said after you watched it.

The tape shows Family members including Mr. Bob McIlvaine of 9/11 Victims questioning the official report. The tape also points out over 1,200 architects and engineers do not agree with pratt rat inspired - Kean's, Hamilton's, Zelikow's, Gorelick's, Kerrey's and Lehman's bullshit. At the tape’s end an organization, Building Besides Mr. McIlvaine members include more Truth Seekers - Mr. Richard Gage and Mr. Kevin Ryan.

Please visit Ryan's site: "Kevin Ryan is the former Site Manager for Environmental Health Laboratories, a division of Underwriters Laboratories (UL). Mr. Ryan, a Chemist and laboratory manager, was fired by UL in 2004 for publicly questioning the report being drafted by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) on their World Trade Center investigation. In the intervening period, Ryan has completed additional research while his original questions, which have become increasingly important over time, remain unanswered by UL or NIST." While at Ryan’s website please visit at least two links, this one The History of Wirt Dexter Walker: Russell & Company, the CIA and 9/11 and this one, Getting Real About Richard Clarke posted this year as both provide important information.

Geraldo: What caught my eye is their claim that more than 1,300 architects and engineers examine the evidence about building 7's collapse and disagree with the official report issued by the National Institute of Standards and Technologies.

N: It is November 2010, why are you with all the spotlight you can draw to what you say because of who you are, revisiting 9/11 and who caused it, or who may have caused it, now?

G: Let me take one brief back step and contextually say that I loathe conspiracy theories.

N: I know that.

This 4 minute clip shows US all we need to know about bobble heads and lawyers in general. A couple of years later in 2012 judge Napolitano told the truth about Our rocke-party system and how sorry the fbi is, but when the rubber meets the road, he stands pat with warren and 9/11 commission lies.

A very important side note: Miss Sharyl Attkisson, I don’t think of You as a bobble head, and from what I just read there are beacou’ Americans who Appreciate Your Courage, Integrity and Strength.

G: But what caught my here judge and I think it would have been irresponsible because I care so much is this commercial that the families put out - about how the, not only do they ache and they want these questions answered but also that they have these 1,300 architects and engineers who doubt the official conclusions about building 7 was brought down.

N: Do you doubt the official conclusion about how building 7 came down?

G: I think that it is highly unlikely that our government would do anything nefarious on a scale of this epic nature. However - the building does appear to come down in a way that is reminiscent of a controlled demolition.

N: Here is what you also said, we have another clip of you talking about up until now.

The clip shows 9/11 Truth Activists along with Heraldo's voice: Up until now only those considered nut jobs questioned the official conclusion that officer fires caused by the nearby catastrophe of the towers collapsing brought down building number 7. And if explosives were involved that would mean that the most obnoxious protestors in recent years are Right.

N: Could the most obnoxious protestors be right and that the explosives were there and the government didn't cause it, didn't know about it, but won't tell us about it?

G: Could is a very, very big word but if indeed explosives were involved then yes those loathsome 9/11 were an inside job protestors maybe have some, some reason to have adherence of people more mainstream more responsible thinking.

N: Before we leave, what will you do when you have the choice at an airport with your wife and lovely children - of the porn scan or the public grope? There Napolitan was trying to regain his Audience’s favor, however behind the smoke and mirrors his former show's title "Freedom Watch" is a joke.

Geraldo: I will take the electronic radiation poisoning over the grope ...”

Before looking into tsa’s porno scanners if Folks were to email fox’s judge Jeanine Pirro, They will soon know the only difference between Napolitano and Pirro is their gender. Sisters, she was the 2006 rocke-pub candidate to be New York’s attorney general so it’s a Given she isn’t naïve about the pratt house in NYC. Ask New York’s current governor and Pirro’s opponent in 2006, Andrew rocke-dem Cuomo, was his father (Mario Cuomo) a damn pratt rat? If he denies it, he is lying. On the current pratt roster there’s a Scott Cuomo. Are they related? I don’t know, however I do know Andrew's a player as he used to be in slick Willy Clinton’s cabinet.

