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Before We can have Change, AMERICANS have to identify more enemies, the players who make up Our bankster, corporate, lawyer and secret society run federal government. General Douglas MacArthur put it this way: "I am concerned for the security of our great nation; not so much because of any threat from without, but because of the insidious forces working from within."

One insidious force is the department of homeland security, dhs’s vipr/viper teams. If Americans will stop and Think about it, they have to wonder about the mentality of those on the agency’s payroll. Reality, dhs, what used to be skull Bush junior’s is now bilderberg Obama’s version of Hitler’s ss and Stalin’s nkvd.

When ndaa 2012 was drafted by congress and signed by president Obama in late Dec. 2011 a Shock Wave went through AMERICA because his preventive/indefinite detention speech in May 2009 had come to fruition. How many Readers are familiar with, “You will know them by their fruits.”? Or: “You will recognize them by their fruits.”?

I Appreciate Mr. Chris Hedges Challenging the wolves, Our corporate government’s court system, an integral part of how the game within a game is played. Red Nations one of AMERICA’S Brightest, Mr. Jordan Maxwell describes the court system as a game played in a court-room. Agent McLaughlin lots of games are played on courts including basketball and tennis. Young man it couldn’t be more obvious wolves see to it they enjoy a home-court, packed court, the ball is in their court advantage.

Ladies, racket-ball is the district of corruption’s favorite. General Smedley Butler’s War Is A Racket, a fifteen minute read makes that Crystal Clear.

Gentlemen, who can’t see handing bilderberg Obama a nobel peace prize was a black-hearted joke? The same would apply if a peace prize was handed to one of the skull & bones/skull and dung Bushes.

Please don't be offended with my descrition of the bones scoiety because it fits them to a T. The descriptive nouns & adjectives used in series are no different than what was said in popular movies like BARBERSHOP, BRAVEHEART, DANCES WITH WOLVES and THE LAST SAMURAI. And to me it is fitting the words judge and sludge rhyme. 

Next are paragraphs from an October 3, 2012 RT post: “A federal appeals court has extended a stay on the injunction blocking the notorious indefinite detention provision in the 2012 defense bill that lets the US government jail any American without end over even suspected terrorist ties.

This comes as attorneys for the White House fight to lift the order imposed by a federal judge last month that made permanent an injunction on a statute of the National Defense Authorization Act, or NDAA. On Tuesday, an appeals panel weighed in to offer the latest installment in the Hedges v Obama saga and agreed to side with the White House.

President Barack Obama signed the NDAA into law late last year, and the now infamous provision that allows for indefinite detention of US citizens without trial — Section 1021 — was challenged in court shortly thereafter by a team of plaintiffs led by former New York Times journalist Chris Hedges.

The Obama administration insists that the indefinite detention provisions of the legislation are necessary for the safety and security of the nation, a claim that Hedges and his colleagues have condemned whole-heartedly in the ten months since the NDA went on the books. Journalists and human rights activists insist that Section 1021 actually allows the government to label any American citizen as a suspected terrorist and then treat them accordingly.

"We conclude that the public interest weighs in favor of granting the government's motion for a stay," Appeals Court Judges Denny Chin, Raymond Lohier and Christopher Droney — all appointed by President Obama — wrote in a three-page order that also expedited the appeal. POLITICO obtained the motion on Tuesday (.pdf).

“Upon due consideration, it is hereby ORDERED that the government's motion is GRANTED.”

The order by appeals court comes after Judge Lohier temporarily blocked Judge Forrest’s decision, using a so-called administrative stay on September 17.

The appeals court judges argue against the fears of Hedges and his co-plaintiffs, decision that in its motion the US government “clarifies unequivocally that, 'based on their stated activities,' plaintiffs, 'journalists and activists[,] . . . are in no danger whatsoever of ever being captured and detained by the US military.’”

They also stated, “the statute does not affect the existing rights of United States citizens or other individuals arrested in the United States.”

In May, Judge Forrest ruled Section 1021 of the NDAA failed to “pass constitutional muster” and ordered a temporary injunction.

In its original form, the NDAA allows the military hold anyone accused of having "substantially supported" al-Qaeda, the Taliban or "associated forces" until "the end of hostilities” and indefinitely imprison anyone who commits a “belligerent act” against the United States, yet fails to explicitly define what is constituted as such. In her injunction, Judge Forrest said, "In the face of what could be indeterminate military detention, due process requires more.”

"An individual could run the risk of substantially supporting or directly supporting an associated force without even being aware that he or she was doing so,” Judge Forrest ruled.

During both a question-and-answer session on last week and during a recent appearance at a Bradley Manning fundraiser in Washington, Mr. Hedges expressed fear over his personal assumption that the Obama administration is already using the NDAA to hold Americans without trial. Because of the White House’s relentless legal fight to keep Section 1021 on the books, Hedges say, he fears that American-Pakistani dual-citizens could already be behind bars without charge.

Plaintiffs and their attorneys say they intend on taking the case to the Supreme Court.” End quote.

Thanks to Mrs. Edmonds’ CLASSIFIED WOMAN, We know the fbi collects dirt on judges to blackmail them which is used whenever the department of corruption wants a specific ruling. Readers also know judge/sludge Denny Chin called Miss April Gallop “delusional” when April challenged the official bullshit version about what actually happened at the pentagon on 9/11. As to the government’s scenario You have to ask Yourselves how is it possible for a jet with a wingspan of 124 feet to disappear into a 20 foot wide hole?! And please know the pentagon’s outer wall did not collapse until roughly 20 minutes after it was hit. Therefore Everyone should accept Mueller & Comey cannot produce photographs of the two holes the jet’s 6 ton engines would have made.

April’s appeal was handled by a three judge panel at the skull’s den - New Haven, Connecticut and in Part 13 I pointed out that panel’s bones, brookings & american enterprise institute roots. So with Chin, Lohier & Droney, who do they owe their loyalty to? Just like Reggie Walton, who gagged Miss Sibel, their allegiance is to putrid hearted wolves, the powers that be.

Here is one of the best breakdowns I know of discussing the differences between a Republic, what the Founders envisioned and America’s current secret society and federal reserve/bankster run government.  The first sentence at the webpage: The Truth as I see it.

From the link above: “Certain members of Congress created the District of Columbia (DC) from portions of two states; Virginia (Virgin) and Maryland (Mary). Physically united together they are "Virgin Mary," to form a more perfect union as a new "United States".

US Titles and Codes, in their awkward definitions, call "DC" the "United States".

"Masonic Rule"

Some of the Masonic symbolism is found in the layout of the District's streets, the Washington monument (Obelisk), the Pentagon, and on the back of the One Dollar Federal Reserve Note.”

The best place to hide something is in full view.”

At this link near the bottom of the page please notice what many believe including me is a tiny owl located on the back of a dollar bill. The page also provides details into the masonic symbols intentionally placed the dollar bill. Fact of the matter - the "Great Seal" is 100% masonic brotherhood. 

More from the breakdown link: "Columbia" is a name for "Goddess of Creation, War, and Destruction" more known as the goddess of death and pain.” Which fits DC to a T. “She is derived from the imagery of Semiramis, wife of Nimrod, and Queen of Babylon.

The statue on top of the Capitol building called the Statue of Freedom is actually Persephone, meaning “She who Destroys the Light”. She is the queen of the underworld. She is crowned with pentacles (pentagrams--stars with five points). When someone stands on something, it is usually an indication of ownership. Therefore, she owns the facility she stands upon. Although the dome on top of the Capitol building was not finished until 1868, the final installation of this statue on top of the dome took place on December 2, 1863. The original Capitol building, without the dome, was completed in 1826.

Columbia and Persephone are seen as other statues around Washington D.C. area.

Some of the Gnostic Priesthood include: Illuminati, Skull & Bones Society, Hospitaliers, Knights of Malta, Knights of Columbus, Knights of the Round Table, Oddfellows, Society of Jesus, Jesuit Priesthood, Club of Rome, Knights Templar, Freemasons, Scottish Rite Temple, York Rite Temple, Shriners, Inner Temple Bar, International Temple Bar Association, Barrister's Inn, Zionists, Jesuits, Jesuit Brotherhood, Milner group (a.k.a. Milner's Kindergarten, Round Table Group, Rhodes crowd, Rhodes Scholars, The Times crowd, All Souls group, Cliveden set, The Society of the Elect, The Association of Helpers, Junta of Three, the Secret Society of Cecil Rhodes, Chatham House crowd, Commonwealth of Nations, Royal Institute of International Affairs), Tri-lateral Commission, Bilderberg group, Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), Magistrates, Bar Attorneys.

"Since 1873, the Global Elite Has Held Secret Meetings in the Ancient Redwood Forest of Northern California. Members of the so-called "Bohemian Club" Include Former Presidents Eisenhower, Nixon and Reagan. The Bush Family Maintains a Strong Involvement. Each Year at Bohemian Grove, Members of This All-Male "Club" put on Red, Black and Silver Robes and Conduct an Occult Ritual Wherein They Worship a Giant Stone Owl, Sacrificing a Human Being in Effigy to What They Call the 'Great Owl of Bohemia.'"--Alex Jones;

There is a small owl just to the left of the "1" which appears on the upper right hand corner of the One Dollar Bill.”

Moving right on down the page (an Excellent Read) to where the Writer discusses exactly what piles of sludge/judges are: “The so-called judge, a corporate "black-robe" referee, an actor (acting judge), on a fictitious stage, sitting under a gold or yellow fringe flag, becomes the "captain" or "master" of that ship or enclave and has absolute power to make the rules at his whim as he goes; all the while talking to or about the fictitious PERSON.

The so-called judge will sometimes not allow all of the facts to be heard or the so-called law examined because of his bias or is following orders of the corporate so-called government who may even want to have the case sealed from the public.

If one does not conform to the judge's wishes, the judge, without proper cause, will send the non-conformist to a psychiatric ward for evaluation (intimidation) and sometimes left there to be drugged and not released until one is willing to conform to the judge's bias.

One of my favorite sentences at the link: “This corporate so-called government sees itself as god.” A condition piles of sludge known as judges tend to suffer from while sitting on high and looking down at everyone else in the court-room. Fact most judges play games with the concepts of Truth and Justice.

Readers since gods is how the powers that be view themselves, Americans need to know who protects them, and let’s start with the crooked as a snake Federal Law Enforcement Officers Association. From fleoa’s website in 2011: “Honoring our Heroes of 9/11: Ten years later, Their Valor Lives On! On that fateful day of September 11, 2001, the federal law enforcement community lost three of its heroes: Leonard W. Hatton (FBI), Craig Miller (USSS) and Richard Guadagno (USFWS). These Heroic men made the ultimate sacrifice after the heinous terrorists attacks were initiated against our homeland.” End quote.

I don’t know where those three men died however I do know al-Qaeda did not wire three building with explosives and implode them on 9/11.

From Jon Aldersfleoa bio: “Mr. Adler has been an active member in FLEOA since 1994. He was elected to FLEOA'S Executive Board in 2003 as National Secretary, and has since served on the Board as First Vice President and as Executive Vice President. In November 2008, Mr. Adler was elected as FLEOA'S National President for a three year term. He was subsequently re-elected to a four year term, until September 2015. One of his biggest accomplishments with FLEOA was drafting the proposal for the Congressional Badge of Bravery Act that was ultimately signed into law by President Bush on July 31st, 2008 (P.L. 110-298).

In addition to serving as FLEOA'S National President, Mr. Adler also serves as:

* Chair of the Congressional Badge of Bravery Federal Review Board

* Executive board member of the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund

* Executive board member of the DHS Federal Law Enforcement Advisory Board

* Executive board member of the FLEOA Foundation

* Executive council member of the International Council of Police Representative Associations” End quote.

Alder, fleoa’s membership’s true colors were shown when your organization did not rally around Those who stepped forward and brought Fast and Furious to Light. And as to your position on dhs’s advisory board, dhs isn’t protecting this land’s Well Intended, instead dhs targets Those who won’t swallow the god’s bs and toe the rocke-party line.

Citizens let’s take a look at another cover-up Mrs. Sibel Edmonds exposed. The date on the press release is June 11, 2009. Under the heading: Major DEA Scandal & Time Magazine, Miss Sibel: “As noted in the announcement, 123 Real Change invites all members of the National Security Whistleblowers Coalition, other active (covert or overt) government whistleblowers, and reporters, to publish their experiences in regard to their own first-hand dealings with the media, where their legit disclosures were either intentionally censored/blacked out, tainted, or otherwise met with a betrayal of trust.

This second project report is based on the first-hand documented experience of Mr. Sandalio Gonzalez, retired Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) Special Agent in Charge. Time Magazine reporters Tim Burger and Tim Padgett had an opportunity to speak at length with Mr. Gonzalez and several other veteran DEA agents with direct knowledge of a major corruption case involving several DEA agents on drug traffickers’ payrolls in Colombia. The involved corrupt US officers were also directly involved in helping Colombia's paramilitary death squads launder drug proceeds. Further presented was the documented cover up of this major scandal by the DEA and DOJ IG offices. Despite corroboration by a number of other sources, including several veteran DEA agents and other government officials with first-hand knowledge of the case, and documented evidence disclosed and provided, and despite being given an ‘exclusive’ to the story as insisted on by them, Time Magazine never published the story, and no reasons were ever provided.” End quote. Imagine that, Time, a magazine geared towards so-called professionals and self-described intellectuals would Hide the Truth. Sibel, AMERICA would not be in dire straits today if intellectuals and professionals could add 2 + 2 on their own.

Alder, The House That Evil Built series contains undeniable testimony dealing with government agencies and officials trafficking cocaine and heroin, and Time magazine was whelped by Henry skull & bones, pilgrims society Luce. Alder regardless of how much you would like to lie otherwise, in the fullness of time Americans are going to realize every federal agency along with the bought and sold courts are in bed with bones, bilderbergs, trilaterals, the pratt house, master masons and bohemian grove’s owls.

Folks, Architects & Engineers’ website is difficult pill for the Alders of the world to swallow. And just like the executive, legislative and judicial branches of Our not worth a damn federal government, plus Jon and Rasheed Tahir (fleoa’s recruitment director), along with the association’s 25,000 members - they are all living a lie. Another point - according to fleoa’s website more than 65 federal agencies are represented.

Tahir, fleoa’s members should visit A & E’s homepage and watch the one hour Documentary titled 911: EXPLOSIVE Evidence - Experts Speak Out, which begins with: Why revisit 9/11? 2,744 lives lost in New York and counting. One million lives lost in Afghanistan and Iraq and counting. 6,000 U.S. troops lost in the War on Terror and counting. 4.5 Trillion - War on Terror cost to U.S. taxpayers and counting. Precious civil liberties removed by the Patriot Act, Military Commissions Act, Department of Homeland Security, Transportation Security Administration (TSA), National Defense Authorization Act NDAA 2012. Today, Americans can be subject to search and seizure without a warrant, detained or imprisoned indefinitely without charge, without evidence, without a lawyer, without a trial, or even tortured or assassinated merely for being accused of being associated with terrorism.

Ignoring the World Trade Center Evidence is no longer an option. (Well said.)

I called Architects & Engineers two days ago and was told last year A & E mailed thousands of police departments and county sheriff’s offices packets of information about the three explosive induced implosions which took place on 9/11, and I was more than disappointed after hearing A & E received an almost zero response from those whose job description is to serve and protect You the People.

To see the degree in which bilderberg Obama and his pals spew propaganda in their efforts to control everyone including Children, let’s visit a July 10, 2013 post by WideShut: “A new extra-curricular history program taught in Carroll County, Baltimore, USA, is warning students not to get sucked in to 9/11 conspiracy theorizing and that the official Government approved narrative is the only version with any “credence”.

The summer course offered to middle-schoolers aged around 11 years old is one of the first classes to go in depth with the subject with children, some of who were not alive when the tragedy took place.

“That is the first time I have talked about it in front of a group of more than five or six,” said teacher Mike Chrvala. In the past decade, discussing the day has gotten easier, he explained.

Carroll County holds free enrichment classes each year on subjects that include art, playwriting and science. Dick Thompson, the county’s coordinator of the summer courses, thought a class on 9/11 could provide important lessons for children born after the event. It is not taught in great depth during the school year – reports the Baltimore Sun newspaper.

Unsurprisingly the class strongly adheres to the official Government narrative, glossing over “conspiracy theories” as nonsense and praising the controversial Patriot Act and post 9/11 security measures.

Casey Jillson, 12, said the attacks weren’t just “a bad thing” because the US has implemented tighter security measures. “Our country learned to be more secure and safe,” she explained.

Chrvala hopes his students will “become little torchbearers to teach about 9/11,” though it seems they will only be regurgitating the context-less and bias story cherry-picked and spun together by the Bush Administration.

This isn’t the first or last school class that ignores the Bush Administration’s pre-planned invasion of Afghanistan, and the vast amount of data that shows that elements of the Government had foreknowledge of the attacks and “failed” to prevent the plot at key points, such as the granting of the alleged hijacker’s US Visas despite them failing to correctly fill out applications.

Such alternative information is considered dangerous by Western Governments, with Obama’s former information Tsar Cass Sunstein advocating “cognitive infiltration” of theorists, and the UK’s DEMOS think tank suggesting so called “critical thinking” be taught in schools so children can counter “radicalizing” conspiracy theories.” End quote. Who replaced Rice as u.n. ambassador? Sunstein’s wife, Samantha.

Another Fact: it was decided over 100 years ago the new world order’s “one world government” would be launched from America. A hint is the so-called statue of liberty; which is actually a statue of deceit was designed by a mason. If you doubt me do some tracking on your own.

As to the united nations, is it the proposed seat of world government? Yes indeed. Ask senator Jay pratt, trilateral wolf Rockefeller or his wife, Sharon, a money grubbing bilderberg whore in 1997, because it is well known rockefeller maggots donated the land the u.n. sits on.

Nate Catura (fleoa’s executive vice president) since you, Alder and Tahir aren’t nearly as bright as you boys fantasize, try to keep up with the rest of US. Due to Pressure from Well Meaning organizations, the bilderbergs finally put up a website in 2010, and there the globe-trotting whores/hos profess their innocence, which is another chatham hyena and pratt rat inspired lie after reading the first three paragraphs on their homepage: “Founded in 1954, Bilderberg is an annual conference designed to foster dialogue between Europe and North America.

Every year, between 120-150 political leaders and experts from industry, finance, academia and the media are invited to take part in the conference. About two thirds of the participants come from Europe and the rest from North America; one third from politics and government and the rest from other fields.

The conference is a forum for informal discussions about megatrends and major issues facing the world. The meetings are held under the Chatham House Rule, which states that participants are free to use the information received, but neither the identity nor the affiliation of the speaker(s) nor of any other participant may be revealed.” Catura & Tahir, read the last sentence twice, after which it should be fleoa proof/imbecile proof bilderberg conversations are kept secret and known only to them.

Alder to tell it like it is - fleoa is just like fluoride, both are a detriments and poisonous to Americans.

AMERICA that’s one of the primary reasons why I see fbi badge holders as a feral bunch of idiots. It is all Right There In Plain Sight, but still as an agency those false flag touting/waving idiots protect proven pathological liars (Clinton, Bush & Obama - sounds like a law firm) instead of You the People.

Mr. Jeff Rense, perhaps Mr. Jay Parker states it best as Jay describes the fbi as the “federal bureau of the illuminati”. Ladies and Gentlemen reading Mr. John DeCamp’s THE FRANKLIN COVER-UP: Child Abuse, Satanism, and Murder in Nebraska goes a long way in Clarifying Jay's Statement.

Since Catura used to be a u.s. marshal, he's a good choice to ask - besides Chantilly’s police department, Fairfax County’s sheriff’s department, secret service, fbi, cia, dia and u.s. marshals - name more crooked agencies protecting bilderberg hos when they met inside Chantilly, Virginia’s Marriott back in 2002, 2008 and 2012?

A side note: according to the wanna be god’s homepage their 2014 conclave/ho down will be in Denmark in late May. Now that We know who bilderbergs really are, I will soften my language.

Eric dept. of corruption Holder before pointing out more In Plain View Facts to badge wearers about bilderbergs in general, let’s open The Franklin Cover-Up to Chapter 14, Cover-up - Phase III: The FBI, Mr. DeCamp: “In a deposition taken October 13, 1989, John Stevens Berry, counsel for the Franklin committee, was grilling OPD Chief Wadman about the lack of OPD follow-up on the child abuse when it was first reported. In exasperation,Wadman replied:

The tough thing with this, Mr. Berry, is that we have the FBI who conducts an investigation and basically says the same things that we have said. If the FBI, are they now linked to this cover-up in some way? Should the Justice Department be investigated as somehow or another assisting in this "cover-up?"

Wadman said it, but in this case it's true. The Justice Department, acting through the FBI and the U.S. Attorney's Office in Omaha,emerges from the record of the Franklin investigations not so much as a party to the cover-up, but as its coordinator. Rigging grand juries, harassment of witnesses, incitement to perjury and tampering with evidence-federal personnel were seen to apply all of those techniques in the Franklin case.

In a case full of reported trips across state lines for sexual exploitation purposes, involving prominent persons from the national political parties, where was the Federal Bureau of Investigation? It was running interference, and worse.

Maybe Senator Schmit and I got the message in its purest form,when we met with Omaha FBI head Nick O'Hara in his office in early 1989. O'Hara, who kept Wadman's picture on his desk, threatened, "You f--- with Bob Wadman, you f— with the FBI!” End quote. If Americans want a wake-up call as it relates to the dark-side, the satanists who are protected at the highest levels then read The Franklin Cover-Up!!!!  

Red Nations on a similar tangent the last paragraph goes a long way in explaining why A & E received almost a zero response from thousands of city police departments and country sheriff’s offices after they received detailed information pertaining to the destruction of the Twin Towers and building 7 on September 11, 2001.

Mr. Jordan Maxwell, I whole heartedly agree with Your statement: “I think the one thing I’d like for you to take away from anything I say today is this one point – that nothing in this world works the way you think it does. Nothing! The police aren’t who you think they are, the sheriff is not who you think he is. Banks do not do what you think they do. Governments don’t operate anywhere near the way you think they do. And that’s why today when you look at what’s going on in the world, none of it makes it any sense, it’s all crazy, it makes no sense at all. Seems very destructive, but actually in point of fact you don’t how the system works. It's working perfectly fine; the rich get richer, the poor get poorer. And the people, the masses are entertained with television, alcohol and drugs, and the wealthy continue to get wealthy. So it is working perfectly fine. Once you under-stand how the world really works and nothing works how you think it does.”

More from Jordan: “People will always support what they want to hear. And will not support what they don’t want to hear. …And you will find the one thing people generally do not want to hear is the truth. Nobody is happy with they have to face the truth.”  

Jordan wraps up this 15 minute segment with: “And this whole thing is being orchestrated from behind the scenes. To knock down the world trade center, I mean and the day it happened I became so depressed I just dropped out of speaking. I no longer toured, I no longer did radio. I didn’t want to, I no longer talked to anyone and I’ve been out of commission for many years because 9/11 just shut me down. As far as I was concerned I was through with America, through with all of it. Because in any country that can buy three high rises falling down into dust and not ask any questions about that - I just gave up.”     

Mueller & Comey, there are now 7,000,000,000 plus on the planet and you boys know 120-150 bastards and bitches have been invited to bilderberg conclaves for the last 30 years. (In the 50s, 60s & 70s the number of invitees was less, around 100.) When the powers that be trotted out Kissinger there were 6 billion plus on the planet, so what are the odds a bilderberg steering committee member, former pratt rat director, a trilateral, owl, alfalfa and a pilgrims society member would be chosen?

Mueller trot out another trilateral wolf whose black-hearted titles line up with Kissinger’s and don’t forget he was born in Germany where the bones pack was whelped. Readers as far as I know Kissinger is the only wolf born in Germany who sat on both the bilderberg’s and pratt rat’s steering committees - now add those to his pilgrims society membership.

AMERICA, after taking the prior paragraph into consideration, Kissinger is one of a kind in the most derogatory way.

Mueller what are the odds all three pratt rats handpicked to replace Kissinger - Kean, Hamilton & Zelikow - the 9/11 commissions’ co-chairs and executive director are bilderbergs too? Mueller are you willing to admit the odds are somewhere between miniscule and none?!

Sisters and Brothers,bilderbergs have much in common with bones and those two packs along with trilaterals & pilgrims are best described as the scum of the earth.

James fbi director, lawyer Comey click this link, to A & E’s Evidence page and scroll down to a 2 hour presentation, The 9/11: Blueprint for Truth. Comey since the crooked fbi touts its supposed fidelity, bravery and integrity, don’t you feel obligated to place a link to Richard’s presentation on the agency's homepage?

Comey near the 1 hour and 44 minute mark you’ll see a photo of Mr. Andreas von Bülow, (a bilderberg who has proven He can spell Integrity), along with a handful of Andreas’ statements. After Andreas are statements by Italy’s former president, Francesco Cossiga, the man who brought the cia’s infamous gladio program to Light. In October 2008 while in Carthage, Missouri’s library I printed the entire list of bilderbergs at Wikipedia; at the time Cossiga was listed as a 1977 attendee, however I cannot confirm it.

After Francesco (who died in 2010) a member of Japan’s parliament, Mr. Yukihisa Fugita, mentions His Doubts about the 9/11 commission’s report for the Third Time, therefore the odds are exceedingly slim Yukihisa is a trilateral.

Comey next is Mr. Paul Hellyer, Canada’s defense minister in the early 1960s and a longtime member of Canada’s parliament. At this link beginning at the 10 minute mark, I watched Paul speak: “It is being kept secret by the same vested interests who control our destiny. Who are these vested interests? And what are they up to? Well, senator, you were talking about a military item. In my opinion that is true, but I have broadened and deepened the definition to cabal. And the cabal comprises members of the three sisters, the council on foreign relations, the bilderbergers and the trilateral commission – international banking cartels, the oil cartel, members of various intelligence organizations and select members of the military, who together have become a shadow government of not only the United States but on much of the Western world. The council on foreign relations is the oldest of the three sisters …” There’s more but We get the gist. Comey since you’re in bed with cfr and chatham sponsors including HSBC bank, why are Kean, Hamilton and Zelikow bilderbergs and cfr members? AMERICA it is important to remember Hamilton and Zelikow are trilateral wolves as well.

This link is to the trilateral wolves January 2014 members. Philip Zelikow is in-between Lorenzo Zambrano, Mexico’s mega-moneyed cement tycoon, and Mortimer Zuckerman - chairman and editor for U.S. News & World Report. 9/11 commission member Jamie Gorelick’s name is right below Austan bones Goolsbee and another of Canada’s former defense ministers and parliament members, Bill Graham. Here at the wolves’ website Everyone can read: “Membership in The Trilateral Commission is by invitation only.”

Those concerned about what bilderbergs, the cfr, the chatham house, trilaterals, military and the pilgrims society have brought to Afghanistan besides the fact Afghanistan is now the world’s leader in terms of heroin production after a 13 year occupation by the anglo-american establishment, then please read this April 2014 RT post, a post Mrs. Devvy Kidd helped circulate earlier today, April 7th. I hope most understand it is not Americans or English per say, it is both country's bilderberg, cfr, chatham, mason and trilateral filled governments. Soon We will take a more in depth look at the masonic brotherhood.  

Right now let’s return to A & E’s presentation and after Mr. Gage provided some of Mr. Hellyer’s views - there’s a quote by former cia director Bill Colby: “The central intelligence agency owns everyone of any significance in the major media.” To the left of that quote and under “Weapons of Mass Deception” are logos of four so-called news networks - ABC, CBS, NBC and CNN.

Comey did you or dhs’s current director Jeh C. cfr rat/pratt rat Johnson watch any of Mr. Alex Jones’ September 2012 broadcasts? Myself, I really enjoyed the one where Miss Amber Lyon, a former cnn reporter stated point blank: “…viewers are not being told that cnn is being paid by state regimes - some with horrific human rights records - to air content disguised as news. …” Brothers, so much for bought and paid for nightly news/weapons of mass deception. Sisters due to Miss Amber’s Integrity, a very rare commodity these days, She quit cnn.

Who was cnn’s managing editor during that time frame? Mark pratt rat Whitaker. From his cnn bio: “Mark Whitaker is executive vice president and managing editor of CNN Worldwide. Whitaker is responsible for leading editorial coverage across CNN’s multiple platforms and directing the overall approach, tone and scope of CNN’s reporting.

Whitaker joined CNN on Feb. 14, 2011. He is based in New York.

Whitaker most recently served as senior vice president and Washington bureau chief for NBC News, succeeding the late Tim Russert in July 2008. …

Whitaker graduated summa cum laude from Harvard in 1979. He was elected to Phi Beta Kappa and served on the editorial board of the Harvard Crimson. Whitaker attended Oxford University’s Balliol College for postgraduate studies as a Marshall Scholar from 1979-1981.” Hmm, a marshall scholar as in the late gen. George mason, pilgrims society Marshall who was a leading player in the decision to cut off arms to Chiang Kai-shek after WW II facilitating Mao’s rise to power. 

Mark pratt rat Whitaker is no longer with cnn, he left in Jan. 2013, but since Whitaker is a Haahvard graduate, ask him why cnn has not aired a “special” discussing the mandatory welcome to the new world order classes his alma mater sponsors?

Five names mentioned in the most recent link as speakers/teachers are David bilderberg, owl, pratt, trilateral Gergen; Condoleezza bilderberg, pratt, trilateral Rice; George bilderberg, network bobble head Will and house of rats member Eric mason, world affairs council speaker Cantor. Caroline pratt Kennedy, you should be ashamed of yourself.

James Cone in case you haven’t noticed Whitaker and Jeh pratt rat Johnson, dhs’s current director, are black. James do we agree your liberating theology is a joke? Something else, you can bet every dollar in your pocket lawyer Johnson is well acquainted with the bones pack, hell he was John bones, pratt Kerry’s “special counsel” during Kerry’s 2004 presidential campaign. And James don’t lose sight of the Fact current sec. of state Kerry was one of the money grubbing billionaires invited to bilderberg 2012 where he cuddled up with the one of the pratt’s current co-chairs Robert Rubin, the Netherlands’ queen Beatrix and Steven pratt Rattner. James ask Rattner, have you ever solicited Jamie 9/11 commission, pratt, trilateral Gorelick’s services? James don’t forget Gorelick is a former deputy attorney general.

Holder the last paragraph all by itself goes a long way towards defining the dept. of corruption and its current head, a pratt house sponsoring Covington & Burling lawyer.

All that needs to be known about Johnson is found in one paragraph from a post by Huffington on Dec. 6, 2012: “Jeh (Jay) Johnson is stepping down at the end of December after four years that included a number of controversial legal issues including the escalation in the use of drone strikes, the revamping of the use of military commissions rather than civilian trials for terrorism war-era detainees,and the repeal of the Pentagon's ban on openly gay military service.”

Johnson used to be general counsel for the players labeled the dept. of defense, he was nominated by CITIZEN stabber, bones toy, liar boy, bilderberg Obama.

Now let’s take a closer look at masons, a week or so ago I did an online search for “famous masons” and clicked the link to the Mohave Valley Lodge No. 68 in Bullhead City, Arizona. Near the top of the webpage I read “THE REAL SECRETOF FREEMASONERY MAKING GOOD MEN BETTER”. That sounds nice but I won’t buy into the lie Earl Warren, Cecil Rhodes, George Marshall and Hubert Humphrey (Johnson's lice-president) were good men. Here and here provide more names including senator Richard Russell another member of master mason Earl’s - warren commission. Masons, how many of you are so bound by oaths you feel compelled to back Gerald master mason, bilderberg, owl, pratt Ford and the warren commission’s magic bullet bullshit? Heck with Warren, Rhodes, Marshall and Humphrey alone, We can connect dots to the alfalfa club, bohemian grove, rhodes scholarships, the pilgrims society (Marshall) and the pratt house via Humphrey.

From the George Marshall scholarships’ website: “As future leaders, with a lasting understanding of British society, Marshall Scholars will strengthen the enduring relationship between the British and American peoples, their governments and their institutions.” And: “To motivate scholars to act as ambassadors from America to the UK and vice versa throughout their lives thus strengthening British American understanding.”

Ladies and Gentlemen, marshall scholarships & rhodes scholarships are key components of the anglo-american establishment, as well as two examples of the masonic brotherhood walking hand in hand.

At Prince Hall Freemasonry, a site for black masons, please notice a former pratt rat - Louis house select committee on assassinations Stokes, Douglas Wilder, Andrew Young and Jesse Jackson sr. Bottom line - Stokes’ committee furthered the lies put forth by the warren commission and his committee also covered up Martin’s and Bobby’s murders!!! Wilder went to bilderberg 1991 with Clinton, Young is a trilateral and an alfalfa like former pratt house director George skull sr., and Jesse pratt Jackson has made a career out of race baiting. Two more names - Charles house of rats, trilateral Rangel and Al msnbc bobble head, race baiter Sharpton.

Before shining a spotlight on Sharpton, let’s take a look at how the masonic brotherhood operates in England. An good place to start is here, a 14 January 2014 post by Tom Harper. The heading: Gangsters able to recruit police officers through secret society, says investigation for Scotland Yard. Tom: “Secret networks of Freemasons have been used by organised crime gangs to corrupt the criminal justice system, according to a bombshell Metropolitan Police report leaked to The Independent.

Operation Tiberius, written in 2002, found underworld syndicates used their contacts in the controversial brotherhood to “recruit corrupted officers” inside Scotland Yard, and concluded it was one of “the most difficult aspects of organised crime corruption to proof against”.

The report – marked “Secret” – found serving officers in East Ham east London who were members of the Freemasons attempted to find out which detectives were suspected of links to organised crime from other police sources who were also members of the society.

Famous for its secret handshakes, Freemasonry has long been suspected of having members who work in the criminal justice system – notably the judiciary and the police.

The political establishment and much of the media often dismiss such ideas as the work of conspiracy theorists. However, Operation Tiberius is the second secret police report revealed by The Independent in the last six months to highlight the possible issue.

Project Riverside, a 2008 report on the rogue private investigations industry by the Serious Organised Crime Agency, also claimed criminals attempt to corrupt police officers through Freemason members in a bid to further their interests.

Concerns over the influence of freemasons on the criminal justice system in 1998 led former Home Secretary Jack Straw to order that all police officers and judges should declare membership of the organisation.

However, ten of Britain’s 43 police forces refused to take part and the policy was dropped under threat of legal action. In England and Wales, the Grand Master of the Freemasons is Prince pilgrims society Edward, Duke of Kent. The United Grand Lodge of England declined to comment last night.

The Independent revealed last week that Operation Tiberius found that organised crime syndicates such as the Adams family and the gang led by David Hunt were able to infiltrate the Met “at will”.

Asked to comment on the Tiberius report, a spokesman for Scotland Yard said: “The Metropolitan Police Service will not tolerate any behaviour by our officers and staff which could damage the trust placed in police by the public. We are determined to pursue corruption in all its forms and with all possible vigour.” End quote. 

Who is so naïve as to believe that same masonic brotherhood doesn’t operate in the same exact fashion here in America? Most would be shocked if the number of mason politicians, police chiefs, police, sheriffs, deputies and judges etc. ever saw the Light of Day.

Holder, Comey, Johnson, Alder, Catura and Tahir, boys are you so delusional as to expect me to believe scotland yard's spokes-rat? Americans ask rocke-dem senator mason Schumer or rocke-pub senator mason Grassley, is it in you do the Right Thing and Tell US how the game within a game is played? With Grassley there's a chance. As for Schumer - track down his role in the Waco cover-up as that reveals all You need to know about him.

To refocus on mason, race baiter Sharpton next are paragraphs from The New Yorker’s  Nov. 17, 2008 edition, The Joshua GenerationRace and the campaign of Barack Obama by David pratt rat Remnick: “On January 21, 2007, Obama attended the N.F.C. championship game between the Chicago Bears and the New Orleans Saints, at Soldier Field, in Chicago. Invited to the suite of Linda Johnson Rice, the chairman and C.E.O. of Ebony, Obama mingled with other guests, including Mark Morial. Obama admitted that he was thinking about running for President—by then an open secret—and, when Morial asked him what his plan was, Obama said that he had to win the caucus in Iowa, an almost entirely white state. “If I do that, I’m credible,” he said.” Five years ago I emailed the trilateral commission and asked that wolf pack for membership lists. I was emailed their members for 2005, 2006, 2007 & 2009.  

Here is the list of trilaterals for 2007; Morial’s trilateral bio: “Marc H. Morial, President and Chief Executive Officer, National Urban League, New York, NY; former Mayor, New Orleans, LA”. Who is so delusional as to believe then senator Obama didn’t know Morial was a trilateral when they chatted on Jan. 21, 2007? More for the deceived, Obama knew Susan pratt house rat Rice Cameron was sitting on the wolves’ executive committee in 2007. Just like he knew then fellow senator Jay maggot, pratt rat Rockefeller and Charles house of rats, mason Rangel were commission members. Blacks and Mulattos, I bring Truths to Light, I can’t type the same about Ebony which mirrors Time; magazines dedicated to keeping their Readers in the dark. Richard Gregory, the very same logic applies to Morial’s trilateral run national urban league.

More from Remnick: “Curiously, Obama’s initial support did not come from African-Americans. There were obstacles, especially, in the black establishment. “Barack came to my kitchen,” Vernon perennial bilderberg, pratt rat Jordan, an attorney who had been president of the National Urban League and became a close adviser and friend to the Clintons, said. “My wife, Ann, and I gave him his first fund-raiser in D.C. when he ran for the Senate. He came to my house, and we had this long four-hour dinner, and I said, ‘Barack, I am an old Negro who believes that to everything there is a season—and I don’t think this is your season.’ I was so wrong. Anyway, I said, ‘If you do run, as I think you will, I will be with Hillary. I am too old to trade friendship for race. But, if you win, I will be with you.’ ”

Remnick: “It was not by accident that Jackson, Sharpton, and other potentially polarizing figures were seen so rarely on platforms with Obama during the campaign. “The rule was: no radioactive blacks,” Rose said. “Harold bilderberg, pratt Ford, fine. Jesse Jackson, Jr., fine. But Jesse, Sr., and Al Sharpton, better not.” Rose noted that Obama rarely referred directly to his race in his stump speeches. “When Barack came back from Europe and he was using that line about how he didn’t look like all the other Presidents on American currency, his numbers went down,” Rose said. “He got whacked and the campaign noticed. You don’t raise it, that’s the axiom, and you let it work. The less said, the better.”

Sharpton, for one, says that he understood that Obama was “trying to build a bipartisan, ecumenical coalition” and did not try to force himself on Obama. In fact, when Sharpton first encountered him, Obama was running for the Senate. They met before appearing at a session of the black caucus of the Democratic National Committee and divided up their rhetorical responsibilities. Obama said that he was making a straight policy speech that night, and Sharpton replied, “Tomorrow night, I’ll take care of the brothers and sisters.” End quote.

I hope Blacks see how Al mason Sharpton is doing all he can to divide AMERICA. What has Sharpton done for Blacks? Not a damn thing and I Appreciate Those who call him what he is, a race hustler.  And just like the balance of the network’s bobble head dolls that certified fool expects US to believe insignificant fires caused three concrete and steel buildings to explode and implode on September 11, 2001.    

Now let’s move to Eric dept. of corruption Holder’s po, po, pitiful me rant (April 10) at race baiter Al’s crooked national action network with its NO JUSTICE, NO PEACE mantra. Holder: Forget about me specifically. Look at the way the attorney general of the United States was treated yesterday by a house committee. And: What attorney general has ever had to deal with that kind of treatment? What president has ever had to deal with that kind of treatment?

Holder, it’s against ivy league lawyer’s natures to tell the Truth, so to answer your questions, former dirt bag attorney general John Mitchell went to prison over his role in the Watergate cover-up and president alfalfa, bohemian grove owl, pratt rat Nixon was forced to resign. And we both know Nixon was pardoned by fellow alfalfa, owl and pratt rat - Gerald multiple time bilderberg, master mason, warren commission Ford. You also know the only thing that saved your lying ass as it relates to Fast & Furious - Obama claimed executive privilege and refused to turn your emails over to the equally habitual liars in congress.

From pratt house sponsor Covington & Burling’s website: On January 20, 2009, President Obama was inaugurated, and we said farewell to a number of our lawyers who answered his call to service.  Among them was our partner Eric Holder, who became the Attorney General of the United States almost sixty years to the day after Dean Acheson’s swearing in as Secretary of State.

Dean scroll & key Acheson was a pratt rat, a pilgrim and the first year I know he was a bilderberg was in 1958. In 1949 Acheson was sworn in by chief justice Fred mason Vinson, who had previously been titled Harry master mason Truman’s sec. of the treasury, so it’s a no-brainer mason Vinson was all for the federal reserve bankster system.

This link goes to a list of supreme court masonic justices compiled by Paul Bessel, a mason. From the website: “Another Chief Justice who had a great impact on our country, Earl alfalfa, bohemian grove owl Warren, served from 1953 to 1969.” (Warren replaced Vinson.) “He was Grand Master of California 1935 to 1936. He was also Potentate of Aahmes Shrine, and a 33 Scottish Rite Mason and an officer in two of the Scottish Rite bodies in Oakland, California.” Paul besides the bullshit warren commission, Earl was chief justice when prayer was outlawed in public schools; therefore his impact is best described as negative.

Paul who wants to try an explain away former chief justice Potter mason Stuart’s membership in skull & bones and the alibi club with Dean bilderberg Acheson and Allen pratt rat president, warren commission Dulles? Or president later chief justice William skull & bones, mason Taft’s membership in the pilgrims society with every bastard invited to the secret conference on Jekyll Island in 1910 including then senator Nelson mason Aldrich where the ground work for the federal reserve was laid? Paul packs of voracious wolves masquerading as sheep don’t fool me. Paul reading Sir Antony C. Sutton’s AMERICA’S SECRET ESTABLISHMENT: An Introduction to The Order of Skull & Bones is an eye opener.

Holder next are paragraphs from a Reuters’ column which was posted less than a week after Barack and Hillary attended bilderberg 2008 held in Chantilly, Virginia. The title - Obama shrugs off attacks on head of VP search: “Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama dismissed criticism of a leader of his vice presidential search team on Tuesday, saying Jim Johnson was unpaid and "these folks aren't even working for me."

The Wall Street Journal reported Johnson, former head of the mortgage giant Fannie Mae, received private loans at below-market rates from Countrywide after he left Fannie Mae. Countrywide has been accused of helping fuel the subprime mortgage crisis with risky loans.

"I am not vetting my VP search committee for their mortgages. There is a game that can be played -- everybody who is tangentially related to my campaign is going to have a whole host of relationships," Obama told reporters in St. Louis.

"I would have to hire the vetter to vet the vetters. At some point, we just asked people to do their assignments," the Illinois senator said.

Obama appointed Johnson, Caroline pratt Kennedy, daughter of the late President John F. Kennedy, and former deputy attorney general Eric Holder to lead his search for a running mate. Johnson performed the same role for Walter bilderberg, pratt Mondale in 1984 and John bones, pratt Kerry in 2004.” End quote.

AMERICA, Holder knows James “Jim” pratt rat Johnson has sat on the bilderberg's steering committee for years. And when Holder moved to Covington & Burling in 2001, he damn well knew that law firm was a pratt house sponsor. Holder also knew his fellow C & B partner Stuart Eizenstat was a pratt rat (and still is) when Eizenstat was invited to bilderberg 2002 along with two associate attorney generals - Viet pratt Dinh and Charles James, where owl Rumsfeld announced America was going to attack Iraq.

Holder that explains why the heads of the rocke-dem (Terry alfalfa diner McAuliffe, today Virginia’s governor) and rocke-pub (Mark Raciot, former Montana governor) parties were invited. After which those two black-hearts drummed up support for a war in congress. And low and behold the military industrial-congressional complex had its way in October. And roughly one month after bilderberg, owl, pratt Powell lied to the cons known as the united nations on February 5, 2003, the anglo-american establishment attacked Iraq. Eric do I have to explain why the downing street memo was included in Part 4?

Here are New York Times paragraphs discussing the bush-blair memo, their discussions on January 31, 2003 and five days before Powell told his lies - “But behind closed doors, the president was certain that war was inevitable. During a private two-hour meeting in the Oval Office on Jan. 31, 2003, he made clear to Prime Minister Tony Blair of Britain that he was determined to invade Iraq without the second resolution, or even if international arms inspectors failed to find unconventional weapons, said a confidential memo about the meeting written by Mr. Blair's top foreign policy adviser and reviewed by The New York Times.

"Our diplomatic strategy had to be arranged around the military planning," David Manning, Mr. Blair's chief foreign policy adviser at the time, wrote in the memo that summarized the discussion between Mr. Bush, Mr. Blair and six of their top aides.

"The start date for the military campaign was now penciled in for 10 March," Mr. Manning wrote, paraphrasing the president. "This was when the bombing would begin."

The timetable came at an important diplomatic moment. Five days after the Bush-Blair meeting, Secretary of State Colin L. Powell was scheduled to appear before the United Nations to present the American evidence that Iraq posed a threat to world security by hiding unconventional weapons.

Stamped "extremely sensitive," the five-page memorandum, which was circulated among a handful of Mr. Blair's most senior aides, had not been made public. Several highlights were first published in January in the book "Lawless World," which was written by a British lawyer and international law professor, Philippe Sands. In early February, Channel 4 in London first broadcast several excerpts from the memo.

Since then, The New York Times has reviewed the five-page memo in its entirety. While the president's sentiments about invading Iraq were known at the time, the previously unreported material offers an unfiltered view of two leaders on the brink of war, yet supremely confident.

The memo also shows that the president and the prime minister acknowledged that no unconventional weapons had been found inside Iraq. Faced with the possibility of not finding any before the planned invasion, Mr. Bush talked about several ways to provoke a confrontation, including a proposal to paint a United States surveillance plane in the colors of the United Nations in hopes of drawing fire, or assassinating Mr. Hussein.” End quote. (Mr. Andrew Krieg, skull Bush junior’s plans line up with former chairman of the joint chiefs - Lyman bilderberg, pratt Lemnitzer’s operation northwoods.)

Two excerpts from owl Powell’s u. n. speech: “My colleagues, every statement I make today is backed up by sources, solid sources. These are not assertions. What we're giving you are facts and conclusions based on solid intelligence. I will cite some examples, and these are from human sources.”

“I would call my colleagues attention to the fine paper that United Kingdom distributed yesterday, which describes in exquisite detail Iraqi deception activities.” A paper likely written by hyenas/chatham house members.

Siitting right behind bilderberg, owl, pratt rat, alfalfa Powell were a pair of pratt rats and trilateral wolves, George Tenet & John Negroponte who was born in England.

Americans and Iraqis, since bilderberg Powell has been sitting on the pratt’s board since 2006 - know he could care less about the lies he howled in 2003.

Holder it amazes me how much info is proudly displayed by useful idiots, the pratt rat’s own website, and after sharing bits and pieces of it most Readers should accept your dept. of corruption isn’t worth three dead flies.

Current lice-vice-president Joe Biden since you were hand-picked to be Barack Obama’s partner in crime let's read three excerpts from the pratt’s 2008 Washington Program.

1. “Kay King returned to the Council in October 2007 as vice president for the Washington Program, where she manages the Washington office, directs programming for area members and leads Council-wide initiatives with Congress and the diplomatic community. ... She was also the first executive director of the Association of Professional Schools of International Affairs and senior legislative assistant for foreign and defense policy to Senator Joseph R. Biden Jr. (D-DE).

2. “Three separate events featured economic, foreign policy, and national security advisers sharing the guidance they offer to candidates on major issues. Gary Gensler speaking on behalf of Hillary Clinton, Austan skull & bones Goolsbee representing Barack Obama, and Douglas Holtz-Eakin for John McCain discussed trade, oil prices, and sovereign wealth funds.” James fbi director Comey, it is common knowledge Barack chose by his own free will to be one of the skull pack’s bought and sold bitches, so don’t even consider lying about the power the bones society wields.

3. “Jim bilderberg Hoagland of the Washington Post presides at a meeting of the foreign policy advisers to the presidential candidates, Susan Rice (Obama), Randy Scheunemann (McCain), and Mara Rudman (Clinton).” AMERICA to tell it like it is, Obama shoved his head up Goolsbee’s ass at Michelle’s request years ago, and in the fullness of time Susan pratt, rhodes scholar Rice Cameron, a trilateral commission executive committee member, was put in his corner; and much too Chicago council director Michelle’s glee - Barack was invited to bilderberg’s 2008 conclave where he was paired with another like-minded money grubber named Hillary to be his secretary of state.    

