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A Message from White Dove


Brother Robert,

It sure was a pleasure to meet you at the Doctor's office.

You are a man who will stand up for what he believes or what is right. Creator says you are a very special person, you're one of a kind, none other like you.

We pray you have more love, joy and happiness in your life. I felt a very unhappy, sad person when we shook hands. We pray your Body, Mind and Spirit receive complete healing. The 14th - 16th of April is our New Year. We thank you for being part of our family and good friend.

Take care,

Love your good friend, Sister White Dove

True Americans


From the very start of this world, our Creator's love has guided man on this here land. A True American is not know by race, color, or financial status.

When Prejudice comes, look not at one's flesh color or wealth. Look at their hearts. True Americans may fall off Life's course. That's when Creator picks them up with an unseen force. And puts them back on the right course.

True Americans work together for one common goal with Creator holding us all together for the good of all.

White Dove, March '07

Native American People


Native American People have fought many wars that left our people with many scars. Native American People fought as one with our other brothers.

We fought very well so we have been told. Hurts from the past run very deep. Great damage was done to all our people. Lies were spoken and promises broken. Native American People fought in WW I for loved ones, Family, and all people to keep freedom in their Home Land. Not caring that they were not citizens until 1926.

Native American Code Talkers helped to win WW II as their codes could not be broken. History will tell you not a war has come and gone that Native Americans haven't fought along side All their Brothers. After all, this is their land of Freedom too.

White Dove, March '07

Indian Spirits


Our Ancestors' Spirits Echo throughout the Land over the years. From Sand Creek, Wounded Knee to the Trail of Tears. We were here first and are the first true Americans.

Americans today know we were uprooted from our homes. Every time this country tries to justify what it has done to our people. It seems the truth is always disguised in a myth of lies. Yet, our Creator tells us: "There is nothing covered that shall not be revealed. Nothing hid that shall not be known."

We have become very sensitive when we are told by Americans that they only want to set us free. But we believe only in our Creator and what we see.

Indian hearts can feel from within Creator's Spirit in the blowing wind. Creator's Light and Love embraces us Indians and does for us what American didn't or can't do.

White Dove, March '07

Sunday, March 23, 2014


I have received Miss White Dove’s permission to post her phone number, 918-257-8250, in case Chiefs, Chairman, Chairwomen, Governors, Presidents, Tribal Council Members or Leaders of Well Intended organizations would like to call Dove and discuss what was mailed to me in July 2007.

RED NATIONS while my heart bleeds for All of AMERICA’S Well Meaning, it is for the First AMERICANS, the Forgotten AMERICANS my heart bleeds the most.

Sisters, Mr. John Trudell’s Efforts over the past forty years Should Be Commended; I Admire John. John, I hope You Understand while watching sections of TRUDELL in Jan. 2008, I had tears in my eyes.

Brothers in better by-gone days no man could tell another what to do. At the same time it was expected for every member of the Tribe to put the Tribe as a whole over his or her ambitions.

Readers the “Tribe” Mrs. Devvy Kidd and I discuss in The House That Evil Built series is AMERICA as a Whole. AMERICA is at a crossroads and those like Mr. Trudell who have been tracking wolves disguised as sheep know SHE is teetering on the edge of the new world order’s abyss.

John from my perspective it is way past Time for the Voices of the First Americans to be Heard and now I would like to share my favorite John Trudell quote: Every human being is a raindrop. And when enough of the raindrops become clear and coherent they then become the power of the storm.

Ladies and Gentlemen after reflecting on John’s Thoughts realize there is strength in numbers and We the People can be heard.

Besides the Cherokee few are familiar with Sequoya, a Cherokee of mixed red and white blood; his father was white as was my dad. AMERICA, Sequoya devised an alphabet so rational in design that within a couple of months thousands of Cherokees were reading and writing in their own language.

When I was five or six years old I was visiting my maternal grandmother Mrs. Catherine Gibbs Milliken Busch in St. Louis and during one conversation Miss Kitty told me she was part Cherokee.

Like Sequoya but in a different fashion I too am an educator and the American People are in desperate need of educating themselves into the ways and means used by the powers that be.

Being a realist I know many of my countrymen will resent me for typing the following. What all of US are experiencing today, the u.s.  government’s never ending lies and deception, the First Americans have listened to and experienced the same since the first European arrived on the North American continent. 

Chiefs and Leaders of Well Meaning organizations please ask those in your spheres of influence to read the columns in the Features section, and while reading, ask them to take notes due to the mountains of information contained. I’ve spent the last seven plus years tracking and I know firsthand how difficult it is to keep up with the names of the secretive rats and wolves who are members of the putrid hearted secret societies---societies, packs if you will and they are working in tandem to enslave Everyone.

Two of my favorite axioms are Reading is Fundamental and Knowledge is Power. In the columns are links to impeccably researched books. Leaders please delegate the responsibility of reading those books and ask them to prepare a summary in writing.

Chiefs it will soon be May, a month of pleasant weather and if those summaries are shared in open air settings in less than two months the Tribes will be an Educated, Clear Thinking Force to be reckoned with.   

John, how I see The Big Picture, meaning where things stand today, You rode point, You led the way for my efforts and if those actions are taken the First Americans will have received a free education into the powers that be. Brother, I’ve tracked and written about wolf packs only a handful of Americans are aware of; an example is the pilgrims society whelped in 1902 in London.

Lakota, Dakota and Nakota, while my skin is mostly white please don’t think of me as a wasichu, non-Indian. If that was the case then why are Chief Sitting Bull and two of Tatanka Iyotanka’s Statements featured here?

Red Nations it would be a mistake to compare me with Wovoka and his Ghost Dance. My goal is to show AMERICA’S Well Meaning of all Races and Colors how to dance with the wolves masquerading as sheep the Old School Red Way, the Modern Day Right Way.


Little Bobby Motch

Robert A. Motch

April 10th

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