Next are excerpts from Mr. Jason Edward Harrington’s Column posted by Politico Magazine on Feb. 1, 2014. Jason: “Oon Jan. 4, 2010, when my boss saw my letter to the editor in the New York Times, we had a little chat. It was rare for the federal security director at Chicago O’Hare to sit down with her floor-level Transportation Security Administration officers—it usually presaged a termination—and so I was nervous as I settled in across the desk from her. She was a woman in her forties with sharp blue eyes that seemed to size you up for placement in a spreadsheet. She held up a copy of the newspaper, open to the letters page. My contribution, under the headline “To Stop a Terrorist: No Lack of Ideas,” was circled in blue pen.

One week earlier, on Christmas Day 2009, a man named Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab had tried to detonate 80 grams of a highly explosive powder while on Northwest Airlines Flight 253. He had smuggled the bomb aboard the plane in a pouch sewn into his underwear. It was a masterpiece of post-9/11 tragicomedy: Passengers tackled and restrained Abdulmutallab for the remainder of the flight, and he succeeded in burning nothing besides his own genitals.

The TSA saw the near-miss as proof that aviation security could not be ensured without the installation of full-body scanners in every U.S. airport. But the agency’s many critics called its decision just another knee-jerk response to an attempted terrorist attack. I agreed, and wrote to the Times saying as much. My boss wasn’t happy about it.

“The problem we have here is that you identified yourself as a TSA employee,” she said.

They were words I had heard somewhere before. Suddenly, the admonishment from our annual conduct training flashed through my head—self-identifying as a government employee in a public forum may be grounds for termination.

I was shocked. I had been sure the letter would fall under the aegis of public concern, but it looked as though my boss wanted to terminate me. I scrambled for something to say.

“I thought the First Amendment applied here.”

She leaned back in her chair, hands up, palms outfaced. Now she was on the defensive.

“I’m not trying to tread upon your First Amendment rights,” she said. “All I’m saying is: Couldn’t you have run those First Amendment rights past the legal department first?”

She dismissed me with the assurance that we would discuss the matter further at some point in the future.

I never heard anything more about it during the next three years of my employment at the TSA, save for some grumbling from one upper-level manager (“What’s this I hear about you writing letters to the New York Times? You can’t do that here.”) It was the last time I would speak out as a government employee under my real name.

But it was by no means the last time I would speak out.

My pained relationship with government security had started three years earlier. I had just returned to Chicago to finish my bachelor’s degree after a two-year stint in Florida. I needed a job to help pay my way through school, and the TSA’s call-back was the first one I received. It was just a temporary thing, I told myself—side income for a year or two as I worked toward a degree in creative writing. It wasn’t like a recession would come along and lock me into the job or anything.

I hated it from the beginning. It was a job that had me patting down the crotches of children, the elderly and even infants as part of the post-9/11 airport security show. I confiscated jars of homemade apple butter on the pretense that they could pose threats to national security. I was even required to confiscate nail clippers from airline pilots—the implied logic being that pilots could use the nail clippers to hijack the very planes they were flying.

Once, in 2008, I had to confiscate a bottle of alcohol from a group of Marines coming home from Afghanistan. It was celebration champagne intended for one of the men in the group—a young, decorated soldier. He was in a wheelchair, both legs lost to an I.E.D., and it fell to me to tell this kid who would never walk again that his homecoming champagne had to be taken away in the name of national security.

There I was, an aspiring satire writer, earnestly acting on orders straight out of Catch-22.

I quickly discovered I was working for an agency whose morale was among the lowest in the U.S. government. In private, most TSA officers I talked to told me they felt the agency’s day-to-day operations represented an abuse of public trust and funds.