Some Readers may be offended by my language and some will ask how I know Michelle endorsed her husband’s decision to become a bones’ bitch? The answer is found on page 122 in the September 2008 edition of Ladies’ Home Journal, senator Obama: Michelle is my chief counsel and adviser, I would never make a big decision without asking her opinion.

Next are excerpts from the pratt’s Washington Program for the year 2000:

* Supports a membership and meetings program on a par with that of New York.

* Holds over 100 meetings a year, including general meetings, targeted-audience discussions, and Middle East Forum sessions.

* Features heads of state and foreign officials from all over the world, and congressional leaders from both sides of the aisle.” Basically each member of congress is handed a script which goes something like this: You say that and she’ll counter with this. That blurb describes how the rocke-party game within a game is played. And while the “Tea-Party” may have begun with good intentions, today the tea-party mirrors the squawking caucuses and senator Ran “libertarian joke” Paul.

More excerpts: “Members acclaimed the mock National Security Council (NSC) meeting on China-Taiwan Cross-Strait Relations, a session in which Council President Leslie H. Gelb played the role of secretary of state, Winston skull & bones, bilderberg Lord was national security adviser, and Richard trilateral, drug smuggler Armitage was secretary of defense. This realistic meeting, involving participants with extensive government experience, gave members a rare window into the NSC decision-making process.

Other subjects covered in this year’s program included U.S.-China relations, the World Trade Organization, and Russia’s presidential elections. The two “Daughters and Sons Events” featured current DCI George J. trilateral wolf Tenet speaking about post–Cold War challenges for the intelligence community and Reverend Jesse L. master mason Jackson Sr. offering his views on the 2000 presidential campaign.”

Jill Biden did you accompany senator Joe “Waco cover-up” Biden for his “U.S.-Russia Relations and the Prospects for Arms Control” speech to Washington’s rats? Jill is it in you to admit America, England and Germany, the birth place of bones, financed the bolshevik revolution? Jill during your career as a professor did you encourage Students to read Sir Antony Sutton's Magnus Opus - AMERICA'S SECRET ESTABLISMENT, or His The Best Enemy Money Can Buy?

To show how closely the cia and cfr work together, let's read this paragraph: “Presider Leslie H. Gelb, Speaker Richard Helms, Speaker James R. Schlesinger, Senior Adviser, Lehman Brothers, Kenneth A. Moskow, Speaker William H. Webster, Partner, Milbank, Tweed, Hadley & McCloy, Speaker R. James Woolsey, Partner, Shea & Gardner, and Speaker John M. Deutch, Institute Professor, Department of Chemistry, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, at the February 23, 2000, Meeting, “A Conversation with the Former Directors of Central Intelligence.” Ladies and Gentlemen, that paragraph is loaded with bilderbergs and trilaterals. Skeptics should contact William alfalfa, owl, trilateral Webster, a former cia and a fbi director. (The link inside Webster's name is to the grove's 2010 owls which includes skull Bush sr., two Rockefeller maggots, Colin Powell, Henry Kissinger, David Gergen, Kurt wolf's head Schmoke, Donald bastard Rumsfeld, the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff on 9/11, Richard son of a bitch Myers, and R. James rhodes scholar Woolsey etc.)

James fbi director Comey, you and your kind don’t fool me. Are we clear on that?

(More to follow.)

Comey let’s visit the  pratt house’s Annual Report page and click the rat’s 2001 Annual Report. The covered dates are July 1, 2000 - July 30, 2001. From there click the link to their Washington Program. Comey scroll down the pdf file until you come to “John E. McLaughlin Deputy Director, Central Intelligence Agency; Thomas J. Pickard Deputy Director, Federal Bureau of Investigation; J. Stapleton Roy Managing Director, Kissinger Associates, Inc., former Assistant Secretary for Intelligence and Research, U.S. Department of State; Thomas R. Wilson Vice Admiral, U.S. Navy - Director, Defense Intelligence Agency and their speech titled: “Intelligence Challenges for the New Administration” on Dec. 18, 2000.” The presider was John C. pratt house rat Gannon.

The above is beneath a photo of then senator, today sec. of defense Chuck bilderberg in 1999, 2000 & 2001 Hagel.

A quick look at Gannon via his bio at Georgetown university: “John Gannon is Vice President for Global Analysis, BAE-IT, based in McLean, VA. He is responsible for the Global Analysis business unit at BAE Systems supporting U.S. Government and corporate analysis.

Prior to joining BAE in 2005, Mr. Gannon served in the most senior analytical positions at CIA and in the Intelligence Community: Deputy Director for Intelligence (DDI) at CIA, Chairman of the National Intelligence Council and Assistant Director of Central Intelligence for Analysis and Production. He headed the White House team in the Department of Homeland Security Transition Planning office standing up the Information Analysis and Infrastructure Protection Directorate, and was the Staff Director of the House of Representatives Select Committee on Homeland Security.

President George W. skull, owl, alfalfa Bush awarded him the National Security Medal, the nation’s highest intelligence award.” Please read the second paragraph twice as it shows how Sorry the white house, cia, congress and the department of homeland security are! Now please accept there are numerous things about crooked as a snake Georgetown university which most of US are not aware of.

Next is most of a paragraph from Wikipedia discussing the university’s Edmund A. Walsh School of Foreign Service: “…Notable faculty members at the Walsh School of Foreign Service include former US Secretary of State Madeleine Albright, former Undersecretary of Defense Douglas Feith, former Polish President Aleksander Kwaśniewski, former National Security Advisor Anthony Lake, former U.S. Senator and Obama Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel, Ambassador Donald McHenry, former CIA Director George Tenet, former Malaysian Deputy Prime Minister and current Malaysian Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim, former World Bank VP Callisto Madavo, former Dean Peter F. Krogh, former USAID head, former Special Envoy for Sudan Andrew Natsios, Ambassador of Israel to the United States Michael Oren, former Prime Minister of Spain José María Aznar, and former President of Colombia Alvaro Uribe Velez.” In that paragraph there are lots of bilderbergs besides Donald pratt McHenry, a bilderberg in 1986, and trilaterals including the cia’s director on 9/11, George pratt Tenet. And now please accept this - diplomats and lawyers receive the same training - how to lie with a straight face.

Comey knows BAE is headquartered in England and that, that military hardware firm sponsors London’s chatham hyenas, and as I type (Sunday - April 20), BAE Systems plc is right above Bank of America Merrill Lynch. Bottom line - Gannon and John McLaughlin, like George trilateral Tenet and current pratt house director Jami cia Miscik are up to their nostrils in the SEPTEMBER 11, 2001 COVER-UP.

Almost every federal agency knew 9/11 was coming and most agencies played a role, first to help and next to conceal the Cover-Up, and the defense intelligence agency (dia), represented inside the pratt’s DC office on Dec. 18, 2000 by vice-admiral Thomas R. Wilson was one of the major players.

Verification is here, LTC Anthony Schaffer’s testimony to members of congress on February 15, 2006. What follows is a brief summary - The ABLE DANGER program began two years before 9/11, September 1999. The program had identified Atta along with the cells in New York City and Washington, and Everyone should know department of defense (dod) lawyers in 2000 blocked sharing that information with the fbi on three occasions.

Americans it is imperative for US to accept the fbi would not have done anything about it. And when the deception clears - cia, dia and fbi are the three most guilty agencies as it relates to 9/11. And then of course there’s George skull, owl, alfalfa Bush jr.; Dick alfalfa, owl, pratt, trilateral Cheney and junior’s national security advisor Condoleezza alfalfa, bilderberg, pratt, trilateral Rice.

The defense intelligence agency (dia) even went so far as to order the information destroyed in 2000, however bits and pieces eventually saw the Light of Day thanks to Congressman Curt Weldon in 2005.

Americans, 9/11 commission executive director Philip bilderberg, pratt, trilateral Zelikow received an ABLE DANGER briefing by LTC Schaffer in Afghanistan in 2003, so You decide Why the commission left Able Danger out of their report.

YOU THE PEOPLE can summarize the 9/11 commission with just one paragraph from Lt. Col. Schaffer’s testimony to congress, “During my first meeting with Congressman Weldon [May 2005] I was asked some questions about what became of the overall ABLE DANGER effort – he had heard some details from Capt Phillpott in their first meeting (that preceded my meeting with the Congressman by several days) – he asked me to provide my details – which I did. I gave him the same basic SECRET level briefing I had given the 9/11 Commission on Oct of 2003 at Bagram, AFG. During the briefing, Congressman Weldon asked Russ Caso, his chief of staff, to call the 9/11 commission and find out if they (the 9/11 commission) had ever heard of ABLE DANGER. Mr. Caso left the room and called Chris Cojm [Kojm] at the 9/11 Discourse Project and asked him if they had ever “heard of something called ABLE DANGER”. Chris quickly checked and told Russ “Yes – we had heard of it” – Russ then asked him why they had not put it in their final report – Cojm’s answer was this “it did not fit with the story we wanted to tell”. Russ came back in and told Congressman Weldon and me of the comment. Both Congressman Weldon and I could not hide our astonished looks at hearing the news. This was the beginning of the investigation as to why ABLE DANGER information was not examined or included in the 9/11 report that has brought us to where we are today.”

Which member of congress was delegated the responsibility of covering up Able Danger? A worthless deceased senator, Arlen magic bullet Specter, one of the warren commission’s lawyers.

Holder since lawyers LIE for their living don’t even try to deny you made a speech as deputy attorney general to DC’s rats. From the link the pratt’s 1999-2000 annual report: “The Washington office engaged capital-area members in yet another year of timely programs. Significantly, many of them were suggested by Council members. These included general meetings with Brian Atwood on “Foreign Aid into the Next Century” and Eric Holder on “Combating International Organized Crime,” panel discussions on terrorism and nuclear threat reduction, and debates on key post–Cold War topics such as financing the United Nations, dealing with North Korea, and gauging the possibility of major war. A two-part series was also held to assess the question, “Is There a Republican and Democratic Foreign Policy?” By popular demand, the Council addressed the topic “America as a Global Leader” again this year, drawing on a discussion among foreign journalists, moderated by CNN’s Frank Sesno.” Holder the secret societies prove there is no difference between rocke-dem and rocke-pub foreign policy.

Another paragraph from the 1999-2000 Washington program: “A highlight of the Washington meetings program was the continuing Embassy Luncheon Series. Members were invited to small, informal exchanges at several embassies, including those of Great Britain, Singapore, Israel, Colombia, Russia, Costa Rica, Italy, and China.”

Here is the pratt’s 1999-2000 international advisory board. Please look over the bilderberg & trilateral names and countries involved besides England, Russia, India, Mozambique, Italy, South Africa, Pakistan, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia at Your convenience.  

One paragraph from the pratt’s 2006 annual report’s Washington program, as I don’t want Barack bilderberg Obama to feel left out: “Eleven sitting members of Congress also addressed Council members, including Senator Joseph I. Lieberman (D-CT) [he left the senate as a rocke-independent] on the U.S.-China energy relationship; Senators Barack Obama (D-IL) and Richard G. Lugar (R-IN) on Russia and nonproliferation; Senator Chuck Hagel (R-NE) on U.S. foreign policy in the Middle East; Representative Jane Harman (D-CA), along with former Acting Director of Central Intelligence John E. McLaughlin, on intelligence support to the military; Representative Jim Kolbe (R-AZ) on U.S. foreign development assistance; and Representative Dan Lungren (R-CA) on wiretapping and the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act. As part of the “Iraq: The Way Forward” series, Senators John Warner (R-VA) and Jack Reed (D-RI) appeared together. Their colleagues Senator Carl M. Levin (D-MI) and Representative John Murtha (D-PA) also participated in the series.” Once again the bilderberg and trilateral packs were well represented. Doubters should contact Jane trilateral Harmon.

More: “The Council has ramped up its activity on Capitol Hill to serve as a resource to legislators engaged in the foreign policy process. “The Congress plays an important role in policy issues ranging from India’s nuclear deal to the handling of port security, so it is critical to engage members,” said Nancy E. Roman, vice president and director of the Washington Program.

A number of efforts have raised the Council’s profile on Capitol Hill, including:

* a standing Friday Roundtable discussion with senior foreign policy staff;

* a series of foreign policy briefings for House chiefs of staff;

* a series of dinner briefings on China for Senate chiefs of staff;

* an Expert Bank consisting of Council members who provide “on-demand” briefi ngs for members of Congress either in preparation for congressional delegations or while drafting or deciding on foreign policy initiatives; and breakfast meetings with new members of Congress to discuss foreign policy issues.

Members of Congress who have participated in the breakfast series include: Dan Boren (D-OK) [whose father is former senator David bones Boren], Russ Carnahan (D-MO), Mike Conaway (R-TX), Jim Costa (D-CA), Henry Cuellar (D-TX), Geoffrey C. Davis (R-KY), Jeff Fortenberry (R-NE), Vito Fossella (R-NY), Virginia Foxx (R-NC), Dan Lungren (R-CA), Connie Mack (R-FL), Tom Price (R-GA), Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-FL), John J.H. “Joe” Schwarz (R-MI), and Ellen O. Tauscher (D-CA).”

Let’s revisit the 2008 Washington program: “In an effort to more effectively link the work of Council experts to policymakers on a timely basis, this year the Council initiated rapid response briefings in Washington, DC. These enlisted Council fellows to brief congressional staff with real-time information and analysis on breaking world events. The Council also reached out to select members of Congress to preview Independent Task Force reports on topics related to their areas of jurisdiction. The civil liberties Task Force dinner, for example, drew fourteen influential members of Congress, including Representatives Howard Berman (D-CA), Jane Harman (D-CA), and William “Mac” Thornberry (R-TX).”

What civil liberties do We have?! Hell gut pile hill working hand in hand with the offal pile office have removed them. But You Are Still FREE To Demand the district of corruption’s wolves to build and test built to scale models of two of the three World Trade Center buildings which were imploded in New York City the pratt’s primary den on SEPTEMBER 11, 2001.

This link will take a while to load and I want to Publicly Thank Mr. William Litynski for His efforts. Folks since links are occasionally removed from, my Web Master paid the fee to download publications in order to preserve them. The link contains hundreds of pictures and partial bios of pratt house rats as of June 30th 2013; the certified the bastards and bitches who continue to lie and deceive You the People. Please notice there aren’t any Red or First Americans.

Under the heading Central Intelligence Agency, the wolf filled cia - “James R. Schlesinger Secretary of Defense (1973-1975); Secretary of Energy (1977-1979); CIA Director (1973) - Adm. Stansfield Turner Director of Central Intelligence Agency (1977-1981) - Frank C. Carlucci Deputy Director of Central Intelligence Agency (1978-1981); U.S. Secretary of Defense (1987-1989) - Robert M. Gates Director of Central Intelligence Agency (1991-1993); U.S. Secretary of Defense (2006-2011) - William H. Webster Director of Central Intelligence Agency (1987-1991) - R. James Woolsey Director of Central Intelligence Agency (1993-1995) - John M. Deutch Director of Central Intelligence Agency (1995-1996) - George J. Tenet Director of Central Intelligence Agency (1997-2004) - Gen. Michael Hayden Director of Central Intelligence Agency (2006-2009) - Gen. David H. Petraeus Director of Central Intelligence Agency (2011-2012) - Adm. Bobby Ray Inman Deputy Director of Central Intelligence Agency (1981-1982) - Gen. John A. Gordon Deputy Director of Central Intelligence Agency (1997-2000) - John E. McLaughlin Deputy Director of Central Intelligence Agency (2000-2004) - Judith A. “Jami” Miscik President and Vice Chairman of Kissinger Associates (2009-pres.); Deputy CIA Director for Intelligence (2002-2005) - Elizabeth Rindskopf Parker General Counsel of Central Intelligence Agency (1990-1995) - Jeffrey H. Smith General Counsel of Central Intelligence Agency (1995-1996) - Stephen W. Preston General Counsel of Central Intelligence Agency (2009-present) - Frederick P. Hitz Inspector General of Central Intelligence Agency (1990-1998) - John L. Helgerson Inspector General of Central Intelligence Agency (2002-2009) and Kenneth M. Pollack Iran-Iraq Military Analyst at the Central Intelligence Agency (1988-1995)”.

It's a Given both Holder and Comey know former president George skull, former cia director, alfalfa, alibi, owl, trilateral Bush sr. was a pratt house director from 1977-1979.

I believe it is important for You the People to see the faces of Your enemies. Please spend time at the link and pass it on to Friends. And please don’t lose sight of the Fact the cia was whelped by a member the skull & bones, Robert Lovett.

James Earl Carter, I have to admit my disappointment in your current pratt house status. I expected more out of you, as in a penny’s worth of leadership in a What Is Right direction. Instead you are once again playing in New York City’s sewers. Doubters can contact Ann M. Fudge, one of the current black pratt house directors. Her photo is in between “Barry Diller Chairman of Paramount Pictures (1974-1984); Chairman and CEO of 20th Century Fox (1984-1992) and another current pratt director “Ruth Porat Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of Morgan Stanley (2010-present)”, a skull & bones founded firm. 

Ann’s pratt house bio: “Ann Fudge is the retired chairman and CEO of Young & Rubicam Brands, a global network of marketing communications companies. Prior to Young & Rubicam Brands, Ms. Fudge served as president of the Beverages, Desserts and Post Division, a $5 billion unit of Kraft Foods. She served on the management committee and has managed many businesses including Maxwell House Coffee, Gevalia Kaffe, Kool Aid, Crystal Light, Post cereals, Jell-O desserts, and Altoids. Before joining General Foods, she spent nine years at General Mills. She serves as chair of the U.S. Programs Advisory Board of the Gates Foundation, as a trustee of the Rockefeller Foundation and the Brookings Institution, and as a member of the finance committee of the Corporation of Harvard University. She also serves on the board of directors of General Electric, Novartis, Unilever, and Infosys. She is based in Chestnut Hill, MA.”

Under Former Presidents, Cabinet Members and National Security Officials - “Walter F. Mondale Vice President of the U.S. (1977-1981); U.S. Ambassador to Japan (1993-1996) - Jimmy Carter President of the United States (1977-1981)” Ann Coulter, D.L. Hughley, Russ Limbaugh and Bill Maher, since you aren’t nearly as bright as you four fantasize, don’t forget Carter and Mondale attended the trilateral wolves’ first pack meeting abroad in 1973 in Tokyo. “William J. “Bill” Clinton President of the United States (1993-2001) - Dick Cheney Vice President of the U.S. (2001-2009); U.S. Secretary of Defense (1989-1993) - William S. Cohen U.S. Secretary of Defense (1997-2001); U.S. Senator (R-Maine, 1979-1997) - George P. Shultz U.S. Secretary of State (1982-1989) - James A. Baker III U.S. Secretary of State (1989-1992); Secretary of the Treasury (1985-1988) - Madeleine K. Albright U.S. Secretary of State (1997-2001) - Gen. Colin L. Powell U.S. Secretary of State (2001-2005) - Condoleezza Rice U.S. Secretary of State (2005-2009); National Security Advisor (2001-2005) - W. Michael Blumenthal Secretary of the Treasury (1977-1979) - Nicholas F. Brady Chairman and CEO of Dillon, Read & Co. (1982-1988); Secretary of the Treasury (1988-1993) - Lawrence H. Summers Secretary of the Treasury (1999-2001); President of Harvard University (2001-2006) - Harold Brown U.S. Secretary of Defense (1977-1981); Secretary of the Air Force (1965-1969) - William J. Perry U.S. Secretary of Defense (1994-1997) - Zbigniew Brzezinski National Security Advisor (1977-1981) - Brent Scowcroft National Security Advisor (1975-1977, 1989-1993) - Robert C. McFarlane National Security Advisor (1983-1985) - Sandy Berger National Security Advisor (1997-2001) - Stephen J. Hadley National Security Advisor (2005-2009)”. Who is Obama’s current national security advisor? A proven liar and a former player on the trilateral’s executive/steering committee, Susan rhodes scholar Rice Cameron. This list is full of alfalfas, bilderbergs and trilaterals.

Let’s leave these lists of pratt rat and their positions in government and business to visit the american committees on foreign relations. an important side note: Stephen Hadley was succeeded as national security advisor by gen. James bilderberg, pratt, trilateral, alfalfa Jones on January 20, 2009.

In 2010 while reading at the american committees rat's website I learned gen. Jones received their distinguished service award for 2007. Folks, Jim pbs, pratt Lehrer was the award’s recipient in 2009. In 2010 pratt house president Richard bilderberg, trilateral Haass received the award.

In 2010 what follows was on their homepage, “Our members included active and retired leaders such as:

* executives and board members of key industries;

* senior partners in major law firms;

* editors and publishers of newspapers and other media professionals;

* presidents, administrators and faculty of colleges and universities;

members of Congress and state legislatures, executive officers, and local government officials;

* senior policy officials, diplomats, and military officers.”

That year the american committee rats also mentioned: “With the assistance of U.S. Ambassador to Poland (Tennessee native) Victor Ashe, and a dozen members of the Nashville Committee journeyed to Poland in early June of 2009.” Let the record show Victor Henderson Ashe is a bones scum bag - class of 1967. When I saved this info there were roughly 2,500 american committees on foreign relation's rats.

The american committee rats have dens in large cities across America and a national headquarters at the DACOR Bacon House, Third Floor - 1801 F Street, NW - Washington, D.C. 20006 - phone: 202-682-0053. Red Nations this year the keynote speaker for the american rat’s annual conference (April 24-25) will be Paula pratt, trilateral Dobriansky. Her trilateral bio: “Senior Fellow, Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs, John F. Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University, Cambridge; Chair, National Board of Directors, World Affairs Councils of America; former U.S. Under Secretary of State for Global Affairs”. Notice Paula is the chair for the national board of directors for the world affairs councils, which makes it department of corruption proof as to how interwoven the rat packs are. Dobriansky was also a player in the project for a new american century (pnac) with Jeb alfalfa, owl Bush; Francis pratt, trilateral Fukuyama; former house of rats member Vin bilderberg, pratt, trilateral Weber; Donald bilderberg, owl, alfalfa Rumsfeld, and Robert bilderberg, pratt Kagen etc. The pnac's own documents Preoves they were howling for a war in Iraq in 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002 and 2003.

Robert Kagan's bilderberg title in 2004: "Senior Associate, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace". Sir Sutton asks in His Magnus Opus how could Carnegie be for war and peace at the same time? In other words Andrew pilgrims society pack member Carnegie (a steel baron) talked out of both sides of his mouth, he said he was for peace but at the time was howling for America to enter WW I.   

The american rat’s distinguished service award recipient for 2014 is John pratt, trilateral Negroponte, who along with then cia director George pratt, trilateral Tenet sat behind current pratt house director Colin bilderberg, owl, alfalfa Powell when Powell lied to the u.n. in February 2003 while trying to gain united nation's support for a war in Iraq.

Red Nations it is imperative for All of US to know who this country's war mongers are.

Let’s return to “Prominent Members of the Council on Foreign Relations” as of June 30, 2013.  

Under Former Bureaucrats Obama Administration - “Neal S. Wolin Deputy Secretary of the Treasury (2009-2013) - Ashton B. Carter Deputy U.S. Secretary of Defense (2011-2013) - Janet Napolitano U.S. Secretary of Homeland Security (2009-2013) - Jane Holl Lute Deputy Secretary of Homeland Security (2009-2013) - Michele Flournoy Under Secretary of Defense for Policy (2009-2012) - Gene Sperling Director of the National Economic Council (2011-2014) - Diana Farrell Deputy Director of National Economic Council (2009-2011) - Diana Farrell Deputy Director of National Economic Council (2009-2011) - Mona Sutphen White House Deputy Chief of Staff for Policy (2009-2011) - Peter R. Orszag Director of the Office of Management and Budget (2009-2010) - David C. Gompert Principal Deputy Director of National Intelligence (2009-2011) - Aaron S. Williams Director of Peace Corps (2009-2012) - Christine A. Varney Assistant U.S. Attorney General for Antitrust (2009-2011)” and so on and so forth. And let no one forget Eric pop goes the weasel, fecal faced Holder packed Varney’s suitcases before she flew to Spain for bilderberg 2010 and to Switzerland for bilderberg 2011. The last name on this list belongs to Ellen O. Tauscher, a house of rats member from 1997-2009, after which the Under Secretary of State for Arms Control and International Security from 2009-2012.

Now let’s look at some pratt rats who are or were players in the federal reserve bankster system - “Janet L. Yellen Chairman of the Federal Reserve (2014-present) - Stanley Fischer Vice Chairman of the Federal Reserve (2014-pres.) [designated]; Governor of the Bank of Israel (2005-2013) - Lael Brainard Member of the Federal Reserve Board (2014-present) [designated] - Daniel K. Tarullo Member of the Federal Reserve Board (2009-present) - Jerome H. Powell Member of the Federal Reserve Board (2012-present) - Paul A. Volcker Chairman of the Federal Reserve (1979-1987) - Alan Greenspan Chairman of the Federal Reserve (1987-2006) - Alan S. Blinder Vice Chairman of the Federal Reserve (1994-1996) - Alice M. Rivlin Vice Chairman of the Federal Reserve (1996-1999) - Roger W. Ferguson Jr. Vice Chairman of the Federal Reserve (1999-2006)” Blacks ask Ferguson is he one of the lice covered trilateral wolves like Rivlin? “Donald L. Kohn Vice Chairman of the Federal Reserve (2006-2010) - William J. McDonough President of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York (1993-2003) - Timothy F. Geithner Secretary of the Treasury (2009-2013); President of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York (2003-2009) - Michael H. Moskow President of the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago (1994-2007) - Richard F. Syron President of the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston (1989-1994); Chairman and CEO of Freddie Mac (2003-2008) - Karen N. Horn President of the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland (1982-1987) - Richard W. Fisher President of the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas (2005-present) - William C. Dudley President of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York (2009-present) - Dennis P. Lockhart President of the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta (2007-present) - Christine M. Cumming First Vice President of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York” and so forth.

Next are some black pratt rats besides Vernon Jordan, Young, Jackson, Whitaker, Schmoke, Powell, C. Rice, David Dinkins and Ann Fudge - Jeh Charles Johnson U.S. Secretary of Homeland Security (2013-present) - Kenneth I. Chenault Chairman of the board of American Express Co. (2001-present) - Richard D. Parsons Chairman of the board of Citigroup (2009-2012) - E. Stanley O’Neal Chairman and CEO of Merrill Lynch & Co. (2003-2007) - Stephanie K. Bell-Rose Managing Director of Goldman, Sachs & Co. - Franklin D. Raines Chairman and CEO of Fannie Mae (1999-2004) - Irving A. Williamson Chairman, United States International Trade Commission (2012-pres.) - Kenneth C. Frazier Chairman and CEO of Merck & Co., Inc. (2011-present) - Keith Ellison U.S. Congressman (D-Minnesota, 2007-present) - Eleanor Holmes Norton Delegate to the U.S. House of Representatives (D-District of Columbia, 1991-present) - Reuben E. Brigety II U.S. Representative to the African Union (2013-present) - Gen. Lloyd J. Austin III Commander of U.S. Central Command (March 22, 2013-present) - Maj. Gen. Ronald Bailey Commanding General, First Marine Division (2011-present) - William T. lifetime trilateral wolf commission trustee  Coleman Jr. U.S. Secretary of Transportation (1975-1977) - Esther Brimmer Assistant Secretary of State for International Organization Affairs (2009-2013) - Clark K. Ervin Inspector General of the Department of Homeland Security (2003-2004) - Brian C. Roseboro Under Secretary of the Treasury for Domestic Finance (2004-2005) - David Satcher Surgeon General of the United States (1998-2002)” We can thank Satcher for much of the gmo foods Americans eat and he knows Robert Shapiro then Monsanto’s chairman flew to bilderberg 1999 as did senators Christopher rocke-dem Dodd and Chuck rocke-pub Hagel. “Gen. William E. Ward Commander, U.S. Africa Command (2007-2011) - Maj. Gen. W. Montague Winfield Commander, U.S. Army Cadet Command (2004-2008) - Thurbert E. Baker Attorney General of Georgia (1997-2011) - Walter E. Massey President of Morehouse College (1995-2007) - Dr. Shirley Ann Jackson President of the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (1999-present)” Blacks, Shirley has sat on the pratt rat’s board since 2008. “Christopher B. Howard President of Hampden- Sydney College [Virginia] (2009-present) - Ruth J. Simmons President of Brown ivy league University (2001-2012) - R. Keith Walton Executive Vice President and Secretary of Columbia University (1996-2007); Global Head of Government Affairs for Alcoa (2011-present) - Franklin A. Thomas President of Ford Foundation (1979-1996) and Darren Walker President of the Ford Foundation (2013-present)”. More of Walker’s résumé, he was with the rockefeller foundation before the ford foundation.

Now let’s visit London’s chatham house, hyenas who are “officially” known as the royal institute of foreign relations. Once again I want to Thank Mr. William Litynski for posting important information at scribd.

After pictures of the hyena’s den - “THE ROYAL INSTITUTE OF INTERNATIONAL AFFAIRS (RIIA) is nothing but the Milner Group “writ large.” It was founded by the Group, has been consistently controlled by the Group, and to this day is the Milner Group in its widest aspect. …The new organization was intended to be a wider aspect of the Milner Group, the plan being to influence the leaders of thought through The Round Table and to influence a wider group through the RIIA. The real founder of the Institute was Lionel Curtis, although this fact was concealed for many years and he was presented to the public as merely one among a number of founders. In more recent years, however, the fact that Curtis was the real founder of the Institute has been publicly stated by members of the Institute and by the Institute itself on many occasions, and never denied. One example will suffice. In the Annual Report of the Institute for 1942-1943 we read the following sentence: “When the Institute was founded through the inspiration of Mr. Lionel Curtis during the Peace Conference of Paris in 1919, those associated with him in laying the foundations were a group of comparatively young men and women.” – Carroll Quigley, The Anglo-American Establishment, p. 182”

Mr. Carroll Quigley’s The Anglo-American Establishment was written in 1949 but not published until 1981 four years after he died in 1977. In the Appendix - A Tentative Roster of the Milner Group - Carroll lists in order who he felt were the most influential and helpful in carrying out Cecil mason Rhode’s dream. The first five are Baron Nathan Rothschild, Sir Harry Johnston, William T. Stead, Viscount Esher Reginald Brett and Viscount/Lord Alfred Milner.

From lord Alfred Milner’s pilgrim’s bio at Gnostics: “Oxford. London journalist for a short time. Private secretary to George Goschen (chancellor of the exchequer) 1887-1890. Undersecretary of finance in Egypt 1890-1892. Wrote a book which argued for more British influence in Egypt 1892. Became a member of the Privy Council in 1901. Trustee of Rhodes' final will. Became a viscount in 1902. High commissioner for South Africa and governor-general of Cape Colony from 1897-1905. Supervised the destruction of Dutch settlers what led to the Boer war 1899-1902. Secretary of War under David Lloyd George 1916-1918. Worked together with the Warburgs, Schiffs, Rothschilds and other persons to foment the Russian revolution. …Chairman of Rio Tinto Zinc 1921-1925. Became a Knight of the Garter in 1921. The Round Table Group was unofficially named the Milner Group after Cecil Rhodes died.”

Some Americans whose pictures are available while howling speeches inside the chatham house include Hillary bilderberg Clinton (Oct. 11, 2013), Jimmy pratt rat Carter (July 24, 2013), Madeleine pratt rat director Albright (April 19, 2013) and Robert pratt rat co-chair Rubin (May 14, 2013). Rubin also attended bilderberg 2013 last June where the U.K.’s prime minister David chatham hyena Cameron was the damn host.

Not to be left out, the trilateral wolves’ North American chairman Joseph pratt Nye howled a speech to London’s hyenas on May 8, 2013. And back in 2008 then fbi director Robert pathological liar Mueller gave a speech titled Global Terrorism Today and the Challenges of Tomorrow. Mueller after the cia, the fbi is the leading terrorist organization in America. Mueller it is imperative for Americans to know the fbi was up to its nostrils in planning and carrying out the 1993 World Trade Center bombing! Readers the fbi’s informant wanted to use harmless powder in place of 1,200 pounds of explosives but his fbi handlers turned Emad Salem’s request down. Amazingly the New York Times covered bits and pieces of the cover-up and while doing so provided some of the agent’s names. Please read both pages, the link is to page 2.

Americans ask current pratt director Tom nbc talking head Brokaw why wasn’t the above brought to Our attention night after night by the network’s talking heads? Now ask which judge issued a gag order to keep most of that away from the Public? As I understand future attorney general Michael judge/sludge Mukasey was responsible, and he went to pratt rat/council on foreign relations sponsor Debevoise & Plimpton after leaving the department of corruption.

Who was the damn fbi’s director on February 26th 1993 when the truck bomb exploded under the North Tower? None other than judge/sludge William S. alfalfa club Sessions. When the alfalfas dined in 2011 three of Session’s buddies at table 3 were Stephen A. bones, pratt, ka-zillionaire Schwarzman, David M. pratt, george c. “mason” marshall foundation trustee, trilateral Abshire and Robert A. bohemian grove owl, ka-zillionaire Day. The link to the 2010 owls takes a while to load and please notice the font size can be enlarged for easier reading.

Like or hate me, only a fool would believe fbi director James lawyer Comey if he said - I never knew the bones secret society, the bilderberg group, bohemian grove, chatham and pratt houses or trilateral commission existed.

On a related subject, TERRORSTORM, a Well Worth Watching 2 hour INFOWAR’S Production provides details in to a host of false flag operations both here and abroad. Alex, four of my five Children were with me in London in June 2005, fortunately we weren’t in London for the 7/7 state sponsored bombings.

Alex TERRORSTORM would be harder hitting if the English and American bad guy’s bones, bilderberg, mason, chatham, pratt, alfalfa, pilgrims, owl and trilateral memberships were brought to Light.

Please watch the first 30 minutes as every American should know the Truth about Lyndon mason Johnson and Robert bilderberg, pratt, let’s develop aids, trilateral McNamara backing the attack by Israel on the USS Liberty (a destroyer) in 1967. Alex, I didn’t know about the attack on the Liberty, Thank You for the information.

From the Liberty link: “Since on their first strafing run the Israelis had concentrated on destroying all of our transmitting antennas, my radiomen were stringing new long wires during the attack. In retrospect we found that we had succeeded in getting an SOS to the Sixth Fleet but no assistance was forthcoming of which more later.  I was one of the fortunate ones, that torpedo detonated less than 10 feet from me but the explosion wrapped a steel bulkhead around me shielding me from the full force of the explosion.  The twenty years accumulation of paint on the bulkhead also exploded under the intense heat and every square inch of my exposed skin was covered with burned paint.  Since my condition was not critical I was med-evaced to the USS America.  There excess burned paint was removed and my eyelids were lanced open having been seared shut in the explosion. 

After I could again see, Radm (Read admiral) Geis requested my presence in his cabin. He told me that since I was the senior Liberty survivor on board he wanted to tell me in confidence what had actually transpired. He told me that upon receipt of our SOS aircraft were launched to come to our assistance and then Washington was notified. He said that the Secretary of defense (Robert MacNamara) had ordered that the aircraft be returned to the carrier which was done.  Radm Geis then said that he speculated that Washington may have suspected that the aircraft carried nuclear weapons so he put together another flight of conventional aircraft that had no capability of carrying nuclear weapons. These he launched to assist us and again notified Washington of his actions. Again MacNamara ordered the aircraft recalled.  He requested confirmation of the order being unable to believe that Washington would let us sink. This time President Johnson ordered the recall with the comment that he would not embarrass his allies. This is, to the best of my ability, what I recall transpiring 30 years ago.

David E. Lewis - Lt. Commander (at time of attack)" I give Mr. Lewis a pass on spelling McNamara’s name incorrectly; an honest mistake. Mr. Lewis also points out a lie from Johnson’s book The Vantage Point Perspectives of the Presidency as that wolf wrote ten were killed and only a few wounded. The actual numbers - 34 were killed and 171 wounded.   

More for Readers to smoke on – pages 75 - 84 in Sir Antony Sutton’s TRILATERALS OVER AMERICA discusses McNamara’s involvement and where AIDS came from.

Let’s return to the informative link about chatham hyenas. Three more sorry Americans who have made speeches there are former director/secretary of homeland security Michael porno scanner Chertoff, senator Marco alfalfa Rubio and Ann-Marie pratt, trilateral Slaughter, author of A New World Order.

From the link to bilderberg Slaughter's book: “Global governance is here--but not where most people think. This book presents the far-reaching argument that not only should we have a new world order but that we already do. Anne-Marie Slaughter asks us to completely rethink how we view the political world. It's not a collection of nation states that communicate through presidents, prime ministers, foreign ministers, and the United Nations. Nor is it a clique of NGOs. It is governance through a complex global web of "government networks."

Slaughter provides the most compelling and authoritative description to date of a world in which government officials--police investigators, financial regulators, even judges and legislators--exchange information and coordinate activity across national borders to tackle crime, terrorism, and the routine daily grind of international interactions. National and international judges and regulators can also work closely together to enforce international agreements more effectively than ever before. These networks, which can range from a group of constitutional judges exchanging opinions across borders to more established organizations such as the G8 or the International Association of Insurance Supervisors, make things happen--and they frequently make good things happen. But they are under appreciated and, worse, under used to address the challenges facing the world today.”

There You have the straight scoop from a money grubbing bilderberg, and please accept government officials, police investigators, financial regulators, judges and legislators are all in on it. Also I can’t type often enough for Readers to ask Themselves how does organized crime exist if it isn’t blessed and protected by the powers that be? Since the ivy league is the root and source of most of Our problems, those paragraphs were posted by Princeton ivy league University Press.

Since Slaughter (her name fits her) says legislators are integral an part of the new world order, let's revisit Mr. Tony Gosling’s conversation with founding bilderberg & trilateral and former pratt chairman David bankster Rocke-maggot sr. in France when the money grubbers took a break during bilderberg 2003. Mr. Gosling: “But there are a lot of government people there too. And there's things like third world debt, which is a serious problem for millions of people in the world, and it's not even on the agenda.” David Rocke-maggot sr.: “It wouldn't be appropriate. We pick subjects that the group is interested in discussing.  What bankster wants to forgive debt? Forgiving debt is against their natures even though all money is created out of thin air by simply striking a key board which debits the phony money from a fractional based, backed by nothing account inside the bank of international settlements, which is how the central bankster system works and then creating a brand new account for the phony principal and the compounded interest the bank charges for the so-called loan. Fact the world bank and international monetary fund were capitalized with phony, appeared out of thin air money.

Tony: “With the power that a lot of you people have also comes responsibility - to be in some way accountable particularly the government people who are here now.” Rocke-maggot: “We do things in various settings, congress etc.” Hmm – congress as in legislators. David Rockefeller sr. and Ann-Marie Slaughter, the best way to catch a wolf is to trap them with his or her own words.

AMERICA if senator Marco legislator Rubio denies he was a featured guest inside the chatham hyena’s den on December 3, 2013, Rubio is lying as usual. Sisters and Brothers when the alfalfas dined in 2011 Rubio sat at table 6 with George skull & bones, owl Bush jr., senator John pratt rat McCain, perennial bilderberg Vernon bankster Jordan and Franklin trilateral bankster Raines. Skeptics should contact Bill pratt rat Daley, bones toy Obama’s chief of staff at the time, as he was sitting at table 4 with Elena supreme sludge, belezian grove Kagan and former senate legislator Evan bilderberg ho Bayh. Sitting on Kagan’s left was supreme sludge Stephen pratt rat Breyer. A question for Kagan, ask her if she wants to announce the activities at belezian grove, the women only equivalent to the men only owls who attend bohemain grove?  

John chief justice/pile of sludge Roberts, since you dined table 7 with Lee 9/11 commission co-chair Hamilton and Carla pratt rat co-chair Hills, two more cover-up con artists like yourself, I have a question though I very much doubt your ability to answer truthfully. It’s a well known Fact you succeeded William pilgrims Rehnquist as chief justice and he succeeded Warren pilgrims Burger, therefore We The People have the Right to ask are you a pilgrims too?! Or should I ask former justice Sandra pilgrims society O’Conner? A black-hearted CITIZEN stabber who was proud she was chosen to be the alfalfa's president for 2012.

Another conniving American speech maker inside the hyena’s lair in London is brig. gen. Mark rhodes scholar Martins, a lawyer with the Army’s judge advocate general corps. Mark do you agree every American who has howled a speech or been a featured quest inside the hyena’s chatham house should serve hard time in a brig? Oklahoma four rhodes scholar buddies of Martins are David bones, pratt Boren, Walter bilderberg, aspen institute president, pratt Isaacson; Strobe bilderberg, brookings institute president, trilateral Talbott and senator Cory legislator Booker from New Jersey.

Beginning on page 37 from the link filled with hyena house info: “On 30 May 1919 certain members of the British and United States delegations to the Peace Conference of Paris met at the Hotel Majestic in Paris and decided to create an Institute of International Affairs. This was the foundation of the British, later the Royal Institute of International Affairs and its sister body in the United States, the Council on Foreign Relations.” Now Readers have an overview from Cecil mason Rhodes to the pilgrims pack, to the whelping of the chatham and cfr packs. And let no one forget queen Elizabeth, whose husband Philip and oldest son Charles are both bilderbergs---she is the hyena’s royal "Patron", as was her father, king George VI.  

Please scroll down the pages, what follows is from the hyena’s 1951-1952 annual report: “Patron – HER MAJESTY THE QUEEN – Presidents – THE RIGHT HON. VISCOUNT CECIL OF CHELWOOD, K. C., THE RIGHT HON. WINSTON S. master mason, pilgrims society CHURCHILL, O. H., K. C., P. M.” Now You the People know for a FACT not only was U.S. stock market crasher Churchill a chatham hyena, he was one of the hyena’s presidents.

If You haven’t already please read Parts 5 - 7 of this series. In those posts are excerpts from Mr. Pat Riott’s The Greatest $tory NEVER Told: Winston Churchill and the Stock Market Crash of 1929. Who provided Churchill with an office in New York City for the stock market crash? David pilgrims Rockefeller senior’s uncle, Percy bones scum bag, pilgrims, council on foreign relations member Rockefeller!!! (Much of what I learned angers me beyond words.)

For more details in how the anglo-american establishment works behind the scenes We should take a more detailed look at a pack of wolves masquerading as sheep known as rhodes scholars. At this link are hundreds of mug shots of rhodes scholars. 7 of the first 8 mug shots shown are former cia director Stansfield pratt Turner, former cia director James owl, pratt Woolsey, former president Bill bilderberg, trilateral Clinton; former national security advisor Walt cfr/pratt fellow Rostow, former secretary of state Dean bilderberg Rusk, former “deputy” attorney general Nicholas “let the fbi handle the cover-up in his memo to Johnson’s right hand Bill Moyers” Katzenbach and current national security advisor Susan pratt, trilateral Rice.

James Comey, I realize the majority of fbi agents can’t spell fidelity, bravery or integrity but it seems to me even the sorriest agents ought to admit when Katzenbach was later named to the pratt’s board of directors, that decision defined the pratt house.

Comey that paragraph sums you up as well, as you started banking payroll checks from cfr and chatham crooked corporate sponsors, namely Lockheed, Bridgwater Associat and HSBC  after leaving the dept. of corruption where you were the deputy attorney general from Dec. 9, 2003 - Aug. 11, 2005.

Folks rhodes scholars like pratt rats are everywhere. Doubters ask the govmint’s main spokes-rat after the BP oil spill disaster in the Gulf of Mexico in 2010, former Coast Guard commandant Thad pratt rat Allen. Something else BP American is a corporate sponsor for Chicago’s council, the pratt rat’s largest spin off, and let no one forget first lady Michelle sits on that rat pack’s board of directors with chairman Lester pratt Crown, vice-chair former fed bankster Michael bilderberg Moskow and Bill pratt Daley.

To focus on rhodes scholars let’s shine the spotlight on current LA mayor Eric Garcetti whose photo is in between former Baltimore mayor Kurt cfr, owl, trilateral Schmoke and current Louisiana governor Bobby Jindal. Garcetti certainly knows LA is a den site for one of the world affairs councils just as former LA mayor Tom trilateral Bradley knew all about that rat pack. Is Garcetti a member? I don’t know, but I do know presidents George skull Bush jr. and rhodes scholar, liar boy Clinton are on the LA rat’s list of recent speakers. Likewise Tony bilderberg Blair, Condoleezza trilateral Rice, George bilderberg Soros, Lawrence trilateral Summers and Timothy bilderberg Geithner.

In 2013 the world affairs rats held their national conference DC’s Liaison Capitol Hill Hotel, the dates November 13-15. Six speakers include Laura bones whore Bush, supreme court sludge Stephen pratt, marshall scholar Breyer, David Drummond - cfr and chatham sponsor Google’s chief legal officer, two trilaterals - Paula pratt Dobriansky and John pratt Negroponte and Michael porno scanner Chertoff - senior of counsel for pratt sponsor Covington & Burling. From Chertoff’s C & B bio: “In April of 2012, Mr. Chertoff was elected as the new Chairman of the Board of Directors of BAE Systems, Inc. He also sits on the board of directors or board of advisors of a number of companies and nonprofits.” It is widely known BAE is the U.K.’s largest exporter of weapons for war.  

A handful of world affairs rat’s corporate sponsors include BP, Google, Raytheon, ExxonMobil, Goldman Sachs and Coca-Cola.; each is a chatham and/or cfr corporate sponsor.

To further prove how the game within a game is played, Barack chose Michael rhodes scholar, pratt rat McFaul to be the U.S. ambassador to Russia in 2012. You can read the name “McFaul, Michael A.” in the pratt’s 2013 annual report.

Bottom line - rhodes scholars are ambassadors, college and university presidents, professors, partners in pratt sponsoring law firms and players in the highest echelons of business, banking, think/stink tanks and military. An example of the latter besides adm. Dennis trilateral wolf, director of national intelligence (2009-2010) Blair is lt. gen. Michelle D. pratt rat Johnson the U.S. Air Force Academy’s current superintendent. I can go on and on, instead let’s move to one of today’s (April 28) news items.

Earlier the fbi arrested house of rats member Michael Grimm, a former fbi agent on 20 counts of fraud. One paragraph from the Fox news link: "He broke our credo," FBI Assistant Director George Venizelos said. "In this 20-count indictment, Representative Grimm honored a new motto: fraud, perjury and obstruction."

George fbi assistant director Venizelos, I have read Mrs. Sibel Edmond’s CLASSIFIED WOMAN and Mr. John DeCamp’s THE FRANKLIN COVER-UP -- CHILD ABUSE, SATANISM, And MURDER In NEBRASKA. Mr. DeCamp’s Fact Filled Book can be read here as well. Venizelos, I had lost the last smidgen of respect I once had for the crooked beyond belief agency before I bought a Copy of The Franklin Cover-Up… and read John’s Epilogue.


“I finally understood the true meaning of the Franklin case one night in early 1996. Watching television and skipping through the channels, I came upon the movie Billy Budd. Instantly I zeroed in on this movie, and my heart, rather than the channels, started skipping.

By the time the movie ended, the Franklin cover-up made sense. Alisha Owen's imprisonment for telling the truth made sense. The protection of the perpetrators by our highest public officials, finally made sense. I understood, also, why it was necessary to discredit me, John DeCamp, and to kill Gary Caradori, with his eight-year-old son. Any nagging doubts I may have had about any aspects of Paul Bonacci's charges were laid to rest. And it was clear to me, at last, that public officials at all levels knew Paul was telling the truth, as they set out to destroy him.

Where did the blinding revelation come from? Let me go back a few months, to my last attempt to get a new trial for Alisha Owen. At that hearing, Troy Boner, who had originally told Gary Caradori the truth, and who had been forced to recant, was preparing to testify-to tell the truth as you read it in his affidavit in Chapter 21. Troy Boner was going to provide the information in open court, under oath, that would blow the lid off the Franklin case and force a new trial for Alisha Owen.

As Troy came into the courthouse, he was immediately ushered into a private room by county judicial authorities. He was advised that a "Special Attorney" had been appointed to protect him. For approximately one hour, while the hearing was delayed, Troy was cornered in a room with this "Special Attorney" and with other officials from the prosecutor's office, the very same prosecutorial team Troy was about to testify against.

When Troy came out of the meeting, I knew he was broken, his morale smashed. His head hung down. He could not, or would not look at anyone.

As I approached Troy, his new court-appointed attorney tried to step between us. With probably the last ounce of courage he could muster, Troy leaned over and whispered to me, "Oh God, forgive me. They guaranteed if I talk here today, they will put me away for twenty years. Guaranteed I would never see the light of day again. Told me that I would be charged with perjury for my original testimony, if I opened my mouth today in court. Don't call me up there. I can't survive in prison. I know they can put me there. Look what they did to Alisha. Look what they did to my brother. I've got no choice. They told me I had to take the Fifth Amendment and refuse to testify. Otherwise, they promised I would be taken directly from court to jail."