Charges of racial profiling by the TSA made headlines every few months, and working from behind the scenes we knew what was prompting those claims. Until 2010 (not long after the TSA standard operating procedure manual was accidentially leaked to the public), all TSA officers worked with a secret list printed on small slips of paper that many of us taped to the back of our TSA badges for easy reference: the Selectee Passport List. It consisted of 12 nations that automatically triggered enhanced passenger screening. The training department drilled us on the selectee countries so regularly that I had memorized them, like a little poem:

Syria, Algeria, Afghanistan
Iraq, Iran, Yemen
and Cuba,
Lebanon-Libya, Somalia-Sudan
People’s Republic of North Korea.

People holding passports from the selectee countries were automatically pulled aside for full-body pat-downs and had their luggage examined with a fine-toothed comb. The selectee list was purely political, of course, with diplomacy playing its role as always: There was no Saudi Arabia or Pakistan on a list of states historically known to harbor, aid and abet terrorists. Besides, my co-workers at the airport didn’t know Algeria from a medical condition, we rarely came across Cubanos and no one’s ever seen a North Korean passport that didn’t include the words “Kim-Jong.” So it was mostly the Middle Easterners who got the special screening.

Each day I had to look into the eyes of passengers in niqabs and thawbs undergoing full-body pat-downs, having been guilty of nothing besides holding passports from the wrong nations. As the son of a German-American mother and an African-American father who was born in the Jim Crow South, I can pass for Middle Eastern, so the glares directed at me felt particularly accusatory. The thought nagged at me that I was enabling the same government-sanctioned bigotry my father had fought so hard to escape.

Most of us knew the directives were questionable, but orders were orders. And in practice, officers with common sense were able to cut corners on the most absurd rules, provided supervisors or managers weren’t looking.

Then a man tried to destroy a plane with an underwear bomb, and everything changed.

We knew the full-body scanners didn’t work before they were even installed. Not long after the Underwear Bomber incident, all TSA officers at O’Hare were informed that training for the Rapiscan Systems full-body scanners would soon begin. The machines cost about $150,000 a pop.

Our instructor was a balding middle-aged man who shrugged his shoulders after everything he said, as though in apology. At the conclusion of our crash course, one of the officers in our class asked him to tell us, off the record, what he really thought about the machines.

“They’re shit,” he said, shrugging. He said we wouldn’t be able to distinguish plastic explosives from body fat and that guns were practically invisible if they were turned sideways in a pocket.

We quickly found out the trainer was not kidding: Officers discovered that the machines were good at detecting just about everything besides cleverly hidden explosives and guns. The only thing more absurd than how poorly the full-body scanners performed was the incredible amount of time the machines wasted for everyone.

It worked like this: The passengers stood between two enormous radiation sensors—each of the machines twice the size of a refrigerator—and assumed the position for seven seconds, feet spread shoulder-width apart, hands above the head, making Mickey Mouse ears. The policy was to have three officers on the checkpoint floor to coach passengers into position for the machine and administer pat-downs when necessary. The images were analyzed for threats in what was called the I.O. room, short for Image Operator, which locked from the inside.

I.O. room duty quickly devolved into an unofficial break. It was the one place in the airport free of surveillance cameras, since the TSA had assured the public that no nude images of passengers would be stored on any recording device, closed circuit cameras included.

But the only people who hated the body-scanners more than the public were TSA employees themselves. Many of my co-workers felt uncomfortable even standing next to the radiation-emitting machines we were forcing members of the public to stand inside. Several told me they submitted formal requests for dosimeters, to measure their exposure to radiation. The agency’s stance was that dosimeters were not necessary—the radiation doses from the machines were perfectly acceptable, they told us. We would just have to take their word for it. When concerned passengers—usually pregnant women—asked how much radiation the machines emitted and whether they were safe, we were instructed by our superiors to assure them everything was fine.

We were also ordered to tell the public that the machines were 100 percent effective, security-wise, in the event that any citizens caught wind of rumors to the contrary.

Then, in March 2012, a blogger named Jonathan Corbett published a video on YouTube, titled “How to Get Anything Past the Full Body Scanners.” In it, Corbett revealed one of the greatest weaknesses of the scanners, known to everyone I talked to within the agency: A metal object hidden on the side of the body was invisible to an image operator. Corbett showed how a passenger could bring a pistol to the airport and get it past the full-body scanners and onto a plane.