We all proceeded into the court room, where I called Troy to the stand. I showed Troy his affidavit. He hung his head, and when I asked my first question, "Would you please state your name?" Troy responded, "I take the Fifth Amendment," an answer he repeated, in a barely audible voice, to all my other questions. It was hopeless. I ceased my questioning, and shortly thereafter the hearing ended.

I walked back to the judge's chambers to clear up any final details. Judge Enbody had been specially appointed by the Nebraska State Supreme Court to this hearing, which I had won from the Supreme Court based on Troy's new information. (The next day I learned that he had been appointed to the Court of Appeals-a very substantial advancement in his career.) Sitting in Judge Enbody's chambers, with my head hung so low it was hitting my shoestrings, I was given the key to unlock the meaning of Franklin.

"I do not understand it, Your Honor," I kept repeating. "As God is my witness, I do not think that there is a judge or other person involved in this case who does not know that horrible injustice has been done. Everybody knows that Alisha Owen is telling the truth and that she is being punished for it. And, Your Honor, a person has to be deaf, dumb, blind, and totally dishonest, not to know that some of this state's and nation's top businessmen and public officials have engaged in the worst crimes possible, which are now being covered up. And these kids, instead of being honored and protected for exposing these things, are being sent to prison. Why? Why? Why?"

Judge Enbody looked at me. Slowly, his voice shaking, he began to talk.

"I am just a man. I am not a god. I wish I were. I have no choice in what I have done. I am just a man, just a man, not a god. I am doing what I must do with the evidence before me," Judge Enbody concluded. He appeared even more shaken and upset than I was. I shook my head. "I don't understand. I just don't understand," I kept repeating. "Everybody knows what is happening, but nobody is willing to do anything about it. Why? Why?!!"

Judge Enbody looked at me and said, very slowly, "If you want to understand the entire Franklin case, I can help you. Go read 'Billy Budd.' Read 'Billy Budd.' If you will do that, John, and if you understand the book, then you will understand the what and why of Franklin, and why it can be no other way. I do not say you will like it. I do not say you will agree with it. But at least you will understand it. That, I promise you. Go read 'Billy Budd'."

Those were the last words I spoke with the Judge on the case. I left his chambers, burnt out, but angry. And I forgot all about Billy Budd, until the night I happened upon the movie.

The story of Billy Budd is set in the British Navy near the end of the eighteenth century. Billy was a young sailor, who, although impressed into the British Navy, bore no ill will to the authorities for having dragooned him; indeed, he was the very picture of innocence and good-will, and was almost universally loved aboard his war-ship. One officer, however, developed an insane jealousy of Billy, and set out to frame him up for allegedly inciting mutiny. Since there had been several notorious mutinies in the British fleet at the time, the mere whisper of "mutiny" was enough to spread panic among the ship's officers.

To make a long story short, because of certain incriminating appearances in the case, the captain and his senior officers, although they knew Billy was innocent of all charges, nonetheless sentenced him to hang, a necessity-as they viewed it to "save the system," not just on their own ship, but in the British fleet as a whole.

Now I think I do understand the Franklin case. I know, now, that all the public officials involved in Franklin-whether they ever heard of Billy Budd or not-fully understood what they were doing.

And what they all have done, and will continue to do in this case, Franklin, and no doubt many others like it, is this: Protect the "system" at all costs. The "system" is the only ultimate sacred cow-not any particular law or constitution, but only "the system." Because, ultimately, it is the system which makes certain that the individuals functioning within it-from judges to lawyers, to prosecutors, to politicians, to businessmen have their places and positions, and opportunities and pecking order, and future.

And, though it is unfortunate, that on occasion the protection of the "system" requires the deliberate sacrifice of perfectly innocent people, that is hoped overall to be the exception rather than the rule. But without the "system" ...

So, Judge Enbody, now I understand. And, as you said, I may not agree, but I do understand.

But then I have one final, nagging question. How do I know when, or if, the "system" itself has become so corrupted, that evil is the rule, rather than the exception? And when that occurs, what do I do about it?

But I think I know the answer to that one-my oId commanding officer in Vietnam told me what I had to do. I made some promises to Bill, and I intend to keep them.” End quote.

Venizelos the problem with you and your kind including director Comey is this, you protect and benefit from the corrupt “system” Mr. John DeCamp writes about. Meanwhile all hell in the form of a crooked police department, fbi agency and judiciary attack and vilify Miss Alisha Owen who Herself is a Victim of that “system”.

Chapter 1: “Nebraska Is Death-Laced”

"If even half of what I have heard is true, this is the biggest thing to ever hit Nebraska," Gary Caradori told his wife, Sandie, late one night in August 1989. Although he was exhausted, the new chief investigator for the Nebraska Legislature's Franklin committee did not sleep that night. There was more cause for sleeplessness in the weeks that followed.

On September 14, 1989 someone broke into the Caradoris' home.

By January 1990, Caradori was writing to Nebraska Secretary of State Alan Beennan, "We -- my employees and myself -- have been followed and questionable situations have arisen during this investigation. Threatening situations have resulted numerous times. Why? Am I too close to something they do not want to become public?"

On April 13, 1990, a repairman from the Executone company reported to Caradori that his phone was tapped, a finding confirmed to him by sources inside the phone company.

The investigator continued to work, with a growing sense of the importance of his task. On May 29, 1990 Caradori wrote to Franklin committee chairman Loran Schmit. "To be frank," he told the senator, "it is my opinion that we are the only ones who are seriously working to get this case 'out in the open,' so to speak. I honestly feel that should we terminate this investigation that no further work will be done on it."

On June 23, 1990, Caradori took a few hours off to attend a barbecue at the Omaha home of Mary Lyons-Barrett. Most of those present were members of the Concerned Parents, a group of citizens who were outraged about the lack of a serious investigation of child abuse by state or federal authorities, and the campaign in Nebraska's major newspaper, the Omaha World-Herald, to discredit young victim-witnesses. Arriving in a 1980 white Corvette, Caradori told Concerned Parents president Trish Lanphier he had taken the car out of storage for the day's drive, because his other vehicles had been tampered with, and he was "sure that no one had ever seen that car." He was planning to sell his boat for the same reason, but what he most feared, he told Lanphier, was that someone would tamper with the private plane he often flew. "It would be so easy to tamper with a plane."

In early July 1990, Caradori phoned Senator Schmit. "We've got them!" he exclaimed about some new evidence he had just developed. "There's no way they can get out of it now!" He and his son Andrew ("A.J.") would be flying to Chicago for the All-Star Game the weekend of July 7-8, he told Schmit. Caradori was going to do a little investigating on the side and would review the new evidence with the senator, upon his return the following Wednesday.

On that Wednesday morning, July 11, 1990, Senator Schmit was in his office, talking with a journalist about the Franklin investigation. He related the numerous threats received by himself and Caradori, and Caradori's evaluation of those threats. "It's unlikely that they would kill you or me, Loran, because that would be too obvious," Gary had said once, "But then again, you never know."

At about 10:30 a.m., Senator Schmit took a phone call. He listened for a moment, appeared shaken, and said, "Oh, my God, no!" After asking a few questions, he hung up, tears in his eyes. "Gary's dead."

It happened at 2:30 a.m. on July 11, when Gary and A.J. were flying back to Lincoln, Nebraska from Chicago. A farmer in Lee County, Illinois reported that he saw a flash of light, heard an explosion, and saw a plane plunge to the ground. The Caradoris were killed, the plane's wreckage scattered over three-quarters of a mile. The eyewitness account of a flash of light and an explosion was on the early edition of television news in Nebraska, but got pulled from subsequent reports, which said that the plane exploded on impact.” Ladies and Gentlemen, the cover-up begins. These are the same secret societies and judiciary (Earl supreme sludge, master mason, owl, alfalfa Warren) who operate behind the scenes and those “in bed with bones” wolves covered up President John Kennedy’s, Dr. Martin King’s and Mr. Robert Kennedy’s murders - and the Mass Murder on SEPTEMBER 11, 2001.

Mr. DeCamp: “At the Nebraska statehouse that morning, Senator Schmit talked to reporters, who soon filled his office.” There were a lot of people in this state who wanted to see Gary dead," he charged. "They got their wish. The question to be answered is whether it was a coincidence."

Gary's brother Dick Caradori was interviewed by the Lincoln Journal about the many threats Gary had received. "I know that it weighed a lot on his mind," Dick said. "He always hoped that they just didn't cover it up. He said there was a lot to it and a lot of big names involved and hoped their money wouldn't sweep it under the rug." Gary's mother, Mary, told the paper that Gary "cared dearly about the people involved in the Franklin case. He worked day and night for them."

Sandie Caradori never received official notification of her husband's and son's deaths. She heard the news from friends, who heard it on the radio. Early the next day, before the bodies were even home from Illinois, the FBI descended on Caradori's office with a subpoena for all his records.” Comey and Venizelos, boys the best way to Catch wolves is to Trap them with their own words and/or actions.

“What evidence had Caradori turned up? According to the Lincoln Journal the day after Caradori' s death, "Schmit confirmed that Gary Caradori had been trying to obtain pictures that some alleged victims said were taken of them during the period when they were being abused. He also confirmed that Caradori had been told that some of those allegedly involved in child sexual abuse 'had exposed some of the victims to satanic cultism. He was working on places and times.'" He was also working on leads into Washington, D.C.

Mystery surrounded not only the crash of the airplane, but Caradori's whole trip. Gary and A.J. had stayed at the Days Inn Lakefront Motel in Chicago, where both his wife and his associate Karen J. Ormiston had telephoned, asked for him by name, and spoken with him (their phone bills showed the calls), but motel management would tell Caradori's investigative firm there was no record of his ever having stayed there. And if there was no record that Caradori had registered at the motel, there was also no record of what phone calls he might have made from Chicago.

After months of investigation, the National Transportation Safety Board had not come up with the cause of the crash. My friend Bill Colby, former director of the CIA, commented after he looked into the matter, that the cause would probably never be known. Mary Caradori rendered her own verdict on the deaths of Gary and A.J.: "My son and grandson were murdered."

Many Nebraskans echoed her opinion. They have growing grounds for suspicion. From late 1988, when the Franklin case first broke into public view, until mid-1991, at least 15 people associated with the case as investigators, alleged perpetrators, or potential witnesses, died sudden deaths, many of them violent.

In December 1990, as Dr. Densen-Gerber prepared to travel to Nebraska at the request of the Legislature's Franklin committee, she consulted several friends with relevant expertise. One of them was a member of the New York State Police, who warned her, "Don't go. Nebraska is death-laced."

Caradori's death cast a pall of terror over the state. Civil rights leader Rev. James Bevel, who visited Nebraska in October 1990 as part of a fact-finding commission, said that he had never seen such terror on people's faces, "not even on the faces of Mississippi Negroes in the 1950s and 1960s," who lived under the threat of lynchings by the Ku Klux Klan.

In this atmosphere, Douglas County and federal grand juries indicted victim-witnesses Alisha Owen and Paul Bonacci. The Senate Franklin committee went out of existence on January 9, 1991. On June 21, 1991, Alisha Owen was found guilty, and Douglas County prosecutors dropped the charges against Paul Bonacci. As far as the Nebraska political establishment was concerned, the door on the Franklin case was slammed shut for good.

Thousands of Nebraska citizens are concerned that what Gary Caradori uncovered not go with him to the grave. The story of the Franklin Credit Union investigation is intertwined with the systematic cover-up that investigation confronted, from the time of the first cries for help from children six years ago.” End quote.

How many Americans remember the Washington Times’ June 29, 1989 headline: Homosexual prostitution inquiries ensnares VIPs with Reagan and Bush - ‘Call Boys’ took midnight tour of White House by Paul M. Rodriguez and George Archibald? Please read the entire article at the link. Agent McLaughlin which federal agencies handled the cover-up for the wolves in the highest offices? The secret service was handed the ball first. And then there was u.s. attorney/dept. of corruption member Jay B. Stephens who had previously been president Ronald alfalfa, owl Reagan’s deputy white house counsel.

Young man the most widely recognized name in Mr. De-Camp’s Book who had sex with a teenage call boy supplied by Lawrence King (King sang the national anthem at the 1984 and 1988 rocke-pub national conventions) was then lice president - former cia director, former council on foreign relations board member George skull & bones, alfalfa, alibi, owl, trilateral wolf Bush sr. Where was skull sr. at the time? Chicago. Agent McLaughlin, Mr. Gary Caradori and his son A.J. were flying from Chicago when They were murdered and the very next day fbi scum confiscated Mr. Caradori’s files.

Who was the cia’s director when the Caradoris were murdered? Former fbi director William alfalfa, owl, pratt, trilateral wolf Webster. Where is he today?  Webster chairs Barack "bilderberg, nobel peace prize winner, uses drones to murder innocent Women and Children” Obama’s homeland security advisory board.

(More to follow.)

A handful of former fbi director Webster’s fellow trilateral wolves in 2007 include admiral Dennis Blair, Susan Rice, former cia director John Deutch, senator Jay maggot Rockefeller (who is married to a bilderberg), Charles house of rats Rangel, James (then) house of rats Leach, Marc urban league Morial and cia director on SEPTEMBER 11, 2001 - George despicable bastard Tenet.

Venizelos either you are too stupid to connect the dots between Bush’s and Webster’s shared alfalfa, owl, pratt & trilateral memberships, plus they are both former cia directors, or part of your job description is to protect packs of wolves. It has to be one or the other and we both know you and your sorry assed kind have stuck your heads up the asses of the bones pack and their whores, the bilderbergs and their bitches, the trilaterals. You, Clinton, Comey, Holder, Jeh Jonson and Obama have much in common. And neither is it a damn secret that pratt house chairs are bilderbergs first; that has been the case for the last 50 plus years. And neither is it a coincidence John bilderberg, pratt house chair, pilgrims society, alfalfa club McCloy was placed on Earl master mason, bohemian grove owl, alfalfa Warren’s warren commission with former pratt house president, fired cia director Allen bilderberg, pilgrims society Dulles and congressional scum, namely senator John bones, pratt rat Sherman and future president Gerald bilderberg, house of rats, master mason, owl, pratt, alfalfa Ford.

Ladies and Sisters please forgive my language, I don’t mean to offend You with my descriptive, tell it like it is language.

Venizelos since you are too f-ing stupid to do the math, that equals the military industrial-congressional complex in cahoots with the anglo-american establishment. The certified bastards and bitches who are protected and served by atf, blm, dea, dhs, dia, fbi, irs, nsa, secret service and us marshals etc. CITIZEN stabbers like you!

In Abc news reporter Aaron Katersky’s piece discussing Grimm’s arrest, he wrote: “Grimm, a Republican from New York City's borough of Staten Island, surrendered to the FBI this morning. After taking him into custody FBI Assistant Director George Venizelos issued a scathing assessment of Grimm.

“As a former FBI agent, Representative Grimm should understand the motto: fidelity, bravery, and integrity. Yet he broke our credo at nearly every turn. In this twenty-count indictment, Representative Grimm lived by a new motto: fraud, perjury, and obstruction," Venizelos said.

"We demand the best from our political leaders. Yet today, we again find ourselves expecting and rightfully wanting more. And as citizens of this great nation we rightfully demand it,” the FBI agent said.” End quote.

Venizelos, who do you think you’re fooling?! Heck if 100 of your fellow agents could spell fidelity, bravery and integrity they would have already banded together and issued a Demand to AMERICA’S secret society run government to build and test models of one of the Twin Towers and building 7. By your own words, as Citizens of this potentially Great Nation that is a Right WE THE PEOPLE Rightfully Have!!! Venizelos talk is cheap, so either put your money where your mouth is or shut the hell up! Because the bullshit spewed by the bilderberg, pratt rat and trilateral wolf---bones run 9/11 commission, which you support, Proves who you really are, a fecal faced bastard just like dept. of corruption Holder and fbi director Comey.

And then there is former Nebraska state senator Mr. John DeCamp’s Assessment of the department of corruption as a whole. Mr. John DeCamp; “The Justice Department, acting through the FBI and the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Omaha, emerges from the record of the Franklin investigations not so much as a party to the cover-up, but as its coordinator. Rigging grand juries, harassment of witnesses, incitement to perjury and tampering with evidence--federal personnel were seen to apply all of those techniques in the Franklin case.”

Let’s take Mr. DeCamp's Assessment One Step Further to then deputy attorney general, future pratt house director Nicholas rhodes scholar Katzenbach’s memo to president Lyndon wolf Johnson’s right hand - BillMoyers - recommending master mason Hoover’s fbi take charge of covering up President John F. Kennedy’s assassination by the military industrial-congressional complex which was carried out by the bones founded cia working hand in hand with the military and select members of the secret service. The one who ordered the two agents off the back of the limo in Dallas, as shown in the video, (in the last link) had to be in on it.

Venizelos since Bill Moyers was later placed on the pratt house's board and the bilderberg's steering committee, those appointments prove who he is.

Ladies and Gentlemen - fraud, perjury & obstruction Define the fbi.  Sisters and Brothers, Mrs. Sibel Edmunds’ Book, the katzenbach memo and Mr. John DeCamp’s Book prove fbi agent Venizelos’ choice of words - fraud, perjury & obstruction as the actual motto fbi agents adhered to at Ruby Ridge, Waco, Oklahoma City and Omaha. There is no getting around the Fact the agency has proven to be dishonest whenever the fbi has been tasked with a major investigation.

Comey and Mueller, Venizelos may be stupid enough to believe insignificant fires caused three concrete and steel building to explode and implode on 9/11. If that is Actually the Case then I pity his high priced education. Sadly it appears the same can be said for 95% of those with criminal justice and or police science degrees. Comey to Compound the problem lots of badge wearers share the same mindset as the majority of law unto themselves judges have. Mueller do we agree when most cops, fbi agents, lawyers and judges look into mirrors they tend to start fantasizing---having delusions of grandeur?

Brass tacks - city police departments and county sheriff’s offices know who they can bust and which criminals are federally protected. Anyone who doesn’t believe that should read pages 87-90 and Appendix C in Sir Sutton’s Trilaterals Over America.  Another option would be to watch the Clinton Chronicles.

Unfortunately colleges and universities don’t offer degrees in Honesty, Integrity or How To Think Things Through. Instead a premium is put on law degrees, the art of lying and denying with a straight face.

More points every AMERICAN should be aware of - one of bones’ co-founders here in this potentially great nation in 1833 was William Russell, and his family operated the largest American firm participating in the China opium drug trade. Next accept Robert bones, pratt Lovett’s lovett committee whelped the cia. The other co-founder was Alphonso Taft, president William H. skull & bones, supreme sludge, pilgrims society, master mason Taft’s father.

Before discussing what many believe is the fbi’s worst crime and more of what that agency covers up, let’s look at the powers that be through the atlantic council which was represented at the world affairs councils rat’s conclave held in the district of corruption (Washington, DC) last November by Barbara Slavin.

The atlantic council’s president is John bilderberg Huntsman and five of former Utah governor Huntsman’s fellow bilderbergs in 2012 were senator John bones Kerry; Obama advisor and friend Austan bones Goolsbee, Eric google Schmidt, Craig microsoft Mundie and the first choice to head the 9/11 commission, then bilderberg steering committee member Henry Kissinger. The atlantic councils’ ceo and chairman is Frederick pratt rat Kempe.

Six atlantic directors are R. Nicholas pratt, trilateral Burns; gen. Wesley pratt, rhodes scholar Clark; gen. James bilderberg, trilateral Jones, Stephen pratt, trilateral Hadley; senator Mark bilderberg, pratt Warner and Ann-Marie bilderberg, pratt, trilateral Slaughter.

Six honorary directors are Madeline pratt house director Albright, Colin pratt house director Powell, Frank trilateral Carlucci, Condoleezza bilderberg Rice, Richard drug smuggler, trilateral Armitage and former cia and fbi director, William alfalfa, owl, pratt, trilateral Webster.

Four lifetime directors include Lucy Wilson trilateral Benson; Togo alfalfa club, pratt West, former cia director R. James bohemian owl, pratt Woolsey and William H. pratt Taft IV from the bones founding in AMERICA Taft family.

All the major think/stink tanks - american enterprise, aspen, atlantic, brookings, hoover, hudson and rand etc. share the same characteristics, each is run behind the scenes by bones, bilderberg, master mason, owl, pratt or trilateral scum. Skeptics ask former lice-president Dan bilderberg in 1990, in bed with bones, alfalfa club Quayle about his relationship with the hudson institute.

When the bilderberg pack met in Glen Cove, New York in 1990 who believes then attorney general Dick pratt Thornburgh, then cia director William pratt Webster and then fbi director Bill alfalfa club Sessions didn’t know all about the money grubber’s conclave? And each of those wolves knows the rest of the story about why Mr. Caradori’s plane blew up in mid-air in July 1990 killing Gary and his son A.J.

Let’s return to The Franklin Cover-Up and Chapter 14 - Cover-up Phase III: The FBI, Mr. DeCamp: “Maybe Senator Schmit and I got the message in its purest form, when we met with Omaha FBI head Nick O'Hara in his office in early 1989. O'Hara, who kept Wadman's picture on his desk, threatened, "You f-- with Bob Wadman, you f--- with the FBI!"

John’s Book provides details into the cozy relationship then Omaha police chief Bob Wadman and Nick fbi O’Hara had. Bill alfalfa club Sessions, would you like to announce why the fbi gathered up Mr. Caradori’s files after He was murdered?

John: “The Douglas County grand jury proclaimed on July 23, 1990, that the allegations and evidence of Franklin-linked child abuse were a "carefully crafted hoax." Its report implied that the perpetrators were Alisha Owen, journalist Michael Casey, and the late Gary Caradori. According to testimony of Alisha Owen and her parents before the Franklin committee, the FBI had this line already in March of 1990, before the grand jury even started sitting.

Alisha testified to the Franklin committee on June 11, 1990, before promulgation of the grand jury report, that her former lawyer Pam Vuchetich had come to see her in the spring,

“…giving a proposal from the FBI that if l recanted my story then nothing would happen to me, I could possibly get out of prison and no charges would ever be brought against me. Such as, if I recanted my story, they wouldn't charge me with perjury, they wouldn't charge me with lying, they would just drop the whole thing, they would write letters to the judge asking for my sentence reduction so I could get out of prison. And if -- and in this deal I would have to say that Gary Caradori and Mike Casey came to me, they set this whole thing up, they told me what to say, we got scripts, we were promised monetary values. And I would be taken care of.” (After reading Miss Alisha's words, reflect on this - there have been thousands upon thousands of fbi agents, but only a handful of agents have tried to be whistle blowers.)

John: “On Sept. 25, 1990, a federal grand jury returned findings almost identical to those of the Douglas County jury:

“There is no credible evidence for us to believe that funds or individuals connected with the Franklin Community Federal Credit Union were involved in the sexual exploitation of minors, the interstate transportation of minors, the interstate transportation of minors for sexual purposes or the trafficking in controlled substances.”

All of the big shots named in the Caradori investigation were cleared:

“There is no credible evidence for us to believe that any prominent individuals in the Omaha community were involved in any ring of organized activity to sexually exploit minors, transport minors in interstate commerce for sexual purposes, or to traffic in controlled substances.”

Alisha Owen was indicted again, on eight counts of perjury. The FBI, as Boner said, had threatened Boner into recanting his videotaped statement, which enabled the Douglas jury to return its "carefully crafted hoax" verdict, and set the pattern for the federal grand jury. Federal officials in charge of the latter, in particular Assistant U.S. Attorney Thomas Thalken, attempted to terrorize Alisha Owen into recanting as well.” End quote.

The information contained in The Franklin Cover-Up lays out how corrupt the entire department of in-justice is. The cover-up in Omaha boggles the mind until accepting how wide spread devil worship/satanism, drug running and pedophilia are among the power structure  in America and around the planet. Every time elements within that evil cabal are exposed, the Victims are vilified by the press and power structure instead of the perpetrators.

This link provides details into some of what has been covered up in Europe by police, judges & legislators and those packs of officials are interwoven with the masonic brotherhood exactly like they are in America.

(Here is an excellent overview of THE FRANKLIN COVER-UP.)

John: “Alisha was not the only witness the FBI was reported to have harassed or told to lie. At a Franklin committee session on June 22, 1990, Senator Labedz related her discussion with former Franklin employee Noel Seltzer:

“One of the most important things that I thought he told me was the fact that when they first went into the investigation of Larry King, he was talked to by the FBI and he told them mostly everything that he told me about the sexual abuse and so forth. And then he said he was told by the FBI, we're going to advise you it's best for you that you keep your mouth shut. And I said, say that again, and he repeated it so I could write it down.”

Gary Caradori interviewed a victim-witness named Terry Muller*. In his daily report of Apri1 20, 1990, Caradori wrote:

“Further this writer received a telephone call from Sue Tompkins*, sister of Terry Muller. Briefly, Sue told this writer that the FBI and a member of the State Patrol were harassing her brother and trying to get him to talk about things that he just didn't know about. She stated that her brother is extremely scared. He wants to tell the truth, how-ever, he felt extremely uncomfortable with the FBI and State Patrol investigators. She stated that a Phillips and FBI Agent Coulter were very harsh with her brother.”

On May 4, 1990, Caradori added:

“Following this meeting, this writer placed a telephone call to Sue Tompkins, who is the sister of Terry Muller. She advised me that Terry had retained an attorney to protect him from the FBI. I told her that I wished him well and hoped that everything worked out for him.”

The legislative investigator found that the FBI interfered with material even before he got to it. One afternoon in late 1989, Caradori and Karen Ormiston spent several hours at YNR Airlines in Sioux City, Iowa, photocopying flight manifests of Larry King's charter flights. At other airlines, staffers had already confirmed to Caradori, that King took underage boys and girls with him on charter flights. At YNR, children's names were listed for the flights -- proof that King was transporting children around the country as the Webb girls, Alisha Owen, Paul Bonacci, and others had charged.

The owner of YNR made a phone call, and prevented Caradori from leaving with the records, some of which had yellow FBI tabs attached to them. Since the Franklin committee had only limited, in-state subpoena power, Caradori requested the NCUA to subpoena the records, turn them over to him, and not mention this to the FBI. NCUA general counsel Robert Fenner agreed.

Caradori never got the records, but someone else apparently did. Caradori told a friend, that he saw some of the FBI stickers from YNR, in a notebook carried by FBI agent Mickey Mott. The FBI maintained that there was no proof whatsoever that King had transported children; the Douglas County grand jury lamented, that it was a pity charter companies did not keep flight manifests, so no trips could be verified." (How many agree lie, deceive and withold (evidence) should be the fbi's motto?)

"In a September 25, 1990 letter to Senator Schmit, Ormiston summed up the FBI's activities:

“There must be some kind of provision which allows the State of Nebraska to retain its information so that there is not a probable cover-up when this stuff is turned over to the federal level. It is my sincere hope that the federal agencies cannot just walk all over the state agencies, especially since we have given them everything we have yet we have been allowed to see nothing that they have. This in itself has not only prolonged the investigation, but it has also been a major factor in that the FBI does seem to get to our leads since they do have a lot of manpower. I do feel that the leads turned over to the FBI have effectively been stonewalled as it pertains to this investigation.”

The FBI's eagerness to discredit the victim-witnesses may be based on more than just an institutional commitment to protect former Omaha FBI chief Nick O'Hara's friend Chief Wadman, or Assistant U.S. Attorney Thalken, or higher-ups in Washington. A look at life inside the Bureau, including its Omaha branch, shows why.

In August 1990, black FBI agent Donald Rochon settled his suit against the FBI for racial discrimination. A highly decor- ated veteran of the Los Angeles Police Department, Rochon joined the FBI in the early 1980s. According to the settlement, Rochon, who worked in the Omaha FBI office in 1983 and 1984, will receive more than $1 million over his lifetime, and have his $500,000 in legal expenses paid.

In his suit, Rochon charged Omaha FBI personnel with sexual perversion. Some of the details are recorded in a "Motion of the [U.S.] Attorney General for Summary Judgment as to Plaintiff's [Rochon] 'Chicago Claims,'" filed on September 13, 1989 in Washington, D.C. After his Omaha assignment, Rochon had moved to Chicago, where the harassment continued.

Subhead II of that motion, "The Sexual Deviance Complaint and Investigation," reads in part:

“In response to his telephonic complaint, a signed sworn statement was taken from Rochon on July 3, 1984. In his statement, Rochon described a series of acts or events which he alleged were evidence of sexual deviance by SA [Special Agent] Dillon and other SAs assigned to the Omaha office. Specifically, Rochon alleged that he had "personally observed" Dillon "French kissing" SA Agent Terry J. Bohle, a male, at a going-away party for SA Bohle, and that he likewise had "personally witnessed" Dillon "exposing him- self in the Omaha office during a regular work day to numerous Omaha employees, both male and female." In addition, Rochon said that he had heard reports that Dillon had allowed Boble to urinate into his mouth and to "urinate into a beer bottle, [from] which he subsequently drank;" and that Dillon had been observed "picking out the deodorant block in [the] men's urinal and placing this block in his mouth." Rochon further alleged that Dillon appeared preoccupied with homo- sexual sex, kept homosexual pornography at his desk, and had frequently spoken in the office of homosexual acts.”

Another agent backed up Rochon's account of Dillon's allowing Bohle to urinate into his mouth. In an official response, Dillon protested that SA Bohle only "accidentally" did urinate on him on one occasion. He added that he, Dillon, had not exposed his penis in the office, as Rochon charged, but merely his buttocks. The Bureau defended Dillon's possession of pornographic homosexual literature, as necessary for his investigation of homosexual prostitution. But Rochon's claims of discrimination and harassment were so well substantiated, that the FBI chose to settle.

In October 1983, the FBI announced it had investigated a male prostitution ring in Omaha. Apparently one of the agents on the case was none other than SA Dillon. U.S. Attorney Ron Lahners commented privately at the time, "This thing is so big and involves so many prominent people around this state." The investigation was expected to bring high-level indictments, but never did. One Nebraska insider said recently, "There is no doubt that the pedophile networks investigated in 1983 overlapped those of Larry King; in fact King himself was probably looked at, at that time."

Special agent Dillon, who was investigating homosexual prostitution in those years, was "real close to some priests at Boys Town," according to a law enforcement source who knew Dillon then. Years later, Caradori received allegations that some priests associated with Boys Town, in particular Father Pat Henry and Father Fiala, were pedophiles; Father Henry was sent to Bolivia when child abuse scandals surfaced at Boys Town in the mid-1980s.

Donald Rochon was a successful agent, part of whose responsibility while in Omaha was to find missing children. He once was commended for finding a kidnapped girl within one day of beginning work on the case. Inevitably, as a black agent, he would have developed ties in the black community in north Omaha, where Larry King's pedophilia was notorious. Many of the boys King used as prostitutes were black, and were recruited from Boys Town, where the alleged pervert SA Dillon seemed to have friends. Would it have been just a matter of time until Rochon found himself investigating SA Dillon, and others in Dillon's clique? One thing was established for certain by Rochon's court documents: Dillon was the ringleader of the harassment operation which drove Rochon from Omaha, and most of the rest of the Omaha FBI office covered up for Dillon.” End quote.


John: “At the time of his death, Gary Caradori was known to be pursuing two tracks -- the Washington, D.C. connection, and satanism. A satanic magazine was seen by a farmer at the site of Caradori's plane crash in rural Illinois; the magazine disappeared without a trace, and without further mention by the news media or the National Transportation Safety Board.

Caradori told Senator Schmit he had some Franklin leads to follow up, while he was in Chicago for the All-Star Game. One place he planned to visit was a satanic book store.

The Douglas County grand jury acknowledged that the allegations in the Franklin case "necessitated our studying satanic and pedophile activity in eastern Nebraska, particularly in the Omaha metropolitan area."

The testimony of two victim-witnesses who did not know each other, Loretta Smith and Paul Bonacci, placed King in the middle of such activity. Smith's testimony was apparently so sensitive, that the Douglas County Attorney's office made an unprecedented appeal to the presiding judge of the Douglas County Circuit Court, Judge James M. Murphy, to have it sealed in perpetuity. (When I became Paul Bonacci's attorney, this judge failed in an attempt to prevent me from representing or assisting Paul, which would have left him to be represented by a public defender. Eventually, Judge Murphy had to disqualify himself from the case, as a result of his attempt to injure me.)

Murphy granted the request to seal Smith's grand jury testimony. Its nature, however, was clear by the references to it in the jury's final report:

“In 1988 an Omaha girl, who was an inpatient at Richard Young Hospital, described a number of gruesome cult activities which she claimed to have witnessed between the approximate ages of 9 and 12. ... According to the girl, she became involved in a cult where older male members sexually molested her and killed infants and children to establish their dominance over other cult members.”

Smith had named Larry King as present at ritual sacrifices, along with school superintendent Deward Finch and the person called King’s Horse, identified by videotaped witnesses as King's henchman, the other Larry.

Satanic activity is not new in Nebraska and the surrounding midwestern states. Some families have passed it from generation to generation, over fifty or a hundred years. Satanic practices have spread into the highest levels of society, where Larry King traveled.

According to testimony from Paul Bonacci, Larry King had been recruited to a satanic cult by December 1980 at the latest. In his written history, Bonacci described how King picked him up after school one day in December, "and took me to the Triangle which is in a wooded area in Sarpy County. I witnessed a sacrifice of a human baby boy. Everyone was chanting and it was a yearly ritual around the time of Christ's birth to pervert the blood of Christ. They used daggers and cut the boy and filled a cup with his blood and mixed urine in it and forced all of us to drink from the cup and chant 'Satan is Lord Lucifer our King. Realm of darkness come now empower us your slaves.' Then they all began to chant some weird sounds and I got scared and was threatened I'd become the next sacrifice if I told anyone about it."

Bonacci said he witnessed the participation of another Franklin-related figure: "I did see [Alan] Baer take part in satanic activity on several occasions." Bonacci spoke to Dr. Judianne Densen-Gerber about his activities as a member of four different satanic cults in Nebraska, some of which had 50 to 100 members.

A groundbreaking account of satanic activities in Nebraska came from Kathleen Sorenson, the foster mother who took in Nelly and Kimberly Patterson after they fled from the Webbs.

Mrs. Sorenson decided to speak out about what she had learned from children in her care. Together with her eldest foster daughter, a survivor of ritualistic abuse, she spoke at public forums around the state, gave radio and television interviews, and appeared on Geraldo Rivera's nationally televised special on satanism. This is the report Kathleen Sorenson gave on a Christian TV interview program aired in Nebraska in 1989, based on her experience with over 30 children who spent months or years in her home.

Mrs. Sorenson: “We got involved and learned about this subject because we were foster parents and worked with a number of children. And several years back, several of the children began, after a period of time and building up trust, began to talk about some very bizarre events that had happened in their past and they were frightening and very confusing. I really didn't know what to think. We went to the police, and we went to social services and there was really nothing anyone could do. These children we worked with are now adopted, in safe homes, and probably would never have talked had they not felt able to trust the people they were living with.

There are certain things that are in common in the children’s stories when we talk about devil worship. ... There are things that come up in every single story, such as candles. They all talk about sex. Sex is without a doubt a part of every area of this, all sorts of perverted sex. That is what you will first hear, about the sex, about the incest, and it is so hard to believe. But once we get that, we have learned that we can go on and ask and find out. .. and it will involve pornography; that is always part of it. Part of the reason is that they can use that to threaten the children. "We have pictures, we will show the police if you talk." It makes the children feel that they are in great danger, and they are all very frightened of the law. They talk about the garish make- up that the people in the group wear, they talk about singing that they didn't understand. Obviously that is chanting, and that has come up in every one of these stories, and none of them call it chanting. There will be dancing. Most often that will involve sexual acts. There will always be a leader and they will be very frightened of the leader.

These children, from a very young age, and I am talking about children who came out of birth homes, the family they were born to, worshipped the devil. That's all I can share, and I don't pretend to be an expert. All I can tell you is what the children have told me. My husband and I say, we know things we shouldn't know. That's true, and I thought very carefully before I agreed to do the program, because we have heard so much, and it is so ugly, and so frightening, that you hesitate to tell it to people. It's very heavy to know. I don't want people running around looking in their closets and not leading normal lives. You don't want to think you are giving people ideas. I don't want people to say, if a child starts to talk about some of this, "They probably saw it on that show Kathleen did." But we're hearing more and more. And it is becoming very, very out in the open, and I think it's time for people to know that this is not fun and games; this is not something that we can laugh at -- or ignore.

The children I have talked to have all had to murder before the age of two. That is something beyond anything I could comprehend. But in some way, whether with the help of an adult's hand over theirs, by having them practice, by getting them excited to be part of the adult scene, they do murder. And the evil thing that happens is, that they really believe that they want to. They want to do what the older people are doing, and they are praised for that. And that becomes their goal, to be like the adults. There is a little part in them, that natural good, God-given part, which knows that it is wrong. But in a group, and in the excitement of everything, they want to do that. They enjoy the sex. Children are capable of enjoying the sex. I didn't know that. Well, why would they fight against it? A child will eat a bag of candy if you give it to them. They will take part in these things willingly. When they get out and begin to talk, it is very difficult for them to realize, we didn't realize it at first, that they actually wanted to do it.

They are told they will never get out, no one will ever believe them, that there is no freedom, that "the law will get you," they are hopeless before they get someone willing to listen. They are threatened with death. Every time a child is killed in their group, they are told, "If you tell, this will happen to you." They have every reason to believe that. So even when they are into the [foster care] system, and with another family and begin to feel somewhat safe, they still expect these people to show up on the doorstep. They believe that these people know everything they are doing, everyone they're talking to. One teenager told me that she had been told, that if she ever got married, that they would fool her, it would be one of them and she wouldn't know it ahead of time. They set them up to fail in every area.

It is very prevalent in the mid-west, Iowa, Nebraska, Missouri. Some people have speculated recently that these states are headquarters. ...

As you listen to us talk about these things, there will be a natural part of you which will deny much of what you hear, and believe me, we did too. I would like to share this with you, partly in the children's words, so that you can hear the things that they said that nobody could make up, that no child could know. That's what eventually convinced me, along with the deep emotion. The grieving, screeching damage and hurt that they cry out with as they talk. The children I will be talking about, these are all children that I personally talked to. They are today between the ages of 5 and 17. When they talked they were between the ages of 5 and 15. When these things occurred to them, they were between the ages of, well birth, but of when memory enters in, I would say a year and a half to eight. So we are talking about very small children. ... We are talking about children forming consciences at that time, learning right from wrong. These children do not know. They come out and do not know what is right. They are confused. What they did before, that they were rewarded for, is such a horror to anybody else, that they are shunned. And most often they have been in multiple placements, they will go to a home, they will steal, they will lie, they will hurt animals. One little guy would sharpen pencils and try to stab people. I don't mean poke, I mean stab. People don't like that in their homes. They don't have any idea what it is, they just think, "We have a weird kid." Many are sent to psychiatric hospitals where they are labeled psychotics, schizophrenics, and who would want them in. I praise God that he brought so many of them into my life, and through our home, and that there are other families like ours, it is just a movement of the Holy Spirit, the only way I can explain it. ...

I will begin with the first stories that we heard, which will seem horrible to you, but are very mild to me, because we have progressed and heard far worse things. The first story is about two little boys who were 7 and 9 when they talked, and they told about sexual abuse at one point, and were very grieved. We talked about good and bad touching and we thought we really had gotten to the bottom of it, and then that afternoon the little one began to cry, and when we couldn't get the answer from him, the older brother said, "He is probably crying because he was in the room, when they killed his friend." That was the first one we know about. And as they described that, they talked about that particular victim being brought into a room, hands and arms tied, mouth taped, and how there had been X's marked on his body, on his vital organs. That was bad enough. Within a very few weeks we learned that it was not the adults who had killed that child. It was this oldest boy, who was talking.

The next person that we talked to was a little boy, who was very borderline mentally. He had language problems, it was very hard for him to explain himself. And when he began to come out of it, everyone was startled the way he talked. We were real sure, we knew he had not been around these other children and heard anything, but we began to question ourselves, "Are we asking strange questions. Is there something odd about us which makes children come and dump these things on us?"

The part which made me believe this child's story, he talked about different babies being killed, but this particular one being stabbed, he curled up in a fetal position, he was 9 years old when he was telling the story. He curled up in a fetal position, and his eyes got real glazed, and he said, "They cooked that baby on the grill." And I thought, he has really flipped out. I mean, I didn't know. And he said, "Oh, gross, it smelled like rotten chicken, or rotten deer."

He then went on to tell us how they would cut out the heart, or cut off the sex organs, and save them in the refrigerator. A very typical thing that these kids talk about. They worship the sex organs. ... They kept it for another ceremony. I asked him where the bodies went. I did not get any answers from that child about what happened to the bodies, but the other two boys, who I spoke about first, eventually, they talked about throwing the babies in the fire. And I asked about that, "You mean they were dead when they threw them in the fire?" And the littlest one said, "No, no. Them was alive and them threw them." And by this time we were really getting freaked out. What were we going to do? How can you help these kids? Where do you find a therapist who can deal with this? ... But God set up a support system. Other families were helping us, and that really helped.

The next child I will share about, and I am going sort of by categories here, how we learned, and the types of killings, this little girl is 11 today, she was 9 when she first talked. It was a very painful thing when she first started to share the sex things. The sex things are so harmful to the children and they are so embarrassed and it is so personal to the children, and they know that they enjoyed that. They know that. We had been through all that. She began to draw pictures of cats, and the cats all had tails that were on the other side of the page, or their leg was someplace else. As we began to work with her and talk, she said that she had had to kill a pregnant cat. She first said that they had killed a pregnant cat. We said how did you know it was pregnant. Well, she could not explain that, but as we got into it, she confessed that she had had to kill the cat. And I asked her. And her description was, "With a knife, I put it in her bottom, and twisted it."

Now you tell me, does a kid know that? If I ask a kid how do you kill a cat, do you think they will say that? Those are the kinds of details these children tell us. Later, and they eventually cut the cat open, and that was how they knew the cat was pregnant. And they eat parts of the cat, and the feces and the blood. And again, this was just the beginning. It progressed, and the next time she had to kill a baby, the same way -- put the knife in the bottom and twist. The baby was alive and he was screaming. And that child hears that, to this day, and has nightmares and flashbacks. And they cut the baby open, and they ate the baby. They do this, so there are no bodies left, and they burn what is left and grind up the bones. And she talked about that, pouring gasoline on the bodies and burning them in the back yard. And I used to think that was nuts, but I have heard it enough times now that I know it must be so. ...

We know there are mortuaries involved, to cremate the bodies, and that makes sense. ...

The most horrible story about fire that I have to tell, and this is extremely, extremely disturbing, it was a little girl, she was a teenager when she was telling me. And she was describing a barn where they used to go to have their meetings and they used to gather outside the barn, and there would be chanting. And then as they went inside the barn they would be split into different groups. And she was never with any of her family, they all went to different places. And I asked her where she had to go and she said: "I was always in the burning room." And as she went on to describe the burning room, I thought, how she came out of this, with any sanity at all, I don't know. She was a very small child.

They would take in children, probably pre-schoolers, and they would hang them from the rafters in this barn, and there would be as many as five or ten hung in a row. They would be fully clothed, which is unusual, because frequently they are naked. The children, like this girl, were all given candles. And you can picture the ceremony as she described it. And the candles were lit. Then the adults would go forward and would pour liquid from a cup on each of the children's clothing, which was obviously gasoline or kerosene. And then they would give a signal and the others would have to go forward and set the children on fire. When they were done they would cut them down. The first child that this girl had to kill was a cousin, a little cousin. What does that do to you? But you couldn't object, because the children that objected were killed. Frequently, she said, people would come in families, not knowing that their child would be sacrificed, and she described the screams when they realized that their child had been killed. ...

This child, about two years ago, just fell to the ground at Christmastime, everyone thinks that Christmas is such a wonderful time. And she confessed that she hated Christmas, she couldn't wait until everything was put away, because all she could hear was babies crying. Christmas is the time when the most babies die. And she covered her ears and cried for 2- 1/2 hours, and screamed, "Stop it, stop it, stop it! Talk to God and make him stop it!" All she could hear is the screams and the babies crying. ...

Christmas for the children I have talked to, has been one of the worst times. I have had three children tell me about a very similar ceremony, and I will kind of merge that and tell you how it went. They were taken to a church, and all the children, it is a very festive occasion, and they are taken to the front of the church, and a small child is now brought in, two of them talked about babies and they put them on a platform. The adults are all celebrating and dancing, and singing and the children are getting into the spirit of it, and what they are doing is forming a circle around the child, and of course the child represents the child Jesus, and they begin mocking, and spitting, and calling names, and then they encourage the children to begin doing it, and you can imagine how it gets out of control. And at some point they hand all of the children knives and then they are all hacking, and slashing until the baby is dead, and then they all celebrate because the child Jesus is dead.” End quote.

What You have just read is part of the power structure We have to CHANGE.

John: "Kathleen Sorenson was aware that it was dangerous to tell the public what she did. She appealed to friends, "Pray for me." She died in a head-on car crash in October 1989.

Kathleen was driving on a long, narrow stretch of road between Fremont, Nebraska and her home in Blair. At least several people knew the road she would be on, and at what time. A car was traveling in front of her, which was possibly the "spotter" car used in such a situation. Another car, coming from the opposite direction, crossed the center line and rammed into Kathleen's car, killing her. Both the young woman driver and her husband had prior arrest records for cruelty to animals, a common marker for satanism.

Not long after Sorenson's death, a teenager in a youth care facility told a worker, "You better watch out or we will get you like we got that lady from Blair." The youth went on to describe a ceremony of drawing lots for the privilege.

One of the most potent weapons of the satanists is the inability of the average person to comprehend such hideous events as described by Kathleen Sorenson. A few years ago, if anyone had recounted something like her testimony to me, I would have recommended that they be hauled off to the loony farm. Today, I have no doubt that much -- maybe all -- of it is true. I have been confronted with documentation of a world I did not know about or believe existed.” End quote. 

Early in this video (a 12 minute clip produced by Pat Robertson's 700 Club which has been watched nearly 1 million 500 thousand times on youtube) a daughter of a satanist high priest describes her youth. Sisters and Brothers, Nancy has overcome more than most. Shortly after puperty her father, a doctor, began using Nancy as a breeder and the children she bore were sacrificed to satan while infants. To the powers that be's shame this type of activity takes place all over America.

(More to follow.)

After watching this 9 minute Production by Mr. Mark Dice ask Yourself why governments around the planet allow one of the most twisted, sickest ever---satanist Aleister Crowley’s book: Magick - In Theory And In Practice to be printed and sold? Next are two sentences from Crowley’s book: For the highest spiritual working one must accordingly choose that victim which contains the greatest and purest force. A male child of perfect innocence and high intelligence is the most satisfactory and suitable victim. Crowley was born in 1875 and took the journey I hope to hell in 1947. To show how sick and twisted mankind has become, recently I read at Wikipedia the british broadcasting company, a chatham house sponsor known for covering up its pedophiles, conducted a poll in 2002 where Child murderer, satanist Crowley was ranked the seventy-third greatest Britain of all time.

Some names in the bbc’s british paedophile club are available here and here. Mr. Wayne Madsen’s column discusses pedophiles in this land and abroad; the Vatican’s continuous cover-ups, the Penn St. cover-up, and nsa computers bought child pornography. The next link proves the pentagon and nsa have much in common.

Leaving the rampant pedophilia/paedophilia out of the equation - satanism is another aspect of the anglo-american establishment.

On May 1, 2014 one of the subjects covered by Mr. Alex Jones during his show was ritual Child sacrifice; a form of cruelty which in years passed took place on most continents including Europe and what is now the Mid-East.

The Bolsheviks (founded by Zionists) used May 1, as their national holiday and on May 1 in this day and age, it is thought by many that the most Child sacrifices take place in Europe and America. Those Child murders are performed by satanists, the Children’s killers are men and women.

Ladies and Gentlemen, how many Children disappear in this nation every year never to be seen or heard from again? I’ve read from 300,000 to 400,000.

More information into Children being sold at secret auctions, satanic Child sacrifices and snuff films is available in Mr. Decamp’s The Franklin Cover-Up. Sisters and Brothers, Reading Is Fundamental and Knowledge Is Power.

The modern day illuminati was whelped on May 1, 1776 and I've read detailed information about the illuminati here and here. Both links go to Mr. David Allen Rivera’s Final Warning: A History Of The New world Order. How were the intentions of the illuminati’s founder Adam master mason Weishaupt discovered? One of his couriers was struck by lightning and documents were found on his corpse.

Was that an act of GOD? Who am I to say, but I do know CREATOR despises the wolf packs trying to enslave mankind.

David’s Book is divided into 12 Chapters; Chapter 1’s title - The Birth of Tyranny. Under a sub heading - The Illuminati Spreads to America - begins on page 85. Like or hate me, masonic lodges played leading roles spreading the illuminati’s tentacles. I know President George Washington was a mason, I also know Mr. Washington wanted nothing to do with the illuminati and warned about the illuminati’s intentions.

I’m not saying the illuminati and satanists are the exact same. What I know to be true is the illuminati's new world order packs protect satanists and yes some illuminati members are satanists of the worst kind. Former deceased U.K. prime minister Edward multiple time bilderberg Heath is an example. The first year I know for sure he was a bilderberg was 1963, which is before Heath started spending his nights at #10 Downing St.

Here and in Europe Folks are taught dancing around the Maypole or Beltane on May 1 is an annual passage, spring is here. There is far more to dancing around a maypole if You have looked into Druid history. The Romans were a blood thirsty lot but even they were appalled by Child sacrifices.

The following is from Mr. David Icke: “The druids were tree worshippers, especially the oak. The holly was their most sacred symbol because it was sacred to mother Holle or Hel, the Norse] goddess of the underworld… thus we have Holle, or Holly-wood (Hel-wood, the “place of magic”) and home of the Illuminati’s mass propaganda and conditioning machine in California. The holly wood was a favourite source of magic wands.” - Children of the Matrix by David Icke. (David has been writing about British satanists for years.)

I included the above to show the origins of Holly-wood, California. The dark side is strong in California, from snuff films to the owl’s bohemian grove, which kicks off every year with a mock human sacrifice, the owl’s ‘cremation of care ceremony’. I sum up bohemian grove in this manner, how many Children have been killed in Afghanistan and Iraq in the name of peace by bohemian grove's owls? Five examples skull Bush jr., Powell, Cheney, Rumsfeld and the acting chief of staff on SEPTEMBER 11, 2001, gen. Richard B. pratt house rat Myers.

This 25 second video goes a long way in settling the debate on whether or not a tiny owl has been placed in a secretive manner on America’s dollar bill.

Before the arrival of Europeans and Africans, human sacrifices were almost nonexistent north of the Rio Grande except for the Pawnee who would sacrifice a Woman or Women to their sun god deity in spring. The last time I know such an act took place was around 1804. The victim was a young Sioux the Pawnee captured.

South of the Rio Grande the Aztecs and Mayans were into “give your heart to god” in mass, as it was a common practice to cut out the hearts of those sacrificed. Father south the Incas in what is now Chile, Bolivia, Ecuador and western Argentina also sacrificed to their gods and Children were sometimes the victims.  

Afrocentrists won’t admit it however human sacrifice used to be big in Nigeria; there their black slaves were sacrificed. As I type those born in Tanzania with the rare albino trait spend their lives looking over their shoulders waiting to be attacked. Also buying and selling human body parts is still an ongoing trade, especially in Central and West Africa, voodoo’s roots.

It is my good fortune to have spent months in Africa. My life’s trail has allowed me to visit Kenya, Tanzania, Zimbabwe, Namibia, Burkina Faso and Cameroon for two or more weeks in each country. Kenya, Tanz and Zim, over a month in each. Like the land of my birth, America, I love Africa, and some of my best Friends are Africans, both black and white, and Christians and Muslims who live in Tanz and Zim. Something else, I was offered Tanzanian Citizenship and a passport two days after a conversation with president Kiwete at a gathering in Dar es Salaam in late June or early July 2006.

Jakaya, we are all just people, so know I didn’t capitalize the p in president due to I have read about your relationship with one of the sorriest this country ever produced - Bill bilderberg, pratt, trilateral wolf, alfalfa club diner Clinton.

I first learned about America's satanic side, breeding Children for sacrifice from Mr. William “Bill” French (who along with Miss Joyce French founded Advocate Ministries in Irondale, Alabama) soon after we met in I believe it was 1994.

Not all satanists practice Child or human sacrifice, however the worst of the worst do. And sooner or later we all have to deal with satanists come from all walks of life including so-called professionals - lawyers, teachers, accountants, doctors, city police departments, county sheriff badge wearers and politicians. Here near the 37 minute mark a former satanist high priest says Alva, Oklahoma’s police department and county sheriff’s office were part of his group which helps me connect the dots to what the aclu, the “anti-Christ league of usurpers” are backing right now in Oklahoma City. 

Readers of Sir Antony Sutton’s America’s Secret Establishment and Mr. Kris Millegan’s Fleshing Out Skull & Bones already know Mr. Sutton and Mrs. Charlotte Iserbyt wrote the Pinchot skull and dung brothers helped finance and whelp the lawyers known as the aclu.

This June 1, 1960 aclu news release marking their ‘40 Year Anniversary’ is an informative read. Near the top of the page they note their then chairman of the board was Ernest Angell. Sisters and Brothers, Ernest married into American Motors fortune which helped qualify him to receive an invitation to join the pilgrims society pack with Allen pratt president, cia director, warren commission Dulles; John pratt house chairman, warren commission McCloy; Time magazine co-founder Henry skull & bones Luce; council on foreign relations founder Averell skull & bones, pratt director Harriman; Jack skull & bones, bilderberg steering committee member, pratt Heinz; Edmond de bilderberg de trilateral wolf Rothschild; David maggot Rockefeller and English royals including the duke of Edinburgh - prince bilderberg Philip; prince bilderberg Charles and chatham “Patron” queen Elizabeth etc. etc. Therefore it’s a given Ernest was no Angel.

Next are paragraphs from an Abc news piece I saved on December 11, 2013 by Anneta Konstantinides, Anneta: “A monument to the Ten Commandments that sits outside the Oklahoma statehouse may soon have some unholy company.

Satan worshipers are seeking to build their own monument at the state Capitol, and Lucien Greaves, a spokesman for the Satanic Temple, said he's "optimistic" it will be approved.

"I really don't see a grounds which they can reject this," he told ABC News.

The privately funded Ten Commandments monument was approved by the conservative-led Oklahoma state legislature in 2009, and erected on Capitol grounds in 2012. It has riled up opponents ever since, many calling into question the constitutionality of the monument.

When asked what the Satanic monument would look like, Greaves said he doesn't want to "reveal too much about the possible design options," but hinted that his "favorite design, at the moment, is an interactive display for children."

The American Civil Liberties Union has been less accepting of the existing monument, and has filed a lawsuit seeking its removal.

"The monument's placement at the Capitol has created a more divisive and hostile state for many Oklahomans," Ryan Kiesel, executive director of ACLU Oklahoma, said in a statement. "When the government literally puts one faith on a pedestal, it sends a strong message to Oklahomans of other faiths that they are less than equal." End quote.

Folks one of the best ways to trap counterfeit wolves is to record what they howl and then play it back for the Well Intended to read. If You mention the Ten Commandments, the Basis of Law, or say the name Jesus, here comes the aclu’s conniving lawyers, but Allah is encouraged due to one of the illuminati's primary goals is to remove the JESUS Model, the CHRIST Example from the Hearts and Minds of the People.

Yesterday, Sunday - May 4th, I saved a piece posted by The Verge and written by Dante D’Orazio, Dante: “Satanist statue cast in bronze is just months away from completion, and activists hope that it will find a home on the lawn of the Oklahoma State Capitol. Ultimately, the statue - which features the seven-foot tall, horned figure of Baphomet fawned upon by two exultant children - is intended to stand directly next to a highly controversial monument of the Ten Commandments that was donated by a state legislator in 2012 and subsequently placed on the grounds of the Capitol.

The Baphomet figure, complete with a goat head, angel wings, and a beard, comes from a recently formed New York group identifying as The Satanic Temple, which raised over $28,000 on Indiegogo earlier this year to commission a sculptor and create the piece. Satanic Temple spokesperson Lucian Greaves tells ABC News that the statue is a symbol to "celebrate our progress as a pluralistic nation founded on secular law."

We're just now getting our first look at what the statue will look like, thanks to images of the mold released by The Satanic Temple this week. Unfortunately for the group's activist aims, there hasn't been much progress on securing a spot for the statue at the Capitol in Oklahoma, one of the most Christian states in the US. The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) is currently challenging the Ten Commandments statue in court on grounds that it violates the Constitution's "establishment clause" against a national religion, and Oklahoma has prohibited applications for additional statues pending the completion of that case.

Greaves has made it clear that the group would no longer petition to have the statue installed should the Ten Commandments monument be removed, but he isn't concerned about finding somewhere else to place the statue should they fail to get permission in Oklahoma. "There are no shortage of public locations across the US where religious monuments await a contrasting voice," he tells Vice, which first published photos of the statue. And they're prepared should demonstrators destroy the statue: they're holding onto the cast and plan to take out an insurance policy on the statue.” End quote.

I capitalized Ten Commandments, the writer didn’t. Also the aclu knows the Founders did not specify one denomination of Christianity over another, that’s it. And Washington, Adams and Jefferson would have said: You can hang or shoot me, because I won’t kneel before your goat-man, baphomet.

Lucien & Dante two of the best breakdowns of goat-man worshippers and the illuminati, who see themselves as the enlightened ones are here and here. Fellows the second link contains information about the Rothschilds/ratschilds which I very much doubt either of you are aware of.

FACT the illuminati’s most conniving families are Rockefeller maggots and Rothschild rats.

Sisters after watching those Productions which show over and over again the “hand signs” used by the dark side’s followers and baphomet worshippers, it should be Crystal Clear how the illuminati runs the music industry---and who some of the players using hand signs besides the Bushes, Clintons & Obamas. Another point, it’s no coincidence California has more den sites/lairs for world affairs council rats than any other state. And as to be expected some of Hollywood’s biggest stars are pratt house rats. Brothers ask George Clooney or Angelina Jolie.

And Sonoma County is where the owl’s bohemian grove is located, and that same county is home to one of the world affairs council packs. For verification click the link to the Sonoma rat’s website.

Now let’s revisit Mr. Mark Dice’s To The Point Production detailing two of Rihanna’s videos, Jay-Z, the illuminati in general and more of what Mark read from satanist Aleister Crowley’s Magick - In Theory And In Practice: “…It would be unwise to condemn as irrational the practice of those savages who tear the heart and liver from an adversary, and devour them while yet warm. In any case it was the theory of the ancient Magicians, that any living being is a storehouse of energy varying in quantity according to the size and health of the animal, and in quality according to its mental and moral character.

   The animal should therefore be killed within the Circle, or the Triangle, as the case may be, so that its energy cannot escape. An animal should be selected whose nature accords with that of the ceremony --- thus, by sacrificing a female lamb one would not obtain any appreciate quantity of the fierce energy useful to a Magician who was invoking Mars. In such a case a ram would be more suitable. And this ram should be virgin --- the whole potential of its original total energy should have been diminished in any way. For the highest spiritual awakening one must accordingly choose that victim which contains the greatest and purest force.  A male child of perfect innocence and high intelligence is the most satisfactory and suitable victim.”

Is there anyone besides Obama, Biden, Holder and Comey---four protectors of the illuminati’s bones, bilderberg,  trilateral, bankster, chatham, pratt, masonic - satanic system in place today, who doesn’t understand why CHIEF SITTING BULL’S: “Let us put our minds together and see what life we can make for our children.” is Highlighted on this site’s homepage? 

Red Nations, that’s a question for modern day Chiefs to answer as well. Mrs. Devvy Kidd has mailed approximately 100 copies of a three page letter I wrote to Tribal leaders in late March. Sisters and Brothers, Miss Devvy and I Very Much Appreciate all the help we can get to circulate the letter amongst the most downtrodden race in this country, the First Americans.

The first part of Mr. Dice’s Production shows Rihanna, who, according to her video produced by Jay-Z, she's an illuminati princess. In her video “S & M” Rihanna’s tied up and looking forward to being gangbanged by the fellas. In that video the dark sides’ princess mimes Our skank filled congress who spread their legs at every opportunity for corporate donations, and the congress's leg spreading receives the blessings of the supreme sludge court. While reading senators Schumer’s and Udall’s bs at the link, I started laughing at them.

After illuminati Rihanna’s role model performance for teens and tweens, her producer Jay-Z is shown wearing a sweatshirt with Do What Thou Wilt plastered across the front. Sisters and Brothers, the devout satanist Aleister Crowley coined do what thou wilt.

What’s the name of Jay-Z’s record label? Roc-A-Fella, his way of bowing before, paying tribute to the illuminati immersed Rockefeller maggots. Red Nations, he knows Rocke-maggots have been the driving force behind the scenes to achieve the illuminati’s goals in this land for the last 100 years.

Please watch Mr. Mark Dice’s Production. Everyone should listen to the back-masking in one of Jay-Z’s songs - 6,6,6 and murder, murder Jesus, which suits one of the illuminati’s tools the aclu to a T. Folks there is one personality trait most lawyers & politicians and all devout satanists have, the inability to Tell The TRUTH.

After Mark reads some of Crowley’s satanic thoughts Rihanna is shown in another of her videos called “Rock Star”, where she’s slithering around on the floor inside in what appears to be a pentagram, one of the mason’s and satanist’s favorite symbols while wearing a baphomet headdress.

A pentagram or star pentagon has five points just like a pentagon has five sides. Franklin master mason Roosevelt was in the oval/offal pile office when the military began constructing their five sided pentagon in September 1941. Most Americans have little to no knowledge as to power the masonic brotherhood wields, however senators Grassley and Schumer certainly do.

Here in one of U.K.’s largest newspapers are quotes from Barack about his likeminded pal Jay-Z. Let’s read three paragraphs: “Obama long considered Jay-Z more than a talented musician, though. He told Rolling Stone that he thought of the successful rapper, producer, and entrepreneur as somebody who could “help shape attitudes in a real positive way.” (Evidently Obama’s idea of a role model.)

Reality, Barack, Michelle, with Jay-Z and Beyoncé’s other side Sasha Fierce, and the Satanic Temple with their half man, half goat baphomet statue, who are aided by the aclu’s lawyers, hate the Ten Commandments with a passion and all of them are dedicated to shaping attitudes in America and around the Globe in the worst possible way - do what thou wilt.

More from the newspaper link: “He continued to perform at 2012 campaign events, even stepping up his support by hosting a lavish $40,000 per-plate fundraising event at a club in Washington last September.

Beyoncé, too, has become an influential supporter of Obama’s presidency. Not only did the President select her to perform the National Anthem at his second inauguration in January, but Obama and Michelle have also invited the power couple to the White House on several occasions.” Who can’t see through bilderberg Obama and his Chicago council directing wife? AMERICA their twisted hearts mime the bilderberg Clintons and the skull & bones Bushes.

D.L. “bobble/talking head” Hughley, is it in you to admit Robert Motch/Little Bobby practices equal opportunity?

Another point made during Mr. Alex Jones’ May 1, 2014 show - supreme piles of judge/sludge have decided (via their no decision, they won’t hear the case) that ‘indefinite detention’ is a good thing; a useful ways and means for the wolves that be to dictate their rule over US. Blacks, who was howling for indefinite detention less than 6 months after being paraded into 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.? Barack in bed with the dark side Obama.

Alex’s guest on May 1 was Mr. Tosh Plumlee who happens to be one of the few cia operatives with an ounce of integrity. Folks back when congress was doing all it could to cover-up Iran-Contra and cia drug smuggling, Tosh testified while flying a C-130 he brought 40 Tons of cocaine back from Nicaragua after delivering weapon. Tosh doesn’t say how many flights he flew to carry that much cocaine, or how many other planes were involved, but get this, when Tosh asked for a copy of his testimony made to congress's rats and skanks, he was told he could not have a copy of what Tosh had told them because it was too secret - meaning the Public had/has no right to know. Therefore every Reader should know William “Bill” J. bohemian grove owl, pratt rat Casey was the bones founded cia’s director from January 28, 1981 to January 29, 1987. He was succeeded by another Citizen stabber with a law degree, judge/sludge William H. owl, trilateral wolf Webster.

Last week during a phone call with Mrs. Devvy Kidd, I learned about another dea agent who has tried to do the Right Thing, Mr. Michael Levine. Amazon’s description of Michael’s tell it like it is Book, The Big White Lie: “In The Big White Lie, Michael Levine, former DEA agent and bestselling author of Deep Cover, leads the reader through a decade of undercover work. Levine’s prose is fast-moving, highly readable, and hard-hitting. He tells how the beautiful South American "Queen of Cocaine" seduced the CIA into protecting her from prosecution as she sold drugs to Americans; how CIA-sponsored paramilitary ousted, tortured, and killed members of a pro-DEA Bolivian ruling party; and how the CIA created La Corporacion, the "General Motors of cocaine," which led directly to the current cocaine/crack epidemic. As a 25-year veteran agent for the DEA, Michael Levine worked deep-cover cases from Bangkok to Buenos Aires, and witnessed firsthand scandalous violations of drug laws by U.S. officials.”

Fact the bones society started out smuggling opium into China while in cahoots with England’s queen Victoria and not one thing has changed since the first class of bones scum was initiated at ivy league Yale in 1833. Skeptics, you tell me why Afghanistan, which has been controlled by the anglo-american establishment’s militaries for the last 13 years is the planet’s leading supplier of heroin? Contrary to what bobble head’s say both militaries are aiding and abetting poppy growing. The hectares, acreage required to produce that amount of poppies rules out poppies are grown in caves under lights. And last year I read a column stating the quantity of heroin being produced, the abundant over-supply has forced the price of heroin on our streets - down by 75% from what it was ten years ago.

From Michael’s website: “On March 3, 2011, Bolivian President Evo Morales vowed before the world press that DEA would never again be permitted to enter Bolivia. He cited the events in La Guerra Falsa (the Spanish language translation of The Big White Lie) as proof of America's covert use of the War on Drugs to manipulate his and other governments as his justification. This event was largely ignored by American mainstream media. As a consequence, the American taxpayer who is paying the price of the War on Drugs in drug related deaths, homicides and more than a trillion in taxes, continues to be left in the dark.

This book is not about the betrayal of the Bolivian people; it's about the betrayal of both our peoples by individuals in CIA and the Department of Justice whom in a sane world should have been indicted for treason and complicity to mass murder.

Since the first publication of this book in 1993, CIA Inspector General Frederick Hitz admitted CIA's support of the same drug dealers targeted by DEA, in essence, corroborating every accusation documented in these pages. Furthermore, Federal Judge Robert Bonner the DEA Administrator went public on 60 Minutes and called CIA drug smugglers.” End quote.

Last night while tracking in the late Mr. Gary Webb’s direction, the man who penned The Dark Alliance (3 Part) series for the San Jose Mercury in August 1996 detailing cocaine being imported and then sold by cia scum in California from San Francisco to LA, which the fbi was up to its ears covering up, I found this Montel Williams show. I don’t know when the show was aired but it had to have been 1997 or later. Two of Montel’s guests were Gary and Michael Levine; another was Charles trilateral wolf Rangel whose trilateral membership goes back to least 1995. Rangel’s fellow trilateral congressional pals in 1995 were senators John bones Chaffee, William Cohen, Dianne Feinstein, Charles Robb, Jay maggot Rockefeller, Bill Roth jr. and house of rats members Jim Leach and future 9/11 commission co-chair Lee Hamilton.

I want to reopen The Franklin Cover-Up to focus on a Black state senator trying to be a Difference Maker. John: “Senator Ernie Chambers observed to the Executive Board of the Legislature on December 19, 1988, just as the Franklin investigation was getting underway:

“My community is ravaged by drugs. We see the Omaha police picking up kids from 14 to 18-years old with a half an ounce or less of these narcotic substances and that is supposed to be fighting the drugs. These are nickel and dime pushers, not suppliers, not mid-level suppliers. A few days ago the Douglas County Sheriff got together with some of the county sheriffs, one was from Sarpy, and they made a raid and they got a pound and a half of heavy drugs, some money and some weapons. They didn't tell the Omaha police. And I talked to the Douglas County Attorney and I told him I was glad they didn't tell them because had the Omaha police been notified this drug bust would never have occurred, they would have told the individual, they would not have gotten a substantial amount of the drugs. These nickel and dime people in my community that they are arresting don't have the connections or the money to bring the amount of drugs into the City of Omaha that are coming. And certainly the little piddling amounts that are picked up by the police have no meaning or significance. When we wanted, as a community, to help organize and work with a task force of black officers to address the drug problem and the gang problem, Chief Wadman fought it tooth and nail and did not want it, wanted to deny that the problem existed. And I said the only reason that a police official would be opposed to this kind of action is because he knows something or he's part of it.”

One of Caradori's informants stated that Wadman was instrumental in bringing the drug-trafficking gangs, the Los Angeles-based Bloods and Crips, into Omaha. According to a June 19, 1989 report by Caradori's predecessor at the Franklin committee, Jerry Lowe, members of the Bloods and Crips were identified by local police as driving Larry King's car.” End quote. Who was supplying most of the poisons-drugs at the time? A joint cia-military operation run out of Offutt air base which is south of Omaha.

Searching for more of information relating to Mr. Michael Levine led me to and a post by Chad Harper titled A Collect of Essays by Retired DEA Agent Mike Levine.

The post begins with: CIA ADMITS TO DEAL WITH JUSTICE DEPARTMENT TO OBSTRUCT JUSTICE, which even to bobble head moron, Bill “fantasizes he’s so clever” Maher should be self-explanatory. Michael: “As an ex DEA agent I found the complete lack of coverage by mainstream media of what I saw last night [March 23, 1998] during the congressional hearings into CIA Drug Trafficking, on CNN both depressing and frightening. I sat gape-mouthed as I heard the CIA Inspector General, testify that there has existed a secret agreement between CIA and the Justice Department, wherein "during the years 1982 to 1995, CIA did not have to report the drug trafficking its assets did to the Justice Department."

To a trained DEA agent this literally means that the CIA had been granted a license to obstruct justice in our so-called war on drugs; a license that lasted-so CIA claims-from1982 to 1995, a time during which Americans paid almost $150 billion in taxes to "fight" drugs. Of course the evidence indicates that they did not stop obstructing justice in 1995 either, but that I suppose is going to be another congressional hearing. As far as the current hearings go this Catch 22 "revelation" means that all the present hearings are for nothing; that-if they are caught violating the drug laws-they had been given "secret" license to do so by our Justice Department. This might also explain Janet Reno's recent and unprecedented move in blocking the release of a Justice Department investigation into CIA drug trafficking.” The entire essays are available at the link and please take the time to allow all of this to sink in.

“God, with friends like these, who needs enemies? It is now clear that this agreement began with the events described in THE BIG WHITE LIE; that the top drug traffickers in Bolivia, then supplying virtually all the world's cocaine-including Sonia Atala-were CIA assets that had to be protected from our deep cover probe. Laura and I still have the proof of this that we used to back up the publication THE BIG WHITE LIE. The same proof was later incorporated into other data backing up the publications of DEEP COVER and TRIANGLE OF DEATH.

If anyone watched the CNN show you cannot have helped but notice the snickering on the part of Congressional chairman Porter Goss (an ex CIA officer), as congresswoman Maxine Waters spoke. Now here's the reason why: Sources of mine, who speak to me from inside this veil of secrecy out of conscience and because I am cheaper and more reliable than a psychiatrist, have already told me the following:

1. There is secret communication between CIA and members of the Congressional staff-one must keep in mind that Porter Goss, the chairman, is an ex CIA official-indicating that the whole hearing is just a smoke and mirror show so that the American people-particularly the Black community-can "blow off some steam" without doing any damage to CIA. The CIA has been assured that nothing real will be done, other than some embarrassing questions being asked.

2. That the hearings will result in the CIA receiving even a larger budget than the current $26 billion that they admit to. One of the most distressing things for me, a 25 year veteran of this business, to listen to was when Congresswoman Waters said that the hearings were not about CIA officers being indicted and going to jail. "That is not going to happen," she said. Almost in the same breath she spoke of a recent case in Miami wherein a Venezuelan National Guard general was caught by Customs agents smuggling more than a ton of cocaine into the US. Despite named CIA officers being involved in the plot, as Congresswoman Waters stated, the Justice Department will not tell her anything about the case because of "secrecy laws." No wonder chairman Goss was snickering. She could not have played more neatly into CIA hands than to surrender before the battle was engaged.

For the entire existence of CIA they have gotten away with doing more damage to the American people than all our traditional enemies combined, precisely because no one was ever prosecuted. From the CIA protection of Nazi criminals from war crimes prosecution as they set up criminal organizations that preyed on America (Triangle of Death), to their lies to President Kennedy that dragged us into Bay of Pigs, to their lies to President Johnson that dragged us into the Vietnam War, to their creation of a pan Arab army of American hating, drug trafficking terrorists during the Afghan War, to the Church Commission hearings, to MK-Ultra, to the Bolivian Cocaine Coup ("The Big White Lie"), to their protection of the world's top cocaine traffickers as they laid waste to American streets (Deep cover), the CIA has acted exactly as Senator Frank Church once described them: "a runaway rogue elephant...completely unresponsive to Congress...they (the CIA) have not only been unproductive, they have been contra productive; they have brought great shame on America."

And the dance continues." End quote. Other than Mike’s statement about Lyndon wolf Johnson, who was already committed to a war in Vietnam, which is why President John Kennedy was murdered by the cia---His essay is Spot On!

Leaving federal badge wearers out of the equation, it should be idiot proof why former pratt rat Porter future cia director Goss chaired that congressional committee. Along that same tangent it should be local and state badge wearer proof why Porter cia operative, house of rats Goss and senator Bill pratt rat Graham co-chaired the congressional 9/11 investigation.

Blacks reflect on this - would the 9/11 commission’s investigation have been any different if DC’s representative in the house for the last 23 years - Eleanor pratt rat Norton, or Susan pratt rat, trilateral wolf steering committee Rice had replaced Jamie pratt rat, trilateral wolf Gorelick on the commission? How about if bilderberg Powell, trilateral Rangel and Keith house of rats, pratt rat Ellison had sat in Kean’s, Hamilton’s and Zelikow’s seats as co-chairs and executive director, would their report have been different? The answer to both questions - Not no, But Hell No!

The next essay’s title - IS ANYONE APOLOGIZING TO GARY WEBB? The year is 1998. Mike: “Gary Webb, just in case you've already forgotten him, was the journalist who, in a well researched, understated article entitled "The Dark Alliance," linked the CIA supported Contras to cocaine and weapons being sold to a California street gang and ended up literally being hounded out of journalism by every mainstream news peddling organization in the Yellow Pages. Even his own employer, The San Jose Mercury piled on for the kill.

And guess what? The CIA finally admitted, yesterday, in the New York Times no less, that they, in fact, did "work with" the Nicaraguan Contras while they had information that they were involved in cocaine trafficking to the United States.

An action known to us court qualified experts and federal agents as Conspiracy to Import and Distribute Cocaine—a federal felony punishable by up to life in prison. To illustrate how us regular walking around, non CIA types are treated when we violate this law, while I was serving as a DEA supervisor in New York City, I put two New York City police officers in a federal prison for Conspiracy to distribute Cocaine when they looked the other way at their friend's drug dealing. We could not prove they earned a nickel nor that they helped their friend in any way, they merely did not do their duty by reporting him. They were sentenced to 10 and 12 years respectively, and one of them, I was recently told, had committed suicide.

The interesting thing to me, about the Webb article is that the CIA is provably (and now admittedly) responsible for much larger scale drug trafficking than Webb alleged or even imagined in his report.

In fact, according to a confidential DEA report entitled "Operation Hun, a Chronology" that I used as part of the proof to back up the undercover experiences detailed in my book The Big White Lie, (optioned for a movie by Robert Greenwald Productions) the CIA was actively blocking DEA from indicting many members of the ruling government of Bolivia, from, 1980-83—during a time period that these same people were responsible for producing more than 90 percent of the cocaine consumed in the United States. As CIA Inspector General Hitz himself stated before congress, it was during this time period that Nicaraguan Contra supporters were buying large amounts of cocaine from these same CIA protected Bolivians.

Do you think Congress wants to see this proof?

Of course, true to their shifty, sleazy form, while admitting that they did aid and abet Contra drug trafficking, they are now refusing to release their own final investigative report which details the damning proof. The same report that CIA Inspector General Fredrick Hitz, during February, 1998, had promised congress and the American people was forthcoming "shortly", because, as CIA Director George Tenet now claims, CIA does not have enough money in its budget to properly classify it.”

How, you ask, do they get away with it?

Well for one thing, mainstream media, the so-called Fourth Estate, does all it can to help. During the Iran-contra hearings, when Senators Kerry and D'amato were making pronouncements before the Senate indicating that the CIA was involved with drug trafficking, Katherine Graham the owner of The Washington Post addressed a class of CIA recruits at CIA's Langley headquarters in November, 1988, by saying: "There are some things the general public does not need to know and shouldn't. I believe democracy flourishes when the government can take legitimate steps to keep its secrets, and when the press can decide whether to print what it knows."

Neither should it have been a surprise to anyone who heard her statement when mainstream media refused to print the news that Oliver North, US Ambassador to Costa Rica, Lewis Tambs and various top level CIA officers were banned from ever entering Costa Rica by Nobel Prize winning President Oscar Arias, for drug running. The drugs, by the way, all going to us.

Nor should it have been a surprise when Gary Webb was destroyed by main stream media, for doing nothing more or less than telling the truth as he found it. And now, while CIA admits their felonies to the press but refuses to release the proof, and, Jane Reno, the head of the Obstruction of Justice Department has done the unprecedented by classifying her own department's investigation into CIA drug trafficking, the partnership for a Drug Free America is spending $2 billion of our tax money on already-proven-fruitless anti-drug ads. And where do you think the money goes? Answer: to every major media corporation on the big board. Gary Webb, my friend, you are owed a huge apology. But I doubt that you'll get it. Not in this lifetime.” End quote.

John bones scum Kerry plays smoke and mirrors better than most. Ask Mr. Michael Ruppert if you don’t believe me. Washington is nothing but a show, a game within a game and it is way past time for Folks to realize politicians are just people not a damn thing more. And don't forget Kerry showed his hand when his senate committee advised - The troops leaving Iraq, instead of bringing them home, we recommend sending them to Afghanistan.

This The Week news article gives its Readers the Real Story about Iraq today. It begins with a quote from bilderberg Obama: “…leaving behind a sovereign, stable, and self-reliant Iraq.” Meanwhile 750 Iraqis died in bombings and shooting in April (2014) alone and politicians are stealing approximately 80% of the oil revenues.  

As to Katherine Graham, she was a money grubbing bilderberg, a pratt house rat, a trilateral wolf and a member of the alfalfa club. Ask her son, Donald, as he’s a wolf in the same packs. When the alfalfas dined in 2011, Graham sat at table 7 with Christopher skull & bones, owl Buckley, George bilderberg, former pratt house director, owl Schultz and James berzelius secret society, owl Symington, who used to be in the house of rats.

The third essay, I Volunteer to Kidnap Oliver North, Michael: “Undercover DEA agent Enrique "Kiki" Camarena was tortured to death slowly by professionals. Every known maximum-pain technique, from electric shocks to his testicles to white hot rods inserted in his rectum, was applied. A doctor stood by to keep him alive. The heart of the thirty-seven year old father of two boys refused to quit for more than twenty-four hours. His cries, along with the soft-spoken, calm voices of the men who were slowly and meticulously savaging his body, were tape-recorded.

Kiki, one of only three hundred of us in the world (DEA agents on foreign assignment), had been kidnapped in broad daylight from in front of the U.S. Consular office in Guadalajara, Mexico by Mexican cops working for drug traffickers and, apparently, high level Mexican government people whose identities we would never know. They would be protected by people in our own government to whom Kiki's life meant less than nothing.

When teams of DEA agents were sent to Mexico, first, to find the missing Kiki, then to hunt for his murderers, they were met by a the stone wall of a corrupt Mexican government that refused to cooperate. To the horror and disgust of many of us, our government backed down from the Mexicans; other interests, like NAFTA, banking agreements and the covert support of Ollie North's Contras, were more important than the life of an American undercover agent. DEA agents were ordered by the Justice Department, to keep our mouths shut about Mexico; an order that was backed up by threats from the office of Attorney General Edwin Meese himself. Instead of tightening restrictions on the Mexican debt, our Treasury Department moved to loosen them as if to reward them for their filthy deed. As an added insult Mexico was granted cooperating nation in the drug war status, giving them access to additional millions in American drug war funds and loans.

Our government's sellout of Kiki Camarena, of all DEA agents, of the war on drugs, was such that United States Congressman, Larry Smith, stated, on the floor of Congress:

"I personally am convinced that the Justice Department is against the best interests of the United States in terms of stopping drugs... What has a DEA agent who puts his life on the line got to look forward to? The U.S. Government is not going to back him up. I find that intolerable."

What does Oliver North have to do with this?

A lot of us, Kiki's fellow agents, believe that the Mexican government never would have dared take the action they did, had they not believed the US government to be as hypocritical and corrupt as they were and still are. And if there was ever a figure in our history that was the paradigm of that corruption it is the man President Reagan called "an American hero"; the same man Nancy Reagan later called a liar: Oliver North.

Few Americans, thanks to what one time CIA chief William Colby referred to as the news media's "misplaced sense of patriotism," are aware that the Nobel prizewinning President of Costa Rica, Oscar Arias—as a result of an in-depth investigation by the Costa Rican Congressional Commission on Narcotics that found "virtually [all Ollie North supported] Contra factions were involved in drug trafficking"—banned Oliver North, U.S. Ambassador Lewis Tambs, National Security Advisor Admiral John Poindexter, Presidential Advisor Richard Secord and C.I.A. station chief José Fernandez, by Executive order, from ever entering Costa Rica— for their roles in utilizing Costa Rican territory for cocaine trafficking.

In fact, when Costa Rica began its investigation into the drug trafficking allegations against North and naively thought that the U.S. would gladly lend a hand in efforts to fight drugs, they received a rude awakening about the realities of America's war on drugs as opposed to its "this-scourge-will-end" rhetoric.

After five witnesses testified before the U.S. Senate, confirming that John Hull—a C.I.A. operative and the lynch-pin of North's contra re supply operation—had been actively running drugs from Costa Rica to the U.S. "under the direction of the C.I.A.," Costa Rican authorities arrested him. Hull then quickly jumped bail and fled to the U.S.—according to my sources—with the help of DEA, putting the drug fighting agency in the schizoid business of both kidnapping accused drug dealers and helping them escape; although the Supreme Court has not legalized the latter  .. yet.

The then-President of Costa Rica, Oscar Arias was stunned when he received letters from nineteen U.S. Congressman—including Lee Hamilton of Indiana, the Democrat who headed the Iran-contra committee—warning him "to avoid situations . . . that could adversely affect our relations." Arias, who won the Nobel prize for ending the contra war, stated that he was shocked that "relations between the United States and my country could deteriorate because the Costa Rican legal system is fighting against drug trafficking." AMERICA let all of this sink in.

Mike: “In my twenty-five years experience with DEA which includes running some of their highest level international drug trafficking investigations, I have never seen an instance of comparable allegations where DEA did not set up a multi-agency task force size operation to conduct an in-depth conspiracy investigation. Yet in the case of Colonel North and the other American officials, no investigation whatsoever has been initiated by DEA or any other investigative agency.

The total "public" investigation into the drug allegations by the Senate was falsely summed up in the statement of a staffer, on the House select committee, Robert A. Bermingham who notified Chairman Hamilton on July 23, 1987, that after interviewing "hundreds" of people his investigation had not developed any corroboration of "media-exploited allegations that the U.S. government condoned drug trafficking by contra leaders . . . or that Contra leaders or organizations did in fact take part in such activity." Every government official accused of aiding and covering up for the contra drug connection, Colonel Ollie included, then hung his hat on this statement, claiming they had been "cleared."

The only trouble was that investigative journalists, Leslie and Andrew Cockburn—after interviewing many of the chief witnesses whose testimony implicated North and the contras in drug trafficking, including several whose testimony was later found credible enough to be used to convict Manuel Noriega—could find not one who had been interviewed by Bermingham or his staff. In fact, the two journalists seem to have caught Bermingham red-handed in what can only be described, at best, as a gross misrepresentation of fact, when he (Bermingham) quoted the chief counsel of a House Judiciary subcommittee, Hayden Gregory as dismissing the drug evidence and calling it "street talk." Gregory told the Cockburns that the "street talk" comment was taken out of context; that he had not even met Bermingham until July 22 (two days before Bermingham wrote the report) and that he had in fact told Bermingham that there were "serious allegations against almost every contra leader."

When (former pratt house director, former cia director) President skull & bones, bohemian grove owl, trilateral wolf, alfalfa club Bush said, "All those who look the other way are as guilty as the drug dealers," he was not only talking about a moral guilt, but a legal one as well. Thus, if any U.S. official knew of North and the contra's drug activities and did not take proper action, or covered up for it, he is "guilty" of a whole series of crimes that you to go to jail for; crimes that carry a minimum jail term; crimes like Aiding and Abetting, Conspiracy, Misprision of a Felony, Perjury, and about a dozen other violations of law related to misuse and malfeasance of public office. I'm not talking about some sort of shadow conspiracy here. As a veteran, criminal investigator I don't deal in speculation. I document facts and evidence and then work like hell to corroborate my claims so that I can send people to jail.

Criminality in drug trafficking cases is lot easier than proving whether or not someone lied to Congress and is certainly a lot less "heroic." Statements like "I don't remember," "I didn't know," and "No one told me," or "I sought approval from my superiors for every one of my actions," are only accepted as valid defenses by Congressmen and Senators with difficulties balancing check books—not American jurors trying drug cases. And when you're found guilty you got to jail—you don't run for a seat on the Senate.

And why would I volunteer to kidnap Ollie? For three reasons: first, kidnapping is now legal; second, I have experience kidnapping; and third, it is the only way those tens of millions of Americans who have suffered the betrayal of their own government will ever see even a glimmer of justice.

Several years after Kiki's last tape-recorded cries were shoved well under a government rug, a maverick group of DEA agents decided to take the law into their own hands. Working without the knowledge or approval of most of the top DEA bosses, whom they mistrusted, the agents arranged to have Dr. Humberto Alvarez Machain, a Mexican citizen alleged to have participated in Kiki's murder, abducted at gun point in Guadalajara Mexico and brought to Los Angeles to stand trial.

On June 16, 1992, the United States Supreme Court ruled in the landmark Machain Decision that the actions of those agents was "legal." The ruling said in no uncertain terms that U.S. law enforcement authorities could literally and figuratively kidnap violators of American drug law in whatever country they found them and drag them physically and against their will to the U.S. to stand trial. Immediately thereafter the Ayatollahs declared that they too could rove the world and kidnap violators of Islamic law and drag them back to Iran to stand trial. Kidnapping, therefore, has now become an accepted tool of law enforcement throughout the world.

Resorting to all sorts of wild extremes to bring drug traffickers to justice is nothing new for the U.S. government. At various times during my career as a DEA agent I was assigned to some pretty unorthodox operations—nothing quite as radical as invading Panama and killing a thousand innocents to capture long-time CIA asset Manny Noriega—but I was once, (long before the Machain Decision), assigned to a group of undercover agents on a kidnapping mission. Posing as a soccer team, we landed in Argentina in a chartered jet during the wee hours of the morning, where the Argentine Federal Police had three international drug dealers—two of whom had never in their lives set foot in the United States—waiting for us trussed up in straight-jackets with horse feed-bags over their heads, each beaten to a pulpy, toothless mess. In those years we used to call it a "controlled expulsion." I think I like the honesty of kidnapping a little better.

By now you're probably saying, "Get real Levine you live in a nation whose politicians ripped their own people off for half a trillion dollars in a savings and loan scam, a nation whose Attorney General ordered the FBI to attack a house full of innocent babies, and this is the decade of Ruby Ridge, Waco and Whitewater-gate; your own people sent Kiki Camarena to Mexico to be murdered and then gave aid and comfort to those who murdered him—how can you expect justice?"

If you aren't saying these things you should be. And you'd be right. Under the current two-party, rip-off system of American politics with their complete control of main stream media, I expect Ollie North to have a bright future in politics, while hundreds of thousands of Americans like John rot in jail. Ollie North, after all, is the perfect candidate. But there is one faint glimmer of hope remaining, and it isn't in America.

Since the democratic and staunchly anti-drug Costa Rica is, thus far, the only nation with the courage to have publicly accused Oliver North, a US Ambassador and a CIA station chief of running drugs from their sovereignty to the United States, I find myself, duty-bound to make them, or any other nation that would have the courage to make similar charges, the following offer:

I, Michael Levine, twenty-five year veteran undercover agent for the Drug Enforcement Administration, given the mandate of the Supreme Court's Machain Decision and in fulfillment of my oath to the U.S. government and its taxpayers to arrest and seize all those individuals who would smuggle or cause illegal drugs to be smuggled into the United States or who would aid and abet drug smugglers, do hereby volunteer my services to any sovereign, democratic nation who files legal Drug Trafficking charges against Colonel Oliver North and any of his cohorts; to do everything in my power including kidnapping him, seizing his paper shredder, reading him his constitutional rights and dragging his butt to wherever that sovereignty might be, (with or without horse feed-bag); to once-and-for-all stand trial for the horrific damages caused to my country, my fellow law enforcement officers, and to my family.” End quote. Please read the entire essay and learn the circumstances of the man mentioned two paragraphs ago named John who was arrested and imprisoned.

In a nutshell Michael’s title THE BIG WHITE LIE was meant as a word play because Mr. Levine knows Our government has imported thousands upon thousands of tons of cocaine. Coulter, Hughley, Limbaugh and Mayer, to help keep you on the same page with the rest of US - 2,000 pounds equals 1 ton.

I never had much use for attorney general dung heaps, and Edwin owl Meese III is an example of why. Here is the list of the grove’s 2010 owls. Two of Meese’s better known cave man pals are former pratt director Maurice bilderberg Greenberg and one of Bill and Hillary’s favorite cover-up artists, Kenneth special prosecutor Starr.

Meese has been a player inside the heritage foundation for years. To show how sorry the heritage foundation is let’s read part of a paragraph they posted: “As a result of one of his recent controversial felony convictions, Lieutenant Colonel Oliver North has been stripped of his Marine Corps pension. In light of his years of outstanding service as a Marine, including combat leadership in Vietnam, this punishment is excessive and unjust. North's pension should be restored, and can be, by an act of Congress that would override other laws. This would not affect North's punishment or prejudice the process of appeals from the verdict against North. Nor would it weaken the deterrent power of the law in other cases. What it would accomplish is simple: justice. …”  To the writer, “Justice” would be served if every cia, dea, dia, military and state department con involved in cocaine, heroin and meth smuggling, or covering it up, the dept. of corruption’s favorite fbi tactic, was lined up against a wall and shot. And since the very First Rule of Leadership is Never ask someone to do what you won’t do yourself. I would gladly carry out JUSTICE myself.

How many remember when the press tried to make a hero out of North? And it only gets worse as that walking, talking piece of excrement was damn near elected into the senate, which proves all by itself the level of mind control, the brainwashing Americans are victims of. I cannot emphasize enough how important it is to watch State of Mind - The Psychology of Control. Mr. James Lane’s Documentary is available here as well.

Earlier I typed paragraphs form Mr. Levine website including this sentence: “Furthermore, Federal Judge Robert Bonner the DEA Administrator went public on 60 Minutes and called CIA drug smugglers.” Michael at this link, the pratt house’s 2013 annual report membership list, the name Robert C. Bonner is in-between David Bonine and Dennis J. Bonney. Bonner’s name is also found on the pratt’s membership list for 2012.

After George skull, owl Bush jr. and his partners in crime destroyed three concrete and steel building via explosions and implosions which murdered nearly three thousand Innocents on September 11, 2001, former dea administrator judge/sluge Robert pratt rat Bonner was tasked by skull jr. to create the department of homeland security (dhs). AMERICA, his appointment was official one day before 9/11 on September 10th. Citizens please put that info nto Your pipes and smoke on it awhile.

Jeh C. pratt rat Johnson, since you head the dept. of homeland security snakes which includes dhs’s vipr teams, Americas have the right to know of your, Bonner’s and Napolitano’s pratt memberships. Johnson do the Well Intended a favor, conduct a survey, ask each badge on the dept. of snakes’ payroll, “Do you actually believe the 9/11 commission’s bullshit?”

Holder, everyone with a badge on the dept. of corruption’s payrolls should answer that question as well. I’m looking forward to the results, especially Comey’s agency, the feral bunch of idiots (fbi).

I’m not trying to embarrass Hardworking, Well Meaning Americans, I’m getting right in the faces of quote highly trained, collgee and university degreed investigators, who after three pyroclastic clouds comprised of pulverized concrete and thermite particles settled in New York City on 9/11, they have hindered every effort to bring The Truth to Light. And know the first 2 pyroclastic clouds caused by the explosions which resulted in the implosions of the Twin Towers contained human bone fragments.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Sisters and Brothers watching Mr. Dylan Avery’s Loose Change – Final Cut, released in 2007, is two hours well spent. 

Badge wearers its real simple, so instead of playing the denial game, and before one of you howls Little Bobby is a conspiracy theorist, I know Kissinger, Hamilton, Kean and Zelikow are all bilderbergs, a pack of demented liars who are protected at every level---local, state and federal.

On Nov 3, 2013 NewsWithViews posted The Patriet’s, Miss Devvy’s ENDLESS CONGRESSIONAL HEARINGS = NO ACCOUNTABILITY. Next are seven paragraphs: “The impostor in the White House and his lackeys have been the target of endless hearings over the past few years. IRS, Fast and Furious, Navy Seals, Benghazi to name only a few.

Most of the investigations are still on-going more than a year later; Fast and Furious almost three years while the families wait for answers instead of more lies. While the hearings have given the American people evidence and testimony, to date not a single person has been held accountable for the death of a U.S. Border Patrol Agent (Fast & Furious), the death of so many Americans in the helicopter crash in Afghanistan, the murders of our U.S. Ambassador and three other very brave Americans in Benghazi or the IRS targeting conservative groups for political reasons.

Lois Lerner retired from the IRS with full benefits after taking the Fifth during hearings many of us watched on television. She escaped an Accountability Review Board by jumping ship. A nice fat retirement paid for by you and me; estimated to be $50,000 a year. Allegedly, she might be called back or even subpoenaed, but so what? She's now gone from government "service".

Each and every time we see "officials" from this agency or that, NSA, IRS or some other alphabet soup agency testify, they simply go back to work. Business as usual. No accountability.

The October 30, 2013, sworn testimony of Kathleen Sebelius, who heads up the unconstitutional Health and Human Services which raped we the people to the tune of more than $80 BILLION BORROWED dollars last year, was one of arrogance which provided no real answers to hard questions. Like Comrade Hillary Clinton's "what difference does it make" during her testimony about Benghazi, Sebelius had hers: Whatever.

Whistleblowers who have given testimony have fared no better than I did when I blew the whistle through the IG's office when I worked for the Department of the Air Force, Air Force Space Command, Peterson Air Force Base, Colorado Springs, CO. I blew the whistle on my own job: fraud, waste and abuse. My reward: Termination. I fought back and was transferred to another division, but at the end of nine months despite all outstanding achievements, my contract was then terminated. The IG's office audited my GS-11 position and said I was right, but I lost my job anyway. In the case of Benghazi, witnesses have been silenced or worse:

Justice and State departments blocking access to survivors of Benghazi attack "The Justice and State departments are now citing a year-old FBI investigation and a future criminal prosecution to block access to survivors of last year’s Benghazi terror attack." End quote. Comey being a lawyer, it’s hard for you tell the truth, so I hope Americans realize 99.9% of the time a fbi investigation isn’t worth the paper its printed on. Rand Paul will you admit the same percentage applies to congressional investigations?

Badges there are more than 7 billion individuals on planet Earth, so what are the odds Barack would choose a fellow bilderberg in 2008, then Kansas governor Kathleen Sebelius, to get his Obama-care nightmare up and running? Also according to the bilderberg’s website: Every year, between 120-150 political leaders and experts from industry, finance, academia and the media are invited to take part in the conference. Hmm up to 150 because on the attendees’ list they release; I’ve never read as many as 140 names for any year which means ten or more putrid heart's names are kept secretOne example is current president Barack Obama.