More than a million people saw the video within a few days of its being posted. Finally, the public had a hint of what my colleagues and I already knew. The scanners were useless. The TSA was compelling toddlers, pregnant women, cancer survivors—everyone—to stand inside radiation-emitting machines that didn’t work.

Officially, the agency downplayed the Corbett video: “For obvious security reasons, we can’t discuss our technology’s detection capability in detail, however TSA conducts extensive testing of all screening technologies in the laboratory and at airports prior to rolling them out to the entire field,” an agency representative wrote on the TSA’s official blog. Behind closed doors, supervisors instructed us to begin patting down the sides of every fifth passenger as a clumsy workaround to the scanners’ embarrassing vulnerability.

I remember one passenger coming through the checkpoint just after the video’s release. He declined to pass through the full-body scanner, choosing instead to receive a full-body pat-down. I asked him why he was opting out.

“Because those things don’t work,” he said, “And I don’t want to be dosed with radiation by a thing that doesn’t work. Didn’t you see the video that just came out the other day?”

“Yes, I did,” I said.

“Well, what did you think about it?”

I told him I wasn’t allowed to express that opinion while on duty as a federal officer, and he smiled.” End quote. Jason wants to be a writer, I wish the Young Man well.

Thanks to Jason, Readers now have details into the rest of the story, another round of u.s. government agency - lies and deception.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Sisters and Brothers, all of US need to understand the wolves who call the shots around the planet are just people and not a damn thing more. Therefore their kind deserves Your Contempt which is the opposite of respect.

Bill trilateral Clinton, Gore, George W. skull Bush, Cheney, Ashcroft, Mueller, Comey, Holder, Biden and Barack bilderberg Obama, liar boys let’s get something straight here and now, I’m not one of the idiot/imbecile subscribers who believe the bs published in the pratt house’s rag - foreign affairs.

Barack in bed with bones Obama, since Michelle has had a seat on Chicago’s council rat board of directors for years, is the Obama’s subscription free?

AMERICA please watch this educational Architects & Engineers for 9/11 TRUTH five minute video. Mr. David Chandler: “The starting point in science is observation. What you are seeing here is what happened to the North Tower of the World Trade Center, the second of three buildings to collapse on 9/11, 2001. I use the word collapse but words can be deceptive; what do you really see happening here? There’s a tremendous amount of falling debris. Under the canopy of debris, do you see the rapid sequences of explosive ejections of material? Some of the jets (the ejected pieces) have been clocked at over 100 miles per hour. I will call them explosions because it’s hard to find other words that describe what we are seeing here. The explosions are not isolated and few, they are continuous and wide spread. They move progressively down the face of the building keeping pace with the falling debris.

Perhaps you can imagine a natural cause? I can’t. Notice the explosions are occurring on multiple floors at once, over a wide zone, not in a floor by floor sequence that might be explained in a pancaking collapse.

Notice there are explosions far below the point of collapse. Some are isolated and focused; these are often referred to as squibs and are commonly seen in controlled demolitions. However this is not a standard controlled demolition. The building is being progressively destroyed from the top down by a waves of explosions creating a huge debris field.

The destruction is in waves, not just in one wave. The most obvious is the rapid sequence of explosions near the visible corner of the building. Simultaneously we can see another wave of explosions much further down the face of the building under the canopy of falling debris. Notice that both waves of explosions progress down the face of the building keeping pace with the falling debris just a few feet away.

Slabs of concrete did not fall to the ground and smash into dust. There was almost no concrete in the ruble pile. Notice the concrete is being forcibly ejected outward from the sides of the building already pulverized to dust.

Notice that imbedded in the dust clouds are huge girders, entire sections of steel framing are being hurled out of the building. The horizontal speed of some of the girders has been clocked at over 70 miles per hour. Some of these girders impale themselves in the sides of neighboring buildings. Some landed as much as two football fields away from the base of the tower.