Badges, who did Barack choose to replace Sebelius? Former pratt house rat director, Sylvia Mathews Burwell. And last year Burwell was confirmed by the senate as the new director of management and budget and every senator including Rand “libertarian joke” Paul knew Burwell was given a seat on the harold pratt house’s board beginning in 2007. In 2012 the bilderberg Clintons and Gates family friend was nominated for another 5 year term as the next sentence from the 2012 link proves: The following nominees were elected for five-year terms beginning July 1, 2012, and expiring June 30, 2017: Sylvia Mathews Burwell, Peter B. Henry, and Margaret G. Warner. Henry is also a senior nonresident fellow with the brookings institute, and pbs Warner and Henry are board members as I type; why Burwell is not is a mystery.

This past December Rand senate member Paul performed a song and dance over James director-national intelligence Clapper lying to congress as it relates to spying, reading everyone’s emails and listening to everyone’s phone conversations.

On March 14, 2014, senator Paul performed another song and dance for university students hosted by The Berkeley Forum. Paul starts off with it doesn’t matter if you support one of the rocke-parties, or a libertarian which he howls he is - everyone’s right to privacy and civil liberties are under attack. He holds up his cell phone while saying: “You’re under surveillance!” And according to nsa, equal protection means Americans should be spied on equally. Ron: “They care that everyone must submit to the state.” And: “They’re spying on congress, they’re collecting our data as well. Digest exactly what that means. If congress is spied upon without their permission, who exactly is in charge of your government?”

Answer bones, bilderbergs, trilaterals, banksters, pilgrims, pratts, master masons and chatham hyenas etc., the illuminati’s players. Folks the bones pack, banksters, master masons and pilgrims have had a choke hold on America for the last 100 years. And through the pilgrims society, the chatham house, and cfr - today the pratt house - they spun off the bilderbergs and trilateral. And don’t underestimate the power wielded by the alfalfa club, bohemian grove’s owls and the ivy league as a whole. Bottom line - don’t hold Your breath waiting for senator Paul to tell You the Rest of The Story---remember he’s a politician who benefits from the anglo-american establishment’s---system. 

More from Paul: “Last week we learned … the cia is illegally searching the computers of the senate intelligence committee. They’re the ones supposed to be overseeing the cia! I don’t know about you, but that worries me. If the cia is spying on congress, who exactly can, or will stop them? I look into the eyes of senators and I think I see - real fear. …I think I see fear from an intelligence agency that is drunk with power…" Blah, blah, blah. And soon Rand asks “who” is actually in charge of Your government?

Paul, I just told Americans who the power brokers are. Readers now digest the fear congress has for the bones founded cia. Every member knows the cia owns them, either by blackmail or threat of death. Read The Franklin Cover-Up or track Craig Spence who was killed by the cia to make sure he didn’t divulge some of the agency’s blackmail methods. And when Americans are ready to accept that, then deal with one of the cia’s preferred methods for blackmailing members of congress - arrange for sex with underage boys and girls. That kind of blackmail has been ongoing for years. Skeptics should ask former cia director George skull Bush sr. or his buddy Lawrence King.

Now accept every house and senate skank knows the cia removed Congressman Lawrence McDonald from office via KAL Flight 007 after Larry called the council on foreign relations and trilateral packs out into the street on live television in May 1983. Also know then “Crossfire” co-host Tom pratt Braden was cia, and in 1967, the Saturday Evening Post published Braden’s Why I’m Glad the Cia is Immoral.

This March 18 Washington Post piece states point blank nsa has the capability to record and store every phone call and email made world-wide.

While Rand gave his speech at UC at Berkeley, he said James national security director Clapper had lied to congress about nsa’s spying. And that both Clapper and whistleblower Eric Snowden had broken the law. Paul’s comment mirrors the planet’s power brokers. In their eyes Those who bring Truths to Light, They are criminals. To me Rand mimes his dad, each is adept at convincing Folks they care about You. AMERICA if that was the case then why hasn’t one of the Pauls voiced their support for Architects & Engineers for 9/11 TRUTH? Rand it is not what you say, it is what you and Ron haven’t done. Your and Ron's non actions speak volumes over a steady stream of hollow, empty words.

UC-Berkeley is located in San Francisco, the home of the bohemian club, the owners of 2,700 acres in Sonoma County known as bohemian grove and every year UC-Berkeley faculty go the grove. Also know the university’s chancellor Nicholas B. Dirks is a pratt house rat. Paul didn’t mention those two facts to his Listeners. A side note: before going to Berkeley, Dirks was with ivy league Columbia.

Blacks ask California’s attorney general Kamala Harris why she protects the grove’s owls and each of California’s pratt house spin offs? Ask governor Gerry Brown the same, because his father Pat Brown was an owl.

To continue the Point how sorry state attorney generals are, ask former Connecticut attorney general Richard Blumenthal why he protected bones scum, scroll & key, wolf’s head, elihu, book & snake (an example is Porter Goss) and berzelius etc. during his 25 year reign as that state’s attorney general? Where is Blumenthal today? He’s one of Paul’s fellow senate skanks.

Brothers when the alfalfa club dined in 2011, Yale law school grad Blumenthal sat at table 5 with Fred house of rats Upton, former Michigan governor John Engler and Ann Korogolos, a former chair of the rand corporation’s - war mongers. She has sat on pratt house sponsor, bilderberg attending Microsoft’s board and the Aspen Institute’s board of trustees. Gentlemen the aspen pack sends a representative to bilderberg and trilateral conclaves on a regular basis.

If anyone has wondered why Chantilly, Virginia’s Westfield Marriott Hotel was chosen to host bilderberg 2002, 2008 (which Barack and Hillary attended) and 2012, they should ask senator Blumenthal because J. Willard Marriott jr., Marriott International’s ceo and chairman sat with him at table 5. And according to what I recently read at Wikipedia, a Marroitt will host bilderberg 2014 in Copenhagan which begins on May 29.

Now that more of US are familiar with state attorney generals, the congress in general and nsa’s spying capabilities, please don’t forget u.s. attorney general Holder packed assistant attorney general Christine pratt rat Varney’s suitcases before she flew to Switzerland to meet with nsa director Keith Alexander, Kissinger, Rocke-maggot sr., Vernon bankster Jordon, Craig Microsoft Mundie, Chris Facebook Hughes, Eric Google Schmidt, Peter in bed with the cia for years Thiel and Barack’s pal James bankster Johnson in hushed up secrecy at the bilderberg’s 2011 conclave.

Rand are you going to deny that until reading this, you had no idea then senator John skull & bones Kerry was one of the money grubbers on his knees at bilderberg 2012? Rand why don’t you ask him, “John, while on your knees inside the Marriott, were you giving or receiving?” Readers don’t be surprised if Kerry says: Rand, my sexual preferences cannot be divulged. Answering would seriously jeopardize America’s national securityFact as a senate skank, for 28 years John bones Kerry screwed Well Meaning Men and Women at every opportunity and nothing has “Changed” during his reign as bilderberg Obama’s sec. of state.

Something to reflect on; what will Barack’s say he enjoyed most as a senator? I’ll bet when he howled; step up to the plate and vote for…the bankster bailout was his favorite moment. The results, central banksters here and around the planet divided up trillions, and according to the then chair of the federal reserve, Ben bilderberg Bernanke, he had no idea which banksters received how much. I really like this conversation with the federal reserve’s inspector general, her pathetic non-answers to every question is typical of Washington’s inspector generals. And since the fed won’t allow anyone except for one of their own to open their books, only she knows if her non-answers were lies.

After the bailout, banksters were rolling around in mega millions of dollar bills. And how did congress reward Honest, Hard Working Americans? After much arguing they decided a $250 tax credit was the appropriate amount of compensation. It’s obvious their scales of justice were heavily weighted in favor of banksters. And how did Bank of America, Chase, Citi and Wells Fargo etc. respond to their windfall? By foreclosing on every home they could. Welcome to the Rothschild/ratschild inspired central bankster system.

Badges answer this please, since every wolf at the hushed up Jekyll Island, Georgia conference in 1910, where the federal reserve-central banking system operating in America was drawn up was invited to join the pilgrims society - is that merely circumstantial evidence or Undeniable Proof as to how sorry the pilgrims pack is?   

Next question, since Rothschild agent, Paul pilgrims Warburg, the acknowledged father of the federal reserve system was also a founding council on foreign relations board of director’s member is that circumstantial evidence or Undeniable Proof as to how sorry the council on foreign relations/pratt house is?

Badges is it circumstantial evidence or Undeniable Proof as to the powers that be intentions when they initially chose former pratt house rat director Henry bilderberg steering committee member, pilgrims society, trilateral, bohemian owl, alfalfa club Kissinger to head up the 9/11 commission? The answer to all three questions - Undeniable Proof.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Sisters and Brothers, that should be obvious to badge weaers at every level - local, state and federal.

Badges in 2014 - More of the Same or a Year of Real Change I mentioned Officer Frank Serpico, the first Policeman to testify about the systemic corruption in NYC’s police department and mayor John bilderberg, pratt rat, scroll & key Lindsey formed the “Knapp Commission”. Here is part of Officer Serpico’s testimony: Through my appearance here today... I hope that police officers in the future will not experience... the same frustration and anxiety that I was subjected to... for the past five years at the hands of my superiors... because of my attempt to report corruption. I was made to feel that I had burdened them with an unwanted task. The problem is that the atmosphere does not yet exist... in which an honest police officer can act... without fear of ridicule or reprisal from fellow officers. Police corruption cannot exist unless it is at least higher levels in the department. Therefore, the most important result that can come from these hearings... is a conviction by police officers that the department will change. In order to ensure this... an independent, permanent investigative body... dealing with police corruption, like this commission, is essential…”

Next is brief synopsis of the knapp commission, their report was released in June 1972: “The Knapp Commission Report on Police Corruption identified two particular classes of corrupt police officer, which it called "Grass Eaters" and "Meat Eaters". This classification refers to petty corruption under peer pressure ("eating grass") and aggressive premeditated major corruption ("eating meat").

The term "Grass Eaters" is used to describe police officers who "accept gratuities and solicit five, ten, twenty dollar payments from contractors, tow-truck operators, gamblers, and the like but do not pursue corruption payments." 'Grass eating' is something that a significant number of officers are guilty of, but which they learned to do so from other cops or from imitating the deviants they watch and investigate every day. The commission even concluded that 'grass eating' was used by police officers in New York City to prove their loyalty to the brotherhood, and with that came incentives like side jobs. One method of preventing cops from becoming corrupt is to eliminate this step by removing veteran cops who do this, without any veteran cops to learn this from, new officers might decide to never 'eat grass'.

"Meat Eaters" are officers who "spend a good deal of time aggressively looking for situations they can exploit for financial gain." An example of this is shaking down pimps and illicit drug dealers for money, not only for the material profit to the officers, but for the relief from guilt that the officers derive by convincing themselves that their victims deserve such treatment. They justify taking advantage of these kinds of criminals because they are considered the dregs of society." End quote.

I won’t argue “dregs of society” is an accurate definition of those who sell poisons - cocaine, heroin and meth to their fellow man. And I hope Readers agree “society’s scum” defines government officials and agencies who have imported and then covered up - thousands upon thousands of tons of poisons sold on America’s streets. Former cia & fbi head judge/sludge William Webster, Anyone with the ability to add 2 + 2 knows the bones founded cia is hands down the sorriest agency and I’m sure Everybody who have tracked the fbi agree that agency takes 2nd place.

One direction mayor John bilderberg, pratt rat, scroll & key Lindsay would not have let the knapp commission pursue even if they had wanted to is the harold pratt house (58 East 68th Street New York, NY 10065) which is the anglo-american establishment’s hub in AMERICA.

How many remember the Child sex trafficking pratt house sponsors dyncorp and halliburton/kbr were involved in? Here, here and here are details. On the current list of corporate pratt sponsors dyncorp is below deutsche bank ag. And let no one forget former pratt director, trilateral wolf Cheney was the ceo and chairman for halliburton/kbr from 1995 until another owl & alfalfa, George skulljr. tapped him to be his pack mate-running mate in 2000.

At the end of this two minute video, trilateral wolf Cheney howls: It's good to be back at the council on foreign relations. As Pete mentioned, I've been a member for a long time and was actually a director for some period of time. I never mentioned that when I was campaigning for re-election back home in Wyoming. Cheney was a director from 1987-1989 and 1993-1995. Blacks since one of Cheney’s fellow pratt directing pals was Donald bilderberg McHenry, ask McHenry to name every pratt house rat corporate sponsoring board’s he has sat on? I know of two, AT & T and Coca-Cola.

Cheney’s `98 trilateral bio: Richard B. Cheney, Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer, Halliburton Co.; former U.S. Secretary of Defense doesn’t mention he was in the house of rats from January 3, 1979 - March 20, 1989 when he was upgraded to George skull Bush senior’s sec. of defense. Cheney was succeeded by Bill bilderberg, pratt, trilateral Clinton appointee Les Aspin on Jan. 21, 1993. Prior to his upgrade Aspin had sat in the house of rats for 22 self-serving years and he was sitting on the pratt’s board the year he died, 1995. Aspin was succeeded as sec. of defense by William trilateral Perry and he was succeeded by Bill pratt, trilateral, alfalfa Cohen. And skull jr. appointee, Donald multiple time bilderberg, alfalfa, perennial bohemian grove owl Rumsfeld succeeded Cohen. How familiar is Rumsfeld with the pratt house? In February 2006, Rumsfeld made a speech there. Blacks, Kenneth bankster, pratt, alfalfa Chenault introduced him.

And here is then senator Obama’s speech to Chicago’s council rat pack (where Michelle is a board member) made in April 2007. AMERICA the rocke-dem Clintons and Obamas are just like the rocke-pub Bushes, they all have roots in the council on foreign relations.

NYC’s current police commissioner is William “Bill” Bratton. He started out in Boston and has also been with LA’s police dept. as well, and both of those cities are den sites for cfr/pratt house spin offs. His name isn’t on the pratt’s roster, however his is as guilty of aiding and abetting the pratt house as pratt rat Rebecca U. Weiner, who on May, 31 2012 was named the department’s Director of Intelligence Analysis. Rebecca why don’t you hold a press conference and announce you are going to analysis why thermite was found in every sample of pyroclastic cloud residue after the Twin Towers and number 7 exploded and imploded. Rebecca pratt rat Weiner there is no way possible way for steel sections weighing 40 tons to be blown laterally or horizontally, you pick the word, 200 yards, as was the case when the Towers exploded unless vast amounts of explosives were used. That cannot take place in gravity driven collapses, which the bilderberg, pratt & trilateral filled 9/11 commission swears took place. Rebecca, I know your kind practice lies and deceit on a daily basis, however if Americans will watch videos here, and here, and then visit Architects & Engineer’s homepage; They will see for Themselves - who you and your kind really are.

Next is most of an A & E April 29, 2014 post by Mr. David Chandler titled Why Am I Convinced 9/11 Was an Inside Job, David: “The events of 9/11 were huge. The body of evidence that the administration, or other agencies within the US government, were involved is also huge. The problem with summarizing the information is that the scale of the operation and its cover-up are so vast. Finding smoking guns is like picking up litter on a field. It's hard to move in a straight line. That makes it hard to create a simple narrative.

My personal questioning of the events of 9/11 began a few years later, when my sister went to a 9/11 conference and brought back books, DVDs, and enthusiasm. I watched the DVDs and became especially fascinated with one clip where the North Tower appeared to be literally erupting as it fell. One streamer caught my eye because I was able to follow its trajectory. I did some simple measurements right on the TV screen and estimated that the horizontal ejection velocity of that stream of debris was around 60 mi/hr. These ejections of material were from high in the building. How could heavy steel members be thrown sideways so fast when even the downward collapse had not picked up very much speed? This did not seem to me to be consistent with a purely gravitational collapse. I was hooked. I started using some video analysis tools I use in my teaching to analyze the motions of various ejecta and the buildings themselves.

Several videos of the collapse of both towers show waves of horizontal mass ejections that race down the faces of the buildings, nearly keeping pace with material falling outside the building, well below the zone of destruction itself. (YouTube: South Tower Coming Down and Race with Gravity.) The ejections appear to come from many floors at the same time, which is inconsistent with the idea that the ejections consisted of debris blown out floor-by-floor as the floors pancaked together. In addition to the massive waves of ejections there are many photographs and videos showing individual, focused, high-speed ejections of material many floors below the point of collapse. These are easily explained as explosive ejections. They are not convincingly explained as escaping jets of compressed air.

The lack of sufficient cause for the collapse has been thoroughly documented, disputed, rationalized, and obfuscated. The jet fuel would have burned off within the first ten minutes. Most of the fuel burned up in a fireball outside the building, especially in the case of the South Tower where the plane mostly missed the core columns. The fires in the buildings, beyond the first few minutes, were essentially office fires, and not very large ones at that, ignited by the jet fuel, like lighter fluid on charcoal. Jet fuel is kerosene. Temperatures from either kerosene or office fires are insufficient to melt, or even catastrophically weaken, the massive steel columns running up the core of the building. Even if the flames and air temperature were maximally hot, the large mass of steel would wick away the heat and not raise the steel temperature sufficiently. For the steel temperature to come close to the air temperature the fires would have to be of long duration, but these fires were very brief, on the order of an hour. There are photographs and video footage of a woman leaning on a girder and waving in the hole where one of the airplanes crashed waiting to be rescued. This would seem to be direct testimony that the fires on the floors where the impact and the jet fuel had their greatest effect, had subsided, and the air and steel temperatures were moderate enough for people to walk around and touch the steel: nowhere near hot enough to cause failure of the structural steel columns. The fact that the fires were emitting black smoke is a sign that they were not burning at high efficiency, so high estimates for fire temperatures are unwarranted. Furthermore, no steel beams recovered by NIST during its investigation showed temperatures over a few hundred degrees—far below the temperatures needed to weaken steel. (The small sample of steel studied after the event is a problem in establishing steel temperatures conclusively, but by the same token, it speaks to the rapid and near-total destruction of the crime scene. Destruction of any crime scene is itself a crime. In this case it is part of an ongoing criminal cover-up of mass murder.)

On the other extreme of temperatures, the research of Steven Jones, Kevin Ryan, and others have established that there were very high temperatures present in the building, not just enough to weaken steel, but to melt it. They found evidence for thermite in the rubble pile. There were pools of molten steel under the rubble piles of Buildings 1 and 2 (the North and South Towers) and Building 7 that remained molten for weeks after the building collapses, indicating a continuing energy source. NASA thermal images show evidence of high temperatures on the surface of the rubble pile for literally months, indicating even higher temperatures below. Furthermore, several research groups found  tiny iron spheres in the dust scattered all over Manhattan. These are from tiny droplets of molten iron that solidified before hitting the ground. For there to be tiny spheres of iron in the dust, there had to be temperatures above the melting point of iron, and a blast event to atomize the molten iron into droplets during the collapse of the building, for it to be distributed with the dust. These are droplets of iron, not steel. They did not come from the structural steel of the towers. Iron spheres are an expected byproduct of the thermite reaction. Along with the iron spheres, Steven Jones also discovered red and gray layered chips in the dust samples, which turned out to have the signature of thermite.

In April 2009 an international team of scientists published a seminal paper identifying the red and gray chips found in the dust as high-tech nano-thermite, also known as super-thermite. Unlike ordinary thermite or thermate, which could be considered high-temperature incendiaries, nanothermite releases its energy at a much higher rate because of the high surface-to-volume ratio of the particles. When combined with suitable volatile materials, nano-thermite can be formulated as an explosive. The ignition temperature is also much lower than ordinary thermite.

Everyone has seen the destruction of the Twin Towers. Many people have never seen, or even heard about, the destruction of Building 7, a 47-story building across the street from the North Tower. For many people it was seeing Building 7 fall that brought them into the 9/11 Truth Movement. Building 7 came down at 5:20 in the evening of 9/11, even though it was not hit by an airplane and only had fires on a few floors. If you have ever seen a controlled demolition on TV, that is what the collapse of Building 7 looked like. It was a bottom-up demolition. It looks like the building is just sinking into the ground. The roof line stayed level as it fell, implying that the onset of collapse was simultaneous across the whole width of the building, and it came down in freefall, implying that it met zero resistance. I had heard others claim that it fell at freefall, which seemed hard to believe, so I measured the rate of collapse myself. I can confirm that the first 2.5 seconds of the collapse is indistinguishable from absolute freefall. Everything about the collapse points to controlled demolition. The 9/11 commission omitted any mention of Building 7, and the main NIST investigation offered no explanation for its collapse.

Ironically, although Building 7 was ignored after it collapsed, there is ample evidence of foreknowledge. BBC and CNN both reported its collapse, complete with an explanation for why it happened, but they got their script wrong and did the report while the building was still standing. In both cases, the intact building is clearly visible behind the reporter announcing the collapse. There are also numerous video and narrative accounts of policemen and firemen clearing people away, saying the building was going to come down. Larry Silverstein himself, the owner of the building, at one point states that he and an unnamed fire department commander made the decision to “pull it.” He later tried to re-interpret his comments, but from the context of the original statement he was clearly indicating they decided to demolish the building. The problem with this statement, of course, is that the building could not have been set up for demolition by the fire department in a matter of hours. Demolitions require weeks of preparation. If the demolition was planned, then the incidents of 9/11 had to have been known, and planned, in advance.

I presented a talk on the physics of 9/11 at a physics teachers' conference at Occidental College in early 2008. The physics teachers in the audience certainly represent a sample of the population with above average intelligence and intellectual curiosity. Yet approximately one-third of the audience had never heard of the collapse of Building 7. Anyone who is "into" 9/11 has seen endless discussion of Building 7, but for those who depend on the mainstream media for their information, it never happened. Given that this was one of the most anomalous events of 9/11, there seems to be a clear conspiracy of silence in the media. Video footage was broadcast on the day of 9/11 itself, but whereas videos of the falling towers persisted on TV for weeks, Building 7 immediately disappeared from the scene.

As blatant as any of the events of 9/11 themselves is the existence of a cover-up. The security cameras at local gas stations and hotels that would have recorded the Pentagon crash were immediately confiscated and withheld from public view. Two New York firefighters have stated that three of the four flight recorders at the World Trade Center were recovered, but according to the 9/11 Commission that they were not. The steel from the World Trade Center site was quickly disposed of, the vast majority of it taken to Asia for recycling. The official investigators retained only a few unrepresentative samples. A structural engineer from UC Berkeley who went to the site as soon as planes were allowed to fly was banned from Ground Zero. He had to do his research in recycling yards as the evidence was being destroyed. The destruction of evidence was not mere oversight or carelessness by the Giuliani administration: it was done in the face of a public outcry from firefighters and others who published angry complaints in the New York Times.

Not only was the physical evidence destroyed, the blueprints of the buildings were made secret and withheld from public view. They were not even made available to the investigators. Copies of some of the architectural and electrical blueprints of the North Tower were later made public by whistle blowers. They are published on the website and elsewhere. They confirm the existence of massive columns in the core of the building and cross bracing between the columns, contradicting early claims of the buildings' architectural inadequacy.

There is abundant testimony from many eyewitnesses who reported explosions in the buildings long before they fell, including explosions in the lobby and basements. There is video footage of burn victims who were involved in some of these explosions. There is a video of firefighters using a pay phone interrupted by a loud, startling explosion in Building 7 long before it fell. It has recently been verified that that video was taken before noon. There is eyewitness testimony by a city official (Barry Jennings) of explosions in Building 7 even before the two towers fell. The leadership of the fire department had the presence of mind to interview hundreds of firefighters—who clearly would have some standing as expert witnesses—in the weeks after 9/11. Many of them testified to explosions in the buildings prior to the collapse. Their testimony was locked away, and released only through recent court action.

The 9/11 commission itself was a result of long and loud pressure by the families of 9/11 victims. Launching an immediate investigation would seem to be a no-brainer, but it was resisted for over a year by the Bush Administration. When the administration finally acquiesced, it appointed Henry Kissinger—one of the least transparent figures in American history—to head the commission. Public outcry and conflict-of-interest resulted in his withdrawing his name. The commission was overtly balanced, with five Republicans and five Democrats, but the Executive Director, who tipped the balance and steered the commission behind the scenes, was Philip Zelikow, a close associate of Condoleezza Rice. In violation of the rules of the commission, Zelikow now appears to have remained in contact with the White House during the investigation. Also, the commission adopted rules that it would present a "consensus" report, meaning no controversial or dissenting opinions would appear. As noted above, they made no mention whatsoever of Building 7 and they suppressed any testimony that would call the official account into question.

Reasons for suspicion go on and on. The scientific investigators for 9/11 have come under scrutiny. NIST, the National Institute of Standards and Technology, was the government agency assigned to investigate the building collapses. The NIST report on Building 7, which was released for public comment in August 2008, claimed that the collapse of Building 7 took 40% longer than a freefall collapse. This is a blatantly false claim. I and others challenged them on this point, and in the November 2008 final report they had a revised analysis in which they admitted a 2.25 second period of freefall, but buried it in a deceptive framework and ignored the obvious implications. Freefall can only occur if all resistance has been removed, simultaneously across the whole width of the building within a small fraction of a second. This is a smoking gun for use of explosives. NIST refused to even look for evidence of explosives. NIST is thus clearly playing a role in the cover-up.” End quote. David’s entire To The Point Article is available here.

Badge wearers in the second to last paragraph Mr. Chandler typed three proven wolves name's - Henry Kissinger, Philip Zelikow and Condoleezza Rice, so is it a coincidence each is a certified, documented bilderberg, pratt and trilateral? Not no, But Hell No!

The first paragraph at Mr. Chandler’s website: “This web site is a joint effort by David Chandler (retired physics teacher), Jonathan Cole (professional engineer), and Nathan Flach (video archivist). We are all independent 9/11 researchers, and affiliated with Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth. Our goal has been to uncover the truth and shed some light on the events of 9/11, each in our own way.”

At the bottom of the homepage is the best 13 minutes a network (RT) has broadcast. For your Children’s sakes watch it. For an example of trying to brainwash the Public pay close attention to msnbc’s Rachel Maddow’s comments near the 9 min. 30 second mark. Rachel: ...all these nefarious conspiracies about government plots to kill and conspire and lie about it, and cover up the real truth. I mean this stuff is as ridiculous as it has ever been, but it is as ridiculous as it is dangerous. In May 2009 she spoke out against bilderberg Obama’s indefinite detention plans however in March 2013, she howls if You don’t buy into the government’s lies, You are a dangerous conspiracy theorist.

The illuminati wolves were salivating when television was introduced as they knew that media outlet would prove to be the ideal platform to control the hearts and minds of We the People, and earlier today I read a comment about State of Mind – The Psychology of Control, Mr. Gary Berthelot: I suggest you take 2 hours out of your life to learn how you are being controlled and share it with someone else. Here is another link to the must watch Documentary.

Way to many of US have fallen into the illuminati’s trap, I heard it on msnbc, or I heard it on cbs, or That’s what abc says, or I heard it on cnn and fox news so it must be true.

Badges are just as susceptible to brainwashing as those who they are sworn to protect. And in this day and age badges are protecting the illuminati. Tracking who owns the networks settles the debate. An example Rupert bilderberg, pratt rat Murdock. Along a similar train of thought, who ran cbs and who hired Walter bohemian grove owl Cronkite to anchor cbs news? William pratt rat Paley.

Bottom line - there are Good Cops and there are bad cops, so let’s look at another reality Americans have to face - the masonic brotherhood has controlled the fraternal order of police’s brotherhood ever since that organization came to be in 1915. Skeptics look at the fbi via J. Edgar master mason Hoover, because he played right along when the dept. of corruption’s deputy attorney general Nicholas Katzenbach advided he take charge of covering up President John Kennedy’s assassination.

Fraternal order of police members, to tell it like it is, you have be stupid, simple or slow if you can’t connect the dots to one of Katzenbach’s titles from 1975-86 – director, council on foreign relations to one of George skull senior’s titles from 1977-79 – director, council on foreign relations.

The fop’s emblem and logo: “The five-cornered star (a pentagram) tends to remind us of the allegiance we owe to our Flag and is a symbol of the authority with which we are entrusted. It is an honor the people we serve bestow upon us. They place their confidence and trust in us; serve them proudly. Midway between the points and center of the star is a blue field representative of the thin blue line protecting those we serve. The points are of gold, which indicates the position under which we are now serving. The background is white, the unstained color representing the purity with which we should serve. We shall not let anything corrupt be injected into our order. Therefore, our colors are blue, gold and white. The open eye is the eye of vigilance ever looking for danger and protecting all those under its care while they sleep or while awake. The clasped hands denote friendship. The hand of friendship is always extended to those in need of our comfort. The circle surrounding the star midway indicates our never ending efforts to promote the welfare and advancement of this order.

Within the half circle over the centerpiece is our motto, "Jus, Fidus, Libertatum" which translated means "Law is a Safeguard of Freedom." End quote. Officers, how many of you agree with actions speak louder than words?

The fop has an eye on their logo, likewise an eye decorates dollar bills. Please look at the eye above the triangle and the national seal on the back of a dollar bill. Now count the eagles’ wing feather tips - 32 on one wing and 33 on the other. The highest degrees of masonry are 32 and 33. Everyone who has researched masons knows Mr. George Washington was a mason however George Washington was not in bed with the illuminati. All the masonic mumbo-jumbo on the dollar bill was placed there during Franklin master mason, up to his ears in the illuminati Roosevelt’s reign in the offal pile office. And one of Roosevelt’s kin (his maternal grandfather, Delano, Franklin's middle name) made ka-zillions as a major player in a bones founded firm where the most profitable enterprise was smuggling opium into China. Many so-called patrician families made their first millions running drugs. Another example is John Forbes bones Kerry. Ask him where his maternal grandfather Forbes, who he’s named after, was born? Those activities are left out of our history books because the ivy league with its secret societies (with the bones pack leading the way) had the foresight to found the crooked as a snake american historical assoc. to cover over, wipe away their tracks.

To the fop, it’s not what your motto says, it’s what your organization does, so let’s Stick To The Facts. Fop protects the pratt house, and their 100 plus spinoffs, the owl’s grove along with bilderbergs and trilaterals each time those whores and wolves hold a pack meeting here in America. You also know who can be busted and those who are federally protected. It only gets worse because the internet provides video evidence of cops framing innocent individuals. Ever since 9/11 more and more badges have defined what a narcissist is: “Narcissism is the pursuit of gratification from vanity, or egotistic admiration of one's own physical or mental attributes, that derive from arrogant pride. The term originated with Narcissus in Greek mythology who fell in love with his own image reflected in a pool of water.” The reflection or fantasy the majority of today’s cops see when they look in a mirror.

And since excrement tends to float, that helps explains why the heads of thousands of police departments and county sheriff’s offices did not respond to the information Architects & Engineers for 9/11 TRUTH mailed them last year.  

Officers, the Well Meaning did not create the insane asylum which AMERICA is today, those who you protect have and this Documentary, State of Mind - The Psychology of Control, discusses at length the ways and means the powers that be have used to brainwash 95% of Americans including badges.

Which organizations and agencies spent the most towards brainwashing research in America? The tax free rockefeller, ford and carnegie foundations along with the cia. Across the Atlantic ask the U.K.’s royals or prime minister David bilderberg, chatham hyena Cameron to announce who funds the tavistock institute’s (located in London) brainwashing techniques? My question to prime minister Cameron is more to the point, are you another pilgrims society piss ant with Henry Kissinger, Sandra O’Conner and prince Charles?!

Mr. Jordan Maxwell provides valuable insight into what I call “The Big Picture”, Jordan: “I think the one thing I’d like for you to take away from anything I say today is this one point – that nothing in this world works the way you think it does. Nothing! The police aren’t who you think they are, the sheriff is not who you think he is. Banks do not do what you think they do. Governments don’t operate anywhere near the way you think they do. And that’s why today when you look at what’s going on in the world, none of it makes it any sense, it’s all crazy, it makes no sense at all. Seems very destructive, but actually in point of fact you don’t how the system works. It's working perfectly fine; the rich get richer, the poor get poorer. And the people, the masses are entertained with television, alcohol and drugs, and the wealthy continue to get wealthy. So it is working perfectly fine. Once you understand how the world really works and nothing works how you think it does.”

After reading that paragraph it makes sense why there is no accountability when applied to the wolves that be. For them it is all about do what thou wilt and get away with it. Like or hate me, SEPTEMBER 11, 2001 is an example of do what thou wilt. Ladies and Gentlemen, Sandra judge/sludge O’Conner knows two scales are applied in the out of balance world the powers that be have created. One scale is for the Masses and a different scale is used for law unto themselves, wolves, whose scale is molded out of---modeled after corruption, lies and murder. Sisters and Brothers, after asking american bar association members,“Why do court systems use two scales, one for the Masses and another for wolves?” Don’t be surprised to hear - Hell, that’s the aba’s definition of justice.

More from Mr. Maxwell: “People will always support what they want to hear. And will not support what they don’t want to hear. …And you will find the one thing people generally do not want to hear is the truth. Nobody is happy with they have to face the truth.” I don’t care if I’m liked or not and my wake-up call was watching JFK in 1991. Watching the Zapruder film showed me the warren commission’s report was nothing but a lie. And years of tracking have taught me the u.s. government’s version of what happened in Memphis, Omaha, Ruby Ridge, Waco and Oklahoma City etc. - their versions are all lies.

Jordan wraps up this 15 minute segment with: “And this whole thing is being orchestrated from behind the scenes. To knock down the world trade center, I mean and the day it happened I became so depressed I just dropped out of speaking. I no longer toured, I no longer did radio. I didn’t want to, I no longer talked to anyone and I’ve been out of commission for many years because 9/11 just shut me down. As far as I was concerned I was through with America, through with all of it. Because in any country that can buy three high rises falling down into dust and not ask any questions about that - I just gave up.”

Thanks to The Jersey Moms who the media nicknamed The Jersey Girls, there was an official investigation, and we all know if not for The Jersey Mom’s direct questions, that investigation would have been headed by Henry bilderberg steering committee member, former pratt rat director, pilgrims society, trilateral wolf, owl, alfalfa club Kissinger.

A side note: the first time I know of trilateral wolf Kissinger howling with like-minded hyenas while inside London’s chatham house was in 1982. Kissinger: The Falklands crisis is reminding us that certain principles must be sustained by more than words. At the time England and Argentina were arguing over (shots were fired) who owned the Falkland Islands.

Badges please focus on Kissinger’s replacements - Kean, Hamilton & Zelikow and their certified, documented bilderberg, pratt & trilateral pack memberships.  

Blacks ask a snake - Jeh department of homeland security director, pratt Johnson to conduct a survey amongst dhs’s badge wearers (which includes the secret service) asking, “Are you ready to admit you have to be either stupid, simple or slow if you can’t grasp the significance of Kissinger’s, Kean’s, Hamilton’s and Zelikow’s bilderberg, pratt and trilateral pack memberships?” Agent McLaughlin, since I know you're not a fool, there’s no need for you to answer the question.

After bilderberg, pratt, alfalfa Powell accompanied by two more pratt rats and in their case trilateral wolves (Negroponte and then cia director Tenet), lied time and time again while addressing the united nations in Feb. 2003 - soon after bombs started falling in Iraq. Badges deal with even the network’s bobble head dolls including Barbara pratt Walters have admitted bilderberg Powell was lying, so why the hell are badges at every level protecting the council on foreign relations and its directors including perennial bohemian grove owl Powell? Brass Tacks – the majority of badges deserve to be told: Fuck you!!! By the Well Intended because they are aiding and abetting the same powers who are screwing all of US.

Well Meaning Americans, the sooner brainwashed, narcissistic badge wearing idiots who haven’t shown the ability to add 2 + 2 + 2 - grasp - US includes their precious Children as well, the better off You The People will be. (Please watch the video at the link; near the 43 minute mark, You will see footage of Chicago’s police department in action.)

Near the 49 minute mark a handcuffed woman is nearly beaten to death, look at Her face, and according to KTBS television, chief Whitehorn announced: It was something that needed be handled internally. There was not enough evidence to pursue criminal charges. Barack is that former Shreveport, Louisiana police chief Henry Whitehorn who you nominated in April 2010 to head the u.s. marshal’s office for Louisiana’s western district? A side note: before taking over Shreveport's pd Whitehorn was a Louisiana state police colonel.

Citizens the code of silence amongst badges is deafening when it comes to criminal acts among their own. And when Good Cops do the Right Thing, They encounter all kinds of persecution from fellow badges. One example is Florida highway patrol Officer Donna Jane Watts.

Barack why don’t you send a directive to every police department asking chiefs to require those under their supervision to study the names and occupations of a handful of media pratt rats at this link. Because the same pratt rats who brainwash the Masses with their versions of the “nightly news” and “newspaper reporting” have brainwashed badge wearers. Badges for your Children’s sakes please go online and watch State of Mind – The Psychology of Control.

I don’t know how many television series have been aired over the years where the point of the show was to highlight badge wearers’ investigative skills. Around a month ago I watched an episode of Paula pratt rat Zahn’s true crime documentary series On the Case with Paula Zahn. Paula send a note to every police officer who has contributed to your show asking them to look into the construction of the Twin Towers. At the link the photos clearly show the massive fireproofed steel columns used to build the Towers. After viewing the photos ask them to write a report explaining away how sections of the Towers weighing up to 40 tons were hurled laterally 200 yards? Fellows according to the official versions - those collapses were gravity driven. Badges to keep things real, that dog won’t hunt, that lie won’t fly and anyone who has watched Mr. David Chandler’s Breakdown of the North Tower Exploding knows for an Absolute Fact explosives were used.

Badges look at this map of the WTC complex and note the location of the North Tower, WTC 1. What started the fires in Building 7? Answer sections of the North Tower which were blown over the top of Building 6. Building 6 was pummeled by sections of the North Tower causing catastrophic damage however #6 did not collapse. On the other hand #7, which received minor damage at best, collapsed. Why was #7 imploded? I’m positive that building’s implosion was all about getting rid of the security and exchange commission’s files housed in the building.

George W. numskull Bush, imploding #7 was an act of morons, an act which Proves Beyond A Shadow Of Doubt your and Cheney’s stupidity.

Barack bilderberg Obama, since only a handful of firms manufacture the thermite explosives used on SEPTEMBER 11, 2001, have Holder conduct his version of an investigation into which agencies and contractors bought that kind of explosives in 2000 & 2001, and then Prove how and where the thermite was used.

AMERICA those records will disappear overnight or else You the People will be told, Revealing those records would jeopardize our national security. And You can rest assured nsa won’t reveal the emails and phone conversations between the guilty parties involved.

There haven’t been many at nsa who give or gave a damn about the Masses, one of the few who did is Mr. Thomas Drake, a former nsa senior level executive. The link is Thomas’s presentation to the national press club (like bohemian grove, they have an owl on their logo) on March 13, 2013. The best breakdown I’ve read about Drake testifying to Our worthless congress, and his troubles with the fbi and dept. of corruption after He became a whistleblower, begin on page 2 of a July 14, 2010 Washington Post article by Ellen Nakashima.

Those who have followed the speeches made inside the national press club already know that club has kept tons of information away from the Public. And I sure hope most will accept another Fact - the press club owls were bought by corporate America years ago.

Mr. Drake’s presentation to the press owls is well worth watching and I’m glad Thomas defended the actions of army whistleblower Private First Class Bradley Edward, today Chelsea Elizabeth Manning.

The problem with whistleblowers in general - I can’t find one who names the source of Our problems, the illuminati and their secret societies. Why Thomas doesn’t mention nsa’s director from 1999-2005, Michael Hayden, is a pratt rat is beyond me. And Readers now know nsa reads every email and records every phone conversation. And let no AMERICAN forget Hayden directed the cia from the end of May 2006 until till mid-February 2009. Bottom line pratt rat Hayden and cia director on 9/11 - George pratt rat, trilateral wolf Tenet would be the ones to ask about who bought thermite in volume in 2001. Brass Tacks - those two black-hearted bastards Know!!

Two more very important points Thomas left out of his March 2013 press club presentation - 1. Keith Alexander, nsa’s director after Hayden (until March 28th of this year), met in completely secrecy with the bilderberg pack in 2009 and 2011, and don’t forget in 2011 the dept. of corruption’s own Christine pratt rat Varney was on her knees with Alexander, Kissinger, Rocke-maggot sr., China’s Fu Ying, Vernon Jordan, Spain’s queen Sophia, Obama’s pal James Johnson and 140 more like-minded money gruubing demented liars including the Netherland’s queen Beatrix.

2. Former director of national intelligence (Jan. 2009 - May 2010) admiral Dennis rhodes scholar Blair has been a trilateral since 2012. That can be confirmed by a pal of Michelle Obama’s who is currently a member of the trilateral’s executive committee, Catherine pratt rat Bertini. Bertini is also a senior fellow inside Chicago’s council on global affairs, a pack of CITIZEN stabbing rats first lady Michelle directs.

Former pratt house board member Sylvia trilateral in 2012 Burwell who bilderberg Obama chose to replace Kathleen bilderberg Sebelius as his new Obama-care-nightmare implementer can confirm Blair’s trilateral pack membership. Likewise a pair of bones scum bags - Austan bilderberg, trilateral Goolsbee and Winston bilderberg, trilateral Lord along with two members of the 9/11 commission - Jamie pratt, trilateral Gorelick and Philip bilderberg, pratt, trilateral Zelikow. And then there’s trilateral commission “LifetimeTrustee”, William T. pratt, alfalfa club Coleman jr.

Ladies and Gentlemen, two more names on the trilateral wolf pack’s April 2014 list are former senator Olympia pratt Snowe and David pratt McCormick, a co-president for Bridgewater Associates. Bridgewater is the second pratt house corporate sponsor current fbi director Comey went to after leaving the dept. of corruption in 2005. Before Bridgewater he was with chatham and pratt sponsor Lockheed Martin.

Why cia, dia, fbi and nsa etc. whistleblowers haven’t provided one word of the info contained in the last five paragraphs, that’s a mystery to me as they are supposed to be top notch investigators. I Appreciate Their Efforts, however if AMERICA’S perilous situation was left up to them, 90% of the Rest of the Story would remain untold.

I first visited the National WhistleBlowers Center’s website in 2012. Mr. Stephen K. Kohn is the center’s executive director and Stephen’s the author of “The Whistleblower’s Handbook: A Step by Step Guide to Doing What’s Right and Protecting Yourself”. The center’s motto: “Honesty Without Fear”. Stephen no one is protecting me and as CREATOR IS my JUDGE, I Know Robert Motch is Doing the Right Thing. Their address is P.O. Box 25074 Washington, DC 20027. Readers please write the NWC and ask them to get on board with Build the models! Before Americans can enjoy Change, first the wolf packs have to be backed into a corner they can’t growl or snarl their way out of.

In 2012 I learned Dr. Frederic Whitehurst was the first successful fbi whistleblower. “His case exposed forensic fraud in the FBI crime lab and subjected it to outside oversight for the first time.” Imagine that the fbi committing forensic fraud; just one of many crimes the agency is guilty of. That and removing video evidence of crime scenes are agency specialties. Hiding the video footage available around the pentagon and the Oklahoma City bombing are two of many examples. Retired General Ben Partin’s Presentation (His expertise is explosives) to The Wallace Institute (co-founded by Miss Devvy) in June 1998 is Excellent. General Partin covers Oklahoma City, Waco and TWA Flight 800.

Miss Jane Turner is with the whistleblower center as well, “After 20 years as a FBI special Agent, Jane Turner led efforts to force the FBI to provide protection for child sex crime victims on the North Dakota Indian Reservations. In retaliation for exposing FBI failures with its child crime program, Turner was removed from her position. Her whistleblower case is still pending.

Turner also learned that FBI agents had stolen “souvenirs” from the 9/11 terrorist attach crime scene. She was fired after reporting the thefts to the Inspector General. A federal jury vindicated her in a historic 2007 verdict in her Title VII discrimination case.” End quote.

Jane it is a sad truth within the Red Nations there are those who have forgotten the Old School Red Way, the Right Way. I cannot emphasis the importance of The Soul of an Indian and The Gospel of the Red Man. Links to both Books are available in the last paragraph of Part 7 of this series.   

Perhaps if Jane had been in Omaha, Jane may have ended up as another corpse for the powers that be to dispose of. And as far as former Omaha police chief Wadman goes, Mr. John DeCamp sums up him and the fbi in The Franklin Cover-Up, John: “Maybe Senator Schmit and I got the message in its purest form, when we met with Omaha FBI head Nick O’Hara in his office in early 1989. O’Hara, who kept Wadman’s picture on his desk, threatened, “You f--- with Bob Wadman, you f--- with the FBI!”

O’Hara’s statement fits him and GOD only knows how many fbi agents, Wadman and the majority of police chiefs to a T. Everyone’s Proof - the almost zero response Architects & Engineers received after mailing thousands of packets of info about what Really Happened on 9/11 to city police departments and county sheriff offices all across the country.

Jane, Frederick and Stephen what I don’t understand about the National Whistleblowers Center is this, each of your fellow speakers, along with yourselves appear to support the 9/11 commissions’' lies. Question has one of you ever mentioned the bones, ivy, porcellian, book & snake, quill & dagger, scroll & key, wolf’s head, bilderberg, chatham, master mason, owl, pilgrims, pratt, alfalfa or trilateral packs during a speaking engagement?

Miss Julia Davis, I'm aware of most of what You have been put through by dhs and I sincerely believe Your Heart is in the Right Place, but when it comes to cia, dia, fbi and nsa whistleblowers, each has a teeny, tiny whistle.

AMERICA along a separate but related subject, the fraternal order of police and federal law enforcement officers association are up to their nostrils in the 9/11 Cover-Up! And why hasn’t fleoa backed whistleblowers? Much of that answer is found in fleoa’s head Jon Adler is an executive member of dhs’s advisory board under Jeh pratt Johnson. Jeh, who played a leading role whelping the department of homeland security/snakes? Another pratt, Robert C. Bonner. At the pratt’s own website Bonner’s name is on the rat's 2012 & 2013 annual reports.

Jon Alder since you have been one of fleoa's executives since 2003, you should announce why fleoa's thousands upon thousands of members did not rally around and support Miss Davis?

Sisters and Brothers, if all goes well there will be a one more segment in this Change column. I would like to close this section with a Tribute to CHIEF SITTING BULL. Many are unfamiliar with who He was, so I hope the following SITTING BULL - IN MEMORY by Dr. Sally Roesch Wagner will shed Light on a Great Man.

Dr. Wager: “Mrs. Fanny Kelly was taken captive in July 1864 by a war party of Hunkpapa Sioux in Wyoming. During most of the five months she was held prisoner, Mrs. Kelly stayed in the lodgings of Sitting Bull, the famous leader "as a guest," of his family, "and I was treated as a guest," she wrote.

"He was uniformly gentle, and kind to his wife and children and courteous and considerate in his interactions with others. During my stay with them food was scarce more than once, and both Sitting Bull and his wife often suffered with hunger to supply me with food. They both have a very warm place in my heart." This surprising warm friendship with a woman who had every reason to hate and fear him, characterized Sitting Bull's interactions with whites. A teacher and missionary among Sitting Bull's people, Catherine Weldon, once described him,

"As a friend...sincere and true, as a patriot devoted and incorruptible. As a husband and father, affectionate and considerate. As a host, courteous and hospitable to the last degree."

The Ashcroft family, white settlers who lived nearby, valued Sitting Bull as "one of their oldest friends." They often told the story of how, on one of his frequent trips to buy produce and chickens from Grandmother, he stopped for potatoes.

"Grandfather was busy and did not want to take the time to dig them, so his daughter Ethel, ten years old, slipped away and dug a half-sack of potatoes and dragged them up to the house for Sitting Bull. He was so pleased that he promised her a pony, and soon a little bay horse was delivered to her. He was named 'Two-John' and she had him until she was married to Jack Jacobs in 1896."1

Yet when Sitting Bull was killed on December 15, 1890, newspapers throughout the nation echoed the Minneapolis Tribune whose one regret was that he "should have been hung higher than Hamar [Hamar should read Haman. Haman was the villain of the biblical story of Esther who was hung on a specially prepared gallows 50 cubits (a measure of length approximately equal to the length of a forearm) high.] and with less ceremony than is observed by a Texas lynching party towards a horse thief." 2 As the press whipped-up hatred of the Indians, the fact was lost that Sitting Bull had been residing in friendship and peace with his white neighbors, with his only "crime" taking part in a religious worship, the Ghost Dance, labeled the "Messiah craze" by the press.

His greater "crime," of course, was that he was "an obstructionist, a foe to progress." "Progress" was defined as white settlement on Indian land, and the previous year the Dakota (Sioux) Indians had received enormous pressure to approve the sale of one-half of their remaining land. Not all accepted.

According to United States law (as expressed in the Treaty of 1868) the signatures of 3/4 of the adult males of the Sioux nation were required before land could be sold. Sitting Bull resisted. He "never signed a treaty to sell any portion of his people's inheritance, and he refused to acknowledge the right of other Indians to sell his undivided share of the tribal lands," according to his friend, Catherine Weldon, who contended that Sitting Bull was killed in order "to silence exposures which he could have made." There was enormous double-dealing to expose, including the doctoring of census records to reduce the number of Indians required to sign, and the gathering of signatures illegally to reach the necessary number.

Mrs. Weldon was not alone in her belief that Sitting Bull had been silenced. In the New York World on December 21, 1890, Rev. W.H.H. Murray charged, "The land grabbers wanted the Indian lands. The lying, thieving Indian agents wanted silence touching past thefts and immunity to continue their thieving."

The World's editor interjected, "Mr. Murray's characterization of the killing is sustained by the report sent yesterday by Corporal Gunn, of the Eighth Cavalry. The affair is one which should receive a searching inquiry. As it stands now it was organized butchery, and one of the most shameful incidents in our 'century of dishonor' towards the Indians."3

Sitting Bull's death was a political assassination by the United States government, insisted the head of the Nebraska National Guard, General Leonard Colby, who wrote that there was an "understanding between the officers of the Indian and military departments that it would be impossible to bring Sitting Bull to Standing Rock alive, and even if successfully captured, it would be difficult to tell what to do with him. It is therefore believed that there was a tacit arrangement between the commanding officers and the Indian police, that the death of the famous old Medicine man was much preferred to his capture, and that the slightest attempt to rescue him should be the signal for his destruction." 4

To have him killed by Indian police allowed the government to avoid responsibility in the matter.

Sitting Bull, like Martin Luther King, was a man of vision. "The great hope and purpose of his life was to unify the tribes, and bands of the Dakotas, (Sioux) and hold the remaining lands of his people as a sacred inheritance for their children," wrote his friend Catherine Weldon. "This fact," she maintained, "made him unpopular with all who saw in his policy and influence obstruction to their selfish schemes, hence they demanded his removal."

There was never an official investigation into Sitting Bull's murder, nor have the assassination charges been disproved. Reverend Murray believed that a day would come when Sitting Bull would be revered for the visionary man of peace that he was:

"I read that they have buried his body like a dog's," Rev. Murray wrote, "without funeral rites, without tribal wail, with no solemn song or act. This is the deed of to-day. That is the best that this generation has to give to this noble historic character... Very well. So let it stand for the present. But there is a generation coming that shall reverse this judgment of ours. Our children shall build monuments to those whom we stoned and the great aboriginals whom we killed will be counted by the future American as among the historic characters of the Continent." 5

Who knows? Perhaps Reverend Murray was right, and as the world grows more enlightened, we may one day celebrate Sitting Bull Day as we now do Martin Luther King Day.” End Quote.

Most are aware of the Positive contributions Dr. King made and I Admired Martin for how He went about trying to bring Change. I also know of Martin’s shortcoming. On the other hand Chief Sitting Bull led an Exemplary Life from start to finish. 

Since Dr. King was regarded as a Brave Man, I’d like to share examples of Chief Sitting Bull’s Bravery and Courage. From the link, a Pbs post: “Hunkpapa Lakota chief and holy man under whom the Lakota tribes united in their struggle for survival on the northern plains, Sitting Bull remained defiant toward American military power and contemptuous of American promises to the end.

Born around 1831 on the Grand River in present-day South Dakota, at a place the Lakota called "Many Caches" for the number of food storage pits they had dug there, Sitting Bull was given the name Tatanka-Iyotanka, which describes a buffalo bull sitting intractably on its haunches. It was a name he would live up to throughout his life.

As a young man, Sitting Bull became a leader of the Strong Heart warrior society and, later, a distinguished member of the Silent Eaters, a group concerned with tribal welfare. He first went to battle at age 14, in a raid on the Crow, and saw his first encounter with American soldiers in June 1863, when the army mounted a broad campaign in retaliation for the Santee Rebellion in Minnesota, in which Sitting Bull's people played no part. The next year Sitting Bull fought U.S. troops again, at the Battle of Killdeer Mountain, and in 1865 he led a siege against the newly established Fort Rice in present-day North Dakota. Widely respected for his bravery and insight, he became head chief of the Lakota nation about 1868.

Sitting Bull's courage was legendary. Once, in 1872, during a battle with soldiers protecting railroad workers on the Yellowstone River, Sitting Bull led four other warriors out between the lines, sat calmly sharing a pipe with them as bullets buzzed around, carefully reamed the pipe out when they were finished, and then casually walked away.” Question: Did Martin have that kind of courage?

“The stage was set for war between Sitting Bull and the U.S. Army in 1874, when an expedition led by General George Armstrong Custer confirmed that gold had been discovered in the Black Hills of Dakota Territory, an area sacred to many tribes and placed off-limits to white settlement by the Fort Laramie Treaty of 1868. Despite this ban, prospectors began a rush to the Black Hills, provoking the Lakota to defend their land. When government efforts to purchase the Black Hills failed, the Fort Laramie Treaty was set aside and the commissioner of Indian Affairs decreed that all Lakota not settled on reservations by January 31, 1876, would be considered hostile. Sitting Bull and his people held their ground.

In March, as three columns of federal troops under General George Crook, General Alfred Terry and Colonel John Gibbon moved into the area, Sitting Bull summoned the Lakota, Cheyenne and Arapaho to his camp on Rosebud Creek in Montana Territory. There he led them in the sun dance ritual, offering prayers to Wakan Tanka, their Great Spirit, and slashing his arms one hundred times as a sign of sacrifice. During this ceremony, Sitting Bull had a vision in which he saw soldiers falling into the Lakota camp like grasshoppers falling from the sky.

Inspired by this vision, the Oglala Lakota war chief, Crazy Horse, set out for battle with a band of 500 warriors, and on June 17 he surprised Crook's troops and forced them to retreat at the Battle of the Rosebud. To celebrate this victory, the Lakota moved their camp to the valley of the Little Bighorn River, where they were joined by 3,000 more Indians who had left the reservations to follow Sitting Bull. Here they were attacked on June 25 by the Seventh Cavalry under George Armstrong Custer, whose badly outnumbered troops first rushed the encampment, as if in fulfillment of Sitting Bull's vision, and then made a stand on a nearby ridge, where they were destroyed.

Public outrage at this military catastrophe brought thousands more cavalrymen to the area, and over the next year they relentlessly pursued the Lakota, who had split up after the Custer fight, forcing chief after chief to surrender. But Sitting Bull remained defiant. In May 1877 he led his band across the border into Canada, beyond the reach of the U.S. Army, and when General Terry traveled north to offer him a pardon in exchange for settling on a reservation, Sitting Bull angrily sent him away.

Four years later, however, finding it impossible to feed his people in a world where the buffalo was almost extinct, Sitting Bull finally came south to surrender. On July 19, 1881, he had his young son hand his rifle to the commanding officer of Fort Buford in Montana, explaining that in this way he hoped to teach the boy "that he has become a friend of the Americans." Yet at the same time, Sitting Bull said, "I wish it to be remembered that I was the last man of my tribe to surrender my rifle." He asked for the right to cross back and forth into Canada whenever he wished, and for a reservation of his own on the Little Missouri River near the Black Hills. Instead he was sent to Standing Rock Reservation, and when his reception there raised fears that he might inspire a fresh uprising, sent further down the Missouri River to Fort Randall, where he and his followers were held for nearly two years as prisoners of war.

Finally, on May 10, 1883, Sitting Bull rejoined his tribe at Standing Rock. The Indian agent in charge of the reservation, James McLaughlin, was determined to deny the great chief any special privileges, even forcing him to work in the fields, hoe in hand. But Sitting Bull still knew his own authority, and when a delegation of U.S. Senators came to discuss opening part of the reservation to white settlers, he spoke forcefully, though futilely, against their plan.

In 1885 Sitting Bull was allowed to leave the reservation to join Buffalo Bill's Wild West, earning $50 a week for riding once around the arena, in addition to whatever he could charge for his autograph and picture. He stayed with the show only four months, unable to tolerate white society any longer, though in that time he did manage to shake hands with President Grover Cleveland, which he took as evidence that he was still regarded as a great chief.

Returning to Standing Rock, Sitting Bull lived in a cabin on the Grand River, near where he had been born. He refused to give up his old ways as the reservation's rules required, still living with two wives and rejecting Christianity, though he sent his children to a nearby Christian school in the belief that the next generation of Lakota would need to be able to read and write.

Soon after his return, Sitting Bull had another mystical vision, like the one that had foretold Custer's defeat. This time he saw a meadowlark alight on a hillock beside him, and heard it say, "Your own people, Lakotas, will kill you." Nearly five years later, this vision also proved true.

In the fall of 1890, a Miniconjou Lakota named Kicking Bear came to Sitting Bull with news of the Ghost Dance, a ceremony that promised to rid the land of white people and restore the Indians' way of life. Lakota had already adopted the ceremony at the Pine Ridge and Rosebud Reservations, and Indian agents there had already called for troops to bring the growing movement under control. At Standing Rock, the authorities feared that Sitting Bull, still revered as a spiritual leader, would join the Ghost Dancers as well, and they sent 43 Lakota policemen to bring him in. Before dawn on December 15, 1890, the policemen burst into Sitting Bull's cabin and dragged him outside, where his followers were gathering to protect him. In the gunfight that followed, one of the Lakota policemen put a bullet through Sitting Bull's head.

Sitting Bull was buried at Fort Yates in North Dakota, and in 1953 his remains were moved to Mobridge, South Dakota, where a granite shaft marks his grave. He was remembered among the Lakota not only as an inspirational leader and fearless warrior but as a loving father, a gifted singer, a man always affable and friendly toward others, whose deep religious faith gave him prophetic insight and lent special power to his prayers.” End quote.

Dr. Sally R. Wagner’s SITTING BULL - In MEMORY and the above are pieces of history few Americans are aware of.

AMERICA has had a Black History Month for years, but Red History is still a mystery to most. Fact what’s been taught about the First Americans via textbooks approved by the skull & bones founded american historical assoc. could be written with a grease pencil inside a match book cover.

Ladies and Gentlemen this series is Dedicated to CHIEF SITTING BULL. I want to make that Crystal Clear and I’ve spent the last year researching and writing columns to show Americans and Everyone else how to dance with putrid hearted mass murdering wolves, the Old School Red Way, the Modern Day Right Way.

Red Nations, the “Ghost Dance” was a figment of a Paiute’s, Wovoka’s imagination. (Some say dream.) On the other hand The House That Evil built series provides detailed information about the ivy league’s secret societies, along with the multinational wolf packs like the chatham house, pratt house, master masons, bilderbergs and trilaterals who have packed together in their efforts to enslave Mankind.

Another Fact, to defeat Our enemies - We have to know who they are and how they play the game within a game.

The first half of this Feb. 2005 Global Research post provides names (George pratt Soros and former cia director Jim pratt Woolsey) and front organizations, including the national endowment for democracy and freedom house, along with those front's modus operandi.

Something to consider, when have bilderbergs like Soros or owls like Woolsey exhibited signs they have a conscience? Clear Thinkers won’t spend much time tracking before Realizing wolves masquerading as sheep (George skull W. and bilderberg Obama are two more examples) lack a conscience.

Next let’s focus on Dr. King’s Positives; in His THE TRIUMPH OF CONSCIENCE Martin explained: The limitation of is that they cannot win and their participants know it. Hence, rioting is not revolutionary but reactionary because it invests in defeat. It involves an emotional catharsis, but it must be followed by a sense of futility.

During His acceptance speech when Dr. King received the Nobel Peace Prize,Martin said: Non-violence is the answer to the critical political and moral questions of our time, the need for man to overcome oppression and violence without resorting to oppression and violence. Man must evolve for all human conflict a method, which rejects revenge, aggression and retaliation. The foundation of such a method is Love.

Last year I read how Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. asked to be remembered. Dr. King was inside Atlanta, Georgia’s Ebenezer Baptist Church, the date February 4, 1968. Martin: Every now and then I guess we all think realistically (Yes, sir) about that day when we will be victimized with what is life's final common denominator—that something that we call death. We all think about it. And every now and then I think about my own death and I think about my own funeral. And I don't think of it in a morbid sense. And every now and then I ask myself, "What is it that I would want said?" And I leave the word to you this morning.

If any of you are around when I have to meet my day, I don’t want a long funeral. And if you get somebody to deliver the eulogy, tell them not to talk too long. (Yes) And every now and then I wonder what I want them to say. Tell them not to mention that I have a Nobel Peace Prize—that isn’t important. Tell them not to mention that I have three or four hundred other awards—that’s not important. Tell them not to mention where I went to school. (Yes)

I'd like somebody to mention that day that Martin Luther King, Jr., tried to give his life serving others. (Yes)

I'd like for somebody to say that day that Martin Luther King, Jr., tried to love somebody.

I want you to say that day that I tried to be right on the war question. (Amen)

I want you to be able to say that day that I did try to feed the hungry. (Yes)

And I want you to be able to say that day that I did try in my life to clothe those who were naked. (Yes)

I want you to say on that day that I did try in my life to visit those who were in prison. (Lord)

I want you to say that I tried to love and serve humanity. (Yes)

Yes, if you want to say that I was a drum major, say that I was a drum major for justice. (Amen) Say that I was a drum major for peace. (Yes) I was a drum major for righteousness. And all of the other shallow things will not matter.

AMERICA compare Dr. King’s Life to the murders, lies and cover-ups which define the conscience-less, pratt house intertwined lives lived by the skull Bushes and the bilderberg Clintons & Obamas.

Like or hate me, adding their family names - Bush, Clinton and Obama is a case of 2 + 2 + 2 equals 6 and in BIBLICAL terms all three families are guiltyof trying to emulate the anti-Christ, 666.

I haven’t opened a Koran so I don’t know what’s written on, “your actions define who you are”, however I do know the Bible makes it clear: Beware of false prophets, who come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravenous wolves. You will know them by their fruits. Do men gather grapes from thorn bushes or figs from thistles? Even so, every good tree bears good fruit, but a bad tree bears bad fruit. A good tree cannot bear bad fruit, nor can a bad tree bear good fruit. Every tree that does not bear good fruit is cut down and thrown into the fire. Therefore by their fruits you will know them.

Today the one religion hated by the wolves that be is Christianity and next is one reason why. Every Book I’ve read providing details into the black-hearts’, the putrid heart’s one world government/new world order was written by a CHRIST centered Christian. An example is The Best Enemy money Can Buy I don’t know of similar Books penned by a Buddhist, Hindu, Jew, Muslim, Shinto, Animist or Atheist. I’m not saying Hindus, Jews, Muslims and so on have not written on that subject; I’m saying I haven’t found a review or a link to that kind of book.

A satanist couldn’t write such a book because their world revolves around the dark side, which is the polar opposite of Truth and Light.

And it seems within the modern day Truth movement, the overwhelming majority of writers have kept most of what Dr. Tony Sutton researched and revealed away from their Readers, which makes no sense whatsoever. What should be common knowledge - America’s and England’s governments supported the Bolsheviks, and next the council on foreign relations (which bones helped whelp) and chatham house built the Soviet Union, the Soviet Bear from the ground up - has been kept secret from the Public by 99.9% of writers including Dr. Thomas DiLorenzo and every so-called whistleblower out there.

Thomas, since I Bought a copy of Organized Crime - The Unvarnished Truth About Government, I have the Right to ask why you never mention bones, bilderbergs, the harold pratt house or trilateral wolves in your books?

Thomas is an economics professor and one of this country’s top historians, his research is impeccable. Those compliments aside as far as I know Dr. DiLorenzo has never mentioned the american historical assoc. was whelped by bones in cahoots with Haahvard and the rest of the ivy league.

Thomas can be reached via Loyola University Maryland - Dr. Thomas DiLorenzo - Sellinger Hall 311 - Baltimore, Maryland 21210 and The Heartland Institute - One South Wacker Dr. #2740 - Chicago, Ill. 60606 and The Ludwig von Mises Institute - 518 West Magnolia Avenue - Auburn, Alabama 36832.

Thomas since Loyola is a Jesuit founded, is that the reason why you haven’t mentioned bones and bilderbergs etc. in your books? Thomas, Folks have the Right to Know the Jesuits are up to their nostrils in the new world order.

Professor DiLorenzo as to how the cia came to be, that damned agency’s own documents provides the proof. From the link: “REPORT OF THE LOVETT COMMITTEE. The committee took its duties very seriously and was ready with its preliminary report scarcely a week after it had first…” Blah, blah. “... committee has unanimously reached the conclusion that this Government should establish as promptly as possible a National Intelligence Authority and a Central Intelligence Agency.” Robert Lovett was a bones scum bag, class of 1918, and the cia was created in the national security act of 1947. In a nutshell the oss, the office of strategic service was transformed into the cia.

Henry bones Stimson was master mason FDR’s secretary of war during WW II. After Roosevelt died master mason Harry Truman moved into 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. When Stimson retired in late Sept. 1945 Robert Patterson was named sec. of war and shortly thereafter bones Lovett held the reins of the lovett committee.

Mr. DiLorenzo not all bones scum are as stupid as George W. numskull Bush and I believe cfr member Lovett played a role in changing the cabinet position sec. of war to sec. of defense. In 1947 the first sec. of defense was James Forrestal, a council on foreign relations member.A side note: the cfr moved into the harold pratt house and became pratt rats in April 1945. Harold Pratt was a cfr member from 1923 until he died in 1939. Thomas verify that here.

Other than Oklahoma City and the first World Trade Center bombing and 9/11, which were inside jobs, America hasn’t been attacked since Pearl Harbor. However that hasn’t stopped the military industrial-congressional complex from waging war wherever they could while lying at every opportunity - Korea, Vietnam, Desert Storm and then back to Iraq and Afghanistan.

Thomas the powers that be realized sec. of defense sounds better, is more palatable to the deceived Masses than sec. of war.

Mr. James Lane it wouldn’t surprise me one bit if the term secretary of defense was actually coined by Edward Bernays. James yesterday, May 22nd, I watched A Nobel Lie – The Bombing of Oklahoma City for the first time. Those requiring further proof as to how despicable the dept. of corruption and its atf and fbi agencies are, then by all means watch The Bombing of Oklahoma City. The last 48 minutes provide a detailed account into the Rest of the Story.

Mr. Lane has Directed some of the Best Documentaries I’ve watched. Documentaries the mainstream media would never produce. Skeptics call (212-484-8000) pratt house sponsor Time-Warner if you don’t believe me.

Two Facts, Time magazine was co-founded by skull & bones members, Briton Hadden and Henry Luce in 1923. And later on Luce was invited to join the pilgrims pack.

Next is typical of the dribble Time magazine posts and/or publishes. The dribble Bush and the Pope Meet” was written by Time’s Jeff Israely while in Rome on Thursday, June 7, 2007. At first glance, President Bush and Pope Benedict XVI offer a portrait in contrast: the swagger of a trust-my-gut Texan and the shyness of a cerebral theologian. But behind the photo-op set at Saturday's first-ever Bush-Benedict meeting were two men with some key traits in common. Both, of course, wield their words and policy with planetary reach thanks to the unique offices they hold. But there are also some notable parallels in the way they have come to exercise their respective global roles. More than six years into Bush's Presidency and two years into Benedict's papacy, it is clear that neither is cut from the traditional cloth of international diplomacy. Beyond what are indeed very different styles and backgrounds and job descriptions are leaders who pride themselves as straight talkers who act according to what they see as simple truths. Indeed, the head of the Roman Catholic Church and the born-again Protestant President acknowledge that their public deeds— and diplomacy, itself — are driven by a very palpable and personal religious faith.

Though the agenda at their Vatican meeting — from Iraq to debt relief to abortion — featured points that both converge and diverge, the 35 minutes behind closed doors, which Bush called "a moving experience," was above all a meeting of two men of Christian devotion, says a Catholic Church insider. "The Pope knows he has a real believer in front of him," says the insider. "Bush's faith is seen here as something definitely authentic, even in its errors."

U.S. policy in Iraq is the "error" that sticks foremost in minds throughout the Church hierarchy, going back to Pope John Paul II's firm opposition to the original invasion in 2003. By all accounts, Benedict was in lockstep with his then boss in opposing the war, and has recently commented that there is "nothing positive" coming out of the situation in Iraq. Of particular concern in Rome is the destiny of the Christian minority in the country. Over the past week, a Catholic Chaldean priest and three deacons were killed in Mosul in northern Iraq, while another Chaldean priest and five parishioners have been abducted in Baghdad. Thousands of Christians are fleeing the war-ravaged country. However, for fear of risking a further deterioration of the situation facing Iraqi ethnic and religious minorities, few clerics are calling for immediate withdrawal of U.S. troops. Indeed, the official Vatican position is to support the Iraqi government. Nevertheless, the Vatican's official communique after the meeting with the American President cited the "worrying situation in Iraq." The Pope also raised another Mideast issue: the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, where many in the Vatican privately criticize the U.S. for not taking a more active role in mediating the divide.

The Vatican finds common ground with the Bush Administration on bioethical questions. Vatican Secretary of State Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone recently praised the White House on its anti-abortion stance: "The United States is a great country, and the current President has especially distinguished himself for some positive initiatives in favor of the defense of life from conception," Bertone told the newspaper Avvenire.

Of course, truth, even that which is believed to come from above, does not preclude the need for diplomacy. Private audiences with the Pope, such as the one with Bush, tend to be largely symbolic and often formal affairs, compared with the ongoing substantive talks and collaboration among the full-time diplomats. The meeting itself was an opportunity for Bush to remind America's Catholic voters of their "shared values" with the Pope: from opposition to stem-cell research to anti-poverty efforts in Africa. After meeting the Pope, Bush sat down with the Catholic aid group Communita di Sant'Egidio, which has been among the best unofficial arms of Vatican diplomacy, and encompasses the idea of faith-based initiatives so dear to the American President.

The Bush-Benedict meeting offered a cordial public face to relations between the Holy See and the U.S. But it often takes weeks and months to unpack what has happened in the closed-door talks. One possible topic of discussion is bound to stay secret: a papal trip to the U.S. End quote

Badges since you are the supposed hot shot investigators answer this - why do skull members refuse to discuss their secret society, but at the same time howl - we are Christians? If the secret bound pack was worth three dead flies then show me some “Evidence” of Good Works? Badges, is it in you to admit the bones pack has directly and indirectly murdered millions in America and around the Globe. And before even one badge starts to lie about it, Readers of this series already know the heads of your masonic intertwined police brotherhoods protect bones scum instead of the Public.

Ladies and Gentlemen the same logic applies to dhs with its vipr/viper teams and every other pratt house intertwined feral federal agency.

Eric pop goes the weasel Holder last year I read former senator George J. Mitchell was chosen to be  Henry pilgrims Kissinger’s right hand (his vice-chairman) for the original 9/11 commission, which makes sense because like Kissinger, Mitchell used to sit on the bilderberg ho’s steering committee.

Red Nations, time and time again, useful idiots, via their websites provide some of the most damning information. At the last link Mitchell’s name is between Johannes Meynen a deceased Dutch politician and a French think/stink tank president, Thierry de Montbrial. 

Another point pathological liars and deniers like Holder would never bring to the Public’s attention is this - from 1995-2005 former senate skank George Mitchell sat on the pratt house's board of directors. Five of Mitchell’s fellow pratt rat directors during that time frame include Andrew trilateral Young, George bilderberg Soros; former cia director John bilderberg, trilateral Deutch; former federal reserve bankster William bilderberg McDonough and David maggot Rockefeller senior’s daughter, Peggy trilateral Dulany. (The last link, a pdf file filled with photos of bilderbergs, doesn’t always load for me.)

Jeh dhs director, pratt rat Johnson, you should conduct another survey within the agency asking dhs’s vipr teams - will they admit the federal government has made fools of them? Fellows, the sooner you realize you are protecting certified bastards & bitches, the better off your Children will be.

I feel empathy for Good Cops and it’s not like Their Kind is extinct. The Evidence that Good Cops still exist is found in …The Bombing of Oklahoma City, a Documentary every American should watch.

Louis fbi director from Sept. 1, 1993-June 25, 2001 Freeh, there is much blood on your filthy, covering up hands!!!

And neither is the Vatican clean by a long shot; for confirmation let’s look at Vatican’s representative in district of corruption, cardinal Wuerl, because when the alfalfa club dined in 2011, five of his buddies at table 7 were Lee 9/11 commission Hamilton, one of the pratt house’s co-chairs Carla bilderberg Hills; former supreme sludge member Sandra pilgrims O’Connor; Frank trilateral Carlucci and the supreme sludge’s current alpha wolf, John bought and sold Roberts.

Something else, according to this April 2014 Washington Post piece, Wuerl will “play a key role in shaping the next generation of church leaders.”

Now before every Catholic tries to stone me, there is much more to the Vatican than most are aware of. Reading this is time well spent and most of it is Right on Target. Like or hate me, the Vatican is up to its ears in the new world order. Likewise every other major faith and religion on the planet. (Catholics ask Joseph pratt Stiglitz is he still a Vatican advisor?)

One of the most powerful individuals on the planet is Adolfo Nicolas, his title - superior general of the jesuits. The jesuits are all about money, power & control and nothing about JESUS, a name they use as a front, in the same manner the cia uses usaid as a front. Pope Francis has replaced Ratzinger, however Nicolas wields most of the behind the scenes power in Vatican City, which stretches around the Globe.

For little known info about the cia, Francis and the Vatican walking hand in hand, please read this. The title “Washington’s Pope” Who in Pope Francis I?

Something for Catholics to reflect on, how much intelligence has been gathered over the years during “confessions”? Please think about that for a few minutes.

Now let’s look at the cia’s director on 9/11, George trilateral wolf Tenet. Where did that bastard go for his higher education, jesuit founded Georgetown University. Tenet’s 2007 trilateral bio: Distinguished Professor, Edmund A. Walsh School of Foreign Service, Georgetown University, Washington, DC; former U.S. Director of Central Intelligence.

When Tenet left the cia (his replacement was Yale secret society member Porter book & snake Goss) in 2004, he went to Georgetown. What follows is from Wikipedia: “The Edmund A. Walsh School of Foreign Service (commonly abbreviated SFS) is a school of international affairs within Georgetown University in Washington, D.C., United States. Currently ranked amongst the top foreign service schools, it stands first in the world at the graduate level. Jesuit priest Edmund A. Walsh founded the School of Foreign Service in 1919, recognizing the need for a school that would prepare Americans for roles as diplomats and business professionals in the wake of the U.S.' expanding involvement in the world after World War I. The school predates the U.S. Foreign Service by six years.”

What are diplomats taught? How to lie with a straight face. Consider this why would a jesuit priest found a school which hands out how to lie degrees?  Question, what do 90% of lawyers have in common with diplomats? Lying for a living. For confirmation ask a former Georgia state senator who is currently Atlanta’s mayor, Muhammad Kasim lawyer Reed, because Reed is on the offcial list of bilderbergs for 2014 with pratt board member Shirley Jackson, Kissinger, former nsa director Keith Alexander, former cia director David Petraeus, pratt house co-chair Robert Rubin and Obama’s buddy James “doctor of laws” Johnson etc.

By this point it should be Understood the bones, bilderberg, chatham, master mason, owl, pilgrims, pratt, trilateral and alfalfa packs with their lawyer pals in the sorriest supreme sludge places, “doctor laws” any which way it suits them.

Blacks before Kasim lawyer Reed starts lying about having any knowledge of Atlanta’s world affairs council rats, the link to their corporate sponsors Proves his “Mayor’s Office of International Affairs, City of Atlanta” is a sponsor. Also at the link be sure to notice in the “CHAIRMAN’S CIRCLE” there's one of George numskull Bush's bones mates, class of 1968 Ambassador Robert D. McCallum Jr., a rotten to his core rhodes scholar lawyer and a former deputy attorney general.

Blacks the only race in this gone to hell country not involved in the illuminati’s new world order are the First Americans, AMERICA'S forgotten race.

Before the bilderbergs begin their conclave on May 29, a one day conclave of moneyed scum is taking place in England as I type, May 27 (today’s date), and hosted by Evelyn bilderberg and his wife Lynn bilderberg Rothschild/ratschild, the wealthiest money grubbing family on planet Earth.

On May 12, 2014 Harper’s Bazaar posted Portrait of a Lady: Lynn Forester de Rothschild by Jane Hitchcock. Please read paragraphs see how mainstream magazines portray bilderbergs. Jane: As a successful American entrepreneur, Lynn Forester de pratt rat Rothschild has made a career—and a life—out of getting people to think differently. Now, with a power-packed conference this month in London (and a little help from her friend Bill Clinton), she has her sights set on reshaping our economic future. …

… Her husband, Sir Evelyn de Rothschild, served as an usher at Queen Elizabeth's coronation, and later headed the bank that used to help set the price of gold in the world. Lynn, though, made her own fortune before she married into one. While working for the magnate John Kluge's Metromedia in the '80s, she was an early investor in cellular technology, an area that eventually became the cornerstone of her own telecommunications empire. Together she and Sir Evelyn now run E.L. Rothschild, a private investment firm they founded that looks after their interests in the Economist Group, among its other holdings; the couple also preside over a transatlantic brood that includes five kids (two of Lynn's from a previous marriage and three of Sir Evelyn's), with four homes on two continents.

Lynn's warmth and intelligence have won her a legion of friends and fans in numerous spheres of life, from business and the arts to politics, including Bill and Hillary Clinton, Sting, Bono, Tony Blair, Carlos Slim, V.S. Naipaul, and Frederick Forsyth. She is a legendary hostess, throwing book parties for Hillary and organizing fund-raisers for Britain's Tate museums along with myriad other dinners, events, and blockbuster gatherings. She sits on the boards of Estée Lauder and the Peterson Institute for International Economics and is also a member of the Council on Foreign Relations. But the big date on Lynn's calendar right now is May 27, when E.L. Rothschild will cohost with Fiona Woolf, the Lord Mayor of London, "The Conference on Inclusive Capitalism," a high-powered symposium at the Mansion House and Guildhall, with a list of keynote speakers that includes former president Clinton, International Monetary Fund Managing Director Christine Lagarde, and the governor of the Bank of England, Mark Carney. The basic theme of the topics under discussion will be how to restore capitalism's battered image around the world and the ways that the private sector can both profit and achieve the broader purpose of building stronger economies and communities. (In a nutshell this is 100% dribble. Jane leaving rocke-maggots, the bones pack and ratschilds out of the mix,you will be hard pressed to find sources of more misery than the bilderbergs named in this paragraph, and Readers can rest assured London’s mayor, Fiona lawyer Woolf, her last name fits her to a T.)

There are some very influential people who are absolutely appalled by what led to the financial crisis and by the growing inequality and lack of opportunity in the world," Lynn says. "The point of this conference is to bring these concerned people together in one place to discuss the future in pragmatic terms. What can powerful corporations and investors do to make capitalism work for more people around the globe? In order for things to improve, we have to generate a new sense of trust and optimism. It's imperative.

Lynn went on to attend Pomona College in California and law school at Columbia University. But it was in the early '80s, while practicing law at the Wall Street firm Simpson Thatcher & Bartlett, that she met Kluge, who hired her to help him acquire small companies around the U.S. that held local cellular licenses. The experience gave Lynn the knowledge and the wherewithal to go into partnership with Motorola, owning and running a series of telecommunications companies, which made her a multimillionaire. She sold her stake in one, TPI, to Motorola in 1995 for a figure reportedly between $80 million and $100 million. She went on to found another, FirstMark Communications, which had significant interests in broadband in Europe; in 2000, Fortune listed her as the fourth most powerful woman in business on the Continent. "John was one of my most important mentors," she says of Kluge. "He said, 'Never think about your net worth, only about your vision, your excitement, and your commitment. The money will follow.' "

It was in 1998 that she met Sir Evelyn de Rothschild, at the Bilderberg Conference in Turnberry, Scotland, when they were introduced by a mutual friend, Henry Kissinger. The couple exchanged vows in London two years later, and were feted back in the States at a wedding party given by Senator Moynihan and his wife, Liz, in a private room at the Capitol, where they were toasted by the Clintons, among others. "After two marriages I was convinced I'd never fall in love again," Lynn says. "Then Evelyn turns out to be the love of my life."

Moynihan was a pratt rat, and John owl Kluge used to spend part of July and early August at bohemian grove’s “wohwohno” campground. Kluge died roughly six weeks after the owls finished their 2010 conclave. Another point, the law firm Simpson Thatcher & Bartlett is a pratt house sponsor. Jane for your information “Ladies” don’t attend bilderberg ho downs and now deal with Lynn de Ratschild is typical of the money grubbing, lying lawyers the ivy league produces. Two more examples are Bill & Hillary bilderberg Clinton.

There are less than 140 names on the list the bilderbergs released yesterday; therefore We can assume 10 or more names will be kept from the Public. Will Carlos slime Slim fly to Denmark with Christine Lagarde? I don’t know. But I do know Slim is typical of the money grubbing, warmongering, ka-zillionaire slime, who Mr. Charlie Skelton describes as sinister slugs, the bilderberg pack is comprised of.

Earlier today in an email Mrs. Devvy Kidd described former cia director, multiple time bilderberg David pratt rat Petraeus as “David Betray Us”. AMERICA, one of Lady Devvy’s many Qualities - She’s a Straight Shooter.   

As to who Slim is, the Proof is right here, the heading Carlos Slim Helu Joins RAND Board of Trustees, the press release is dated Dec. 16, 2008. More proof, Francis pratt, trilateral wolf Fukuyama is a rand trustee and he was one of the “project for a new american century” (pnac) wolves who started howling for a war in Iraq in 1999. And Donald owl Rumsfeld like Jeb owl Bush, was a pnac wolf and Rumsfeld used to chair rand’s board and let no Reader forget he howled at bilderberg 2002 America was going to attack Iraq. Also it is hard to find someone who told more lies in relation to 9/11 than Condoleezza bilderberg, trilateral Rice and if she denies she has rand affiliations, she is lying as usual.

Another point, Kissinger used to be with rand and that warmongering bastard was handed a nobel peace prize which is comparable to when his like-minded friend, warmonger Obama was handed one.

Fukuyama’s 2007 trilateral bio: Bernard L. Schwartz Professor International Political Economy, Paul H. Nitze School of Advanced International Studies, The Johns Hopkins University, Washington, DC. Paul Nitze and Christian Herter co-founded the school of advanced international studies, and both were bilderbergs as well as pratt rats. Herter was a cfr founder and Nitze went to the first bilderberg conclave which was in 1954 with David Rockemaggot sr., Jack bones scum Heinz and the Netherlands’ prince Bernhard etc. Who was Johnson’s sec. of the navy when the “Gulf of Tonkin Incident”, which We now know was a lie, took place in 1964? Paul bilderberg, pratt, warmonger Nitze. 

Barack bilderberg, ivy league lying lawyer Obama & Michelle council director, ivy league lying lawyer Obama, by this Point It Should Be Obvious to badge wearers how interwoven the wolf packs are.

(More to follow. One last section which will end with Positive Changes AMERICA is in dire need of.)

Let’s look at those who claim they are serving a GOD and doing HIS Will. Americans have heard Obama end speeches with “GOD Bless America.” And back when Richard alfalfa club, owl, pratt Nixon was in the oval/offal pile office he asked rev. Billy Graham to hang around, as did George skull & bones, owl, alfalfa Bush sr. in their efforts to portray themselves as Godly men.

As for the current occupier of the offal office - liar boy, bones toy Obama - rev. T.D. Jakes now has Graham’s role. Excerpts from Obama’s 2011 National Prayer Breakfast speech: Pastor friends like Joel Hunter and T.D. Jakes come over to the oval office every once in a while to pray with me and pray for the nation. And: But there were also Catholic leaders like Father Theodore Heshburg,…”

Barack it’s Hesburgh not Heshburg, and I hope Readers understand only a pathological liar with an ivy league law degree (Haahvard) would praise father bilderberg, pratt, trilateral Hesburgh.

And back when liar boy, bones toy Clinton was facing some heat, he ran to a church for a photo op and howled something like I often come here for divine inspiration.

To keep things real, I doubt if a Bush, Clinton or Obama can remember the last time they told the truth. And neither does it say much for Billy Graham, Joel hunter and T.D. Jakes, as those three are playing right along with the wolves’---smoke and mirrors---charades.

Before The House That Evil Builtseries most of US had no idea father Theodore Hesburgh, Notre Dame University’s president from 1952-1987, was a bilderberg in 1975 with David Rockefeller, Edmond Rothschild, Donald Rumsfeld, Robert let’s develop aids McNamara, Bill bones Buckley, Zbigniew Brzezinski and sir Eric Roll etc. And here Everyone can read Hesburgh was a pratt house director from 1976-1985. Three of his fellow pratt directing pals in 1977 were former deputy attorney general and former secretary of state Nicholas katzenbach memo Katzenbach, George skull Bush sr. and the Proven son of a bitch initially trotted out to lead the crooked 9/11 commission, Henry owl Kissinger. The last link goes to three informative articles about owls and their bohemian grove.

The list of 1985 trilateral wolves proves father Hesburgh’s membership in that pack. Readers please be sure to look at the names under Former Members in Public Service-disservice especially George Bush - Vice President of the United States and Paul A. Volcker - Chairman, Board of Governors, U.S. Federal Reserve System.

Mr. Richard Gregory another trilateral wolf with former pratt house director, former u.n. ambassador Andrew alfalfa Young; Winston bones Lord, George journalist Will, Edmond pilgrims Rothschild, David pilgrims Rockefeller sr., senator John mason Glenn, Tom house of rats Foley, father pratt rat director Hesburgh and LA mayor Tom Bradley in 1985 was Robert Bowie. Bowie’s trilateral bio: Guest Scholar, The Brookings Institution; former Deputy Director, Central Intelligence Agency. (He died last year.)

Question for America’s military and badges, how many more dots do I have to connect between bilderbergs, the cfr/pratt house, trilaterals and the bones founded cia before The Big Picture becomes clear?

Church attending Americans, how many times how you heard a chaplain, father, pastor or reverend say: Know your enemy? In my opinion it is way past time for church goers to ask them, “Why haven’t you told US who our enemies are?”

Mosque attending Americans, how many clerics or imams have mentioned Saudi Arabia’s ambassador to the country of my birth, Adel A. Al-Jubeir, is a former council on foreign relations fellow?

Let’s look at John Thain’s 2007 trilateral bio: Chief Executive Officer, New York Stock Exchange, Inc.; former President and Co-Chief Operating Officer, Goldman Sachs & Co., New York, NY. First of all it isdarn near impossible to read a list of bilderbergs or trilaterals without seeing Goldman “show a ho the money” Sachs in an attendees’ bio. And bilderberg 2014 is no exception as Robert Zoellick - chairman, the goldman sachs group and Peter Sutherland - chairman, goldman sachs international Proves.  

A few years ago I read a Bloomberg piece stating John trilateral Thain was the governor of the New York-Presbyterian Foundation Inc. and that compels me to ask - Why hasn’t Pat Robertson’s CBN or even one ministry on TBN’s address book, an example is Tony cnp Perkins’ Family Research Council, Denounced the 9/11 commission’s report for what it is - a Cover-Up; lies, deception and omissions from start to finish?

I already know why not one Pope has challenged the commission’s lies and omissions, and after reading what bones founded Time published on March 16, 1942, more will understand why the heads of every Christian denomination has been silent on that, and why supposed Church leaders like Robertson, Jakes, Billy Graham, Benny Hinn, Al mason Sharpton and Rick pratt rat Warren and Jesse master mason, pratt rat Jackson etc. are a collection plate overflowing with cover-up con artists.

Time magazine beginning on page 44: “These are the high spots of organized U.S. Protestantism's super-protestant new program for a just and durable peace after World War II:

* Ultimately, "a world government of delegated powers."

* Complete abandonment of U.S. isolationism.

* Strong immediate limitations on national sovereignty.

* International control of all armies and navies.

* "A universal system of money . . . so planned as to prevent inflation and deflation."

* Worldwide freedom of immigration.

* Progressive elimination of all tariff and quota restrictions on world trade.

* "Autonomy for all subject and colonial peoples" (with much better treatment for Negroes in the U.S.).

* "No punitive reparations, no humiliating decrees of war guilt, no arbitrary dismemberment of nations."

* A "democratically controlled" international bank "to make development capital available in all parts of the world without the predatory and imperialistic after-math so characteristic of large-scale private and governmental loans."

This program was adopted last week by 375 appointed representatives of 30-odd denominations called together at Ohio Wesleyan University by the Federal Council of Churches. Every local Protestant church in the country will now be urged to get behind the program. "As Christian citizens," its sponsors affirmed, "we must seek to translate our beliefs into practical realities and to create a public opinion which will insure that the United States shall play its full and essential part in the creation of a moral way of international living."

Among the 375 delegates who drafted the program were 15 bishops of five denominations, seven seminary heads (including Yale, Chicago, Princeton, Colgate-Rochester), eight college and university presidents (including Princeton's Harold W. Dodds), practically all the ranking officials of the Federal Council and a group of well-known laymen, including John R. Mott, Irving Fisher and Harvey S. Firestone Jr. "Intellectually," said Methodist Bishop Ivan Lee Holt of Texas, "this is the most distinguished American church gathering I have seen in 30 years of conference-going."

The meeting showed its temper early by passing a set of 13 "requisite principles for peace" submitted by [Chairman John] Foster Dulles and his inter-church Commission to Study the Bases of a Just and Durable Peace. These principles, far from putting all the onus on Germany or Japan bade the U.S. give thought to the shortsighted selfishness of its own policies after World War I, declared that the U.S. would have to turn over a new leaf if the world is to enjoy lasting peace.” End quote. I want to Thank Miss Jackie Patru for posting the information.

AMERICA ask the lawyers Clinton, Obama, Holder & Comey---boys do you agree We the People should be up to speed - know all about the leading role ivy league Yale - the lair of skull & bones, book & snake, scroll & key and wolf’s head etc. - played?

Former senator and u.n. ambassador John Danforth, by your actions, your role in the Waco cover-up proves your degree from ivy league Yale’s divinity school is a putrid hearted joke.

Hughley & Mayer, no doubt you two will have read the above at least twice to absorb the info published by the bones society’s Time magazine.

Limbaugh & Coulter, I laughed while reading this bs: A "democratically controlled" international bank “to make development capital available in all parts of the world without the predatory and imperialistic after-math so characteristic of large-scale private and governmental loans."

Sisters and Brothers, Time revealed bits and pieces of the sorry life led by one of the council on foreign relations founders - John Foster pilgrims, alfalfa club Dulles (former cia director and pratt rat president, Allen warren commission, pilgrims Dulles’s brother); a one world government/new world order player inside the federal council of churches.

I first learned of John Dulles’ federal council of churches affiliations while reading Mr. David Ratcliffe’s UNDERSTANDING SPECIAL OPERATIONS - 1989 Interview with L. Fletcher Prouty Colonel USAF (Retired). Unfortunately, I don’t remember which Chapter.

Those interested in learning more about the skull & bones society’s cia, by all means read Colonel Fletcher Prouty’s THE SECRET TEAM: The CIA and Its Allies in Control of the United States and the World, first published in 1973.

Excerpts from the Author’s Note 1997 Edition: “After I had given the manuscript of the original draft of this book to my editor at Prentice-Hall, in 1972; and had received the galley proof of the first edition back from him, he called me to suggest that I keep it in a safe place at all times. He told me that his home had been broken into the night before, and he suspected it was an attempt to steal his copy of that galley proof. He said, "They didn't get it. It was under the seat of the Volkswagon."

    After excellent early sales of The Secret Team during which Prentice-Hall printed three editions of the book, and it had received more than 100 favorable reviews, I was invited to meet Ian Ballantine, the founder of Ballantine Books. He told me that he liked the book and would publish 100,000 copies in paperback as soon as he could complete the deal with Prentice-Hall. Soon there were 100,000 paperbacks in bookstores all around the country.

    Then one day a business associate in Seattle called to tell me that the bookstore next to his office building had had a window full of books the day before, and none the day of his call. They claimed they had never had the book. I called other associates around the country. I got the same story from all over the country. The paperback had vanished. At the same time I learned that Mr. Ballantine had sold his company. I traveled to New York to visit the new "Ballantine Books" president. He professed to know nothing about me, and my book. That was the end of that surge of publication. For some unknown reason Prentice-Hall was out of my book also. It became an extinct species.

    Coincidental to that, I received a letter from a Member of Parliament in Canberra, Australia, who wrote that he had been in England recently visiting in the home of a friend who was a Member of the British Parliament. While there, he discovered The Secret Team on a coffee table and during odd hours had begun to read it.

    Upon return to Canberra he sent his clerk to get him a copy of the book. Not finding it in the stores, the clerk had gone to the Customs Office where he learned that 3,500 copies of The Secret Team had arrived, and on that same date had been purchased by a Colonel from the Royal Australian Army. The book was dead everywhere.

    The campaign to kill the book was nationwide and world-wide. It was removed from the Library of Congress and from College libraries as letters I received attested all too frequently.

    That was twenty years ago. Today I have been asked to rewrite the book and bring it up to date. Those who have the book speak highly of it, and those who do not have it have been asking for it. With that incentive, I have begun from page one to bring it up to date and to provide information that I have learned since my first manuscript.” End quote. The cia spends whatever it takes to guard their death dealing history.

Chapter 4 discusses President John Kennedy’s efforts to reel in the cia. And while reading Chapter 4 it is imperative to know gen. Maxwell pilgrims Taylor was a pratt rat, and both Bill & McGeorge Bundy were skull & bones members like George W., John Kerry & Austan Goolsbee and pratt rats/council on foreign relations members.

My beef with Colonel Prouty centers around his kind words about former chief of staff gen. bilderberg, pratt Lemnitzer. Those who believe the military’s joint chiefs are good guys then by all means look into chairman of the joint chief’s Lyman Lemnitzer’s operation northwoods, which he wanted to launch in 1962.

“Code named Operation Northwoods, the plan, which had the written approval of the Chairman and every member of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, called for innocent people to be shot on American streets; for boats carrying refugees fleeing Cuba to be sunk on the high seas; for a wave of violent terrorism to be launched in Washington, D.C., Miami, and elsewhere. People would be framed for bombings they did not commit; planes would be hijacked. Using phony evidence, all of it would be blamed on Castro, thus giving Lemnitzer and his cabal the excuse, as well as the public and international backing, they needed to launch their war.” (With the support of Time, The New York Times and the Washington Post etc.)

After that paragraph I imagine Hughley and Mayer should to be able to see for themselves the twisted mindset the acting chairman of the joint chiefs on September 11, 2011 - gen. Richard owl, pratt rat Myers - has. Which helps to explain why former chairman of the joint chiefs, current pratt house director - Colin bilderberg, owl, alfalfa club Powell had no qualms lying to the united nations in February 2003.

Next are paragraphs from the cfr’s website, where the rats provide details into how the council on foreign relations was whelped: “It all started as an inquiry…” Colonel Edward M. House (left), proto-national security adviser, seen here with President Wilson, circa 1919.

Colonel House set off for Europe shortly before the November 1918 armistice. The Atlantic crossing proceeded with all the speed then available for this first exercise in high-level shuttle diplomacy (and under destroyer escort to guard against lurking German submarines). His mission was to arrange the U.S. presence at the peace conference and, he decided, to establish reliable sources of information about conditions in Europe. The scholars of the Inquiry had relied upon the books, maps, and documents they could locate, principally in the Library of Congress and the Columbia University library; House deted that the president needed, at the least, something more current.

The scholars of the Inquiry helped draw the borders of post World War I central Europe over tea at the Quai d’Orsay, a more congenial venue than the plenary sessions held in Versailles’ Hall of Mirrors, shown above.

This was all too reassuring to let fade once the statesmen had gone home. On May 30, 1919, a little group of diplomats and scholars from Britain and the United States convened at the Hotel Majestic, billet of the British delegation, to discuss how their fellowship could be sustained after the peace. They proposed a permanent Anglo-American Institute of International Affairs, with one branch in London, the other in New York. Today the anglo-american establishment. London’s chatham house and New York’s pratt house.

Two more paragraphs: To make the distinction clear, the American academics were relieved to adopt the name of their preexisting institutional partner. On July 29, 1921, a New York certificate of incorporation was prepared and the new Council on Foreign Relations came into being.

THE NEW COUNCIL was conceived, in the words of its incorporating charter, “to afford a continuous conference on international questions affecting the United States.” By its first annual report, November 1922, it had assurance of financial support for the startup years and close to 300 “carefully chosen” members, including Root from the old Council, but also new and promising figures like Herbert H. Lehman, W. Averell Harriman, and John Foster Dulles.