What could hurl such heavy girders with such force and give them such speed? Some people have suggested the weight of the tower crushing downward on the girders caused them to flex and they sprung sideways by a spring action. But we are not seeing isolated jumping girders. We are seeing a major fraction of the mass of the building - steel, concrete, office furniture and the remains of human beings - reduced to small pieces of rubble and fine dust and being explosively ejected in all directions.

Bone fragments were found on the roofs of adjacent buildings. The bones were not crushed in the falling mass or they would have been trapped in the debris pile. They were pulverized along with everything else blown out in all directions.

NIST investigators have claimed the tope section of the building above the plane impact point came down like a pile driver crushing the undamaged lower section of the building all the way to the ground.

The top section of the building, is however, noticeably absent. There is nothing above the ring of explosions except for a fountain of debris. Can you see a pile driver? It does appear the building is being crushed by anything. The waves of destruction and explosive ejections of material are occurring over a wide zone that continues all the way to the top of what remains of the building.” End quote. Please watch the balance for your Children’s sakes. The video was uploaded in 2010.

Let’s move to 2011 and From the webpage: “Building 7 was a 47-story skyscraper and was part of the World Trade Center complex. Built in 1984, it would have been the tallest high-rise in 33 states in the United States. It collapsed at 5:20 pm on September 11, 2001. It was not hit by an airplane and suffered minimal damage compared to other buildings much closer to the Twin Towers.

7 Facts about Building 7

1) If fire caused Building 7 to collapse, it would be the first ever fire-induced collapse of a steel-frame high-rise.

2) Building 7’s collapse was not mentioned in the 9/11 Commission Report.

3) According to a Zogby poll in 2006, 43% of Americans did not know about Building 7.

4) It took the federal government seven years to conduct an investigation and issue a report for Building 7.

5) 1,400+ architects and engineers have signed a petition calling for a new investigation that would include a full inquiry into the possible use of explosives for the collapse of Building 7.

6) Numerous witnesses say the possibility of demolishing Building 7 was widely discussed by emergency personnel at the scene and advocated by the building’s owner.

7) Building 7 housed several intelligence and law enforcement agencies, and the NYC Office of Emergency Management’s Emergency Operations Center, more commonly known as “Giuliani’s Bunker”.

Building 7 — Before Collapse

Building 7 was as far from the towers as several other large buildings outside of the WTC complex. It was more than 300 feet from the nearest wall of the North Tower. Building 6 stood between the North Tower and Building 7 as seen in this map:

(I can’t provide the map so please visit the webpage to see the locations and to get an idea of the distances between the buildings.)

What about World Trade Center Buildings 3, 4, 5 and 6?

In addition to the Twin Towers and Building 7, the World Trade Center complex included buildings 3, 4, 5, and 6. Compared to Building 7, all of these buildings were severely damaged, first by falling rubble from the tower collapses, then by fires that burned for hours. Although these buildings were in critical condition, none of them collapsed.”

The last time I watched Loose Change Final Cut (2010) I remember seeing footage of building 5 and 6, and they had been put through hell. One of them was almost cut in half, however both were Still Standing. Personally I believe the reason building 7 was dropped was to destroy the records held by the securities and exchange commission which I’ve read were in that building. But dropping it, that was an act of fools. On the other hand, when the wolves imploded the Twin Towers those were Two Acts of Mass Murder!!

Here are photos of building 6 and there's a huge crater in the center of the building.

Please look at the photographs here - George, Dick, Barack and Joe how I came to love the new world order Biden - boys the heading says it all: Fires Have Never Caused Skyscrapers to Collapse.

Here is a photo of the large fire which burned in building 5 for hour, after hour, after hour, and of course the concrete and steel building did not collapse.