Lehman’s kin John bohemian grove speech maker, pratt Lehman was chosen for the 9/11 commission. Averell bones, bankster, pilgrims, state department Harriman was a pratt director, and John alfalfa, lawyer, pilgrims Dulles’s commission invited Church leaders to join hands with the illuminati’s new world order, which those wolves did---hook, line & sinker.

Red Nations now that, that information is out in the open - All of US need to put Our Thinking Caps On.

Bottom line - AMERICA has been sinking deeper and deeper into the dark side’s abyss ever since. A side note, I’ve read John cfr founder Dulles was a master mason, however I cannot confirm it.

More information about John pilgrims Dulles, he attended the San Francisco conference in 1945 where the united nation’s charter was drafted, and he was Ike’s sec. of state from Jan. 1953 - April 22, 1959. If it was wrong Dulles was involved. More proof he chaired the rocke-maggot foundation and Andrew pilgrims Carnegie’s carnegie foundation. Leaving Rothschild rats & Rockefeller maggots out of the mix, I don’t know of sorrier brothers than Allen & John Dulles, George skull W. & Jeb pnac Bush and a pair of Limey/English bastards up to their nostrils in the 1929 U.S. stock market crash; Jack & Winston chatham hyena, master mason, pilgrims society Churchill.

Question how can the united nations be about Peace when the its permanent security council member countries lead the planet in manufacturing and selling weapons for war? The worst three are America (29 percent of the weapons), Russia (26 percent) and China; followed by France, Germany and England.

From John Thain’s bio at Wikipedia: “New York-Presbyterian Foundation - Thain serves as a governor”.

I just checked the website, it appears Thain is no longer a governor or board member. More from his Wikipedia bio: “Board of Trustees of the National Urban League”. As to whether Thain is still affiliated with the national urban league, write or call their president; one of Thain’s fellow trilaterals, Marc wolf Morial at 120 Wall St. New York, New York 10005; phone # 212-558-5300.   

Until mid 1999, I held Dr. D. James Kennedy the founder of Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church in high regard.  That year I placed full page ads filled with Historical Truths in newspapers all across America and since James was portraying himself as a patriotic pastor, I called his office to see if he would endorse my efforts before I placed the ad in Ft. Lauderdale’s paper? The woman I spoke with thought it was a great idea so I mailed a copy another major paper had printed. But when I called back a few days later, she told me James was not going to endorse my effort.  

I knew where James’ no endorsement decision came from, that was orchestrated by Paul TBN Crouch, who took the journey this past December.

Earlier in 1999 I contacted TBN, wired a large sum of money, and asked Paul to host a conference - AMERICA BE THOU LOOSED. Paul chose not to host the conference and tried to keep the money. After two weeks of going back and forth with him, I contacted Jay Sekulow and made it clear the money had better be returned within a week or there were going to be consequences. In a nutshell I told Jay point blank, you are either part of the problem or part of the solution. To give Jay and Paul credit, I received a check within 7 days.

How many Readers have watched THE PATRIOT starring Mel Gibson? In my mind one of the best scenes takes place after Gabriel Martin rides to the village of Pembrook. The scene is a Sunday morning, he walks into the church and Gabriel asks the men in the congregation to join the militia. Joel Hunter and T.D. Jakes, Reverend Oliver announces: A shepherd must attend his flock. And, at times, fight off the wolves. Before He and Twelve Others ride off to join Colonel Benjamin Martin’s Militia.

A Real Life Reverend Oliver was a Presbyterian, known during the Revolutionary War as The Fighting Chaplain, was Reverend James Caldwell, a Virginian by birth. The link provides an accurate account of Reverend Caldwell’s life and His murder. The British wanted Reverend Caldwell dead. His wife Miss Hannah Ogden Caldwell was murdered by the British before James was.

Church going Readers, please print this and the Mrs. Sibel Edmonds and The Jersey Moms column and hand them to the chaplain, father, pastor or reverend you support on Sundays via the offering plate, as it is way past time for them to start Supporting and Standing Up for You the People.

How often have you heard them refer to you as their sheep? If today’s shepherds possessed a sliver of Reverend James Caldwell’s CHRIST Centered Strength, they will watch Lambs Become Lions and hear Them Roar Their Challenge---Build the models!

Jay Sekulow since I’ve discussed the pratt house and its spin offs, the world affairs councils and the american committees on foreign relations, do we agree Americans should know about another secretive council, the council for national policy (cnp)? Sisters the Seek God website provides the most info about the cnp I’ve found.

Brothers, my task is to provide the names of the conniving packs playing the game within a game.

From the last link: “On August 28, 2004 the New York Times ran an article titled "Club of the Most Powerful Gathers in Strictest Privacy" by DAVID D. KIRKPATRICK. It was a report about the CNP's most recent meeting at the Plaza Hotel in New York City. Reportedly the purpose was for what a participant called "a pep rally" to re-elect President Bush.

Speakers at the 2004 event included Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger of California and former Mayor Rudolph W. Giuliani of New York. The NY Times article again confirmed many of the details that have been compiled in the Council for National Policy section on this site.

The reporter also quoted the CNP rules, which they obtained, and which stated in part:

"The media should not know when or where we meet or who takes part in our programs, before or after a meeting,"

"The membership list is "strictly confidential." Guests may attend "only with the unanimous approval of the executive committee...."

According to the article, President skull Bush had addressed the group in fall 1999 to solicit support for his campaign. It was also reported that after the Iraq invasion, Vice President Dick trilateral Cheney and Defense Secretary Donald H. bilderberg Rumsfeld attended a CNP council meeting. The report went on to say that an agenda obtained by the Times revealed that "several Bush administration and campaign officials were on hand."

“The destiny of our nation is on the shoulders of the conservative movement," the Senate majority leader, Bill Frist, Republican of Tennessee, told the gathering as he accepted its Thomas Jefferson award on Thursday, according to an attendee's notes." End quote.

Evidently the cnp’s leadership wants US to believe the 9/11 commission’s lies and deception. LIONS let’s take a look at former senator William H. “Bill” Frist. For starters he’s a pratt rat, please verify that here, and when the alfalfa club dined in 2011 Frist and three more past (Paul Laxalt and Kit Bond) and present senators (Mark Pryor) sat at table 10 with long time cia & fbi director---William judge/sludge, owl, pratt, trilateral Webster.

It’s a crying shame in that a council comprised of well known Christian leaders are directly or indirectly helping to usher in the illuminati’s one world government. And to make matters worse the rotten to its core cnp uses Sir Thomas Jefferson’s name, the Writer of the DECLARATION Of INDEPENDENCE to help them do it. 

More cnp award winners are Phyllis Schlafly, Dr. James Dobson, Clarence supreme sludge Thomas, Edwin bohemian owl Meese III, William J. drug czar joke Bennett, senator Jesse master mason Helms, Jeane J. bilderberg, pratt, trilateral Kirkpatrick and John F. 9/11 commission liar Lehman.

Please look at biographies of past and present cnp members, some of whom are now deceased. James Dobson in 1999 I wasn’t aware the cnp existed. James there’re times when tracking brings to light information which hurts me on the inside, my Spirit Man.

Next in alphabetical order are recognizable names, Jack lobbyist Abramoff, former California legislator Stephen C. Baldwin, one of Ronald alfalfa club, bohemian owl Reagan’s buddies Gary pnac Bauer, James Focus on the Family Dobson, Dr. Jerry Falwell, former house of rats member Jack owl, master mason Kemp, D. James Kennedy, Alan Keyes, former attorney general Edwin owl Meese, former senator Don Nickles, Oliver cocaine importer North, Ralph bilderberg Reed, former  assistant treasury sec. (Reagan) Paul Craig Roberts, Phyllis Eagle Forum Schlafly, Jay American Center for Law & Justice Sekulow and former New Hampshire governor, John H. Sununu, who used to be skull Bush senior’s chief of staff. All those names can be confirmed by Pat “700 Club” Robertson, as Pat’s a former president of the council for national policy’s executive committee.

A side note: John H. Sununu’s son, a three term house of rats member and one term NH senator, John E. Sununu, is a pratt rat. And due to his dad’s close relationship with a long time illuminati king pin, George skull sr. I’ll wager John H. used to be one.

Another former player inside the council for national policy is Cliff America’s Survival Kincaid, who wrote the worst dribble I’ve read at NewsWithViews. Kincaid’s opening paragraph: With the official opening of the 9/11 Memorial Museum, media attention is being focused once again on the so-called 9/11 “truth” movement, the political agitators and publicity-seekers who insist that Muslim terrorists flying planes were not responsible for the deaths of nearly 3,000 people on September 11, 2001. A group called Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth is distributing 9/11 “truth” propaganda at the museum this week, insisting the attacks were an “inside job” by various forces.

Cliff to be blunt, if AMERICA’S survival was left up to conniving, ignorant, deceitful jackasses like you, We The People would be in dire straits; doomed with no way out of the illuminati’s abyss. Thankfully that’s not the case.

To start Kincaid’s (a self-proclaimed journalist and media critic) journey back to reality, let’s revisit the popular movie THE PATRIOT. Cliff the setting is inside South Carolina’s senate chambers where legislators are about to discuss whether or not to join Virginians to throw off England’s yoke of bondage.

The Chairman bangs his gavel for order: “Out first order of business will be an address by Colonel Harry Burwell of the Continental Army.” Colonel Burwell: You all know why I’m here. I’m not an orator. And I would not try to convince you of the worthiness of our cause. I’m a soldier. And we are at war. From Philadelphia, we expect a Declaration of Independence. Eight of the thirteen colonies have levied money in support of a Continental Army. I ask that South Carolina be the 9th. A tory or British loyalist says: Massachusetts and Virginia may be at war but South Carolina is not! Fellow tories echo his thoughts with Here, here.

Burwell: This is not a war for the independence of one or two colonies, but for the independence of one nation. A different tory asks: And what nation is that? A Patriot, Mr. Howard answers with: An American nation! Fellow Patriots shout Here, here! Tory: There is no such nation and to speak of one is treason. Mr. Howard: We are citizens of an American nation. And our rights are being threatened by a tyrant 3,000 miles away.

The movie’s leading character Mr. Benjamin Martin rises to his feet: Would you tell me, please, Mr. Howard why should I trade one tyrant 3,000 miles away for 3,000 tyrants one mile away? An elected legislature can trample a man’s rights as easily as a king can.

Cliff do the math, congress passed and president Obama signed ndaa 2012. Are we on the same page? And in case you were wondering why I use the terms rocke-dems and rocke-pubs, I suggest reading Mr. Gary Allen’s The Rockefeller File - The untold story of the most powerful family in America. Cliff more need to know info about legislators and this country’s rocke-parties was provided by founding bilderberg, founding trilateral and former pratt house chairman David pilgrims society Rockefeller sr., when that money grubbing maggot told Mr. Tony Goslings during a break at bilderberg 2003, We do things in various settings, congress etc.

Kincaid grasp if you can Rockefeller’s etc. means England’s parliament, Germany’s bundestag and every other nation with a Rats-child--Rocke-maggot organized central bankster system.

Cliff the Ratschild pack has been driving the force in the bank of england ever since Napoleon’s rule the continent’s dreams ended at Waterloo, Belgium. That typed, I’ll let you figure out why David’s maternal grandfather senator Nelson mason, pilgrims Aldrich went to Europe to meet with Ratschilds face to face as the head of congresses’ national monetary commission. I know he was tasked with founding a central bankster system in America and the hushed up Jekyll Island bankster conference in 1910 is the proof.

More pieces come together simply by backtracking former federal reserve chairman, former trilateral commission chairman - Paul bilderberg, pratt, pilgrims society Volcker’s sorry life, which proves he’s a Rockemaggot protégé. To educate yourself further look into the bank of international settlement’s Rockemaggot history via that bank’s 1st president, Gates W. pilgrims McGarrah, a former chase national bank and federal reserve bankster. Cliff further tracking reveals McGarrah’s reichsbank bank affiliations, and for your information McGarrah was a member of the reichsbank’s (Germany’s state bank) general counsel/advisory board.

Cliff banksters and pilgrims are drawn drawn together in the same way as rats, wolves and hyenas draw lice, which should provide the clue you need to understand the pilgrims (whelped in 1902 & 1903) are the precursors to London’s chatham house (1920) and New York’s pratt house (1921). So grasp those packs are the modern day crooked as a snake anglo-american establishment’s---foundation.

Ladies and Gentlemen thousands of hours of research have taught me in order to find out the Rest of the Story; I have to track banksters and especially those with Rockefeller and/or Rothschild roots.

Sisters and Brothers the last fifteen years have shown me council for national policy members along with council on foreign relations’ members and every one of the pratt house rat’s spin offs including Chicago’s council on global affairs/foreign relations,council Michelle Obama directs---all of those packs stab You in the back at every opportunity.

As of Sunday, June 8, 2014, on the list of Chicago’s board members Jeffrey C. Neal is above, and William A. Osborn is below - Michelle Obama, first lady of the United States.

To Further Show How sorry the Chicago pack is, the recipients of their “National Leadership Award” are bilderbergs, pratts and trilaterals. Everyone’s PROOF, the recipient for 2011 was Madeline Albright. For 2012 - Lee 9/11 commission co-chair Hamilton, and for 2013 - Thomas Pickering.

Kincaid every American should visit the Chicago pack’s corporate sponsor webpage to see “Underwriter’s Laboratory Inc.” is listed under sponsors of $20,000 and up. More sponsors include J.P. Morgan Chase, Goldman Sachs, Northern Trust, Google, Prudential, Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago, Archer Daniels Midland, Dupont Pioneer and Monsanto. Bottom line - Chicago’s rats are promoters of genetically modified foods/poisons.

Kincaid by all means watch Mr. Kevin Ryan’s Presentation on June 4, 2006 in Chicago. Mr. Ryan titled His Presentation: 9-11 Revealing the Truth, Reclaiming Our Future Conference. And as for the national institute of standards and technology’s (nist) report, Kevin correctly calls it The New Standard for Deception.

Citizens, Kevin is a former manager at Underwriter’s Laboratories (UL) and Kevin was fired because He challenged nist’s deception, lies & omissions. For starters nist is a government agency and its head is a presidential appointee. And nist is overseen by the secretary of commerce. Carlos Gutierrez was the sec. of comm. at the time. And since every other federal agency played 9/11 cover-up roles, why would nist be any different? Cliff, you can watch Gutierrez howl a speech while inside the council on foreign relations here.

Kevin’s Presentation begins with a photo of the Windsor Tower in Madrid, Spain, beside a photograph of the Twin Towers. Some history - the Windsor Tower was built in 1979, however it was not built to the same standards as the Twin Towers; the Twin Towers were better built, more steel. A breakdown of its construction is available here. The Windsor Tower caught fire on Feb. 12, 2005.

The photo shows the upper half of the Windsor Tower engulfed in flames. Meanwhile only a few pockets of fire are burning inside the Twin Towers.

Kevin notes the Madrid fire raged for 24 hours and the Twin Towers burned for about an hour. The lesson to be learned the Windsor Tower did not collapse.

Excerpts from Kevin’s Presentation: In an open letter from 60 prominent scientists including 20 Nobel Laureates, they said the Bush administration has been “deliberately and systematically distorting scientific fact in the service of policy goals.”

The Union of Concerned Scientists said: “We found a serious pattern of undermining by the Bush Administration.”

The House Committee on Government Reform said: “We found numerous instances where the Administration has manipulated the scientific process and distorted or suppressed scientific findings.”

(The above should be obvious once all of US understand the goals of the bones pack, bilderbergs, pilgrims, pratts and trilaterals etc.)

Kevin: “No tall buildings have ever collapsed from fire, but on 9/11, we’re told there were three.” Next Kevin sets the record straight: No building exhibiting all the characteristics of a controlled demolition has ever NOT been a controlled demolition.

After which Kevin begins pointing out some of the so-called experts trotted to howl or write jet fuel fires melted the steel. All of which are proven lies. For your Children’s sakes please watch Mr. Ryan’s one hour Fact Filled Presentation to see for Yourself - Underwriters Laboratories constructed full scale floor models of the Twin Towers and after increasing the load Twice More than was present on 9/11 and the heat Twice More - the models were INTACT.

As for the temperature steel melts, that’s right at 2,800 degrees Fahrenheit. And Kevin points out the thermodynamic calculations at the impact zones show the temperature of the steel structural beams was no more than 600 degrees. Another Fact, those beams had been sprayed with a layer of asbestos, a fire retardant. The asbestos coating ranged from half an inch to one inch thick.

An often overlooked Fact, the fires had almost burned themselves out inside the South Tower, the second Tower hit. The wolves dealt with that by imploding via explosives the South Tower first.

Kevin’s Presentation also points out the parallels in personnel who investigated the bombing in Oklahoma City and New York City. Liars named Gene Corley, Charles Thornton, Paul Miakar and Mete Sozen can be read in both american society of civil engineer’s reports.

“Gene Corley – knew once the jets hit the building(s) that the WTC would collapse as it did. “I just didn’t know when it was going to happen”, said Corley as reported by St. Petersburg Times.”

“Charles Thornton – “Karl, we all know what caused the collapse.” From Karl Koch’s book Men of Steel”

“Shankar Nair – “Already there is near-consensus as to the sequence of events that led to the collapse of the World Trade Center.” Chicago Tribune September 19, 2001.” (Hmm - the Chicago Tribune.)

Cliff make sure to watch how the Twin Towers were constructed beginning at the 14:30 mark.

In places Kevin allows His sense of humor to show, especially His overall summary of nist’s report which is10,000 pages of bs. Kevin calls nist’s report, TNRAT, the abbreviation for They’ll Never Read All This.

To take Kevin’s summary further - government agency rats wrote it and cfr & cnp rats along with cia, dhs, dia, fema & fbi wolves - support it.

AMERICA, it should be Cliff Kincaid proof as to why Mr. Ryan’s June 2006 Presentation was not shown on any of Chicago’s mainstream media outlets. On the other hand, Those in attendance gave Mr. Ryan a STANDING OVATION after Kevin finished His Fact Filled - all the necessary charts, photos, data and graphs provided - Presentation.

Cliff since the Towers exploded as the video footage proves, and imploded at speeds which defy the u.s. government’s scenario, a gravity driven collapse, then massive amounts of explosives had to have been used. Kincaid only a fool or a player will argue that because brainwashing can only go so far; it seems to me sooner or later common sense has to kick in. Therefore the only question remaining about SEPTEMBER 11, 2001---who set and blew thecharges?

To help answer that question let’s revisit the 1985 trilateral commission wolves via Bobby bohemian grove attendee Inman. His 1985 trilateral bio: President and Chief Executive Officer, Microelectronics and Computer Technology Corporation; former Deputy Director, Central Intelligence Agency. (Under Bill owl Casey.) And Inman was a pratt house board member from “1985-93”. More info, he was nsa’s director in the late 1970s under Jimmy owl, pratt, trilateral wolf Carter and he chaired the Dallas federal reserve bank (1987-90).

So who benefitted by murdering nearly 3,000 on September 11, 2001? For starters look at the secret societies via Bobby Ray federal reserve bankster, bohemian owl, pratt rat, trilateral wolf, mercenary Inman, a former deputy cia director and nsa director.

In 2011 Inman was named the ceo at Xe Services, today Academi which is Erik Prince’s Blackwater USA, and that firm has been renamed twice trying to clean up its image. And just like Cliff Kincaid, Erik Prince’s family has council on national policy roots. Something else, Erik Prince interned at the offal pile office when former cia director George skull, alfalfa, owl, pratt, trilateral wolf Bush sr.was howling from 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

For more cnp info please click this link, a list of the council on national policy’s 1996 members. The cnp’s president that year was former attorney general Ed owl Meese and former white house fellows commission member, (a George skull sr. appointment)) Holland H. Coors was their vice-president. Holly cnp Coors was also with the heritage foundation, please confirm that here.

Four 1996 cnp board members include Elsa Prince (Erik blackwater usa Prince’s mother), Oliver u.s. gov. cocaine trafficker North, Gary "Family Research Council" Bauer and Edwin bohemian owl Feulner. I know Ed was at the owl’s grove in 2006, 2008 and 2010.

15 of the cnp’s hundreds of members in 1996 – Jack owl, master mason, pratt Kemp, then senator (Oklahoma) Don alfalfa club Nichols, then house of rat’s member (Oklahoma) Ernest Istook, Dr. James Kennedy, Dr. James Dobson, Alan Keyes, Pat Robertson, Ralph Reed, Pierre DuPont, then house of rats member Tom Delay, another house of rat’s member Dick Armey, John W. Whitehead, Gary North, Paul Craig Roberts and the current head of the Family Research Council, Tony Perkins.

Perkins why did you write a piece praising Texas governor Rick bilderberg in 2007 Perry yesterday, June 13? Perkins, I don’t know of a caucus, party or council worth three dead flies because every one of them lies to or deceives their members.

The proof, Americans are still waiting for a successful tea party candidate to discuss the mandatory welcome to the new world order classes they took at Haahvard and the briefings they attended wile inside the cfr/pratt rat’s Washington office.       

Let’s open the council on foreign relation’s 2002 annual report (July 1, 2001 – June 30, 2002) and specifically their Washington Program. From the link: The Washington Program brings members together with policymakers, diplomats, respected scholars, writers, journalists, and leaders from every region of the world....This year, the Council’s Washington Program convened over 120 meetings...Our meeting highlights included discussions with Vice President Dick Cheney; Afghanistan’s Foreign Minister Abdullah Abdullah; Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak; Senators Joseph Biden, Chuck Hagel, and Richard Lugar; former National Security Advisers Sandy bilderberg Berger, Zbigniew bilderberg Brzezinski, and Brent bilderberg Scowcroft…”

And for Americans unaware Lee rocke-dem Hamilton, Newt rocke-pub Gingrich and Warren rocke-dem Rudman got together on September 14, 2001 to howl their U.S. Commission on National Security/21st Century: After the Attack—A New Urgency speech.

When I read Jerry cnp Falwell had invited Newt owl, pratt rat Gingrich to give the commencement address at Liberty University in 2007 I had to read it twice, I thought it was a misprint. On the other hand when I read Jerry jr. invited John alfalfa, pratt rat McCain to speak in 2008 more pieces of the deception puzzle fit into place.

On Sept. 21, 2001 Thomas “Executive Vice President, Law and Policy, Fannie Mae” Donilon; Stephen “Senior Fellow, National Security Studies, Council on Foreign Relations” Flynn; John "Vice-Chairman, Intellibridge Corporation; former Deputy Director of Intelligence, Central Intelligence AgencyGannon; Bernard “Adjunct Senior Fellow, Council on Foreign Relations; General, U.S. Marine Corps (ret.)” Trainor and Michael “Paul A. Volcker Senior Fellow for International Economics and Director, Maurice R. Greenberg Center for Geoeconomic Studies, Council on Foreign Relations” Weinstein---started howling their Attack Against America: Our Next Steps speech.

T.D. Jakes since Thomas bilderberg in 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008 and 2012 Donilon was Obama’s national security advisor for over 2 and 1/2 years (October 8, 2010 - June 30, 2013), how often did you pray with him and Barack? T.D. a real reverend would ask his misguided Congregation to visit this link to see for Themselves.

Gary cnp Bauer, scrolling down the rat’s 2002 Washington Program is an interesting read because one of the project for a new american century (we should attack Iraq pack),which you and Jeb alfalfa, owl in 1995 Bush belonged to founders, William bilderberg Kristol, howled a speech Iraq: Time for a New Policy? on Dec.17, 2001.

Bauer since you were alfalfa club, bohemian owl Reagan’s undersecretary of education and his chief domestic policy advisor would you like to announce why the ivy league’s bastard & bitch filled societies are not mentioned in “History” books?

Brass tacks – almost no one in this country is who they portray themselves to be.

And if Folks have wondered why the Washington Post has Never Printed a list of bilderberg attendees, ask the paper’s then “Assisting Manager Editor of Investigative News” Bob Woodward, because Bob and another Washington Post insider Dan Balz howled a speech inside the Washington rat’s den on April 8, 2002.

Woodward please answer this for me; since the Washington rats announced the “Inauguration of the Henry A. Kissinger Chair” on Dec. 11, 2001; and when newspapers like the Washington Post or say The New York Times announced Kissinger was hand-picked to ‘chair’ the 9/11 commission roughly one year later, why wasn’t it mentioned Kissinger was sitting on the bilderberg’s steering committee, was a trilateral wolf and a former pratt house director? Bob his hushed up affiliations & titles are puzzling because pratt rats and chatham hyenas, those twin sister, sinister organizations rate themselves as the top two stink/think tanks.

Brothers when Kissinger resigned after he was declawed and defanged by The Jersey Moms, pratt house sponsor time-warner’s cnn failed to mention his bilderberg, pratt, pilgrims, trilateral memberships, or his chatham house speeches.  

Dan Balz do some actual reporting for a change by calling chatham house advisory board member, sir Christopher Geidt, queen Elizabeth’s “Private Secretary”, to ask him his opinion on Kissinger's hushed up memberships and speeches.

Bob one last question, what are your thoughts on why The Guardian is the only mainstream English language newspaper which has posted a link to the bilderberg’s website? (June 11, 2010)

From Mr. Charlie Skelton’s May 29, 2014 post - Bilderberg at 60: inside the world's most secretive conference. Charlie: “It's been a week of celebrations for Henry Kissinger. On Tuesday he turned 91, on Wednesday he broke his personal best in the 400m hurdles, and on Thursday in Copenhagen, he'll be clinking champagne flutes with the secretary general of Nato and the queen of Spain, as they celebrate 60 glorious years of Bilderberg. I just hope George Osborne remembered to pack a party hat.” (George chatham Osborne is Cameron’s chancellor of the exchequer which equates to Obama’s secretary of the treasury, Jacob pratt Lew.)  

“Thursday is the opening day of the influential three-day summit and it's also the 60th anniversary of the Bilderberg Group's first meeting, which took place in Holland on 29 May 1954. So this year's event is a red-letter occasion, and the official participant list shows that the 2014 conference is a peculiarly high-powered affair.

The chancellor, at his seventh Bilderberg, is spending the next three days deep in conference with the heads of MI6, Nato, the International Monetary Fund, HSBC, Shell, BP and Goldman Sachs International, along with dozens of other chief executives, billionaires and high-ranking politicians from around Europe. This year also includes a visit from the supreme allied commander Europe, and a return of royalty – Queen Sofia of Spain and Princess Beatrix of the Netherlands, the daughter of the Bilderberg founder Prince Bernhard.

Back in the 1950s, when Bernhard sent out the invitations, it was to discuss "a number of problems facing western civilization". These days, the Bilderberg Group prefers to call them "megatrends". The megatrends on this year's agenda include: "What next for Europe?", "Ukraine", "Intelligence sharing" and "Does privacy exist?"

That's an exquisite irony: the world's most secretive conference discussing whether privacy exists. Certainly for some it does. It's not just birthday bunting that's gone up in Copenhagen: there's also a double ring of three-metre (10ft) high security fencing. The hotel is teeming with security: lithe gentlemen in loose slacks and dark glasses, trying not to kill the birthday vibe. Or anyone else.

Already, two reporters have been arrested trying to interview the organisers of the conference in the Marriott hotel bar. It's easy enough to keep your privacy intact when you're employing so many people to guard it.

There's something distinctly chilling about the existence of privacy being debated, in extreme privacy, by people such as the executive chairman of Google, Eric Schmidt, and the board member of Facebook Peter Thiel: exactly the people who know how radically transparent the general public has become.

And to have them discussing it with the head of MI6, Sir John Sawers, and Keith Alexander, the recently replaced head of the National Security Agency. And with people such as the head of AXA, the insurance and investment conglomerate – Henri de Castries. Perhaps no one is more interested in data collection and public surveillance than the insurance giants. For them, privacy is the enemy. Public transparency is a goldmine.

Back in 2010, Osborne proudly launched "the most radical transparency agenda the country has ever seen". However, this transparency agenda doesn't seem to extend to Osborne himself making a public statement about what he has discussed at this meeting. And with whom.

We know, from the agenda and list, that Osborne will be there with the foreign affairs ministers from Spain and Sweden, and the deputy secretary general of the French presidency. And from closer to home, the international development secretary, Justine Greening, and fellow Bilderberg veteran and shadow chancellor, Ed Balls.

We know that he's scheduled to discuss the situation in Ukraine with extremely interested parties, such as the chief executive of the European arms giant Airbus, Thomas Enders. Not to mention the chief executive and chairman of "the defense & security company" Saab: Håkan Buskhe and Marcus Wallenberg. And billionaire investors including Henry Kravis of KKR, who is "always looking to sharpen" what he calls "the KKR edge". Helping Kravis sharpen his edge is General David Petraeus, former director of the CIA, now head of the KKR Global Institute – a massive investment operation.

The Bilderberg Group says the conference has no desired outcome. But for private equity giants, and the heads of banks, arms manufacturers and oil companies, there's always a desired outcome. Try telling the shareholders of Shell that there's "no desired outcome" of their chairman and chief executive spending three days in conference with politicians and policy makers.

Try telling that to the lobbyists who have been working so hard to push the Transatlantic Trade Investment Partnership (TTIP) deal that is being negotiated. Bilderberg is packed to the gills with senior members of powerful lobby groups. Will members of BritishAmerican Business's international advisory board, such as Douglas Flint and Peter Sutherland, express BAB's fervent support of TTIP when discussing "Is the economic recovery sustainable?" Or will they leave their lobbying hats at the door?

MP Michael Meacher describes Bilderberg as "the cabal of the rich and powerful" who are working "to consolidate and extend the grip of the markets". And they're doing so "beyond the reach of the media or the public". That said, every year, the press probes a little further behind the security fencing. Every year the questions for the politicians who attend, but remain silent, get harder.

They can try to laugh it off as a "talking shop" or a glorified knees-up, but these people haven't come to Bilderberg to drink fizzy wine and pull party poppers. It's possible that Reid Hoffman, the head of LinkedIn, has turned up for the birthday cake. But I doubt it. This is big business. And big politics. And big lobbying.

Bilderberg is big money, and they know how to spend it.” End quote. Charlie presents His comments with humor but at the same He makes it Crystal Clear the world’s mega-moneyed movers and shakers don’t hold conclaves to chew the fat.

Paragraphs from Mr. Skelton’s Monday June 2, 2014 post - Bilderberg 2014: George Osborne and the man at the centre of everything. Charlie: “Over at one end of the terrace, the Swedish foreign affairs minister, Carl Bildt (left), was being given some international advice by a member of the international advisory board of Goldman Sachs, Professor Victor Halberstadt.

The man in the middle of the shot, hidden by Warsh’s helpful hand, is Paul Achleitner, the chairman of Deutsche Bank and board member of Bayer pharmaceuticals. He’s at Bilderberg to make sure that whatever Lagarde does at the IMF, it’s for the best. The best for Deutsche Bank and Bayer pharmaceuticals.

That’s what’s so great about Bilderberg: besides the larger briefings, there are all these quiet opportunities for politicians and policymakers to be set on the straight and narrow by international bankers and corporate leaders.

What happens at Bilderberg is official government business, and the meetings that take place here shouldn’t be treated any differently from any other ministerial meetings.

While at another table, the head of the IMF, Christine Lagarde, was discussing fiscal policy with the economist Kevin former federal reserve bankster Warsh, who’s on the board of logistics giant UPS.

And if it’s not official business, why have so many of the ministers brought ministerial aides? Why did Bildt bring along the deputy director-general at the Swedish foreign affairs ministry, Jessica Olausson?

And if Sweden’s deputy director-general at the ministry for foreign affairs is attending the conference, how come her name is not on the participant list? Is she just in Copenhagen to carry Carl’s newspapers? Is that her, striding across the Marriot patio, or have I imagined the whole thing?” End quote.

Every year bilderberg has more attendees than the official list of names they release. Another example besides Barack and Hillary in 2008 is Bill Gates in 2004. That year Melinda Gates was on the list, but Bill wasn’t. The first link goes to photos taken at Stresa, Italy, the site of bilder-2004. The photos can be confirmed George skull junior’s and trilateral Cheney’s pal, Ralph cnp Reed, because he was damn sure there. Skeptics can ask then senator Jon Corzine, because he used to be Goldman show a ho the money Sacks’ ceo. If Corzine denies being there, he's lying.

Reed how often did you and then senator John Edwards (John bones, pratt Kerry’s 2004 presidential running mate) bust out laughing after saying We’re gonna fool them again on the plane ride home?  

Ladies and Gentlemen it is easy to be deceived when You don’t know who the players are. That said who believes former attorney general, former cnp president Ed bohemian owl Meese isn’t up to speed about the bones, bilderberg, pilgrims, pratt & trilateral packs? Five of Meese’s owl pals in 2010 were George skull sr. Colin bilderberg Powell,Henry pilgrims Kissinger, Richard pratt, acting chairman of the joint chiefs on 9/11 Meyers and Kurt trilateral Schmoke. Their attendance can be confirmed by another cnp member in 1996, John owl Lenczowski, the founder of the institute of world politics.

To show how conniving John cnp, owl Lenczowski is, five guest speakers at his institute are Michael cia & nsa director, pratt rat Hayden; Paula pnac, pratt, trilateral, world affairs councils Dobriansky, Francis pnac, pratt, trilateral Fukuyama; former cia director Jim owl, pratt, rhodes scholar Woolsey and the cia’s director on SEPTEMBER 11, 2001 - George certified bastard, pratt, trilateral wolf Tenet.

Larry Judicial Watch Klayman, since your name is on the cnp’s membership rolls for 1998, I hope you understand why I have such a low opinion for lawyers in general. Five more 1998 members---Jay American Center for Law and Justice Sekulow, Cliff America’s Survival Kincaid, Jerry Liberty University Falwell, James Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church Kennedy and Pat Christian Broadcasting Company Robertson.

Red Nations after looking over the cnp’s membership and the 9/11 commission report, which they and the cfr’s membership support, it is easy to see the dire straits AMERICA is in. Now please add those packs to a pair of race baiting, master masons, Jackson and Sharpton and the situation becomes even worse. And after tossing more wanna be reverends with the last names Dollar, Graham, Hunter, Jakes, Lowery, Osteen and Wright into the pot, it is obvious why this land is teetering on the edge of the illuminati’s abyss.

One of the hardest things to accept is Mr. Jordan Maxwell’s statement: “Nothing in this world works the way you think it does. Nothing!”

To carry Jordan’s thoughts farther - nothing works the way you think it does - includes Churches, Mosques and the overwhelming majority of those with radio and or television shows because they are keeping the Truth from the People. Some by design as their kind practice outright deception. And then there are those who have swallowed the lies told by the warren and 9/11 commissions. And to compound the problem their kind tend to believe “divinity degrees” are proof of spirituality. 

Pat Robertson, Benny Hinn and T.D. Jakes, do we agree if one tenth of those who profess to be “spirit filled” actually were, there would be no need for The House That Evil Built series? Fellows please answer this, since all three of you claim to be a leaders, why hasn't one of you founded Pastors for 9/11 TRUTH?

Clerics and imams, it’s important we stay on the same page because Mosque goers are completely in the dark when it comes to Arab bilderberg whores, chatham hyenas, pratt rats and trilateral wolves, which is your fault not mine.  

And of course there are those within the “Truth Movement” who are in it for dollars. Their kind aren’t hard to spot because they don’t offer solutions, and as to be expected, they have refused to get behind Build the models!

James cnp Dobson and Pat cnp Robertson, 1999 was very disappointing because the true hearts of many so-called Christian leaders were revealed to me. Jay cnp Sekulow, I received a phone call in 1999 from Mr. Michael French. Jay, I have never met Michael but some five years previously I’d met his dad, Mr. William “Bill”French, the Founder of Advocate Ministries in Irondale, Alabama. The point of Michael’s call was to tell me, “three men have stood against you and four men have tried to block your path”. Cliff cnp Kincaid that’s a direct quote as best as I remember. (Jeh cfr, dhs Johnson, ask nsa to send you a copy of Michael's and my conversation.) Larry cnp Klayman, after Michael and I hung up, he wrote his message down and mailed it. At the time I was living in Rapidan, Virginia.

Obama ask nsa to send you a copy of the email I received from Mr. Michael French on September 2nd 2009. Jakes, I’d been invited to a conference held by Cahaba Equipping Center and one the themes was The Art of Hearing GOD.  On September 3rd I emailed Michael, “I think I Hear GOD’S Voice just fine and did you hear CREATOR’S VOICE in 1999 when you called me and said: “three men have stood against you and four men have sought to block your path” Keep the Faith, Robert Motch”.

Michael’s reply: “Robert, Bless you brother! I think you and I both hear God’s voice. The classes I teach on hearing God’s voice are based on the idea that we need Godly character in order to hear and obey. I am grateful for men such as you who are unashamed to obey no matter what the cost and I pray God will raise up leaders in the church and in the nation who have the Godly character to follow him in that fashion. In Jesus’s Love, Michael French”.

Red Nation’s the first time I heard CREATOR’S Voice was in 2002. At the time I was in Burkina Faso (West Africa) and while tracking a wounded lion I heard GOD Say - Look for the lion.

Just a few minutes later Simba and I locked eyes for a second time, and He charged. One of us has taken the journey and the other is slicing and dicing bones scum bags, bilderberg whores, bohemian owls, master masons, hyenas, rats, wolves and brookings’ fellows into insignificant pieces with his pen, his keyboard.

Barack bilderberg Obama, I’ve always liked the axiom: The pen is mightier than the sword. How about you?

Barack to continue carving up lying lawyers let’s open a May 30, 2014 Global Research post by Miss Julie Lévesque. Michelle council director Obama, do we agree Miss Julie’s title - Bilderberg 2014: War Criminals, Big Oil and “Too Big to Jail” Banksters meet in Secrecy was Spot On?

Julie’s first paragraph is in italics: "The highly secretive Bilderberg group is holding its 62nd annual conference in Denmark from May 29 to June 1 at the Copenhagen Marriott Hotel in Denmark. This year’s conference is a mingling of military-intelligence, politicians, finance, oil,media, academia and neocon think tanks. (Click here for the official list of attendees. Note that there are always participants who are not mentioned on the list given to the public.)

While Bilderberg claims its annual conference is “to foster dialogue between Europe and North America”, the Worldwide monetary system as well as the US-NATO global war agenda are slated to be discussed behind closed doors.

According to Bilderberg expert Daniel Estulin, the group went as far as planning the 2008 economic crisis:

"According to Estulin’s sources, which have been proven highly accurate in the past, Bilderberg is divided on whether to put into motion, “Either a prolonged,agonizing depression that dooms the world to decades of stagnation, decline and poverty … or an intense-but-shorter depression that paves the way for a new sustainable economic world order, with less sovereignty but more efficiency.”

The information takes on added weight when one considers the fact that Estulin’s previous economic forecasts, which were based on leaks from the same sources,have proven deadly accurate. Estulin correctly predicted the housing crash and the 2008 financial meltdown as a result of what his sources inside Bilderberg told him the elite were planning based on what was said at their 2006 meeting in Canada and the 2007 conference in Turkey.

Details of the economic agenda were contained in a pre-meeting booklet being handed out to Bilderberg members. On a more specific note, Estulin warns that Bilderberg are fostering a false picture of economic recovery, suckering investors into plowing their money back into the stock market again only to later unleash another massive downturn which will create “massive losses and searing financial paining the months ahead,” according to a Canada Free Press report. (Paul Joseph Watson Leaked Agenda: Bilderberg Group Plans Economic Depression, Prison 7 May 2009)"

In light of the above, it is important to highlight the presence at the 2014 meeting of the elite banking groups which benefited from the 2008 financial meltdown not to mention the generous bailouts. These include the iconic “too big to fail” bank, Goldman Sachs, the “bank that rules the world”.

Goldman Sachs will be represented by: Peter D. Sutherland, Chairman of Goldman Sachs International,and Robert B. Zoellick, Chairman of the Board of International Advisors of The Goldman Sachs Group. Their presence is by no means accidental. Both Sutherland and Zoellick “in their previous lives” before joining Goldman played key roles in strategic trade negotiations including NAFTA and the WTO. The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) is on the Bilderberg agenda and Goldman Sachs is intent upon playing a leading role.

“Too big to jail” HSBC will also have representatives, the Group Chairman of HSBC Holdings,Douglas J. Flint, and his senior advisor Sherard Cowper-Coles. These mega banks have a longstanding record of financial fraud:

“Goldman symbolizes master of the universe of financial manipulation (Reuters April 16, 2011) It's been involved in nearly all financial scandals since the 19th century… In 2002, it was largely responsible for Greece’s debt problems. It involved circumventing Eurozone rules in return for mortgaging assets.

Using creative accounting, debt was hidden through off-balance sheet shenanigans. Derivatives called cross-currency swaps were used. Government debt issued in dollars and yen was swapped for euros, then later exchanged back to original currencies.

Debt entrapment followed. Greece was held hostage to repay it. The country’s been raped and pillaged. Paying bankers comes first. Doing it left Greeks impoverished, high and dry. Goldman profited enormously by scamming an entire country and millions in it.” (Stephen Lendman, Goldman Sachs: Making Money by Stealing It,, 17 March 2012)”

Julie's making some Excellent Points and next please reflect on this as it relates to the HSBC’s nearly two billion dollar fine for laundering drug money, how do We know the dept. of corruption collected the fine? Like or hate me, how can pratt sponsor Covington & Burling’s Eric pop goes the weasel Holder and his dept. be trusted? And the sooner Everyone accepts drug cartels exist to profit wolves, the better off Mankind will be.

We are also being led down the bankster’s yellow brick road whenever the congress and offal pile office howl - There are new and better banking safeguards in place. What happened in 2008 can’t happen again. More lies as the number of derivative contracts as shown by bis, the bank of international settlements is expanding and has been since 2009.

Which banksters love the derivatives market, which is a ticking time bomb waiting to explode the most? Their names are found on lists of corporate pratt house sponsors, Goldman Sachs, Citi, JP Morgan Chase and Bank of America. The last link is a Forbes’ piece about derivatives. One paragraph: “According to the same source, the total notional amount of derivatives held by U.S. commercial banks and savings associations, as of12/31/12, was a staggering $223 trillion, while the four largest U.S. banks shown above hold 93% of these contracts. To put these overwhelming numbers into perspective, the U.S. economy only generates about $15.5 trillion in gross national product per annum; so, we’re talking over 14 years’ worth of GNP tied up in notional derivatives exposure, with the four main banks soaking up over 13 years’ worth of the total. In terms of product type, 80% of the total notional derivatives exposure is in interest rate swap contracts.”

Back to Julie: “The leaders of the “Too big to Jail Banks” not only mingle behind closed doors together with Central Bank governors and the Managing Director of the IMF Christine Lagarde, they also exchange pointed views on “War and Economy” with the West’s top military brass, as well as the head of Britain’s Secret Service and NATO Secretary General Anders Fog Rasmussen.

Before the 2008 meltdown, Goldman Sachs made enormous profits out of products it sold knowing it was “crap”. End quote.

And crap is what chatham and pratt sponsoring banksters are selling. Likewise congress, the offal pile office and the sludge filled supreme court.

Please read all of Bilderberg 2014: War Criminals, Big Oil and “Too Big to Jail” Banksters meet in Secrecy as it's time well spent. Julie provides information about wolves and their companies which only a few are aware of.

Later today I’ll be driving to New Mexico to try to spend a few days with my youngest who I haven't seen since 2007. After gorillas on a government payroll tried to kill me on November 9th 2006, I thought it best to remove myself from the lives of my Precious Children. I don’t want Them with me when the next attack comes. Barack, it isn’t asking too much that I spend some time with my youngest in Peace.

I plan to finish the Change column when I return. Ladies and Gentlemen between now and then please reflect on the thoughts of Dr. Martin Luther King: If a man is called to be a street sweeper, he should sweep streets as Michelangelo painted, or Beethoven composed music, or Shakespeare wrote poetry. He should sweep streets so well that all the Hosts of Heaven and Earth will pause to say, here lived a great street sweeper who did his job well.

Sisters and Brothers it won’t be difficult to sweep AMERICA’S streets clean of bones scum, bilderbergs, world banksters and trilaterals etc. But before We can You have to know who Your enemies are.

I’m very happy I was able to hug my Son and see Him smile. For me the last seven and half years have been a nearly unbearable strain on the relationships I once had with my Children. In my case Mel Gibson’s line “I’m losing my family.” in The Patriot has real meaning.

Red Nations on June 16, Pat “700 Club” Robertson told the Truth about George skull, owl, alfalfa Bush junior’s war in Iraq. From the link: “Televangelist Pat Robertson on Monday blasted former President George W. Bush for selling Americans a "bill of goods" before the Iraq invasion, which led to the violence that is currently sweeping across the country.

During his Monday broadcast, a viewer asked Robertson if there was a solution to the ongoing violence caused by an al Qaeda splinter group, ISIS, threatening to take over Iraq.

"Right now, what we did -- and it was a great mistake to go in there," Robertson explained, pointing out that Saddam Hussein's "bomb maker" had said that the then-dictator "doesn't know how to make an atomic bomb."

"And so to sell the American people on weapons of mass destruction, he had WMD and was getting [concentrated uranium] yellowcake out of Africa and all of that, it was a lot of nonsense," the TV preacher said. "We were sold a bill of goods, we should never have gone into that country!" End quote.

Pat prior to invading Iraq, Americans and Everyone else were sold another bill of goods, bill of lies, the pre-planned destruction of the Twin Towers and #7.

Next is a quote from George skull, owl, alfalfa Bush jr. while inside the united nations in Nov. 2001. W: We must speak the truth about terror. Let us never tolerate outrageous conspiracy theories concerning the attacks of September the 11th, malicious lies that attempt to shift the blame away from the terrorists themselves, away from the guilty.

George W. the blame starts witha skull president and the cia. The blame stops with a bilderberg, Barack bones toy Obama.

Pat in 2009 at I read excerpts from your bestselling book The New World Order which was published in 1991. Presently “Click To Look Inside” is not an option at amazon. From page 8, Pat: “As a broadcaster, an author, and a long time follower of and participant in the political process, I have been an observer of world events for several decades and have known personally a considerable number of this nation’s political and industrial leaders. It is clear to me, beyond a shadow of doubt, that for decades there has been a continuity of policy and leadership in the United States that operates the same regardless of which nominee of the major political parties gains access to the White House.

It is relatively easy to trace the continuity of thought and purpose of our policy elites from Cecil Rhodes, whose fortunes rested on African gold diamonds; to the Federal Reserve Board; to Colonel E. M. House, the eminence grise of the Woodrow Wilson presidency; to the English Round Table; to  the J.P. Morgan bank; to the Rockefellers and the Council on Foreign Relations in New York; to the powerful Carnegie, Rockefeller, and Ford Foundations; to the United Nations; to Henry Kissinger; to the Trilateral Commission; to Jimmy Carter; and finally to George Bush.

What is not easy to explain is why the concept of a new world order, taking as it does so many overtones from secret societies and the occult, could have been handed down and then carried forward in a purely natural progression for such an extended period of time.” 

Since Pat’s a Yale law school grad, like every other student he would have heard of skull & bones, book & snake and wolf’s head etc. So why didn’t he mention bones and the bilderberg packs in his book? He himself wrote: It is relatively easy to trace the continuity of thought and purpose of our policy elites from Cecil Rhodes… and finally to George Bush.

Pat, Dr. Sutton exposed bones in His 1984 Book and while doing so Antony noted the power bilderbergs wield. And their first conclave was in 1954, which is 19 years before the trilateral wolves flew to Tokyo, Japan in 1973.

Pat to be kind you withheld important information from your Readers, and as to America and England building the Soviet Union from the ground up, one of your council for national police (cnp) friends Dr. Gary North wrote the Forward in Sutton’s The Best Enemy Money Can Buy. Therefore I’m sure you know all about the anglo-american establishment building the Soviet Union.

From the link above, Gary: “Sutton's first book on Soviet technology received almost no attention from the academic guild, even in journals that specialized in economic history. There was a systematic blackout on volumes 2 and 3, despite the fact that the set had been published by the Hoover Institution. (I pointed this out in my Foreword to his book, The Best Enemy Money Can Buy, 1986.)”

Pat when Antony published National Suicide: Military Aid to the Soviet Union in 1973, He was kicked out of Stanford’s Herbert owl Hoover institute because of it.

Let’s read a review of National Suicide… by Mr. Will Harvey which was posted at amazon on August 1, 2013. Will: “Zbigniew Brzezinski, himself a member of the Council on Foreign Relations and National Security Advisor to multiple Presidents has confirmed the accuracy and validity of Anthony Sutton's revelation: The U.S. power elites created the Soviet Union like a fight promoter controlling both corners of a ring. What is sad is that Sutton and Smedley Darlington Butler are not taught in American high school civics classes much less U.S. colleges and universities. That Sutton left Stanford University's Hoover Institute where Donald Rumsfeld and Condoleezza Rice join a cadre of Stockholm Syndrome suffers is laudable. That only about 500 have watched Sutton's interview on-line titled The Best Enemies Money Can Buy is also a sad commentary on a citizenry that does not understand what Daniel Ellsberg and Edward Snowden were trying to do...wake Americans up!

Sutton was a fearless truth teller. Get National Suicide before it's too......” Ann Coulter, Rush Limbaugh, D.L. Hughley and Bill Mayer---do your Listeners a favor, read General Smedley Butler’s War Is A Racket and then share the information.

Let’s connect more dots via Richard owl Nixon’s Memoirs published in 1978: In the summer of 1950, I saw him at even closer quarters at the Bohemian Grove, the site of the annual summer retreat of San Francisco's Bohemian Club, where each year members of this prestigious private men's club and their guests from all over the country gather amidst California's beautiful redwoods. Herbert Hoover used to invite some of the most distinguished of the 1,400 men at the Grove to join him at his "Cave Man Camp" for lunch each day. On this occasion Eisenhower, then president of Columbia University, was the honored guest. Hoover sat at the head of the table as usual, with Eisenhower at his right. As the Republican nominee in an uphill Senate battle, I was about two places from the bottom."

The owl pack has grown from 1,400 to almost 3,000. Former pratt rat lice-vice-chair Maurice bilderberg, owl, trilateral Greenberg can confirm that. And just like the deceased presidents Hoover and Nixon, Greenberg’s a cave man camper. Sadly Eisenhower camped at stowaway with Rockefeller maggots.

From Appendix B in The Best Enemy Money Can Buy. Appendix B is Sutton’s To The Point Presentation to congress rats on Aug. 15, 1972. What follows is about half. “In a few words: there is no such thing as Soviet technology. Almost all — perhaps 90-95 percent — came directly or indirectly from the United States and its allies. In effect the United States and the NATO countries have built the Soviet Union. Its industrial and its military capabilities. This massive construction job has taken 50 years. Since the Revolution in 1917. It has been carried out through trade and the sale of plants, equipment and technical assistance.

Listening to Administration spokesmen — or some newspaper pundits — you get the impression that trade with the Soviet Union is some new miracle cure for the world's problems. That's not quite accurate.

The idea that trade with the Soviets might bring peace goes back to 1917. The earliest proposal is dated December 1917-just a few weeks after the start of the Bolshevik Revolution. It was implemented in 1920 while the Bolsheviks were still trying to consolidate their hold on Russia. The result was to guarantee that the Bolsheviks held power: they needed foreign supplies to survive.

The history of our construction of the Soviet Union has been blacked out — much of the key information is still classified — along with the other mistakes of the Washington bureaucracy. Why has the history been blacked out?

Because 50 years of dealings with the Soviets has been an economic success for the USSR and a political failure for the United States. It has not stopped war, it has not given us peace.

The United States is spending $80 billion a year on defense against an enemy built by the United States and West Europe.

Even stranger, the U.S. apparently wants to make sure this enemy remains in the business of being an enemy.

First an authentic statement. It's authentic because it was part of a conversation between Stalin and W. Averell Harriman. Ambassador Harriman has been prominent in Soviet trade since the 1930's and is an outspoken supporter of yet more trade. This is what Ambassador Harriman reported back to the State

Department at the end of World War II:

"Stalin paid tribute to the assistance rendered by the United States to Soviet industry before and during the War. Stalin* said that about. two-thirds of all the large industrial enterprises in the Soviet Union has been built with the United States' help or technical assistance."

I repeat: "two-thirds of all the large industrial enterprises in the Soviet Union had been built with the United States' help or technical assistance." A side note: Averell cfr founding member, pilgrims society Harriman was bones class of 1913. Antony learned that in 1983.

“Stalin could have said that the other one-third of large industrial enterprises were built by firms from Germany, France, Britain and Italy.

Stalin could have said also that the tank plants, the aircraft plants, the explosive and ammunition plants originated in the U.S. That was June 1944. The massive technical assistance continues right down to the present day.

The Soviets have the largest iron and steel plant in the world. It was built by McKee Corporation. It is a copy of the U.S. Steel plant in Gary, Indiana.

All Soviet iron and steel technology comes from the U.S. and its allies. The Soviets use open hearth, American electric furnaces, American wide strip mills, Sendzimir mills and so on — all developed in the West and shipped in as peaceful trade.

The Soviets have the largest tube and pipe mill in Europe — one million tons a year. The equipment is Fretz-Moon, Salem, Aetna Standard, Mannesman, etc. Those are not Russian names.

All Soviet tube and pipe making technology comes from the U.S. and its allies. If you know anyone in the space business - ask them how many miles of tubes and pipes go into a missile.

The Soviets have the largest merchant marine in the world — about 6,000 ships. I have the specifications for each ship. About two-thirds were built outside the Soviet Union.

About four-fifths of the engines for these ships were also built outside the Soviet Union.

There are no ship engines of Soviet design. Those built inside the USSR are built with foreign technical assistance. The Bryansk plant makes the largest marine diesels. In 1959, the Bryansk plant made a technical assistance agreement with Burmeister & Wain of Copenhagen, Denmark, (a NATO ally), approved as peaceful trade by the State Dept. The ships that carried Soviet missiles to Cuba ten years ago used these same Burmeister and Wain engines. The ships were in the POLTAVA class. Some have Danish engines made in Denmark and some have Danish engines made at Bryansk in the Soviet Union.

About 100 Soviet ships are used on the Haiphong run to carry Soviet weapons and supplies for Hanoi's annual aggression. I was able to identify 84 of these ships. None of the main engines in these ships was designed and manufactured inside the USSR.

All the larger and faster vessels on the Haiphong run were built outside the USSR. All shipbuilding technology in the USSR comes directly or indirectly from the U.S. or its NATO allies.

All Soviet automobile, truck and engine technology comes from the West: chiefly the United States. In my books I have listed each Soviet plant, its equipment and who supplied the equipment. The Soviet military has over 300,000 trucks — all from these U.S. built plants.

Up to 1968 the largest motor vehicle plant in the USSR was at Gorki. Gorki produces many of the trucks American pilots see on the Ho Chi Minh trail. Gorki produces the chassis for the GAZ-69 rocket launcher used against Israel. Gorki produces the Soviet jeep and half a dozen other military vehicles.

In 1968 while Gorki was building vehicles to be used in Vietnam and Israel further equipment for Gorki was ordered and shipped from the U.S.

And Gorki was built by the Ford Motor Company and the Austin Company — as peaceful trade.

No one has ever presented evidence, hard evidence that trade leads to peace. Why not? Because there is no such evidence. It's an illusion.

It is true that peace leads to trade. But that's not the same thing. You first need peace, then you trade. That does not mean if you trade you will get peace. But that's too logical for the Washington policy makers and it's not what the politicians and their backers want anyway. If you press for an explanation what do they tell you?

First, you get the Fulbright line. This is peaceful trade. The Soviets are powerful. They have their own technology. It's a way to build friendship. It's a way to a new world order.” (William Fulbright was Bill Clinton’s mentor. Fulbright, a senator from Arkansas, was a member of the alfalfa club, a bilderberg, a pratt rat and a rhodes scholar.)  

“Also in 1968 we had the so-called "FIAT deal" — to build a plant at Volgograd three times bigger than Gorki. Dean bilderberg, rocke-maggot foundation, rhodes scholar Rusk and Wait cfr fellow Rostow told Congress and the American public this was peaceful trade — the FIAT plant could not produce military vehicles.

Don't let's kid ourselves. Any automobile manufacturing plant can produce military vehicles. I can show anyone who is interested the technical specification of a proven military vehicle (with cross-country capability) using the same capacity engine as the Russian FIAT plant produces.

The term "FIAT deal" is misleading. FIAT in Italy doesn't make automobile manufacturing equipment — FIAT plants in Italy have U.S. equipment. FIAT did send 1,000 men to Russia for erection of the plant — but over half, perhaps well over half, of the equipment came from the United States. From Gleason, TRW of Cleveland and New Britain Machine Co.

So in the middle of a war that has killed 46,000 Americans (so far) and countless Vietnamese with Soviet weapons and supplies, the Johnson Administration doubled Soviet auto output. And supplied false information to Congress and the American public.

Finally, we get to 1972 under President Nixon.

The Soviets are receiving now — today, equipment and technology for the largest heavy truck plant in the world: known as the Kama plant. It will produce 100,000 heavy ten-ton trucks per year — that's more than ALL U.S. manufacturers put together. This will also be the largest plant in the world, period. It will occupy 36 square miles.

Will the Kama truck plant have military potential?

The Soviets themselves have answered this one. The Kama truck will be 50 per cent more productive than the ZIL-130 truck. Well, that's nice, because the ZIL series trucks are standard Soviet army trucks used in Vietnam and the Middle East.

Who built the ZIL plant? It was built by the Arthur J. Brandt Company of Detroit, Michigan.

Who's building the Kama truck plant? That's classified "secret" by the Washington policy makers. I don't have to tell you why.

Last December I asked Assistant Secretary Kenneth Davis of the Commerce Department (who is a mechanical engineer by training) whether the Kama trucks would have military capability. In fact I quoted one of the Government's own inter-agency reports. Mr. Davis didn't bother to answer but I did get a letter from the Department and it was right to the point. Yes! We know the Kama truck plant has military capability, we take this into account when we issue export licenses.

The Russian Communist Party is not mellowing. Concentration camps are still there. …

The only mellowing is when a Harriman and a Rockefeller get together with the bosses in the Kremlin. That's good for business but it's not much help if you are a G.I. at the other end of a Soviet rocket in Vietnam.” (Averell pilgrims Harriman was also a pratt house director and David founding bilderberg, founding trilateral, pilgrims Rockemaggot sr. chaired the pratt house from 1970-1985.)

One more paragraph: “Many people — as individuals — have protested our suicidal policies. What happens? Well, if you are in Congress — you probably get the strong arm put on you. The Congressman who inserted my research findings into the Congressional Record suddenly found himself with primary opposition. He won't be in Congress next year.” Please read all of Antony’s 15 minute presentation.

Since we are told we have a “free press” why did the associated press and united press international refuse to print Sir Sutton’s presentation on two occasions? After the first refusal Congressman John Schmitz presented copies to both wire services and again they refused to publish the all of US should know information.

This link, goes to a list provided by Antony of American companies making big money in the Soviet Union from 1960-1985.

Pat what’s your excuse for leaving all of Antony’s research out of your book, The New world Order?

In `99 I learned the concept of a free press is another lie after the Washington Times refused to publish the bilderberg pack’s American steering committee members were going to a two day meeting (Nov. 4th & 5th) inside the library of congress. A meeting many congress critters attended. Skeptics senator John rocke-pub pratt rat McCain and former senator Al rocke-dem trilateral wolf Gore, at the time lice-president Gore can provide confirmation.

Pat, you imply Jimmy owl, pratt, trilateral Carter and George owl, pratt director, trilateral Bush sr. were duped. Pat to keep things real David Rockemaggot sr. invited Carter to Tokyo, Japan in `73. And George Bush sr. is a skull, exactly like his father Prescott Bush (class of 1917) and his uncle James Bush (class of 1922). And this cfr/pratt link proves Bush sr. used to be a council on foreign relations director.

AMERICA all that needs to be known about skull & bones---Percy bones, cfr, pilgrims Rockemaggot (David’s uncle) provided Winston chatham hyena, master mason, pilgrims society Churchill with office space while they, Bernard original cfr member Baruch, Otto cfr director, bankster Kahn and many more wolves in high places crashed the U.S. stock market in 1929.

I’ll always be Grateful to Mrs. Devvy Kidd for making me aware of Mr. Pat Riott’s The Greatest $tory NEVER told: Winston Churchill and the Stock Market Crash of 1929. I typed excerpts in Part 5, 6 and 7 of this series.

Pat, you know all about bones, as did your deceased father, A. Willis Robertson, a senator from Virginia with senator Prescott skull, bankster Bush and Prescott was a senior partner with Robert bones, cia founder, pratt Lovett and Averell bones, pilgrims, pratt Harriman in Brown Brothers Harriman & Co.

More information from The Best Enemy Money Can Buy, paragraphs from Chapter VI Soviets in the Air, Antony: “In 1946 the Soviets bought fifty-five Rolls-Royce centrifugal compressor type turbojets — twenty-five Nenes and thirty Derwents. These Rolls-Royce engines, the most advanced in the world for the time, were well suited to Soviet production methods and introduced the Soviets to the use of a centrifugal turbojet. Up to 1947 Russian jets were all of the axial-flow type based on German designs. These Rolls-Royce turbines proved to be the best possible equipment for the MiG-15, which was designed by Siegfried Gunther and put into serial production under the name of the Soviet designers Mikoyan and Gurevich. Gunther was brought to Moscow and appointed chief designer in the construction office in Podberezhye.

Two versions of the Rolls-Royce engines were produced at Engine Plant No. 45 near Moscow from 1948 to the late 1950s. The plant was toured in 1956 by U.S. Air Force General Nathan Twining, who noted that it contained machine tools from the United States and Germany, and had 3,000 workers engaged in producing the Rolls-Royce Nene.

In 1951 the American counterpart to this Rolls-Royce engine was the Pratt & Whitney J-42 Turbo-Wasp, based on the Nene, but not then in quantity production. When the Korean War broke out in 1950, therefore, the Russians had thousands of improved Rolls-Royce Nene engines in service powering MiG-15s, whereas the U.S. Air Force had only a few hundred F-86A Sabres with comparable engines. …”

Information from Chapter X Deaf Mute Blind Men Supply Nerve Gas Plants:  “In the late 1950s and 1960s, the Soviets lagged in all areas of chemical production outside the basic chemical technology absorbed in the 1930s and 1940s. This lag had major military implications and since 1958 has inspired a massive purchasing campaign in the West. In the three years 1959-61 alone, the Soviet Union purchased at least fifty complete chemical plants or equipment for such plants from non-Soviet sources. The American trade journal Chemical Week commented, with perhaps more accuracy than it realized, that the Soviet Union "behaves as if it had no chemical industry at all." Not only was Soviet industry producing little beyond basic heavy chemicals, but of greater consequence, it did not have the technical means of achieving substantial technical modernization and expansion in a product range essential for a modern military state.

Western firms supplied designs and specifications, process technology, engineering capability, equipment, and startup and training programs. These contracts were package deals that provided more than the typical Western "turn-key" contract. Such contracts are unusual in the West (except perhaps in underdeveloped areas lacking elementary skills and facilities) but were very attractive and highly profitable to Western firms.

Many of the chemical plants built in the 1960 and 1970s programs had direct military applications. In 1964 a British company — Power Gas Corporation, Ltd. — built a $14 million plant for the manufacture of acetic acid in the USSR. In 1973 Lurnmus Engineering built another vast acetic acid plant with Monsanto technology and U.S. Export-Import bank loans.

Hygrotherm Engineering, Ltd. of London contracted to supply an automatic heating and cooling plant (with heat generators, circulating pumps, and control equipment) and other equipment for use in the manufacture of synthetic resisn. A plant was supplied for the production of synthetic glycerin, which is used in explosives manufacture. Other plants were for the production of ethyl urea, synthetic fatty acids, sodium tripolyphosphate, carbon black, and germanium. All these products have military end-uses.”

Ladies and Gentlemen the last 7 paragraphs are examples of the anglo-american establishment walking hand in hand while building and financing a Soviet military industrial complex.

Pat, I want to share Mr. Daniel Estulin’s Thoughts, because Daniel is one of the Best Researchers when it comes to money grubbing, Citizen stabbing bilderbergs like Ralph cnp Reed, a former Christian Coalition executive director, a coalition you founded.

Mr. Estulin: But when I weaken and grow tired of the sacrifice this struggle has demanded from me, I think of millions of people from around the world who have fought and died so that one day, we, the generations who have come in their wake, can enjoy the privileges of liberty and the honest and decent pursuit of happiness their sacrifice has afforded us.

There was a time, when down on my luck, angry and frustrated because no one seemed to listen, to understand and to fathom the dark clouds gathering all around us, I felt betrayed by society and took it very personally and very hard. I wanted to run away, to be alone, to feel sorry for myself, and to blame the res t of the world for the misdeeds of a criminal few.

Then, I grew up. I thought of the families of the Israelis and Palestinians killed in an ever spiraling violence of hatred whose lives have forever been destroyed by the unspeakable evil hatred represents. This hatred is not spontaneous. It has been masterfully impose d and managed from behind the scenes by the Bilderberger/CFR/TC/Round Table/RIIA controllers, who are dragging the unwilling world to its utter decimation.

I thought of millions of crack babies born in inner-city ghettos and tens of millions of opiate addicts whose future has been turned into drug addiction because a select few make a lot of money from the misfortunes of others.

I thought of the lies and deaths of hundreds of millions of innocent young soldiers who were sent by the slick propaganda campaigns to their demise at Verdun and every other engagement of WWI, WWII, Korea, Viet Nam, the Falklands, Panama, Afghanistan, Iraq, etc., etc., etc.

I thought of Agent Orange and the Gulf War syndrome responsible for turning strong young, square-shouldered soldiers into frail old men at the age of 30.

I thought of the hundreds of thousands dying in the firebombing of Dresden, unwitting “guinea pigs” in the Tavistock instigated psychological warfare experiments.

And I stand firm and determined with the ever-growing number of people worldwide who have lost all faith in their governments, who are sick to their stomachs of the lies and the greed and the duplicity, the pantomime, the facetiousness and the manipulation, by those who call themselves our “leaders.” Three hundred and seventy years ago, Galileo Galilei was persecuted for teaching that the earth was a round planet that revolved around the sun.

The Catholic Church and much of the citizenry reviled the great man because they were terrified that this truth would upset the social order. As someone has said, “The problem is people’s inherent unwillingness to face things of which they are afraid, thereby scapegoating and sacrificing their fellows to an evil they dare not confront themselves.”

I live for the day and the hour in which men and women of honor will recognize that dignity, kindness, integrity, trust, love of thy fellow beings are as indispensable to the survival of the human race as Galileo’s discoveries were.

These principles of humanity should be enshrined on some document somewhere, so that should a future despot decide to betray Humanity once again, he will pay dearly for it.

On the surface, this book is about a secretive Group known simply as the Bilderbergers. On a much deeper level, however, it is about inner faith and conviction, which public opinion, bribery, lust for money and power cannot influence. This book is about the integrity and honor of many individuals. It is about helping people learn to think, and stand independent in their thoughts even from the so-called experts, masterfully represented by every major media group who would tell them which conspiracy theory not to believe.

This book is also about my life, about my refusing to live in fear. Until my dying breath, I shall live as a free man, walking the earth as a free man does, with my head held high.

Only when we decide to let fear govern our actions will those whom we oppose and despise [have] truly won.

Daniel Estulin

September 22, 2007

Pat Robertson and all former and present cnp members - put the above in your pipes and smoke on it awhile. Cliff cnp Kincaid, Daniel and I are not part of the problem, however you damn sure are.

As I understand Pat met Ralph Reed at George skull senior’s inauguration dinner in January 1989, and soon after Pat named Reed the executive director of the Christian Coalition which Pat founded in `87.

Jay Sekulow got his start with Pat and all three of them are or were certified cnp members as is Kincaid plus Pat is a former president of the cnp’s executive committee.

One paragraph from the link above: “Robertson writes that his family's aristocratic lineage, linking it to the British Churchill family, gave his mother, Gladys Churchill Robertson, confidence that Pat would succeed. His father, Sen. A. Willis Robertson, was London's and Wall Street's chairman of the Senate Finance Committee.”

Pat with your mega millions you should try to contact Mr. Pat Riott (I believe Pat Riott is a pen name, His way of spelling Patriot) and offer to pay for printing at least 100,00 copies of The Greatest $tory NEVER Told: Winston Churchill and the Stock Market Crash of 1929 and give them to your Viewers.

Like or hate me, in 1999 I spent over $500,000 placing full page ads of Historical Truths in newspapers all across the lower 48 States. Meanwhile three men were standing against me and four men sought to block my path, to paraphrase Mr. Michael French, which isn’t a compliment for the late Paul “TBN” Crouch and James cnp Kennedy or Pat cnp Robertson, the founder of the 700 Club.

Pat besides Paul and you, please name the other five members of “club 7” (3 men + 4 men) who were stabbing me in the back in `99?

Pat a few minutes ago (today June 24th) I placed an order at Architects & Engineer’s for 9/11 TRUTH’s online store for 100 copies of A & E’s “911 Investigator Newspaper” and I intend to send 24 copies to you via The Christian Broadcasting Network - 977 Centerville Turnpike - Virginia Beach, VA 23463. In turn please forward 20 copies to the council for national policy’s current president and ask him or her to pass them on to cnp executive committee members.

Please keep a copy for yourself and since I paid for full page ads in four Virginia newspapers, The Daily Progress, (Charlottesville, Virginia) Richmond Times-Dispatch, a major paper in the Tidewater area and I believe the other paper was in Stuart’s Draft (Shenandoah Valley) in 1999---I have an idea.

Call The Daily Progress, The Virginian-Pilot (Tidewater area) and The News-Gazette in Lexington (where Pat was born) to ask them what it would cost to publish all Four Pages of 9/11 Investigator - Exposing the EXSPLOSIVE WTC Evidence on Pages 3, 4, 5 and 6? Pat the price will be much less than I spent back in 1999. And in case you have forgotten, the first rule of leadership - never ask another to do what you won’t do. Robertson, I’ve done part and a whole lot more and WE The PEOPLE could use CBN’s and TBN’s help instead of being stabbed in the back for a CHANGE.

Creflo Dollar, in your opinion how many ministries listed on TBN’s address book page desire to give something back instead of begging for money and fleecing the Sheep as usual?

Pat in a manner of speaking it will soon be Show Time and we both know The Virginian-Pilot is read in Hampton Roads, which is a den site for a pack of world affairs councils rats.

Albemarle County Residents what follows is from Charlottesville’s committee on foreign relations’ history page.

The story begins on December 6, 1949 with a letter from Francis P. Miller of Charlottesville to his friend Walter Mallory, Executive Director of the Council on Foreign Relations, in which Miller asks Mallory to receive Dr. John Gange, who had recently been appointed Director of the Woodrow Wilson School of Foreign Affairs at the University of Virginia and was planning to be in New York during the Christmas holidays. “It occurred to me,” Miller wrote. ”That Dr. Gange might want to talk to you about the possibility of eventually organizing a Committee in Charlottesville. Since he has arrived so recently, he probably would not feel like making a move immediately, but no harm would come from a preliminary exploration of the possibilities.”

The letter seems to have arrived in New York overnight because Mallory responded on December 7, suggesting that Dr. Gange was welcome but ought to talk to Joe Barber, who had the Committees “in hand.”

Thirteen months later, Barber wrote to Gange, asking whether “it made sense to canvass the possibility of establishing an affiliated Committee on Foreign Relations in Charlottesville”...

An organizational meeting was then scheduled for March 12, 1951, at the Farmington Country Club. Present, besides Gange and Barber himself, were Austin Kilham, Francis P. Miller, Hardy Dillard, Robert Ashcom, Randolph Bean, and Chester Babcock of the Daily Progress. It was decided that membership would be by invitation of the Executive Committee and would be limited to 50 men and that meetings would be held on the third Monday of each month from September to May with business to be transacted at the April meeting. …

By March 23, Mallory is asking Allen future cia director, future bilderberg, future warren commission member, pilgrims society Dulles, as President of the Council, to attend the first meeting of the Committee on May 3 and Dulles accepts. …

By 1979, when Major James A. Baker, Don Nuechterlein and Peter Ward attended the annual conference of the Council in New York, the preferred venue for meetings of the Committee had been moved from Farmington to the JAG School. For the next several years, an officer designated by the JAG School commandant was assigned as secretary of the Committee, while at one time the Executive Committee was chaired by Bob Porter, a four-star general on active service and included two retired admirals.

In the presidential election of 1980, right-wing attacks on the Council figured so prominently that George H.W. skull Bush found it expedient to resign his membership. The Council and the Trilateral Commission were alleged to be part of a conspiracy to destroy the American way of life. The Council organized a vigorous rebuttal in syndicated columns, newspapers and magazines.” (Imagine that, a vigorous rebuttal in syndicated columns, newspapers and magazines.)

Brothers the only way cfr/pratt rats can get away from Build the models! is by silence on Your part. Sisters, I’m handing them to You on a silver platter in the same manner as my Mother taught me to serve when I was a boy.

“In 1994 the speaker list included Lawrence alfalfa, trilateral Eagleburger and McGeorge bones, bilderberg Bundy; Madeleine bilderberg, trilateral Allbright was narrowly missed. …

A new umbrella organization, called the American Committees on Foreign Relations (ACFR), was founded the same year (1994) in Washington D.C. ACFR provided CCFR with speakers and foreign affairs information support which required larger dues for services than the Council.

In 2006, the Committee marked its fifty-fifth anniversary, with Charlie Stamm as chair and an active and dedicated Board of Directors. It is very much a going concern.” End quote. The ACFR is the american committees on foreign relations.

Pat as I understand Lee Wolverton is The Daily Progress’ managing editor. Lee check the paper’s 1999 archive to see how I carved a federal pile of judge/sludge into insignificant pieces with my keyboard.

Wolverton if Robertson has a penny’s worth of leadership ability Albemarle County Residents will soon learn if your last name fits your personality, a media wolf in sheep’s clothing. Wolverton, Folks will know whether or not there is a smidgen of “freedom of the press”, and  whether or not you can spell integrity.

Lee call the Charlottesville rat’s administrator Richard Brewer, or former chairman Blaine Brownell, or director Paul state department Hare to discuss their views on printing 9/11 TRUTHS in Charlottesville’s newspaper. Wolverton for your information I was born in Charlottesville’s Martha Jefferson Hospital. Lee feel free to call Virginia’s current alfalfa club dining rocke-dem governor Terry bilderberg in 2002 McAuliffe for confirmation.

McAuliffe since you chaired the national rocke-dem committee in 2002, tell US the Truth for a Change, are you and 2002 rocke-pub national committee chairman Mark bilderberg Racicot, Montana’s former governor, ready to admit during the money grubber’s conclave you two received orders to march up and down the halls of con-gress while drumming up support for a war in Iraq? Governor are you proud of the misery and suffering your actions caused both here and abroad?!

McAuliffe, you were born in New York therefore you are clueless to the Code of Honor some of Virginia’s sons hold dear to their hearts. Terry five of my favorite Virginians in alphabetical order are Patrick Henry, Thomas Jefferson, Jack Jouett, Robert Lee and George Washington, all Brave Hearted Men. Since you are a bankster no doubt your favorite would be Woodrow federal reserve act signer Wilson, a coward who was blackmailed by Bernard stock market crasher Baruch and controlled by one on the sorriest Texas ever produced col. Mandel House. AMERICA, Texas’s sorriest sons are Lyndon mason Johnson and George W. skull Bush.

Terry spend a sliver of your millions by calling the Richmond Times- Dispatch and Staunton, Virginia’s (where Wilson was born) News Leader and pay for A&E’s Newspaper to be published on Pages 3, 4, 5 & 6. McAuliffe, I know what former governors Henry and Jefferson would do. And need I remind you it was Patrick Henry who fought for a Bill of Rights? Which Alexander bankster Hamilton and James Madison the so-called father of the Constitution were not in favor of. And I invite you to smoke on - money grubbing, Citizen stabbing, bilderberg banksters like you couldn’t carry Governor Henry’s or Governor Jefferson’s jock strap.

Virginians the only difference between former governors Charles pratt, trilateral Robb (Lyndon wolf Johnson’s son in law), Mark bilderberg, pratt Warner; Douglas bilder-berg, mason Wilder and alfalfa club diner, bilderberg in 2002 McAuliffe---is how they spell their last names.

McAuliffe as governor have you howled a speech to Richmond’s pack of world affairs councils rats?

Virginians three of that pack’s board of directors are Jeffrey bankster Lacker, president of Richmond’s federal reserve bank; Alfred bankster Braddus, a past president of Richmond’s federal reserve and Thomas media Silvestri, the president and publisher of the Richmond-Times Dispatch.

Eight past speakers at Richmond rat hosted events include current senator Mark bilderberg in 2005 Warner, house of rats member Eric mason Cantor, former federal reserve chairman Ben bilderberg in 2008, brookings Bernanke; one of Eric attorney general Holder’s Covington & Burling lawyer pals Stuart bilderberg in 2002, pratt Eizenstat; former house of rats member Jim trilateral Leach; former cia inspector general Frederick pratt Hitz (skull senior’s administration), former deputy sec. of state (skull junior’s administration) Richard cia drug trafficker, trilateral Armitage and Ike’s granddaughter Susan bilderberg in 2001 Eisenhower.

Five of Susan’s fellow bilderbergs in 2001 include senator Christopher pratt Dodd, one of Obama’s prior national security advisors Thomas pratt Donilon, Donald pratt, Washington Post Graham, David pilgrims Rockemaggot sr. and John Micklethwait the U. S. editor for the Ratschild pack’s publication The Economist.

McAuliffe since bilderbergs like you perpetuate the 9/11 commission’s lies you should post this 3 minute video which confirms the three explosive induced implosions on 9/11 at the governor’s website. After which Virginians will see for Themselves how sorry you and president bilderberg Obama are.

Ann media Coulter, Rush media Limbaugh and Bill media Maher, is it in you to Thank Mr. Scootle Royale for posting the 3 minute video on YouTube?

Five of cia Armitage’s fellow trilaterals in 2009 include former cia director John pratt Deutch, current chatham house senior adviser R. Nicholas pratt director Burns, Lee pratt, Dallas Morning News Cullum, former cia & fbi director William pratt Webster and the cia’s director on 9/11 George pratt, son of a bitch Tenet. Tenet more and more Americans are realizing explosives containing thermite were used to implode the Twin Towers.

D.L. media Hughley start calling house of rats member Charles mason, trilateral Ragel’s and senator Jay pratt, trilateral Rockemaggot’s Washington offices on July 10th to see if their staffs will confirm receiving a copy of Architects & Engineer’s Newspaper from a Concerned American, me.  

Pat Robertson it’s Time to do What’s Right, and since I’ve read about your dealings with The Royal Bank of Scotland, a bank which has been represented at bilderberg con-claves, let’s go back to May 23, 1999 and the British newspaper The Observer, the 50 million you were going to ante up was: “…just a small investment for me.” Pat, Truth Be Told, the differences between our goals in `99 are blatantly obvious.

Pat, now that the monetary issue is out of the way, are you familiar with WWJD, the abbreviation for What Would JESUS Do? Readers if Chief Sitting Bull was in Pat’s shoes there would be no hesitation on His part. Tȟatȟáŋka Íyotȟake was an Admirable Man and Americans should be aware of some of the reasons why.

Many moons ago I read this, Chief Sitting Bull:

What treaty that the whites have kept has the red man broken? Not one!

What treaty that the whites ever made with us red men have they kept? Not one!

When I was a boy the Sioux owned the world. The sun rose and set on our lands. We sent ten thousand horsemen into battle. Where are those warriors today? Who slew them? Where are our lands? Who owns them?

What white man can say I ever stole his land or a penny of his money? Yet they say I am a thief.

What white woman, however lonely, was ever, when captive, insulted by me? Yet they say I am a bad Indian.

What white man has ever seen me drunk? Who has ever come to me hungry and gone unfed? Who has ever seen me beat my wives or abuse my children? What law have I broken?

Is it wrong for me to love my own?

Is it wicked of me because my skin is red? Because I am Sioux? Because I would die where my fathers lived?

Because I would die for my people and my country?

Pat, you’ve just read an example of the JESUS Model. “I would die for my people and my country.” I haven’t been able to source the above, however tracking Chief Sitting Bull’s Life’s Trail has taught me those words would flow from Sitting Bull’s mouth.

To set the record straight, Columbus did not discover American and three primary reasons why 99% of Readers remain clueless about the First Americans---churches from 1607 onward denounced them as heathens and the supreme court ruled Indians did not have land ownership rights. I believe that was in 1831, and that decision set the stage for Cherokee’s and other Tribes’ Trails of Tears. And when skull & bones with what is today the ivy league whelped the american historical association in 1884, the aha made sure not one word pertaining to Red Society Positives was printed in quote “History” books.

Pat since you attended George skull senior’s and Dan bilderberg Quayle’s inauguration dinner in 1989 let’s go back to a conversation I had with my late Mother in 1998. I asked Mom had she watched Oliver Stone’s JFK? Mom had not, so I discussed Mr. Abraham Zapruder’s film, taken at Dealy Plaza on Nov. 22, 1963, proved the fatal brain shot through President Kennedy’s head was fired from a position in front of John and to his right, because John’s head snapped back and to the left.

My late Mother, Mrs. Sallie Marie Busch Motch (later Wheeler) was an avid hunter and Mom knew first-hand how the laws of physics applied - for every action there is a reaction. Therefore for John’s head to snap back and the left, Mom knew President Kennedy had to have been shot from his front, right.

Next I said something to the effect; No one in our government is who they are portrayed to be by the media. And then I did a quick break down of the warren commission named after then chief justice Earl owl Warren and his pals which included a cia director Allen Dulles, who Kennedy had fired along with two senators and two members of the house; one of which was Gerald Ford, who ended up in the white house. Pat the first words out of Mother’s mouth were a question: How deep does this go? Meaning the corruption in DC.

Dan “I wish I was a man” Quayle, since you, Marylyn and Mom were friends, if Mom had wanted to argue about the warren commission’s finding and the wolves who are America’s government, I had already planned to ask her, Mom do you think the results would have been different if Quayle had been part of that commission?

Americans a few minutes spent tracking Dan alfalfa club Quayle reveals his family controlled the flow of information read in lots of newspapers. And now please accept - anyone who sticks his head up the backsides of bones society members, in his case George skull sr., is at best a foul smelling skunk. Heck that certified coward has authored Standing Firm and Worth Fighting For, meanwhile draft dodger Dan has never fought for anything in his privileged life. Blacks the alfalfa club diners and authors Dan bilderberg Quayle and Barack bilderberg Obama have much in common; both are nothing but Citizen stabbing bones toys. And the sooner all of US come to terms with that, the better off AMERICA will be.

Pastor Rick Warren as I type on July 2, 2014 your name is between Volney J. Warner and Setti D. Warren on the pratt rat’s roster, and that by itself tells me everything I need to know about you.

Warren let’s go back to January 21, 1776 and inside Woodstock, Virginia’s Lutheran church where Reverend John Peter Muhlenberg preached a message from ECCLESIASTES - Chapter 3, Verses 1 – 8: For everything there is a season, and a time for every matter under heaven:  a time to be born, and a time to die; a time to plant, and a time to uproot; a time to kill and a time to heal, a time to tear down and a time to build; a time to weep and a time to laugh, a time to mourn and a time to dance; a time to scatter stones and a time to gather them, a time to embrace and a time to refrain; a time to search and a time to give up, a time to keep and a time to throw away; a time to tear and a time to mend, a time to be silent and a time to speak; a time to love an a time to hate, a time for war and a time for peace.

Warren, Reverend John Peter Muhlenberg closed his message with: “In the language of the Holy Writ, there is a time for all things. There is a time to preach and a time to fight. And now is the time to fight.” After which John removed his clerical robes and stood before the congregation wearing an officer’s uniform. The next morning Colonel Muhlenberg led 300 Patriots from Woodstock, Virginia to join the 8th Virginia Regiment. General George Washington had asked for Reverend Muhlenberg’s help and back in those days Reverends, Bishops and Chaplains took up arms for what they considered to their duty for GOD and Country. They understood the First Rule of Leadership - never ask a man to do something you won’t do you.

Warren since I spent hundreds of thousands placing Historical Truths in newspapers all across America in 1999, I have the right to ask bishops, chaplains, fathers, reverends and conniving pastors like you to pay for  9/11 Truths in newspapers across this land fifteen years later, 2014. Rick pratt rat Warren in a manner of speaking it’s Show Time and you have plenty of money.

In 1776 the British and tories were the problem and not much has changed 238 years later; London’s chatham house a den of hyenas and New York’s tories/pratt rats are the proof. What follows is from the hyena’s history page: In 1919 British and American delegates to the Paris Peace Conference, under the leadership of Lionel Curtis, conceived the idea of an Anglo-American Institute of foreign affairs to study international problems with a view to preventing future wars. In the event, the British Institute of International Affairs was founded separately in London in July 1920. The American delegates developed the Council on Foreign Relations in New York as a sister institute. Reads allot like the pratt rat’s website and if either pack could spell honesty they would type sinister before sister.

In 1923, the Institute acquired, through the gift of Colonel RW Leonard, Chatham House, Number 10 St. James's Square. The listed building was home to three prime ministers (William Pitt the Elder, Edward Stanley and William Gladstone).

In 1926, the Institute received its Royal Charter, thereupon being known as the Royal Institute of International Affairs. …Blah, blah, blah. Readers if the goal of the chatham and pratt houses was to prevent wars, they why do England and America supply approximately 33%, 1/3 of the weapons used around the globe to wage wars?

Warren and his pratt rat pals believe they are clever and have pulled their lice covered pratt rat skins over my and Your eyes. Meanwhile this sheep is isn’t fooled, and that leads me to ask myself? Do those fools actually believe they are fooling GOD?

I believe there is a CREATOR and my beliefs are based on what happened to me while inside a Methodist church on June 7, 1992. In the Spirit of things I know what it’s like to be Born Again.

Let’s look at the proposed Anglo-American Institute for what it is today, the crooked as a snake anglo-american establishment via the trilateral wolves 2009 pack members and shine a spotlight on R. Nicholas Burns; his 2009 trilateral bio: Professor of the Practice of Diplomacy and International Politics, Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs, John F. Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University Cambridge, MA; former U.S. Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs.

Under Former Members in Public Service for the 2009 North American wolves let’s look at names and their titles: “Adm. Dennis B. Blair, U.S. Director-designate of National Intelligence; Timothy F. Geithner, U.S. Secretary-designate of Treasury; Thomas E. Donilon, U.S. Deputy National Security Advisor; Richard Holbrooke, U.S. Special Repre-sentative for Afghanistan and Pakistan; Gen. James L. Jones, U.S. National Security Advisor; Susan E. Rice, U.S. Permanent Representative to the United Nations; Anne-Marie Slaughter, Director of Policy Planning, U. S. Department of State and James B. Steinberg, U.S. Deputy Secretary-designate of State.” We already know Hillary bilderberg Clinton was penciled in as sec. of state in June of 2008.    

As far as I can tell sometime after February 2013 the trilateral pack stopped publishing their triennium participants. Arabs some of the names and their titles are attention getting: André Azoulay, Adviser to H.M. King Mohammed VI, Rabat; Usnü Dogan, General Coordinator, Nurol Holding; former Chairman of the Board of Trustees, Development Foundation of Turkey; former Minister of Defense, Ankara and H.R.H. Prince El Hassan bin Talal, President, The Club of Rome; Moderator of the World Conference on Religion and Peace; Chairman, Arab Thought Forum, Amman.

Fact all colors and religions are involved in the new world order/one world government except the First Americans.

To continue with R. Nicholas Burns he’s a pratt house rat and he sits on the chatham hyena’s Panel of Senior Advisers, please confirm that here. His chatham bio: Professor of the Practice of Diplomacy and International Politics, John F. Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University; Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs, US Department of State (2005-08); US Ambassador to NATO (2001-05). Last night I checked to see if Burns is still a trustee for the rockemaggot brothers fund, he is.

Former attorney general Ed owl, cnp Messe, John owl, cnp Feulner and Steve pilgrims, alfalfa Forbes - other than the heritage foundation, the federal law enforcement officers association (fleoa), the fraternal order of police, and lawyers like Holder, Comey and dhs Johnson---who else will deny how interwoven and interlocked the bones, bilderberg, pilgrims, trilateral, master mason, owl, alfalfa, hyena and rat packs are?

Jay “American Center for Law and Justice”, cnp Sekulow, this 2005 article about you is far from flattering, and since supreme court judge Anthony Scalia is mentioned in it, and because I know Scalia made a speech at bohemain grove in 1997, the odds are even money you know about his grove speech as well. Jay, you have the resources to publish all of 9/11 Investigator Truths in the Washington Times. And while I Thank You for convincing Paul Crouch to do the “right thing” or face consequences in 1999---fifteen years years it’s time for you to do the “right thing” or shut the hell up! Because you would darn sure be lying if you announced you haven’t heard of the bones, bilderberg and owl packs.

Sisters and Brothers, I watched SHOOTER starring Mark Wahlberg in 2010 and one of the best scenes has Mark looking for “Wisdom” when he speaks with a gunsmith. Near the end of their conversation the gunsmith tells him, The world ain’t what is it seems, is it Gunnie? Reply: No sir. You keep that in mind. The moment you think got it figured, you’re wrong. Next the gunsmith taps his head in a manner as if to say It isn’t easy to think some things through, or You had better start thinking.

Finding the 1942 Time magazine piece posted by Miss Jackie Patru was a big help as Time’s breakdown of John cfr founder, pilgrims, alfalfa Dulles’s commission settled any doubts I had about church leaders. I used to think the problem was they are naïve, but now I know their closed mouths when it comes to wrongs shoved down our throats like the warren and 9/11 commission’s bullshit is part of a diabolical plan.

One paragraph from skull & bones’ founded Time magazine’s March 12, 1942 edition: Among the 375 delegates who drafted the program were 15 bishops of five denominations, seven seminary heads (including Yale, Chicago, Princeton, Colgate-Rochester), eight college and university presidents (including Princeton's Harold W. Dodds), practically all the ranking officials of the Federal Council and a group of well-known laymen, including John R. Mott, Irving Fisher and Harvey S. Firestone Jr. "Intellectually," said Methodist Bishop Ivan Lee Holt of Texas, "this is the most distinguished American church gathering I have seen in 30 years of conference-going." 

Since Time placed Yale first in parentheses Folks should know Charles bones, class of 1908 Seymour was Yale’s president from 1937 - 1951. Seymour was a founding cfr member with John lawyer Dulles and he was one of president Woodrow Wilson’s crooked inquiry scholars who went to Paris in 1919 where the Anglo-American Institute was proposed. Seymour was also E. Mandel House’s biographer.

Pat Robertson after adding Dulles’s commission to the council for national policy it is now Clear why so-called Christian leaders have helped to steer Americans down the new world order’s yellow brick road.

Pat, I’m not asking Americans to pick up rifles and start shooting at the anglo-american establishment, nor am I trying to fleece Them like the cnp. Instead I’m looking for supposed Godly men to place 9/11 Investigator Truths in newspapers, which will back every damn wolf pack into a corner and set the stage for Demanding them to Build the models! Which means bilderberg Obama, how I learned to love the new world order Biden and bones scum Kerry build and test models of the South Tower and # 7. And after those models have been built and tested - money grubbing whores, rats and wolves will have two options---surrender, or start shooting at AMERICA’S Well Meaning.

Steve pilgrims society, alfalfa club Forbes, since you are worth ka-zillions and have been a heritage foundation trustee since 2001, you should publish A&E’s 9/11 Investigator Newspaper on pages 3-12 of Forbes Magazine. Folks when the alfalfas dined in 2011, Forbes sat at table 9 with a pair of pathological liars---Colin bilderberg, owl, pratt house director Powell and Donald bilderberg, owl Rumsfeld. Plus the United Arab Emirates’ ambassador to the U.S., Japan’s ambassador to the U.S., a herd of senators and pratt house corporate sponsor American Express bankster, Kenneth pratt rat Chenault.

Red Nations, Donald bilderberg, pratt, trilateral, alfalfa Graham and his Washington Post will receive a Copy of 9/11 Investigator. Bottom line - whether or not he prints 9/11 Investigator will show Americans and the Globe who he is. Personally I believe he'll continue as a two-bit media pimp pushing a new world order. Graham since life is about choices - that’s your choice to make.

Readers leaving magazines and newspapers out of the equation there is no difference between cnn, abc, nbc, cbs or fox after You look behind the scenes and see each has pratt roots. Fact regardless of which network every bobble head doll howls the same tune - Clear Thinkers are conspiracy theorists.

Ladies and Gentlemen it’s a game within a game, a game which You the People have been designated as the losers.

Alex Jones will receive Architects & Engineer’s for 9/11 TRUTHS’ Newspaper as well. Alex has plenty of money and Austin, Texas has its share of bad guys.  I hope Alex will do the Right Thing. At Alex’s site there's a post by Professor Thomas DiLorenzo every American should take the time to read WHEN AMERICANS UNDERSTOOD THE DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE.

Franklin Graham, while I’m sure your father has done a lot of good, Billy has stood with the likes of alfalfa club members Richard owl, pratt Nixon and former pratt house director George skull, trilateral Bush sr.; not exactly feathers in your dad’s cap. Franklin a week ago I checked to see if you were still a fixture on TBN and since that’s the case please ask some of your TBN pals to chip in and place 9/11 Investigator in Raleigh, North Carolina’s newspaper.

Jerry “Liberty University” Falwell Jr., it’s a well-known fact Bobby rhodes scholar Jindal gave this year’s commencement address. Jerry, I don’t know if your cnp father was part of club 7, the seven Christian leaders who didn’t support my efforts in 1999 or not. But I do know Jindal plays on both sides of the fence. Jerry every governor along with every cnp member knows the skull & bones, bilderberg, pratt and trilateral packs exist. Jerry, you have the funds to place 9/11 Investigator in Lynchburg, Virginia’s paper and rest assured Louisiana’s governor rhodes scholar Jindal will receive a copy too.

Bobby, you say you are a Christian, so is it in you to place all of 9/11 Investigator in Baton Rouge’s newspaper? Bobby, Franklin and Jerry, ask yourselves What Would JESUS DO?

T.D. Jakes my Mother did not raise a fool and I don’t believe your Mother did either. That said how much longer are you going to back bilderberg Obama and the 9/11 commission’s lies? Jakes is The Potter’s House ministry based on brainwashing or Truths? T.D. since you have the money do you have the integrity to place 9/11 Investigator in the Dallas Morning News? Bottom line - backing bones toy, liar boy Obama and his Chicago council directing wife because they are black is at best the that act of a fool. T.D., I would be the same kind of fool if I backed skull & bones/skull and dung Bushes or bilderberg, bones toys, pathological lying Clintons because they are white.

T.D. if we are actually Brothers in CHRIST then we should be on the same page. Brother reading The BIBLE has taught me what Love Is and in the fullness of time I hope you understand when necessary I know how to apply Tough Love.

Benny the jet Hinn, since you are a certified Sheep fleecer; your options are place 9/11 Investigator in three large Texas newspapers including Houston’s or pack your jet and leave, it’s that simple.

James Dobson when I placed Historical Truths in one of Colorado’s major newspapers I thought I would hear from someone representing Focus On The Family. Reading about your cnp membership showed me why I didn’t. James in a word you are a disappointment. When I used to listen to you, you were always yakking about how Ronald alfalfa club, owl, stuck his head up bones pack asses Reagan had invited you to Washington to be part of a study group. James, I pray you will stop acting like Reagan and do the Right Thing for a CHANGE.

Chief Ben Nighthorse Campbell, I was disappointed to learn after you left the senate you started lobbying which has become the norm for this day and age. Ben, I bought a copy of TRUDELL in 2008 and I'm glad Mr. John Trudell mentioned the new world order. On the other hand you are well versed in how the game within a game is played. Ben, you and the 44 Chiefs who make up the Council for the Northern Cheyenne Nation have a choice to make. Is it a Council of Well Meaning Men or just another conniving council like the council on foreign relations and the council for national policy?

Ben the choice you make in the near future will determine whether your middle name Nighthorse is an apt description of you. Will you keep American’s in the dark or become a source of Light and Truth by placing 9/11 Investigator in Pueblo, Colorado’s newspaper? Ben, I pray you go down in history as a Lighthorse not a Nighthorse.

Chief Campbell, it is time to share the last paragraph from Mr. Vine Deloria Jr.’s God Is Red, Mr. Deloria: Who will find peace with the lands? The future of mankind lies waiting for those who will come to understand their lives and take up their responsibilities to all living things. Who will listen to the trees, the animals and birds, the voices of the places of the land? As the long-forgotten peoples of the respective continents rise and begin to reclaim their ancient heritage, they will discover the meaning of the lands of their ancestors. That is when the invaders of the North American continent will finally discover that for this land, God is red.

Ladies and Gentlemen, what we just read sums up AMERICA where Chief Sitting Bull was born. You now have the ways and means to Free Yourselves from the wolves that be. Sisters and Brothers CHANGE Is within Your Grasp and more on that subject along with Positives and Benefits for You the People will be discussed in the Introduction to These Truths Will Set You Free.