Please go to Architects & Engineers’ homepage and click the photo of Mr. Ed Asner on the left hand side of the page, it’s a 15 minute video. At the one minute mark Building 7 is shown collapsing. Ed: “We've seen building completely destroyed like this before, but only when done intentionally. Danny Jowenko is The Expert on this in Europe. What did he say (after watching film footage of Building 7's implosion)?”

Danny: "That is controlled demolition. Absolutely. It has been imploded. It's a hired job, done by a team of experts."

Next the video shows buildings being imploded. On the left side of the screen is #7 and three different buildings are shown while they are imploded via controlled demolitions on the right side for viewers to compare and see for themselves #7 was a planned implosion done in typical fashion, from the bottom - up. Unlike the Twin Towers which exploded and were imploded from the top - down.

Ed: "Let's compare. Explosives are used to demolish buildings like this in just seconds. Okay so it's a controlled demolition, what's the problem with that? Well it happened on the afternoon of 9/11, the World Trade Center. Let's just think about this. Controlled demolitions cannot be engineered and rigged in a day. It takes months! And therefore this event must have been planned for in advance.”

Now let’s read a rare occurrence of a pratt house rat telling the Truth. Dan Rather after building 7 was imploded via a controlled demolition: “Amazing, incredible, pick your word. For the third time today, it’s reminiscent of those pictures we’ve all seen too much on television before, where a building was deliberately destroyed by well-placed dynamite to knock it down.”

Agent McLaughlin is it a coincidence George skull, alfalfa, owl junior was in Florida where his brother, governor Jeb pnac pack, alfalfa club Bush had inserted “act of terrorism” into his executive degree (detailing the specifics about when he could declare martial law) on September 7, 2001? Not no, but hell No!!! How many other governors inserted "act(s) of terrorism" within a week prior to September 11, 2001? Not one that I know of.

Now let’s look at the steel used in the construction of the WTC complex. A good place to start is the Loose Change 2nd Edition Documentary. Mr. Dylan Avery: “Kevin Ryan, Underwriters Laboratories, the company that certified the steel that was used in the World Trade Center in a letter to Frank Gayle of the National Institute of Standards and Technology.”

Sections of the letter are shown: “We know that the steel components were certified to ASTM E119. The time temperature curves for this standard require the samples to be exposed to temperatures around 2000F for several hours. And as well all agree, the steel applied met those specifications.

Additionally, I think we can all agree that even un-fireproofed steel will not melt until reaching red-hot temperatures of nearly 3000F. Why Dr. Brown would imply that 2000F would melt the high-grade steel used in those buildings makes no sense at all.

This story just does not add up. If steel from those buildings did soften or melt, I’m sure we can all agree that this was certainly not due to jet fuel fires of any kind, let alone the briefly burning fires in those towers.”

Dylan: “...Days after writing this letter, Kevin Ryan was fired from his position.” End quote.

According to ME Petroleum jet fuel's open air burning temperature is between 500-599 degrees Fahrenheit and most woods flame at around 550 degrees F, therefore nothing in the Twin Towers was burning as hot as 1000F.

The wolves’ whole argument is based on lies. Watching video of the jet hitting the South Tower, the second tower hit at 9:03, Clearly Shows the majority of the jet fuel ignited on impact in a fire ball outside the tower. And less than one hour later, at 9:59, the South Tower was imploded.

Meanwhile in the North Tower which was hit at 8:43 am, but did not collapse until 10:28; and in that hit the jet fuel burned inside the tower which was why there were more fires. None of this is rocket science, all that is required is a dose of common sense. Some hands on construction experience helps as well and I've framed more houses and barns than most have.

You the People can continue to led down the wolves’ trail of tears, or You can demand the powers that be build and test models of one of the Twin Towers and building 7. Since life is about choices, the choice is Yours to make.

Sadly, AMERICA has lacked leadership in a positive direction. There are all kinds of finger pointers and rock throwers but no one has offered viable - how the People Benefit - Solutions.

In the next and final section of this series, We will look at Change, and who stands to benefit the most? The answer is of course Red Folks, the First Americans, AMERICA’s forgotten race.